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How To Secure Dog In Car

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Attaching Leash With Zip Line Harness

How to Make a Puppy Feel Secure in a Car : Dog & Puppy Care

This method is especially helpful for people who have active dogs that want to move around.

This is not suitable for larger, more muscular dogs, but it is helpful for small dogs.

All you need to do is to attach a zip line into the rear seats belt tab and seat belt, tug each seat belt to ensure that they are tightly and correctly locked in position,

and attach a carabiner or other extensions with the leash for the dog to move comfortably while restricting his movements.

Dangers To Pets In Parked Cars

It’s not just about keeping your pets safe while on the go. It can also be dangerous to leave them unattended in a parked car, even for a few minutes. According to our research, 19% of dogs have suffered from heatstroke.

Some owners believe it’s okay to leave a dog in a car if precautions are taken, such as parking under a tree or leaving a window open. But partially lowering any windows has no significant effect on the temperature inside a parked car. Even when the sun goes down, drivers should take extra care, as when it’s 21 degrees outside, the inside of a car can reach over 40 degrees in just 30 minutes.

Safer Seats For Your Dog

CrateA safer way for your dog to travel in a car is in a dog crate, preferably made from a strong material such as aluminum. Some crates even have padding for added impact protection. No matter which kind you choose, be sure that the crate is big enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably, and has proper ventilation. Always bring enough water and a toy or two to keep him comfortable and happy. Being in a crate may also reduce motion sickness in dogs. Place crates on the floor of the back seat or in the open storage/trunk area, not on the back seat. Crates can also be strapped down, so they do not move about as much.

No matter which way you travel with your dog, he should always wear a collar with an ID tag containing your contact information, in case he escapes during an accident.

If you still insist on keeping your dog unrestrained in the car:

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Get Them Used To The Idea

Most dogs love travelling in cars but if you have a puppy or dog that is unused to car travel, then start out with short day trips close to home. Choose places theyll enjoy like the beach or a park where they can run around. If they associate car travel with fun theyll be keen for longer trips.

Restrain Your Canine Companion

How to secure dog in car with leash

The Highway Code states a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are the appropriate ways of restraining animals in cars.

It is generally considered to be safer for the dog and less distracting for the driver if your dog is transported in the back of the car as opposed to the front seat.

Depending on the size of your car and size and temperament of your pooch, there are a few different options available to best restrain your dog.

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Traveling Safely With Your Dog

If you want to travel with your pet in the vehicle, properly securing them in a crate or with a harness is the best way to do it. Dog car safety isn’t always taken seriously enough, but a few measures can keep everybody safe and sound during your travels.

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How To Strap A Dog Into A Car

There are a few ways to ensure that your dog is properly restrained. These include using a harness or carrier or installing a metal guard.

With a harness

When the harness is on, the dog shouldnt be able to reach the driver. If they can, the lead that connects the harness to the seatbelt will need to be shortened, or the dog should be moved to another position. However, the lead should be long enough to allow some movement, such as standing, sitting and lying down.

With a pet carrier

Your dog may need some carrier training before using it in the car for the first time. This can be done in your house by encouraging the dog to get into the carrier and giving them a treat when they do so. You want to avoid the carrier becoming a scary item for them. Once theyre comfortable using the carrier at home, youre ready to use it in the car.

The carrier should not be placed in the boot of a saloon car because the airflow is restricted in this area and your pet may not get enough oxygen. You should also not leave the carrier unsecured in any area of the car. In the event of a car accident, the carrier can be thrown around, injuring passengers. The front or back seat is the best place for it. .

With a metal guard

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Restriction Of Sight And Movement

In some cases, the dog is sitting in the lap of the driver, which is a danger to start with as drivers are not able to get a clear view of the road.

The dogs are also seen to put their paws on the steering wheel of the car, which restricts the movement of the steering wheel for the driver.

In both of these cases, the chance of fatal injury is high due to drivers sight and movement, both getting restricted.

When the dogs are not in the lap of the driver, the dogs are also seen to be in the drivers footsteps, which restricts the movement of feet of the driver.

Among many accidents, there are also cases when the driver was not able to push the brakes in time due to his furry friend sitting in his footsteps, restricting his movement to brake.

The Law On Travelling In The Car With Your Dog

How to Secure Your Dog Crate To The Back Seat | GUNNER CX

According to The Highway Code with regards to Rules about Animals, it is the drivers responsibility to:

Make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly.

With these regulations in place, if you were in an accident caused by your dog distracting you while driving, this could be considered as dangerous driving. Car insurance providers may also require you to restrain your pet, so its best to check your policy.

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Secure Dog In Car With Adjustable Leash

It is better than to get an extension or anything. One thing you can do is buy an adjustable leash and tie one end to the seat while the other to the dog.

Ensure that the leash is big enough for the dog to move around the back seats or lay down and not long enough that your furry friend can sneak out of the window or get to the drivers area.

Roaming around all day and having nothing to worry about is amazing, something you miss after adopting or buying a dog.

Now that you have bought a dog, you are no longer able to go about your day as you used to.

We have all seen and even experienced the horrors of taking a dog along with us on a journey or on a small drive to the grocery store.

If you are among some of the few people who havent already been through this experience, we would like to inform you about the dangers of horrors you may encounter.

Bergan Car Pet Travel Barrier

Another product designed to keep your pup or cat securely in the backseat, the Bergan Car Pet Travel Barrier has both upper and lower vents to promote healthy air circulation and adjusts to fit between the front and passenger seat of most cars. Cars with air conditioning vents in the back seat will also help to keep your pet cool and comfortable, Dr. Hohenhaus said.

Image:Pet Travel Barrier/

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How To Secure A Dog In The Car With A Harness

I bet many of you are thinking that your car is too small or your dog is too big for a crate to work. In these cases, look to pet travel harnesses that utilize seat belts designed for dogs. These devices still stop them from roaming freely and are designed to keep them safe in the car.

Typically, these devices use a seat belt for dogs that anchors them in place and attaches to them using a harness. The experts agree that you should avoid using devices that attach to their collar for safety reasons. Again, these pet safety harnesses should be used in the back seat behind a front seat.

Car Ride Ready: How To Safely Secure Your Dog In Any Vehicle

Best way to transport a dog in the car

Whether youre driving your dog to daycare or taking them to a vet appointment, it is important to know how to properly restrain your dog to ensure their safety in your car.

Proper restraints are important

Not all restraints are created equal. Some may be fine for daily driving while others have been extensively evaluated by crash tests. The dog should always be in the backseat or the cargo area of an SUV.


Any restraint is better than no restraint. A dog that is free in the car can distract the pet parent while they are driving, easily jump out when a pet parent opens the car door, and at worst become an unrestrained projectile in a car accident. This is dangerous for the dog and everyone else in the car.

  • Pet parent ties the dogs leash to the headrest, leash buckle or d-ring on the floor. The downside is that the leash can be difficult to tie at the correct length to give your dog room to be comfortable but still be properly restrained. The leash can also become unraveled during travel.


  • Restraints that are attached to the seat or inserted into the seat belt clip. This lets the pet parent quickly and easily secure the dog in the car. The leash should remain on the dog as well.
  • Crates and carriers that are securely attached in the car. The dog should have the leash on even when in the crate or carrier unless there is an internal tether. This makes sure the dog cant get free when the crate or carrier door is opened.


Training Tips for Pet Parents

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Best Way To Transport A Dog In A Car

There are a number of ways of restraining your dog in a car. Some ways are better than others when it comes to how much they reduce risk and make your dog safe. There has been little testing on most dog safety harnesses and there are no official standards for this type of thing.

One test conducted in Australia found that 23 of the tested 25 harnesses fail a standard crash test with the webbing giving way or the buckle failing. It is highly recommended that the best harness for car use is to select a crash-tested harness such as the Sleepypod Clickit Sport. This is a certified and crash tested Dog Safety Harness available at Amazon. These type of harness are obviously more expensive than a standard dog harness, but may well save your dogs life.

Even a dog crate offers little protection in a serious crash and will most likely shatter apart. The most effective and safest method is to use a correct crash proof dog crate that is properly strapped and fastened down. Only a crash-tested purpose built dog crate such as the Variocage Crash Tested Dog Cage will give true protection in a crash. These come with quite a price tag but if you are serious about keeping your dog safe in the car these are the ultimate choice.

Of course, harnesses and crates will provide much better protection than if a dog is not restrained. In a less serious crash or a sudden braking situation, they could well prevent injury or worse to your dog.

Why Secure Your Dog In The Car

  • Unrestrained pets can distract the driver and cause an accident.We’ve all seen dogs frantically running from side to side or front to back in the car … or dogs who are licking the driver, tryingto get into the front seat, or barking in the driver’s ear. Distracted driving can easily lead to an accident.
  • A loose dog can be ejected from car during an accident orsudden stop. Dogs can become ‘catapults’, and get thrown through the windshield, or even over the seat and collide with the the driver or passengers. This can cause serious injury to both the dog and the humans.
  • A loose dog may escape in case of accident. They mayescape through a broken windshield or through a window or doorthat popped open during the accident… and a scared dog willoften run and become lost, sometimes running through trafficand endangering other drivers.
  • An restrained dog can become a threat to rescue workers.It’s frightening when an accident occurs, and frigtened dogs may bite or threaten rescue workers who are only trying to help.
  • Other items in the car could injure the dog. During an accident or even something as simple as a sudden stop, looseitems in the car may become airborne and end up injuring the dog.
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    Different Options For Keeping Your Dog Restrained

    First of all, it is generally considered to be safer for the dog and less potentially distracting for the driver if your dog is transported in the back of the car as opposed to the front seat. You should never attempt to sit your dog on your lap while driving, or allow another passenger to travel with the dog on their lap, as not only does this not adequately restrain the dog and could potentially cause a distraction to the driver, but it is also more likely to cause injury to both the dog and the person in the case of an accident.There are a couple different options open to you in terms of how to best restrain your dog in the car, and your final decision will largely come down to the size and shape of your car or vehicle, the size and temperament of your dog, and what works best for you- there is no one size fits all solution.

    Secure A Dog In Car With Leash And Carabiner

    Smarter Driver: Tips on keeping your dog safe in the car

    There are round circles in between the back seat of the car, which indicates a tie-down.

    You can use those along with the carabiner and a suitable cable that is made of good fabric and is chew-resistant.

    You can lock your cable to these points to restrict the movement of your dog.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a good sense of your dog and get clips that are good for your dog.

    The locking clips also need to be heavy-duty for them to hold their place and not to let the dog break them.

    If you have a small dog or a puppy, you can get a suitable cable that will last you a long time and restrict your dogs movement.

    However, if you are in possession of a large and powerful dog, you will need to have a cable that is heavy-duty along with clips that are strong so that your dog is not able to break them.

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    Get A Dog Harness Seat Belt

    Pâerfect for wellâ-âbehaved dogs, the harness secures your dog in one position with a strap that plugs into the seat belt. Pro tip: Keep an eye on your dog to make sureâ they don’t chew through the harness mid-journey.

    Good for: Small and large dogs

    How to secure your dog:

    • Slide the car seat belt through the dog seat-belt loop and buckle your dog in.

    • âPlace your dog on the car seat and connect the silver clasp to your dog’s harness.â

    • Adjust your dog’s seatâ âbelt so it’s secure and comfy.

    Closing The Window In His Face

    When the dog is staring out of the window, the front leg of the dog is often on the armrest of the door, now just imagine, if the dog closes the window on his face by mistake how bad can that result in?

    The dogs face will be stuck on the window of the car, which can put pressure on his neck, causing him to get suffocated.

    There are also high chances that moving vehicles or debris are flying towards the dog when he is stuck in this position.

    Many of us have been victims of an incident caused by the cars sudden braking.

    In these situations, the passenger or the dog that is sitting on the passenger seat or the back seat fly towards the windscreen of the car at high speed.

    In some cases, the dog has been seen to break the windscreen and bump into the vehicle or object that is in front of the car.

    These types of incidents are complete nightmares.

    Even if the dog is not dead, the shards of glass from the windscreen are poked in the body of the dog, which causes a lot of bleeding and serious injuries.

    This incident can be avoided by simply learning how to secure your dog properly in a car.

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