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Does Personal Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars

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Rental Insurance Coverage Through Credit Cards

Does Your Personal Car Insurance Cover Your Rental Car?

You may have coverage if you use a credit card to pay. Most major credit cards, like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express, have some form of car rental insurance. Some cards, like AmEx, offer primary coverage for about $25 per rental, and will pay for damage before supplemental rental insurance or personal auto insurance even gets involved, meaning you dont have to file claims.

Aside from the costs of repair, the rental agency could also charge for loss of use, which can be a significant cost associated with rental damage. No matter how badly damaged, you could be charged what agencies lose from being unable to rent the car. Some credit cards exclude this, such as Discover. Some companies, like AmEx, Mastercard, and Visa require rental companies to prove their fleet is over 80% rented while the car is being fixed.

Homeowners Or Renters Insurance

Homeowners and renters policies usually cover personal possessions when they are outside of the home, including items stolen from a rental car. Though there are often limitations with high-end electronic equipment and cameras, this insurance is usually better than the daily rate coverage the rental company offers. Coverage may be denied if the rental or trip is for business purposes.

How Much Liability Coverage Do You Have

Liability coverage is required in almost all states, so you should have it. This pays for the other drivers injuries if youre at fault in an accident. It also covers damage you cause to other vehicles and property.

As long as you have a level of coverage that youre comfortable with, you can usually skip on purchasing the supplemental liability coverage.

But if you only have the state minimum limits for liability, it might be wise to buy the supplemental coverage for that extra protection. Itll ensure that youre properly covered if you get into a car accident.

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Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes In Your Area

In most cases, your own car insurance policy applies when renting a car, so you may not need to buy additional protection from the rental car company. Well compare the types of protection rental companies offer with what’s available from an insurer, and which gaps you might need to fill.

Note: this guide is about using your own car insurance to protect the car you’ve rented at a company like Enterprise, Hertz or Avis. For the car insurance coverage that pays for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, see our guide on rental car reimbursement coverage.

What About Rentals Abroad

Does Personal Auto Insurance Cover a Rental Car?

If youre traveling outside the U.S., your personal policy probably wont cover you. Some policies do cover you in Canada and may include limited coverage in Mexico, so once again youll want to check before you go. As well, you should check to see if your credit card offers rental coverage in foreign countries.

If you dont have insurance that will cover you on your trip, contacting the U.S. embassy in your destination country is a good way to find out what insurance is required for rental cars, but be aware that in some countries the minimum requirement may be insufficient for your needs.

If you do need additional insurance, you might save money by not purchasing it through the rental agency. In many countries you can purchase rental insurance in some countries called car rental excess insurance or car hire excess insurance through an outside insurance provider. You can even purchase your car hire insurance/excess insurance online before you leave.

So in short, your personal insurance policy probably does cover your rental, at least domestically. Still, there are a number of reasons the additional expense is worth considering.

Tired of overpaying for auto insurance? If so, request a free auto insurance quote online from Freeway Insurance and find out how much you can save. Or, give us a call at 800-777-5620 to get a quick quote over the phone.

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How Much Do I Have To Pay If My Liability Insurance Does Not Entirely Cover My Rental Car

I was in an accident with my rental car and there is damage to the rental car. It got me wondering how much of this damage will I be responsible for and how much will my insurance cover?

If you have liability insurance, then any damage you did to another vehicle or person will be fully covered by your liability insurance. However, as we’ve already discussed, your liability doesn’t cover damage to your actual rental car.

In this case, you would be fully responsible for the damage to your rental car, unless you purchased additional coverage through the rental company. This additional coverage is called a loss damage waiver, which means that the rental company will not hold you responsible for any damage done to your rental car while under your care.

If you purchase the loss damage waiver and your accident does not violate the terms of your rental agreement, then it will cover damage to the rental car.

If you do not purchase the loss damage waiver, you’ll be fully responsible for the costs of the damage to the rental car and will have to pay out of pocket.

If You Have Personal Accident Coverage You Dont Need Any Additional Rental Coverage

If you or your passengers are injured, personal accident coverage will kick in and can cover costs such as medical care and ambulance rides.

Already have a personal injury protection policy? If so, personal accident coverage through your rental agency will likely be redundant.

Personal accident coverage can also provide death benefits in the worst-case scenario. But if you already have life insurance, this is an easy thing to pass up.

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Do You Need Rental Car Coverage

People often use rental cars for a short period it could be for a few hours or even a few weeks. So, why spend money on insurance coverage for a car youll only use for a limited time?

Rental car insurance coverage is usually a good idea. But its true that if you dont use it, coverage could seem like another redundant expense. Rental companies cover all vehicles with the states minimum coverage requirements, which usually includes liability car insurance. But this only covers other drivers cars if youre at fault for an accident. Youll have to pay to fix the rental car out of your own pocket.

This is why rental car companies offer additional collision and comprehensive coverage. Whether you need these rental car insurance policies depends on a few factors.

First, look at your current auto insurance policy. If you want to avoid high, unexpected rental costs, make sure your policy includes rental reimbursement within the coverage.

The type of car you drive may also influence whether you choose to purchase rental car insurance. Want to park your usual, boring car for a day and live it up in a sleek luxury car, like a Mercedes G63 AMG? In this case, you might want to consult with the rental car company about extra insurance nobody wants to be stuck with the tab if you run into some trouble living out your race car driver dreams.

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If Your Auto Insurance Includes Personal Effects Coverage You Dont Need Extra Coverage

You can buy personal effects coverage to protect the value of the items in your rental car. The dollar amount will depend on the unique policy option.

Do you have homeowners or renters insurance? If so, those policies should cover your possessions, even if theyre stolen away from home.

Youll have to file a police report to make a claim for stolen items through this policy. And dont forget that youll have to pay the deductible on the claim.

If you dont have homeowners or renters insurance, then consider the value of the items you have in your vehicle. Are you carrying anything that you couldnt easily replace?

For example, it might not be worth taking out this policy through your rental company if youre only toting around a second set of clothes and a toothbrush. But if you have your laptop and camera in tow, then the personal effects coverage might be more important.

Weigh the value of the items against the cost of the policy before you decide.

Renters Insurance And Car Damage Or Car Theft

Your physical car itself is not protected by renters insurance, even itâs damaged on your property. For example, if you rent your home and your car is in your garage and your garage burns down, your renters insurance would cover the garden tools in your garage and your laptop that was in the backseat of your car, but it wouldnât pay for your charred-out Camry. Your car insurance would step in there.

The same applies if your car is stolen. Youâd make a claim through your car insurance to reimburse you for the value of your car, but youâd make a claim through your renters insurance to replace the personal belongings that disappeared with it.

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How Does Rental Car Insurance Work

-Lets say you elect to purchase the rental car agencys insurance coverage. Lets say you are in a covered accident. With their coverage you essentially walk away and their policy takes care of everything. You dont have to worry about your personal insurance policy going up at renewal, because the claim wont be filed under your policy. You wont be haunted by the claim that will follow you around and elevate your rates for the next 5 years. Thats a very nice benefit.

Final Word On Rental Car Insurance From Your Personal Auto Policy

Do rental cars get coverage under personal car insurance?

Your personal auto insurance policy should cover you when renting a vehicle. Any personal auto insurance coverages you have should carry to your rental vehicle, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

Plus, if you rent the vehicle using your credit card, then you could have additional insurance through your credit card. That means you could safely decline the car rental companyâs insurance options.

However, coverages vary widely between insurance companies and credit cards. Contact your insurer and check policy documentation to verify you are covered when renting a vehicle.

Help protect yourself on the roadwith Insurance Panda

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Do You Need A Collision Damage Waiver

Its wise to purchase this type of rental car insurance. While your regular car insurance policy may include collision coverage for rental cars, it most likely includes a deductible and may not pay for all the rental car company’s charges, such as loss of use .ii Your credit card may include free collision damage coverage, but credit card rental car insurance is typically secondary coverage, meaning any claims will go first to your auto insurance company.

The most affordable way to ensure adequate protection in case of collision or theft is with third-party rental car insurance. The Rental Car Damage Protector from Allianz Global Assistance provides affordable collision loss/damage insurance coverage up to $75,000.

Unlike the waivers rental car agencies sell, the Rental Car Damage Protector is actual insurance that can protect your rental car almost anywhere in the world.

Contact Your Insurer To Verify Rental Car Coverage

Not all insurers cover rental cars in the same way.

Some insurers require you to have a full coverage car insurance policy before they cover rental cars, for example. Others extend rental car insurance even if you only have a minimum liability policy.

Some insurers also have different coverage options. Some cover rental cars for 15 days, for example, while others cover rental cars for 31 days.

Before renting a vehicle, contact your insurer to verify you have valid car insurance to cover you for the duration of the car rental.

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Does Personal Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars

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Youre at the counter of the rental car agency ready for that summer trip youve been waiting for, and the desk attendant asks you if you want to purchase insurance on your rental. Your first response might be: do I need to buy additional insurance when renting a car?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your rental situation, it might be a good idea to obtain additional rental car coverage. Lets take a closer look at the factors that impact your decisions on rental car insurance.

When Should You Opt For Rental Car Insurance

Does My Insurance Cover A Rental Car?

Sometimes its worth it to buy rental car insurance. This depends on if you:

  • Dont have insurance because you dont own a car
  • Have insurance that comes with low coverage limits
  • Want peace of mind and dont mind the additional cost
  • Its up to you to do your research before renting a car.

    Knowing how much your auto policy covers for a rental car will prevent you from signing on for coverage from the rental car company that you dont need. Itll save you money from paying for the same coverage twice.

    Looking for car insurance? The Cover app compares rates from over 30 different providers to find you a competitive rate.

    Cover will get you an auto quote in as little as five minutes. All you have to do is answer a few short questions.

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    How Do I Know If I Have Rental Coverage If I Get Into A Car Accident

    Your policy may cover a rental carand depending on your coverage, your rental car may also be insured under your TD Insurance policy for the duration that your car is in for repairs or replaced. If your car has been damaged, its also good idea to think about who is going to tow it and where theyre going to take it. Find out some helpful tips for choosing towing and repair services.

    There are three ways to check your TD Insurance rental coverage: use the , log in to MyInsurance or call us if you’re unsure at 1-866-848-9744. If youre covered, your coverage starts once your car is in for repairs or when its deemed not driveable.

    If You Have Liability Insurance You May Want To Buy Some Additional Rental Coverage

    A supplemental liability insurance policy will cover damages done to other vehicles or property.

    If you dont have any liability coverage at all, then you should consider buying this from the rental company.

    Even if you have your own minimal liability policy, you still might want to add this coverage at the rental counter for additional protection. Thecoverage limit will depend on your rental car company, but $1 million is the standard limit.

    Read more: Auto insurance liability limits: how much do you need?

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    Lastly Some Pet Peeves

    • Tell the rental company you do not appreciate lugging around multiple keys sealed together, when all you need is one!
    • You do not need to be bombarded with surveys after each rental, you will tell them if you had a bad experience. If only they were so conscientious about sending you your misplaced phone charger.
    • Dont try to cover up a smokers car with that awful smelling spray and rent it as a non-smoking car, we know better.
    • Make sure you walk around the car and note damage, because they certainly will when you return it.
    • We dont mind a slight wait for a receipt, so we can do our expense report, but dont allow the attendants to stand around ignoring customers while they are in a hurry.


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    Will My Credit Card Insure My Rental Car

    Does Personal Insurance Cover a Rental Car?

    Many credit cards, especially travel cards, have a damage waiver that pays for damage to your rental car while you drive it, as well as trip interruption coverage. However, these waivers don’t provide coverage for liability or your own medical bills, so make sure you’re fully protected before you drive.

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    Rental Car Liability Insurance

    • Average cost: $1016 per day
    • Comparable to: Bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance

    Liability insurance covers damage to other vehicles, property and people as a result of accidents you cause when driving your rental car. Note that this does not cover you, your passengers or the rental vehicle itself.

    The state minimum levels of liability insurance are included as part of the basic rental fee in almost every state. In these cases, any additional insurance you purchase will at most give you higher coverage limits. There are some exceptions, most notably in California, where rental companies are not required by law to include liability insurance.

    Do I Need To Buy The Rental Car Companys Insurance

    When you rent a vehicle, the rental car company could surprise you with many car insurance options and choices. Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Budget, Sixt, Thrifty, and other rental car companies all have multiple coverage packages to choose from. Do you need to buy any of this coverage? Or can you safely skip it?

    The answer to this question depends on your personal coverage and aversion to risk.

    If you have full coverage car insurance in the United States, then that full coverage car insurance should extend to cover your rental car. That means your ordinary car insurance policy will reimburse you for any damage to the rental vehicle.

    However, your personal auto insurance policy does not cover everything related to the rental car. It does not cover theft or damage of personal possessions, for example, and it may not cover loss of use. Even if your personal auto insurance policy covers the main damages to the vehicle, you could pay hundreds extra in additional fees.

    In this situation, you can either:

    • Buy the collision damage waiver from the rental car company
    • Buy other specialized insurance products from the rental car company
    • Rent the car using a credit card, which means your credit card extends coverage to the rental vehicle
    • Use other types of insurance to cover the rental car

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