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How Long After Windshield Replacement Car Wash

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What To Expect After Repairing Your Windshield

#Myth: Don’t use any car-wash after windscreen replacement

Its beneficial to go into the windshield repair process knowing exactly what to expect.

  • Scarred repair area: Even the most professional chip repair cant restore the glass to its original appearance. Expect a scar where the repair takes place. The blemish is hardly noticeable unless you look for it, and most importantly, the repair prevents the crack from spreading.
  • No aftercare necessary: The resin we use to fix chipped windshields has a short curing time. In fact, its already cured when we polish and smooth the repaired area. This means, by the time you pick up your repaired car, no aftercare is necessary.

When Can I Get A Car Wash

Car washes use very high pressure water jets to remove the dirt, bugs, and grime from our vehicles. If the sealant and moldings are not yet dry these high pressure jets can ruin your windshield replacement. Vehicle owners who are dead set on washing their car within 24 hours of a windshield replacement should do so with hand wash and strictly avoid any high pressure hoses going anywhere near the windshield. Rain isnt under any pressure, so owners shouldnt fret if there is a storm in the forecast.

What Should I Check After Windshield Replacement

10 Steps for Protecting Your Windscreen After Repair Step 1: Keep Your Windscreen Clean. Step 2: Avoid Washing Your Car for a Few Days. Step 3: Ensure Your Windscreen Wipers are In Good Condition. Step 4: Check for Whistling or Leaking Windscreen Seals. Step 5: Keep the Area Around Your New Glass Clear. Step 6: Be Gentle.

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Be Gentle With The New Windshield

As mentioned above, the windshield requires at least 24 hours to dry well. Therefore, before this period elapses, you should be gentle when handling the windshield and your car in general. This is because an impact on one part of the car may also affect the windshield. That said, make sure you open and close the doors gently at all times. Furthermore, it will be great if you can avoid using your wipers for some time. Nevertheless, if you must use them, you should then limit your driving time to about 2 hours.

What If I Dont Have Insurance

How Long Does It Take To Install A Windshield

Need your auto or home glass repaired or replaced but dont have insurance? We offer some of the best glass repair prices without insurance in Phoenix.

Understanding How Glass Coverage Works

Having No Insurance

Need your auto or home glass repaired or replaced but dont have insurance? We offer some of the best glass repair prices for no insurance claims. See our article here on glass repair with no insurance.

Having Full Coverage

Usually, the full coverage you had to obtain through a lienholder includes something called comprehensive coverage, which includes coverage against storms, fires, vandalism and road debris .

If you give Reliable Glass a call at 602-892-0202, we can work with you and your insurance company to determine your coverage, saving you the hassle.

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How Long To Leave Tape On After Windshield Replacement

If tape was used as part of your windshield replacement please leave it on your vehicle for at least 24 hours after the repair was completed. This gives the seals time to completely dry without the chance of dirt, dust, rain, or other debris to ruin the installation. The tape also helps hold the windshield in the correct position.

Keep The Area Inside And Out Of The Car Clear

While the seal is drying, you dont want to allow anything to adhere to it or push up against it. For the first day after installation, dont place any type of cover on the exterior of the vehicle. You should also avoid using a sunshade on the inside of the windshield and keep the dashboard free of clutter.

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Wait To Drive The Vehicle

Windshield replacement requires the use of an adhesive which holds the glass in place and creates a strong, waterproof seal around it. Its important to give the adhesive adequate time to set and dry. To ensure the best results, we recommend waiting to drive the car for at least one hour following installation. The technicians who install the new windshield will remind you of this after the work has been completed.

When you first get in your car, be careful to look for shards of glass that may be left over from the old windshield. Technicians try to ensure that all of the glass pieces have been cleaned up before returning the vehicle to its owner. But you can never be too careful.

Dont Drive Immediately After Windshield Replacement

How Long Does it Take to Replace A Windshield?

Wait for some time after your windshield replacement before driving your car once again. If not, some gaps might be created and the windshield wouldnt be installed firmly, which could be dangerous for you, your passengers, and others on the road. This waiting period is called driveway time.

Most car glass technicians would recommend a driveway time of at least an hour. But the required driveway time could also vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Some adhesives and sealants or circumstances may even require 24 hours. It would depend on the type of adhesive and sealant, type of windshield, temperature, and humidity.

When you get your windshield replaced, the car glass technician will recommend the driveway time for your car. So, just follow the technicians instructions.

Also, to be safe, be careful in driving straight home, as the adhesive and sealant still wont be strong enough to secure the windshield in case of collision.

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Complete Windshield Replacement Aftercare

October 4th, 2020 byFix Auto USA

Once you replace your cars windshield, you need to prioritize aftercare. That way, you can take the right steps to get the best return on your investment.

To better understand windshield replacement aftercare, lets answer some of the key questions surrounding this subject.

Oem Vs Aftermarket Auto Glass

Some auto glass companies boast OEM parts but dont actually use OEM glass, which is mis-leading, sometimes on purpose, just to get your attention and get a sale.

If you have to use OEM glass make sure that you verify it equals the original in quality because while the manufacturing companies have been around for years, sometimes a 3rd-party seller can get similar from the same assembly line that makes the OEM parts, which can be hard to identify.

If your vehicle is getting close to the end of its life though, it might not make economic sense to pay a slightly higher price for the advantages offered by an OEM parts manufacturer.

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What Is Safe Drive

Safe drive-away time, or SDAT, is a term that describes how long your car must sit unmoved after your windshield is replaced to ensure the vehicle is not unsafe to drive. The technician performing the work on your car should mention this to you.

Safe drive-away times vary by type of vehicle glass, weather conditions and type of adhesive used. Some replacements allow drive-away time in as low as a half-hour. Other require the vehicle remain stationary for several hours following a windshield replacement.

This is because the curing, or hardening, of the adhesive holding your windshield in place can vary due to many factors. These include the type of adhesive, outside temperature, humidity level and other conditions at the time of replacement.

Your technician should take all of these factors into consideration before informing you of the proper and safe drive-away time for your particular situation.

Will My Insurance Cover Windshield Repair

13 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Canadian Drivers

In Arizona, windshield glass replacement is covered by comprehensive insurance.

There are three types of insurance:

  • Liability Insurance covers the damage done to another vehicle in the event of an accident only
  • Collision Insurance covers damage to the insureds car and the other vehicle if there is an accident
  • Comprehensive Insurance includes the protection of the liability and collision insurance and adds protection for a vehicle that is not involved in an accident, such as a rock hitting a windshield and causing damage

It is important to contact your insurance company to know what type of policy you have, what the policy covers, and the amount of the deductible, if you have one.

If you need to have your auto glass repaired or replaced, the law allows you to choose the company that works on your car. Choose one with an excellent reputation. Reliable Glass works with all insurance companies and will make sure you are well taken care of.

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What Is An Oem Windshield

When your windshield cracks and requires an entire replacement, you can either choose between OEM and aftermarket glass. The difference is an aftermarket glass is made by a company or production line other than the original equipment manufacturer.

Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass the automaker placed in your vehicle.

Can I Wash My Car With A Chipped Or Cracked Windshield

Now we know a little more about windshield damage, lets talk about whether damaged windshields and car washes mix. In general, most auto glass specialists dont recommend washing your car with a chipped or cracked windshield. Even most car washes recommend getting windshield repair in Houston before giving your ride a bath.

While washing your car and keeping it clean is important, it can pose some risks to a damaged windshield. Windshield damage caused by washing your car is pretty rare. Yet, you might be risking further damage if you wash your car with an already chipped or cracked windshield. This is true with both automatic car washes and hand washing your car.

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After The Windshield Replacement

Your first few hours after a scheduled windshield replacement are crucial.

  • Wait to Drive First and foremost, its important you understand that waiting a while before you drive is a sound decision. To ensure the adhesive has a chance to set and dry, we recommend waiting at least one hour after the work is complete.
  • Keep it Clean For the next two days, keep the area around your windshield exterior completely clean. Remember: the seal is still drying. Any debris may become caught in the adhesive and loosen the glass pane.
  • Crack a Window Too much air pressure, which is created when the car is completely enclosed, can put stress on the seal. To reduce this pressure and stress, keep a window cracked at least one inch for the first day.
  • Retention Tape Do not remove the retention tape, which is designed to hold the windshield moldings in place. It helps to further protect the seal against the weather. The tape must be left in place for at least a day or two.
  • Avoid Car Washes We all love having a shiny, sparkling clean car. However, visiting a car wash too soon after your new windshield is inserted can damage or shift the glass pane.

For top-rated windshield replacement, contact Advanced Glass Systems. We help vehicle owners get back on the road safely in the shortest time possible. Just call us at !

Get Your Window Fixed Now!

Schedule Windshield Repair Or Replacement At Scotts

Know what to expect when you repair your windshield with Safelite AutoGlass

Were happy to provide windshield services alongside our other car repair and maintenance work. Stop by for any services you need, from anoil change to atiming belt replacement to anair conditioning recharge.

Contact Scotts online or call us at 682-4202 and let us know when you would like to stop by to have your windshield repaired or replaced.

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You Drove Your Car Shortly After Installation

Did your installers give you the green light to drive your car home immediately after the windshield was replaced? If so, then its likely your windshield is not correctly installed. This is because the adhesives that are used when securing a new windshield in place usually require a few hours to cure and harden. Driving your car before the adhesive has had a chance to do this will result in shifting of the glass as you drive. Even driving over the smallest of bumps in the road will cause shifting. Therefore, if you drove your vehicle within the first few hours after the new glass was installed, its almost guaranteed that the glass isnt sitting right.

How Do Water Spots Form On Windshields

Once a droplet of water evaporates, all the minerals suspended inside are left behind as a surface stain.

Calcium, sodium, and other alkalines leave chalky white residue on paint, glass, chrome, and plastic on any vehicle.

When a surface gets wet, the water evaporates but leaves the mineral deposits behind. This is how water spots are formed.

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After Windshield Replacement Care

  • Drive away time: Its critical to wait until the windshield adhesive cures before you drive your car. How long it takes for a windshield to cure depends on the adhesive used. At Glass Doctor®, we use Auto Glass Safety Council approved adhesive that cures in just one hour.
  • Car wash warning: Dont go through a car wash after windshield replacement until 24 hours have passed. Rain, moisture, and hand-washing your vehicle is acceptable.
  • Air pressure caution: Keep your windows rolled down an inch or two for the first 24 hours to prevent air pressure from causing the adhesive to leak.
  • Tape removal: Leave retention tape on for 24 hours after windshield replacement.
  • Future rock chip care: If your windshield is chipped or cracked within 12 months of the replacement, Glass Doctor will repair it for free. We will even replace it if the glass is damaged beyond repair.

To schedule windshield repair or replacement, please contact the auto glass specialists at Glass Doctor. The faster you get your car to us, the better chance there is of a successful repair. Of course, if a repair isnt possible, we can replace your windshield.

Could your driveway use a good clean? Check out Window Genie, our sister company, for pressure washing services.

Did you know? Glass Doctor is a Neighborly brand. Learn more about our family of brands at

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield

A Clean Windshield Is Key To Safe Driving

Do you drive a Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac or perhaps a Land Rover? If so, prepare yourself because you may need to drop your vehicle off for a day to get a piece of glass replaced. Some replacements are more complex.

If your windshield, back windshield or roof glass needs to be replaced, your local auto glass company can give you the estimated time for the job. Some replacements may take an hour, while others may take a full day.

If you own one of these vehicles below, prepare yourself to be without a vehicle for the day:

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Water Seeps In Through Your Windshield

Have you taken the time to check your new windshield glass for leaks? If not, then consider taking your car out for a ride while its raining. Or, take your car through a local car wash and keep a close eye on the areas where the glass comes into contact with the edges of the windshield. If so much as a drop of water gets into your vehicle, this means that your glass wasnt correctly installed and needs to be repaired.

What Is The Best Windshield Replacement Aftercare I Should Follow

According to the National Motorists Association , a crack or chip in your windshield is a ticking bomb, and therefore, you need to replace it immediately. This is because your safety greatly depends on it. Even so, some drivers witness their windshield cracking again just a few hours from replacement, and this can be a costly affair. While the cracking could be a result of poor installation, the safety of your windshield largely depends on the precautions you take after a windshield replacement, which is entirely your responsibility. Therefore, it is vital to follow windshield replacement aftercare to a tee.

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Dangers Of Not Following Drive

If you drive your car before MDAT is reached and you become involved in an accident or collision, the windshield might not remain in place during a crash. Also keep in mind, the windshield is an important safety feature of your vehicle, as it provides structural support to the roof. Without the windshield properly in place, the roof could cave in on the cars occupants. You could also be ejected from the vehicle through the opening.

This is are meeting minimum drive-away times are so critical. Dont be afraid to ask your windshield replacement technician for details on when the vehicle will reach the minimum MDAT after your windshield is replaced. Even lawmakers are recognizing the importance of consumers understand drive-away times. Rhode Island, for example, recently fielded a proposal for a regulation requiring notification to consumer in writing of appropriate post-repair practices and drive-away time necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle.

How Long After Houston Windshield Replacement Can I Wash My Car

Auto Detailing : How to Clean a Car Windshield

Now, if your windshield was too damaged for repairs, you most likely replaced the windshield. With a Houston windshield replacement, its also important to wait a little bit to take your car through the car wash. With windshield replacements, the auto glass specialist applies urethane adhesive to bind the new windshield to the cars frame. This, too, needs time to cure and harden properly. Just like with repairs, you can typically drive your car within a few hours, but most windshield repair professionals recommend waiting at least 24 hours before washing your car to help avoid issues with the curing process. In fact, some even recommend waiting a few days to be absolutely sure the new windshield can withstand the water, soap, and pressures of an automatic car wash.

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