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How To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car

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Pro Tips To Start Your Car Without Another Car

HOW TO JUMP START A CAR without another Car

Here are The Drives pro tips for starting your car’s dead battery without another car.

  • If the dead-battery car doesnt start after a few attempts, try reconnecting the battery cables, as they may just be loose.
  • If the dead-battery car doesnt start after a few attempts, inspect your cables for splits and cuts.
  • Need More Info Here’s How To Jump

    So you’ve cranked your ignition, and instead of your car firing up and raring to take you to your next destination, all it does is make a rapid clicking sound, or perhaps no sound at all. Looks like you’ve got yourself a dead battery.

    If you’ve got a set of jumper cables in your trunk and another vehicle nearby, you can be back on the road in less than 10 minutes — even less if you carry one of those portable jump-starters with you.

    Jumper Cables And A Second Battery Battery Booster Or Second Vehicle Might Be Enough To Jumpstart The Vehicle

    Park the two cars nose to nose so that batteries from both vehicles can be plugged together which is our next step. How to jump start car without another car? Divide the two aspirin tablets in equal parts and drop each piece in the cell filler holes. You have to find someone who has a car with a healthy car battery, connect the two batteries terminals using the jumper cables, and use the good one to charge the depleted one until your cars engine starts. Park the second vehicle as close to the casualty vehicle as possible, without the vehicles touching, ensuring the jump leads. Ten steps to jump start a car.

    However, if proper steps are not taken, there is no guarantee this method wont cause damage to the vehicle, david bennett, aaas manager for repair systems, told consumer reports. Start the car with the good battery first and allow it to run for a few minutes. How to jump start car without another car? Open the filler cap for each cell. Drive the functional car into position next to the car with the dead battery without allowing the vehicles to touch one another.

    If your car just died on you, do not sit and worry. Jumper cables and a second battery, battery booster, or second vehicle might be enough to jumpstart the vehicle. Ideal positions for this task are either placing the cars closely next. Start the car with the good battery first and allow it to run for a few minutes. Thaw it out and attempt to charge it, first.

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    Start The Functional Car

    Now, start the vehicle with the good battery and let it run for 5 minutes. Let the good battery pass some juice to the dead battery so that it can start your engine.

    Depending on the different conditions of both the batteries, it may take from 2 to 10 minutes to give the dead battery enough power to start the engine.

    Connect The Jumper Cables

    How to Jump start a Car Battery without another Car

    Before start connecting, turn off the jumper cable to prevent sparks or short circuits.

    Most of the jump boxes nowadays come with pre-integrated jumper cables. Jump boxes with built-in cables are best as they save your time. Plus, there is no risk of losing cables.

    When connecting the cables, start with the positive one. Connect the red cable to the positive post and the black cable to the negative battery terminal.

    If you cant figure out which terminal is positive and which one is negative, see the colors. Red is the indicator for the positive or power, and black indicates the negative or ground connection.

    You will see the + sign close to the positive terminal and the – sign close to the negative post.

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    Place The Black Clamp On A Grounded Surface On The Vehicle With The Dead Battery

    A grounded surface is any unpainted metal part of the vehicles frame. It should be easy to locate a section of your vehicles frame on which to place the black clamp. It is very important to place the black clamp on a grounded surface instead the negative post on the vehicle with the dead battery. Check the following video guide for a very simple demonstration of how to attach clamps:

    Charge The Battery With A Battery Charger

    Using a battery charger is an easy, albeit slow, way of getting your car started. If you are not in a hurry, then this is probably the easiest solution. Even if you are in a hurry and use another method to get going, you still must charge your battery.

    While your engine is running, the alternator charges the battery. Your alternator is only designed to top up your battery and not recharge it from flat. For this reason, you must put your battery on charge as soon as you can.

    There are various types of battery chargers available, from fast chargers to trickle chargers.

    A fast charger can quickly recharge your battery. In 30 minutes or fewer, it will give enough charge to start the engine. A trickle charger will take much longer and will take several hours to recharge your battery.

    Both types of chargers are available at auto parts stores or for under $70.

    Find the best purchasing options for Smart Chargers here:

    Noco Genius2 Trickle Charger

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    Store Your Jumper Cables And Thank The Other Driver

    Return your jumper cables to their storage area in your car and prepare to drive away. It is a good idea to drive your vehicle for at least ten to fifteen minutes before you turn the ignition off again. Depending on how low your batterys charge is or if the battery isnt holding a charge, it may be necessary to drive directly to an auto parts store to purchase a new battery for your vehicle.

    If you are unable to access a pair of jumper cables or find someone to help out, roadside assistance is the next best option.

    Knowing How To Jump Start A Vehicle Is An Essential Skill For Every Driver


    Even if you are lucky enough to never be surprised by a dead battery, it will be nice to know that you can assist another driver in need if the opportunity arises. Every driver should keep a set of dependable jumper cables in their vehicle at all times. A set of jumper cables can be purchased at an auto parts store or at a big box store for less than thirty dollars and will last many years. Most drivers store their jumper cables in their trunk.

    Before you learn how to use jumper cables to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery, you must understand that you should use jumper cables with caution. Never allow any of the jumper cables clamps to touch each other while they are being used. This could result in an electric shock.

    You’ll need: Jumper cables and a power source .

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    When All Else Fails

    Jumper cables themselves have one pretty large fault, you have to have another car with a charged battery to make them work. This can mean asking a complete stranger or waiting for a friend to get to where you are. The easiest way to avoid both of these situations is to get a battery pack, which is an essential emergency tool you should keep in your car. They can be used to charge your phone battery, or sometimes even larger electronics, and some even come with mini air compressors to help inflate a low tire.

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    The battery starters have connection cables that can hook up to the battery for a quick and convenient start, and they arent necessarily expensive, either. You can find them at your local hardware store for less than $100, or Ive ordered a few off of Amazon to test as well for less than $60 with some luck. Battery packs can be a lot more convenient than jumper cables overall, and for the price, they are a good investment that can help you in a number of car-related emergencies.

    If you have neither of these tools and youre a little bit more daring some people have tried even crazier stunts like using metal rods or wrenches to connect the posts between two batteries. While that may technically work, I would personally recommend exhausting just about every other resource first. The process itself is pretty simple, and the video below gives a quick tutorial of how to do this safely.

    Tipping The Battery Upside Down

    If you dont have the jump leads or another car, dont worry.

    Here is another quick method through which you can jump start a car with a dead battery.

    In this quick method, a boost battery is tipped upside down to a dead battery to start the car.

    You only need a powerful spare battery. Try to find a maintenance-free and spill-free battery with a crack-free casing.

    It is because, in this method, the car is jump-started with the powerful spare battery is flipped upside down to a dead battery, so that the liquid inside the battery does not spill out.

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    How To Jumpstart An Automatic Car Without Cables

    You maybe know how to use a tire repair kit, but do you know how to start a car without jumper cables if its an automatic? Pushing it downhill might not work, so the safest answer to how to fix a dead car battery without jumper cables is to have a charger. It is much more simple, but without it, youre in a dead-end street. Every driver of automatic vehicles must know that they need a simple portable charger with them at all times. It should be in your emergency toolkit for situations just like these.

    Theres only one step plug the charger to your cigarette lighter. It can take from ten to twenty minutes to recharge, and youll be on your way. A solar charger is an answer for how to recharge a car battery without jumper cables. Put the solar panel anywhere in the car where it reaches enough sunlight, and plug it into a cigarette lighter once its full. That will be enough to solve the problem of how to charge a car battery without jumper cables on cars with automatic transmission.

    By Step Procedure Of Jump Starting The Car By Bridging Two Batteries Using Tools

    HOW TO JUMP START A CAR without another Car

    Step 1. Get Everything Ready

    Park the car in the safe area. Open the hood. Bring the boost battery and put it aside by the dead battery.

    Step 2. Link The Connections

    Bridge the gap by attaching the spanner or other tools to the red terminals of both boost and dead battery.

    Similarly, attach the second spanner or other tools to the black terminals of both boost and dead battery.

    This is a DangerYou should hold the spanner firmly to both batteries otherwise it will get hot. A poor holding of the spanner can ignite the gasses produced by the battery.

    Step 3. Power The Engine

    Now you turn the ignition key to the start position, and the car should start. Let the car run for 15 to 20 minutes to charge the dead battery.

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    Find Where The Battery Is Located

    Lift the hood of your car to find the battery. Its the clearly visible black box with two metal posts that are covered by a black and red rubber stopper. Whatever you do, NEVER allow the booster packs black and red clamps to actually touch a metal conductor or even each other. This could severely damage your cars battery and the battery pack, causing an explosion or a dangerous spark.

    Is There A Way To Jump Start A Car Without Another Car

    Compared to busy streets and road jams where you see so many drivers yelling at one another, there is still so much camaraderie and amity between drivers everywhere. Though the heart of your vehicle, the battery, is designed to last for several years, there will always come the common exhausts of a car’s system life. When the battery dies or your vehicle wont start, the most common resort is to ask for others to help. And the help you will surely get. So many people are generous enough to let you connect your jumper cables to their own batteries. But the problem would be if you get off the road. With no other fellows in sight it is difficult if you do not have basic knowledge on how to start your car. So, yes! There is a way to start your car without another car. Good news, you do not have to get stuck in some place as long as you have the right tools and proper orientation on how to bring your vehicle back to life.

    Speaking of jump starting your vehicle without another car, you will get pieces of information about that in the next section. You will also be able to understand how to do the jump in other ways.

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    Remove The Fan Belt And Spin The Cars Alternator

    Do NOT use this method if youre not very experienced with handling and fixing cars or vehicles.

    Ideally, you should avoid this method unless you have no other options remaining because it can cause major damage to the car if performed incorrectly.

    How do you use this method correctly? Here are some simple steps to revive your weak battery by spinning the cars alternator:

    • Step 1: Disconnect your battery before starting this process. You should do this before any engine repair.
    • Step 2: Find the fan belt. For most cars, it should be located at the front of the engine. Its a synthetic flexible rubber belt.
    • Step 3: Remove the fan belt to access the cars alternator by releasing the tension on the fan belt. Automatic tensioners will either have a bolt to hold a socket wrench or a hole for a ratchet. For both, youll have to turn your wrench away from the belt to relieve the tension.
    • Step 4: Now, pull the fan belt from the various pulleys.
    • Step 5: With the fan belt out, rotate the alternator quickly for a sufficient amount of time to charge your dead battery. To get enough voltage, you can connect the alternator in place of the rear wheel of a bicycle with a high gear ratio.

    Note: There has to be some power left in the car battery for this process to work.

    No matter what process you choose to jump start your car, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

    How To Jump Start Your Car

    How to Jump Start a Car (EASY Way, Without Another Vehicle)

    Most of us spend a significant amount of time in our cars, whether its commuting or running errands or simply enjoying the road. But many of us dont know the basics of vehicle maintenance or repair. With a little do-it-yourself spirit and a few basic tips, you can learn how to do most anything on a car.

    First, find the owners manual for your vehicle. This is a high level guide to most of the major components, complete with troubleshooting suggestions for your particular make and model.

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    How To Jumpstart An Automatic Car Without Another Car

    Please note that push starting entails pulling or pushing a car until it picks up some momentum.

    But this is not recommended for car owners to try this method on automatic cars, because it can be difficult to determine how fast the car can go, and this can also end up damaging the brakes. Here are what to do:

    • Make sure you set the start key on position, and then find some people to push the car from behind until it gathers some speed
    • Once you do this, release both the handbrake and footbrake after the vehicle gets in motion
    • After this, step carefully on the gas pedal and make sure that the cars gear is on a drive
    • Your car will start and once the cars speed is stable, fire the ignition and keep working on the gas in small gentle steps
    • After some time, your vehicles battery should be fully charged and ready to move you to any place you want to go.

    Get Help From Your Knowledgeable Auto Parts Store

    Whether you just want tips on how to jump start a car or need help finding the right equipment for the job and vehicle, the staff at your local auto store has a wealth of knowledge. Head down to a location near you to purchase a jump starter, cables, jack stands, or whatever else you need to keep yourself out of a potentially sticky situation.

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    How To Jump Start A Car With A Portable Power Pack

    Portable power packs are a way of starting a car without the extra effort of finding another car or a group of volunteers. These devices carry enough charge to jump start your car simply by attaching the built-in crocodile clips to your battery’s positive terminal and to an earthing point – exactly like the steps for jump starting using another car . All you have to do then is turn the car on and remove the power pack, then leave the engine running to recharge the battery.

    They tend to be quite a bit more expensive than jump leads, though power packs are a wise investment if you dont use your car very often or have a habit of leaving the lights on! They may also save you the bother of connecting up your car if another driver needs a jump start.

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