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Car Pulls To The Right When Braking

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How This System Works:

How to Fix Brakes that Pull to One Side

There are two types of brake systems: disc and drum. Both use friction and resistance to stop the vehicle.

In a disc-style system, there is a rotor connected to the wheel. Calipers, which are powered by the vehicles hydraulic brake system, apply pressure to the brake pad, which rub against the rotor causing friction, bringing the wheel to a stop.

Brake systems require regular maintenance to work properly. Brake pads wear down due to the friction and must be replaced when the linings become too thin. Failure to replace the pads in a timely manner may cause subsequent damage to other components of the system.

It is best to have your brake system inspected every time you have your tires rotated, or every 7,500 miles, as worn brake pads, a stuck caliper, or damaged rotors can lead to your car pulling to the side when you brake, or not stopping as efficiently as designed.

Uneven Tread Wear Can Cause Your Car To Pull To One Side

Slip belts and uneven tread wear are also possible culprits behind a car that pulls to the left or right. When the belts in your tires begin to slip, they pull apart and separate from the tire frame. This then causes the sidewall to weaken. If you take a look at your tires, you may notice bulges or bumps on one of them. This occurs due to a defect in the manufacturing process.;

Abnormal tread wear could also be causing the pull. Its often characterized by areas on the tires that are more worn than others. You can always swap your tires and drive the car to confirm whether this is the cause behind the pulling. If you notice a shift in the cars pulling, then you have a problem with one of the tires.;

Damaged Or Stuck Brake Pad

If one brake pad is damaged, it can cause the car to pull while braking. Additionally, a low-quality brake pad is more likely to crack, especially if you use the brakes hard.

Over time, the crack will only get deeper, resulting in dislodged friction material. As the brake pad material gets smaller, your stopping performance becomes hindered and you could notice some pulling to the side. Worn brake pads are also going to wear out the rotors, so you should have them replaced immediately.;

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Fixing Your Car’s Steering Pull At Dowleys Garage

Here at Dowleys Garage, we have qualified technicians that can diagnose the reason your vehicle is pulling to one side. Using the latest equipment, we can implement a repair whether you need a wheel alignment, replacement suspension parts or wheel balancing.

We’re proud members of the Trust My Garage Scheme so you can be sure that any work we carry out is in the best interests of your safety. Head over to our Tyre Centre for more information about the services we provide.


Learn To Diagnose Why Your Car Pulls To One Side When Driving Or Braking

Why Does My Car Pull Right When Braking?

Struggling to drive a car that pulls to the right or left can be daunting, whether driving or braking. This is especially true if you have to constantly adjust the steering wheel to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line. There are plenty of reasons why your car could be pulling to the left or right. However, it can always be narrowed down to a few possibilities. Here are six of them.;

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Worn Out Suspension Parts

The suspension is likely to give up at some point. There are several parts including ball joints, control arms, struts, shocks, and bushings that can wear out over time. The deteriorated components will make the vehicle move one side at the time of braking. Suspension parts show signs of wear over a long period of time. So, you may not be aware of the problem unless any part is damaged or broken.

How to fix it?;Again, you need to take professional help because the suspension is vital to a vehicles safety system. Regular annual checkups will save you from the surprise of suddenly broken or damaged suspension parts.

Top 5 Causes Of A Vehicle Pulling To The Right Or Left

There are a variety of reasons and causes for a vehicle that pulls too much to the right or left side while running and braking. Below are the top 5 causes which you should be aware of. If your vehicle looks like it has one of these issues, then get the necessary parts repaired or replaced immediately.

Stuck Brake Caliper The brake caliper is associated with a disk braking system. Braking fluid flows to the calipers from the master cylinder and adds pressure to its piston. This is how the brake pads are able to get pushed against the rotating brake disc to slow down and stop the vehicle. So, if the brake caliper gets stuck for whatever reason, it could create a pulling effect to one side.

Bad Brake Hose Brake hoses are responsible for delivering brake fluid to the brake calipers. If you have a brake hose that is damaged in any way, it will interrupt the flow of braking fluid to these important components of the braking system. Even if the hose looks fine on the outside and is not leaking, there could still be issues with the interior liner of the hose. If there is any restriction being placed on the flow of braking fluid, then your car will pull to one side as you step on the brake pedal.

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How To Fix The Car Pulling To The Right Side

When you notice your car pulls to the right side when braking, you should bring your vehicle to a local mechanic or auto body shop to fix the vehicle. This problem requires you to lift the car using a jack system, which is why you should bring your car to a shop to have this service performed for you.;

  • First, you need to check the caliper slides and rotors. Most cars have floating brake calipers that move in tandem on the slides. When these become stuck or contaminated over time, the caliper will not fully engage or disengage, resulting in the car pulling to the right side when braking.
  • When you notice that the caliper is not fully closing or opening, you or a mechanic needs to check the cars brakes. You can do this by taking your car for a drive while heavily pressing on the brakes, frequently and with force.;
  • After you have done the brakes testing by taking your car on a test drive, you or the mechanic need to use an infrared laser temperature reader to read the temperature of each car brake rotor. Position the beam so that it is close on both the front right and left rotor.
  • Once you place the sensor, you will be able to tell which rotor is damaged, if any. If there is a large difference in temperature, you will notice that this could be why your car pulls to one side when braking. If the right side reads nearly double the temperature as the left side, then this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Road Crown Can Cause Your To Pull To The Right Or Left

    Vehicle pulls to one side when applying brakes/or drifting explained

    Your car could also pull to one side due to road crown. Most roads are constructed to tip to the right or left for drainage purposes. If youre driving on either of the farthest lanes, your vehicle could pull to either the left or right. This is often never a reason for concern as the pulling goes away as you continue driving.

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    A Difference In Braking Force

    Your car may pull to the right when youre braking due to a difference in braking force. When your brakes are exerting equal force on the wheels, you should stop in a straight line. When one brake is exerting more force than the other, however, your car will pull in one direction while youre braking. Thats because one side is slowing down more than the other. This problem is usually limited to the front brakes. When left unchecked, this can wear your brakes down faster and create a safety issue.

    Lean In: Get To Know The Issue

    The first thing to do is clarify the nature of the pull. Does your car consistently pull to the right? To the left? Only when you accelerate? Only when you apply the brakes? Figuring out the details will help narrow down the possible culprit and if needed, help your technician get to the root of the problem sooner.

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    Why My Car Pulls Left Or Right When Braking: Faqs

    1. Can I use WD40 to clean out my brakes?

    Answer: We do not recommend using WD40 for cleaning your cars brake pads. Instead, use proper brake cleaning fluid. This is available locally in the Philippines for somewhere around Php 200 to Php 600 depending on the brand.

    2. Why do brake hoses fail?

    Answer: Brake hoses fail due to wear and tear, exposure to heat from the exhaust manifold, among others.

    3. How do I know if my brake master cylinder is broken?

    Answer: Youll know that your brake master cylinder is broken when you have inconsistent brakes, low braking power, or no brakes at all.

    4. Can tire pressure affect braking?

    Answer: Yes, tire pressure can affect braking. Properly inflated tires have optimized contact with the road whereas improperly inflated ones will stretch out your cars stopping distance.

    5. How much is a bottle of brake fluid in the Philippines?

    Answer: The price of brake fluid will depend on the brand and the size of the bottle. A 900 ml bottle of Prestone Brake fluid can cost somewhere around Php 300. A 500 ml bottle of Motul DOT 5.1 on the other hand is more expensive at around Php 1,200.

    Components Of Your Vehicles Brakes

    Five Signs Your Brakes Need to be Inspected

    There are several possibleareas of concern when talking about your brakes, causing your car to pull. Thisarticle is going to assume you have a vehicle make of the year 2000 or morerecent. With that in mind, the focus will be on disc brakes.

    Todays vehicles typicallyhave disc brakes on all four wheels. When manufacturers were transitioning fromDrum brakes in the 1970s, they used to put Disc brakes on the front wheels andDrum brakes on the back wheels. This is important prior to the sophisticatedanti-locking brake systems of current cars.

    The most common areas of yourbrake that might cause your car to pull one way or another are:

    • The caliper
    • Or brake fluidissues

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    Can Brakes Cause A Car To Pull

    If it seems your car wants tofollow Fleetwood Macs instructions and go its own way, check your tirepressure before you look at the brakes. A low tire on one side of your carcould cause a pulling sensation. You should also ask yourself when you last hadyour tire alignment cared for. This could also cause your car to pull.

    Once you are sure you haveall of your tires inflated to the manufacturers recommended level and yourtires are properly aligned, determine if the pulling has stopped. If it hasnt,its time to start looking at the brakes.

    Before digging into potentialissues, its important to first clearly understand the part of your brakingsystem youre going to be working on.

    How To Begin Troubleshooting The Problem

    Start by asking yourself this question: Is the problem with the front or rear wheels?

    Usually, when the problem comes from one of the front brake assemblies, you’ll feel a strong pull on the steering wheel when applying the brakes.

    However, when the problem comes from one of the rear brake assemblies, you may not notice a pull unless you brake hard. Braking hard will cause one of the tires to skid and squeal because it’ll lock up. Sometimes, when a rear brake assembly is bad, you may not notice a pull at all, but you’ll find out about the problem when you notice uneven wear on the tires.

    This preliminary diagnostic can help you locate the source of the problem faster. Once you know which side is causing you trouble, it’s a good idea to take a look at the opposite assembly as well to get a general idea of the condition of your brakes.

    Whatever the source, driving with a pulling brake condition is dangerous.

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    Why Does My Car Pull To The Left

    Car alignment problems can be a major pain for drivers, especially on long trips. However, alignment problems are more than just a nuisance. They can cause your tires to wear unevenly and even damage to your cars frame if left unchecked for too long. Lets look at some common reasons why your car may pull to one side or the other when driving.

    Car alignment problems can be a major pain for drivers, especially on long trips. However, alignment problems are more than just a nuisance. They can cause your tires to wear unevenly and even damage to your cars frame if left unchecked for too long. Lets look at some common reasons why your car may pull to one side or the other when driving.

    Hot Topics: Steering Wheel Shakes Car Pulls To The Right

    2007 Envoy pulls right when braking hard – but it aint the brakes (lower control arm bracket r&r)’s forums feature chats between 250,000+ experts and novices in over 120 categories. We highlight popular threads to help with related projects. This transcript has been lightly edited.

    chanesworth – Member

    I am about to take my car to the dealer to have them look over my problem, but I wanted to get some opinions on what this could be. My steering wheel shakes, while I am driving. It only occurs when I am driving not when I am stopped. Also, if I let the steering wheel go, the car immediately pulls to the right. I was under the assumption that it would just need an alignment, but a friend of mine told me that if it was only an alignment, the steering wheel would not shake/pull. Any ideas on what this could be would be greatly appreciated.

    indy-diy – Member

    The simplest thing would be a low tire on the right side. Check your tire pressure before taking it to the dealer.

    – Forum Topic Moderator

    Vibration usually means something loose/worn, could be a simple as an out of balance tire, could also be loose wheel or worn front end parts.

    A low tire will definitely make the car pull to that side, bad alignment can also.

    As indy suggested, check your air pressure If you can jack up the front end you can check further for loose/worn parts.

    I wouldn’t ignore this problem as it will only get worse and could possibly become dangerous.

    chanesworth – Thread Starter


    michael van – Member

    I would check brake

    michael van – Member

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    Suspension Or Steering Parts Are Worn

    If the tires or the wheel bearing arent the issue, you need to look deeper. In some cases, you might have a steering or suspension component that has gone bad.;

    Generally, the suspension and steering systems should be inspected yearly to avoid any issues. With that said, a part can fail at any time, leading to overall drivability concerns and a pulling sensation.;

    Why Does My Car Pulls To The Right

    Applying consistent pressure on the steering wheel is tiresome. Plus, it takes the fun of driving away. Various components including the tires take the blow when;steering wheel pulls to the right while driving.

    A wide range of issues can trigger the trouble. Lets discuss the causes of a car or truck pulling to one side:

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    Frozen Piston In A Caliper Or Wheel Cylinder

    To check for a possible frozen caliper:

  • Lift the front or rear of the vehicle so that both tires are off the ground, depending on the brake assembly you want to check.
  • Safely support the vehicle on jack stands.
  • Ask an assistant to apply the brakes and keep the brake pedal depressed.
  • Try spinning each wheel by hand.
  • If you CAN turn one of the wheels, that brake assembly isn’t working properly.
  • Repeat the test but this time without applying the brakes. Both tires should spin freely. If one of the tires drags, there’s a problem.
  • If you found a problem in the previous test, you may be dealing with a frozen caliper or wheel cylinder, or a restricted brake hose or line that is preventing brake fluid to reach the piston. The inner liner in a brake hose can deteriorate, weaken and collapse, restricting the free movement of the brake fluid and operation of the caliper or wheel cylinder piston. However, you won’t be able to tell whether a brake hose has internal damage just by looking at it.

    Before testing a brake hose, make sure that the piston in the caliper or wheel cylinder is not stuck due to an internal problem , and check for problems with the mounting or operating hardware, or, in some models, a caliper that is not sliding freely on the rail.

    Common Causes Of Car Pulling To The Right Or Left When Braking

    Common Causes of Car Pulling to the Right or Left When Braking

    The brakes are often something we take for granted when driving our cars.

    But when there is a malfunction in the braking system, it will be easy to notice these symptoms because they will affect our driving performance.

    One of the most common braking problems that someone will experience is when their steering wheel starts to pull to the right side or left side.

    As they step on the brake pedal, it doesnt usually matter which side the steering wheel pulls because it could be either side.

    Sometimes, the steering wheel may pull from one side to the next.

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