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What To Do When You Sell Your Car

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The Sale Contract And Down Payment

How to sell your car

Protect your transaction. Ask for a non-refundable down payment, in case your customer changes their mind. Its best to draw up a contract. A contract is not required for private-party sales but CAA-Quebec recommends having one and even provides a model contract members can download.

Model contractPDF file 382 kB

Use it to specify the date for full payment and transfer of ownership, contact information for you and the buyer, information about the vehicle , the warranty, the requested down payment, the price, etc. If things dont work out, this will make it easier to sell to someone else.

What To Do With Your License Plate When Selling Your Car

Todays the day: youve finally sold your old junk car! What a relief. Who did you end up selling it to? If your cars in good shape, you may have found a private buyer whos interested in it. If so, congratulations on navigating the gauntlet that is the online classified universe. More often than not, we at Junk Car Traders hear from customers who tried to sell their clunker online, but eventually gave up. After months of running online ads, responding to texts, answering emails, taking late night phone calls, arranging times to show their vehicle, meeting people mid-day so they could see it, on and onthey still hadnt managed to sell their clunker.

If youre like the majority of junk car owners, you ended up selling your clunker to a scrap yard, junkyard, or a reputable junk car buyer like Junk Car Traders. Working with a company like us is a lot easier than trying to sell your clunker online. Plus, we pay top dollar for junk cars: well pay more than anyone else in the area. And, on top of that, we can even tow your junk car free of charge.

However youve managed to sell your clunker, though, the important thing is that its finally out of your hair. Theres just one last thing youre not sure about: what do you do with your old license plates when your sell your junker? Do you leave them on? Should you remove them? If you do remove them, what do you do with them? Read on to learn more.

Work Out A Fair Asking Price

Depreciation is the driving factor when it comes to valuing your car to sell it. That means you need to focus on what someone will pay, rather than what you paid. If you’re struggling to value your wheels, start by looking at similar cars that are advertised on sites such as AutoTrader, eBay and Gumtree.

After arriving at the price you think your car is worth, start looking at where you would like to advertise the vehicle. Again if you are trading in or even scrapping it, don’t be afraid to hunt around, as offers from different dealers will vary depending on how desperate they are for stock.

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Have The Proper Paperwork

The paperwork requirements for selling a car vary from state to state. In some states, transferring ownership of a vehicle to another person is a simple process of entering the odometer reading, sale price, and your signature on the back of the certificate of title. In other states, you must fill out official title-transfer forms. Contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to see what you should do.

If there’s an outstanding loan on your car, you and the buyer will have to go to your lender and make sure the lender gets its money before you get what’s left. In some states, the lender holds the title until the car is paid off. And a bill of sale is often required by the buyer for sales-tax purposes. Contact your state’s DMV to see if there is a specific bill of sale form. And always keep of copy of the final document for your records.

How To Sell A Car With A Loan On It

Do You Need a Roadworthy Certificate To Sell Your Car

You have 2 main options if you want to sell a financed car. With both options, youre still responsible for paying off the loan.

  • Sell it to a private individual. You can either pay off the car loan first or use the profits to pay off your lender.
  • Trade it in at a dealership. You can trade in your car for a vehicle of similar value and roll your old loan into a new deal.

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Give Your Car Curb Appeal

The best way to sell your car is to give it curb appeal. When a buyer shows up to see your car, you want them to take one look and say, It looks great!

You dont have to fix every little dent and scratch, but wash and vacuum the car and remove all the junk thats accumulated over the years. Giving it a professional detail is good for newer, more expensive used cars. But the higher the price, the longer it will take to sell the car, and the gleam of the detailing will wear off after a few weeks.

Pay particular attention to all the details a prospective buyer will see as he or she approaches the car, opens the door and slides into the drivers seat. You want that positive impact to continue as she sits in the car and, hopefully, picture it as her very own.

Should I Trade In My Car Or Sell It Privately

Trading in your car at a dealership is an easy sale, but you might not get as much money for the car as you would if you sold it privately. When a dealer buys your car, their offer will account for the money it will cost them to recondition the car so they can sell it and make a profit. Any little scratch, dent or upholstery stain will need to be fixed, and the cost of that repair will likely impact the trade-in value and be deducted from your offer. On the plus side, you wont have to worry about having these repairs done yourself itll all be taken care of for you.

While you may sell your car at a higher price by doing it privately, in some provinces there are significant tax savings to be made by trading it in to a dealer. Check out the regulations in your province to find out if the savings alone make it worthwhile to trade in the vehicle.

When you sell a vehicle privately, it is your responsibility to market the car, comply with any provincial requirements and negotiate with buyers. It will take longer and require more effort, but sometimes the increased profits are worth it a decision that every used car seller must make.

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Take Precautions With The Test Drive

If the caller seems legitimate and ready to buy and wants to set up a test drive, pick a safe, central meet-up location in a public place, ideally near a relaxed test drive route. Always plan ahead and ask a friend or family member to join you for the ride.

Meet prospective buyers during the day in a public area . Park the car in a high traffic area where people can see you.

Plan a test drive thats short and sticks to populated areas. Most buyers dont expect an extended test drive. If your buyer wants more time, let the person ask you for it.

Before the drive, dont forget to ask to see the prospective buyers license. Typically, its advisable to accompany the driver on the test drive regardless of what kind of collateral they offer in exchange for driving it. However, due to COVID-19, be sure to agree to health and safety precautions ahead of time. That helps to take the guesswork out of the test drive when it happens.

What To Know About Pre

Best way to sell your car – Which? guide

Buyers often ask for pre-sale inspections. A pre-sale inspection is worth the investment because its just one more tool you can use to put buyers at ease.

Buyers often want their mechanic to take a look under the hood. Getting a pre-sale inspection of your vehicle before you put it up for sale will equip you with information that a buyer will find if they do their own inspection. It may also head off a buyers need to get their own inspection.

If the buyer still insists on using their own mechanic, meet the person only at reputable businesses, and drive separately.

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Create A Captivating Ad On Ebay Motors

eBay Motors Summary

  • Back seats
  • Odometer

eBay Motors is one of the best platforms to post your car ad as its a global platform that solely focuses on selling cars.

Remember to keep the title and body of the ad full of interesting and necessary details. Avoid repetition and stuffing the ad with generic information.

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Choosing The Best Way To Sell Your Car

There are a number of different options for selling your car. The best one for you depends on how much you want to get for the car, how much time youre willing to spend on it and if you want to get another car.

Selling privately means you might get more for your car than you would from a dealer. But might be time consuming.

If you want another car straight away, part exchanging with a dealer is might be a better option.

This means if your car was worth £5,500 if sold privately, you might lose at least £500 by selling it to a dealer.

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Selling Vs Trading In

When you want to offload your current vehicle, the common choices are either selling it yourself or trading in for a new one.

And even after those steps, you’ll need to meet the buyer in a public location for pick up and fill out the necessary paperwork like signing the bill of sale and transferring the car’s title.

All in all, it’s a lengthy process that might not be worth the time and effort. You could wind up waiting for weeks .

On the other hand, trading in is a straightforward, painless way to receive money for your used car and use the funds as a down payment on your new one.

All you have to do is contact the reseller of your choice, decide whether to accept their offer, then put the amount toward your new vehicle’s purchase price. Doing so can lower the amount you finance as well as your monthly car payments.

Another benefit of trading in is saving money on sales tax. Many states only charge sales tax on the remaining amount when you subtract the trade-in value from the price of your new vehicle. This important benefit can save you thousands of dollars, allowing you to keep extra cash in your bank account for other essential obligations.

Do I Need A Contract For Selling A Used Car

Do You Know The Best Ways Of Selling Your Car

Yes. You are making a legal sales transaction. You need a record of the sale. It is most commonly in the form of a bill of sale. It can also be an agreement letter for selling a car. Include the following information in the contract :

  • Name and address of the buyer and seller
  • Date
  • Made, model, year, and colour of the vehicle
  • Sale price
  • Signatures of the buyer and seller

You can also include additional such as payment terms, vehicle odometer reading, and conditions of the sale.

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Complete The Title Transfer

Check with your states rules regarding title transfer. In many states, the seller needs to sign the vehicles title over to the buyer. Then, the buyer needs to complete the following:

  • Register the car
  • Pay transfer fees, including state taxes

All steps can be completed at a DMV or local tag office location.

Most states require the seller to provide the buyer with a recent vehicle smog check showing it passed or a state inspection certificate before transferring ownership. Be sure to have these papers available at the time of sale.

Some states also recommend that sellers take the additional step of notifying the county tax assessors office of the vehicle sale, which provides another layer of protection if the future owner fails to title the vehicle appropriately.

Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of private car sales go off without a hitch delivering more money for the seller than a trade-in offer. But like any transaction, its essential to stay smart and take preventive measures.

Selling Your Car To An Online Car Buying Site

If you are looking for both convenience and a good offer, you can also sell your car to an online car buying site like After entering your cars details you will receive an online estimation of your car.

After that you can make an appointment to get an assessment of your car on site. There they will determine the exact value of your car based on age, condition and possible accessories.

This estimation is also the offer that you get for your car. If you accept the offer then you can sell your car straight away.

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How Do I Offer Potential Buyers A Test Drive

Once you’ve found a potential buyer, youll want to schedule a test drive. Let the buyer get a feel for how the car handles. Follow these tips below to create a safe test-drive experience.

  • Screen buyers – Thoroughly vet potential buyers before scheduling a test drive. Speak to the person on the phone and ask them screening questions, such as whether or not they have financing lined up. Take questions from them as well to determine if theyre a serious buyer.
  • Safety in numbers and visibility – Meet the potential buyer in a populated area. Never go on a test drive alone. Ask a friend to join you. Schedule the test drive during the day.
  • Credentials – Check the buyer’s license and proof of insurance before they get behind the wheel.

The test drive is not the time to take payment but once completed, its appropriate to begin negotiating the price.

What Can Impact My Used Car Value

How to: sell your car

The value of a car depends on factors including its history, mileage and condition. Accident history impacts auto value, so make sure youre aware of everything thats happened in the vehicles lifetime, and be transparent about that information with the buyer. Did you know 61% of buyers are open to a car thats been in an accident? Being upfront with the information will help you build trust with the buyer, and give them the tools they need to make sure any damage has been properly repaired. A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report is designed to build this transparency and can help you back up the information youve provided.

When looking to sell your car, keep in mind these factors, they can also impact the value of a vehicle:

  • Colour
  • Recent replacement of brakes, battery etc.

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How To Avoid Scams And Fraud When Selling Your Car

The internet is a fantastic tool, but it can also invite scams and fraud, just as people can. If you have questions or suspect fraud or scams when selling a car yourself, please email . Or call the Fraud Prevention Team at 1-877-210-5209.

You can also check out our tips for avoiding scams and fraud.

How To Sell A Car Quickly In 7 Simple Steps

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  • 7. Close the deal
  • Turn your car into cash with minimum hassle by pricing it strategically, advertising it on the right site, and sorting the serious buyers from the tire kickers.

    Heres how to remove the stress and maximize the cash when you sell your car privately, rather than trading it in to a dealer.

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    Selling A Car Yourself May Seem Like A Complicated Process But If You Do Your Homework Up Front And Prepare For The Experience Youll Likely Find Its The Ideal Way To Get The Most Money For Your Car With Minimal Inconvenience

    Vehicle history reportGet a AutoCheck vehicle history report Maintenance recordsWarranty documentationAs-Is documentationGet an As-Is Bill of Sale Template from eforms.comOdometer disclosureCheck with your states Department of Motor Vehicles

    • year, make, model and vehicle identification number
    • buyers name and address
    • buyers signature
    • current vehicle mileage at the time of sale or transfer of ownership
    • notary publics signature/seal

    Titleyou can sell yourleasedvehicle Bill of Sale

    • vehicle description

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