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How Much Are Electric Car Charging Stations

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Remember to always rely on professional electricians to survey and install your residential charging system, regardless of which level you choose.

Between charging at home, and on the road during long road trips, youll likely use a combo of both home charging solutions and fast charging stations during your EV ownership.

And whether youre searching for a charging source or the latest EV model releases, you can always recharge your EV industry knowledge at

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Level 1 Charging Station Cost

Level 1 chargers come free with your car purchase, or you can purchase a replacement for $300. They are not installed but plug directly into any 120-volt outlet, making them portable. They may take up to 24 hours to fully charge a battery, so they are generally only good for people who drive short distances or less frequently. Essentially, a Level 1 charger adds roughly 2 to 5 miles of driving range to your car for every hour you charge it. Many people keep a Level 1 charger on hand for when they are away from home. But if you do a fair amount of daily driving, you may find that this charger will not meet all your needs, unless you can plug it in everywhere you go when the car is not in use.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car

The single biggest question many people ask about electric cars is: What will I spend to charge the vehicle?

If youre looking at an electric car vs. a gas car, doing a bit of upfront research on charging costs vs. gas costs will help you make an informed decision.

To answer the question of cost, we enlisted the help of John Voelcker, a longtime automotive journalist and industry analyst who specializes in electric vehicles. Hes heard every argument made for electric vehicle ownership, including the cost of recharging compared to traditional refueling.

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The Faster The Charging The Higher The Rate

Unlike a typical 240-volt Level 2 home recharging system, Level 3 chargers are prohibitively expensive for a private individual to have installed. Tesla has its own dedicated Supercharger network but, once again, the rates can vary widely depending on region, timing, the model of Tesla being charged, and even if you choose Tier 1 or Tier 2 recharge speeds . One important caveat: Tesla Superchargers only work for Tesla vehicles. That is, until later this year.

In July, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the electric car manufacturer will open its Supercharger network to work with other EVs later this year.

Voelcker again stresses that home charging is the best option for anyone considering an electric car. Yet, equally important is knowing where to find EV perks that are close to home.

Some workplaces offer charging for employees cars But electric-car owners quickly learn which public stations near them are free, which charge for charging, and how much they cost, he said.

For example, a bustling parking lot in a crowded city center might lure EV owners with the promise of free recharging. But the resultant fee for parking there could easily zoom past what youd have paid to fill up even the thirstiest fuel-hog car or truck.

To help you budget, try our 5-Year Cost to Own tool to determine everything from annual costs to ways you can compare the pricing with other vehicles.

Voelckers final words of advice to EV owners: Always ask before plugging in!

Are Public Electric Car Charging Stations Free

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost in India

Were teaming up with on the pathway to electric mobility. Electrify America is providing 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging at our stations for 2021 Kona and Ioniq Electric owners. Long drives in the #EV era are officially here to stay.

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There are many places you can charge your EV while on the road. According to EV CHarging, there were 17,500 charging stations in 2019. Compare that to 168,000 gas stations. That is 1 in 74 public charging stations to 1 in 1600 gas stations.

The cost of charging can vary depending on where you live. California tends to be the most expensive state when it comes to kWh, which means you will be charged more for the same amount.

The prices can also vary depending on the time. The best way to get up-to-date information about pricing is from the station you are at.

To combat this, most places offer various memberships. Some companies like Nissan, Hyundai, and Volkswagen have been including two years of membership with the purchase of an electric vehicle.

With the purchase of the new ID.4, you get complimentary Level 2 fast charging at participating stations.

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Electricity Costs For Charging

The fuel efficiency of an EV may be measured in kilowatt-hours per 100 miles. To calculate the cost per mile of an EV, the cost of electricity and the efficiency of the vehicle must be known. If electricity costs $0.13 per kWh and the vehicle consumes 33 kWh to travel 100 miles, the cost per mile is about $0.04.

If electricity costs $0.13 per kilowatt-hour, charging an EV with a 200-mile range will cost about $9 to reach a full charge. To compare the fueling costs of individual models of conventional and plug-in vehicles, see the Vehicle Cost Calculator.

For PEV charging, the stability and planning benefits of household electricity rates offer an attractive alternative compared to traditional types of transportation. Learn more from the report: Comparing Energy Costs per Mile for Electric and Gasoline-Fueled Vehicles.

What Is Chargepoint Chargepoint Cost

Now before we dive into more complex topics such as the ChargePoint cost. Lets first understand what is ChargePoint in general. What makes ChargePoint the way to go when you have an EV?

ChargePoint is a network of EV chargers that has a global presence. More precisely, they operate in 14 different countries across the world including the USA. This is one of the few companies that develop an EV infrastructure to allow owners to charge their EV vehicles.

They were founded in Campbell, California back in 2007 when electric cars were not even a thing. But the time worked on their side and the EV market started to grow quite significantly.

And in five years they grew quite significantly. For example, in 2017 they had almost 36,000 charging spots and now in 2022, they have more than 174,000 charging spots. As you probably know, a single spot is only one charger.

And as we learned they add about 2,000 new charging spots per single month. This means that their infrastructure is growing every day.

Nevertheless, they are still growing and they have a big community of satisfied customers that are subscribed to their services and are using them regularly.

And what makes ChargePoint one of the most attractive spots to charge is the ease of use and also the ChargePoint cost which is somewhat lower than some other charging stations.

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Chargepoint Charging Station Cost

So, how much does ChargePoint Cost? Well, the cost really depends. The maximum spending for a single session is $5. This means that you can spend only $5 for a single session of charging.

This is basically about two hours of charging with the slower AC chargers. The ChargePoint cost per kWh is about $0,14 on average. Even though during peak hours the prices can rise to $0.26 per hour.

Fast charging or level 3 charging on the other hand is a bit more expensive. And it can go up to $0.30 per kWh according to ChargePoint. But still, take our numbers with a grain of salt since prices change all the time and they could rise or drop.

So, when it comes to learning the exact price of their service, you should test it by yourself. It will not cost you more than $5 per single session. Thats for sure.

Then you can compare ChargePoint cost with the cost of other networks like Electrify America or some other charging network that is out there. ChargePoint is still fairly good though since it offers real ease of use and using their service is really simple.

Electric Vehicles Vs Gas

Electric Car Charging Stations

It may be surprising, but in terms of fuel consumption, electric vehicles come out on top. The table below shows a comparison by BCHydro in various BC cities of electricity vehicle energy consumption costs vs gas consumption costs for comparable vehicles :

$780.00 $3605.24

As you can see, in this specific scenario, the costs of charging an electric vehicle were considerably lower than gasoline costs.

Additionally, a Forbes article also found that EV costs were generally cheaper. In the USA, operating an electric vehicle cost around $485 a year whereas the average amount for a regular gas-powered vehicle was $1117.

Furthermore, since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, no exhaust system and fewer parts that need to be changed , maintenance costs may also potentially be lower.

Overall, the costs of owning an electric car can potentially be lower than owning a regular gasoline car.

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Cost Of Installation: $800

Installation costs for EVSEs vary by region, depending on such factors as local labor rates, materials used, and government permit costs and requirements.

The biggest variable is permit costs, said Ken Sapp, general manager of Qmerit’s Energy and EV Solutions unit. The Southern California company specializes in connecting homeowners with qualified EVSE installers throughout the U.S.

Nationally, average costs for a home EVSE installation with a short and uncomplicated 10-foot wiring, which runs from the electrical service box to the charging station, range from $800 to $1,300, Sapp said.

The costliest region is the Western U.S., where installation can run from $950 to $1,300. It’s least expensive in the Central U.S. states, at $800 to $1,100. Costs in the Southeast states can range from $850 to $1,150, while Northeast costs run from $900 to $1,200.

Chargepoint Ev Charger Cost

ChargePoint electric vehicle chargers cost between $1,300 and $1,500 when fully installed. ChargePoint chargers are smart and work with your home hub or smart speaker. They can be controlled via an app, which allows you to check your cars energy levels in numerous ways. These chargers are Energy Star certified, but they are very large and take up a lot of room. They are also a little louder than some other brands, so if you are charging near a bedroom, they can be heard.

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Finding The Right Ev Charging Company

Installing acommercial EV charging station on your own can be confusing and complicated due to infrastructure demands and the permitting process. WattLogic will take care of every step for you design and build, installation, EV charger selection, permitting, rebates and incentives management, and follow-up with utilities.Hire an EV charging station contractor that you can count on. We can help you every step of the way from initial design to installation.

Level 2 Charging Station Cost

Streamlined Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit

Level 2 charging stations cost between $300 to $1,200 on average. Most EV owners invest in Level 2 stations. They charge batteries much quicker, with most reaching a full charge in just a few hours. Even basic models completely charge a battery 4 to 6 times faster than a Level 1 charger, with 10 to 40 miles being added per hour. Level 2 stations require a 240-volt outlet, and they can be portable or mounted and hardwired to your home. Some are specific to the car type, while others charge any car with an adaptor. They come with features like Wi-Fi and other add-ons, allowing you to customize your experience.

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How To Reduce Electric Car Charging Costs

Below are a few tips you can try for reducing electric car charging costs:

  • If you primarily charge your car at home and youre in an area affected by time-of-use rates, try to do most of your charging during off-peak hours.
  • Use tools like to find the lowest electricity rates in your area.
  • For individuals who need to charge at public charging stations, research and compare the price of charging at various stations. Additionally, charging electric cars for free is a possibility at some stations.
  • Avoid charging your car in cold temperatures as low temperatures will slow down the rate your EV charges at.

As weve mentioned above, one way to maximize your electric car savings is through using cost comparison tools like you can find the lowest electricity rates in provinces where electricity is deregulated . Plus, our experts can also help you find green energy rates and plans to help you further limit your carbon footprint.

Electric Is Almost Always Cheaper

Electric cars are generally cheaper to refuel than their gasoline-drinking counterparts, particularly if you choose an efficient model and charge at home. As gas prices hover above $4 per gallon, the cost difference is even greater.

According to a March analysis of per-mile fueling costs by the consulting firm ICF’s Climate Center, it now costs roughly three times more to run a gas vehicle than an electric car.

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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Places To Charge

One account to access them in North America and Europe.

Were leading the charge. Actually, we started it. Youd think after creating the worlds largest and most open EV charging network wed be satisfied, but youd be wrong. The way we see it, theres still much more we can dotogether. Join us in getting all people and goods moving on electricity.

Can I Use Any Charger

Electric car charging stations now open

Not yet. All PEVs can use Level 1 and Level 2 chargers. DC Fast Charging, however, is vehicle-specific and not available for all PEVs. If your PEV has DC Fast charging capabilities, it has one of the three types of fast charging ports CHAdeMO, CCS, or Tesla. Vehicles charging ports vary by auto manufacturer, so make sure to check which connector is compatible with your vehicle before charging.

Fortunately, many DC Fast charging stations now provide multiple connector options in order to service as many EVs as possible. You can check if a specific station has your vehicles connector in DOEs Alternative Fuel Data Centers station locator. Map of available public chargers.

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The Cost Of Level 2 And Faster Charging

When talking about public Level 2 charging and Level 3 fast-charging systems, the prices are harder to narrow when compared to standard at-home costs. Thats because charging networks vary in price, not to mention availability around the country.

You can always opt to have a Level 2 charger installed in your garage. The cost isnt cheap. About $2,000 for parts and installation is a reasonable ballpark figure. Moving up to Level 2 means youll more than halve your charge time. And it can potentially add value to your home.

Every electric car can use public Level 2 stations, says Voelcker, but Nissan Leafs use one fast-charging standard while every other EV uses a different fast-charging standard called CCS.

Ways To Mitigate Costs

Because these costs can vary so widely, Sham notes that its critical to start your EV charging installation with a full and clear scope of work. That will help you plan well and keep your costs down wherever possible. Whether youre looking for more direct savings or more creative avenues, planning for both up front will help you save the most in the long run.

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How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last

That depends on a range of things such as the manufacturer, exposure to extreme temperature and charging habits. On average, your electric vehicles car battery loses 1-2% function per year generally, most individuals will change vehicles long before their electric vehicle battery becomes unusable.

As a general estimate, you can expect an electric vehicle battery to last between 10-20 years before needing replacement.

Below are a few things to keep in mind in order to extend your electric vehicles battery life:

  • Avoid prolonged usage in extreme weather conditions.
  • Keep your battery charged between 60-80% depleting your battery to 0% frequently will cause your battery to degrade faster.
  • Fast charging your vehicle frequently will also cause your battery to degrade faster.

Charging Station Cable Length

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Watch the Webinar Now

Most EVSE manufacturers sell both 16 and 25 foot chargers, with the longer chargers usually priced a little bit higher. When considering EVSE cable length, imagine where your car and the charging station will be positioned. Ask yourself: How far from the charging station will the cars outlet be?

Twenty-five foot chargers come with the convenience of extra mobility and may help you save money on installation if less electrical work inside the wall is necessary as a result. Also remember that youll likely charge your vehicle every night the added convenience of mobility can be worth the premium.

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Can I Get Reimbursed For Installing A Charger At Home Or At My Workplace

There may be federal, state, or utility incentives available for installing a level 2 charger. Visit DOEs Alternative Fuels Data Center to search for current incentives for chargers.

Ready to buy an EV charger? Installing an energy efficient, ENERGY STAR certified electric car charger adds to the environmental benefits and cost savings.

Siemens Ev Charger Cost

The cost of a Siemens charger averages $1,200 to $1,400 when fully installed. While the Siemens charger does not use a screen, it is app-enabled. This feature makes them very easy to use, so you can tell from anywhere how close your vehicle is to being fully charged. Their chargers are portable as well and intuitive to set up. These chargers are better used indoors.

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