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How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy 2 Car Garage

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How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy A Garage Floor

Garage Makeover Part 2- Epoxy floors and TOTAL Cost $$$$

The cost of purchase and installation of epoxy is about $5- $10 per square foot, depending on the quality selected. This cost includes the purchase and also labor costs. However, the costs go lower depending on the size to be covered. The larger the area, the lower the rate.

The cost also depends on the number of layers you wish to apply. On average, a normal garage parking space is about 10 x 20 feet . This translates to about $1000-$2000.

Garage Size
1 car 200
2 cars 400
3 cars 600

Myth #1 Professional Garage Floor Coatings Are Very Expensive

Well, if you call some of the shadier garage makeover businesses in our service area, you will get quoted a very expensive price. Some of our customers got quotes from our competitors who wanted to charge $8 – $12 per square foot to coat their garage floor. Thats almost criminal.

A professionally installed, epoxy/Polyaspartic needs not cost any more than $6 per square foot for a two car garage with good condition concrete. Our warrantied, easy to clean decorative chip floors are even less than that. I admit its not cheap. But neither was that SUV that will look better on a beautiful garage floor coating.

And, dont get fooled by the # of layers some other companies talk up, the math doesnt always add up .

Why Is Epoxy Flooring The Best Choice

There are many reasons why epoxy is the ideal flooring solution, but not all epoxy materials are created equal. Here at OGI, we use a special compound called polyaspartic polyurea. This is one of the strongest and most versatile flooring materials on the market, creating an impenetrable defense for the underlying concrete and subfloor. Our epoxy will protect against dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, road salts, heavy impacts, corrosive chemicals, and much more, ensuring your floor is in pristine condition for years to come.

Another advantage OGI epoxy has over the competition is the elimination of yellowing. Many epoxy products will gradually develop an amber hue, which makes your floor seem older and dirtier. Discoloration is a non-issue for OGI epoxy, so you will not have to worry about spending extra money on maintenance. It is also completely customizable, allowing you to pick out the perfect look for your new floor.

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Included In Our Epoxy Packages:

  • Floor preparation using large concrete diamond grinder machine , or concrete shot-blasting depending on condition of slab.
  • Small crack/divot repair prior to the epoxy coating.
  • Commercial Grade Materials for a long-lasting, durable, epoxy floor coating.
  • Proven reputation for high quality, high value work.

2 Car Garage – Starting at $1,399.99. Our base package including Commercial Grade Epoxy Resinous Flooring with decorative chip flakes. Standard 1 Year Warranty. Ideal for those who want the most cost-effective way to dramatically improve their homes curb appeal. Optional polyurethane clear coat available for $0.99 / Sq Ft. Garages larger than 2 cars , please call or email us for a fast, free quote.

Our Most Popular Option! 2 Car Garage Starting at $1,995.00. Commercial Grade 100% Solids Epoxy Resinous Flooring with decorative chip flakes, topped with aliphatic polyurethane clear coat. Our most popular option for good reason. The polyurethane clear coat helps prevent staining and fading, adding years of longevity. For more images of our Silver Package, view our image gallery. Garages larger than 2 cars, please call or email us for a fast, free quote. **Removal of previous coating, inclement weather, or slabs in poor condition may add an additional day to the installation.

How To Apply Epoxy Coating On Garage Floors

Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy is, at minimum, a two-day process, says the Thumbtack pro. It’s critical to apply a primer coat the first day and allow it to dry overnight.”Don’t trust anyone who wants to apply the primer in the morning, go to lunch, then do the second step in the afternoon,” he says.

The primer coat is one of the most important parts of the epoxy process. It’s designed to penetrate the concrete and allow the epoxy to adhere and it needs to dry overnight. Even the epoxy manufacturers won’t warranty their product without a primer coat.

Ask your epoxy flooring contractor, “Will this be a two-day process?” and “Will you allow the primer coat to dry overnight?”

And remember that you can walk on a new epoxy floor 24-36 hours after application, but wait at least 48 hours to put items such as lawnmowers or boxes on it. Wait five to seven days before bringing in a vehicle.

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Amazing Garage Floors Goal

One of our goals is to provide our clients with as much unbiased knowledge and information as we can. We know what a big decision it is to install it, and we want you to be prepared so you know youll be getting the most value for your dollar.

Its so important that you get it and thats right for you and your needs. Just knowing where to start looking for this information is daunting, so we do the work and research for you.

Garage Floor Coating Pricing Breakdown

Floor Size

There are many factors that go into the cost of garage floor coatings. The first is the size of your garage or floor being coated. The size of the floor will determine how much time and product will be needed to complete the job. We charge $6 per square foot. This includes both labor and material costs. If a problem arises after installation, we will happily fix it at no extra cost to you, up to a year after the coat is laid.

Floor Condition

Another factor that will go into the price of the garage floor coating is the kind of condition that the concrete is in. If there are cracks, chips or erosion that has occurred on your floor, it will have to be fixed before the coating can be applied. We will be happy to fill and buff the floor to ensure that the coating goes on nicely. It can cost anywhere from $75 to $199 to repair existing damage to the floor.

Side Wall Verticals

We offer the option to coat the side wall verticals in addition to the floor. The price per square foot is more for this application because it requires more labor. The price per square foot is $6 for side wall verticals.

Expansion Joints

Floor To Wall Cove

We can create a seamless floor to wall cove by using caulk and a cove tool to create a rounded edge. If a crack is created in this area, it could add around $230 for a two-car garage to get it fixed. We cannot guarantee after we have implemented a floor to wall cove that cracks will not appear, due to the concrete shifting.

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Can I Epoxy My Garage Floor Myself

Epoxy garage floors are a popular way to protect and increase the value of your home. While hiring a professional to epoxy your garage floor may provide the best results, it is possible to epoxy your garage floor yourself with a little preparation and some careful attention to detail.

When doing it yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start your project. First, you will need to properly prep the surface of your garage floor by cleaning and leveling it. Then, you will need to mix the epoxy and apply it to the floor in a thin, even coat.

Finally, you will need to wait for the epoxy to dry before you can start using your garage.

Epoxy Is Just Something People Use For Paint So Just Cover Your Garage Floor With Paint

New Garage Floor Epoxy SAVED $5,000 BY DOING IT MYSELF || Concrete Slab House Reno (Ep.3)

Generally speaking, epoxy is paint. Paint is seen as a liquid that once put on a surface becomes a solid film. However, all types of paint are NOT epoxies.

Epoxies consist of resins and hardeners that cure into a solid durable product. If you paint a wall or a floor, the paint thickness may be 2 mm or even less. But once it has dried, it may only be 1 mm thick. The final epoxy coat is a lot heavier than that.

Apart from the thickness, epoxies, polyaspartics, and urethanes are by far superior to paint, for their bond strength, UV resistance, abrasive resistance, and chemical resistance. Epoxies are also far more flexible than any paint.

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The Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

Though it may be tempting to cut costs by trying a DIY epoxy application, choosing a professional garage floor installation gives you far better results in less time and all youll have to do is clear your garage of your belongings before the crew arrives.

Once youve chosen the type of coating including its color and texture the team will begin the installation process by checking your concrete for cracks and gouges. Theyll repair these breaches with filler to ensure a perfectly smooth finish for your new epoxy floor. Once these polymers have dried, the team will apply a primer to seal your concrete and create a good base for the epoxy to adhere to. Finally, the epoxy coats are applied and any texture added.

The whole process takes about two days, which allows for each coat to dry thoroughly between applications. Weather and humidity can affect the drying time, and youll need to wait another day or two after installation before using your garage again. This is to allow the epoxy to cure, or dry thoroughly to its rock-hard finish. Once it does, youll get years of enjoyment out your durable new flooring.

Can You Diy Epoxy Garage Floor

Now, you will probably think twice about getting a professional to install your epoxy garage. You can cut labor costs if you do it yourself since you will not require to pay expert fees. But wait until you weigh in all the factors:

Ask these to yourself and consider:

  • What is the duration of time for installing epoxy in a large garage area?
  • Where will I get the right tools?
  • Who will supply me with the epoxy materials and products?
  • What if I messed up DIY epoxy?

The latter question will weigh heavily on you. At the end of the process, you need to pay for repair costs when an epoxy fails.

It becomes an additional fee and it doubled the time that had cost you already. Before it will be too late, contact a garage floor epoxy installer in your local area. Ask the expert about other costs to consider and tell them your requirement.

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How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Install Epoxy Garage Flooring

When installing epoxy flooring for garages, you will have the choice of hiring a professional or installing the epoxy yourself. While it may appear that professional installation costs more, there are many benefits to hiring a professional service to coat your garage floor.

Because youll be paying for labor, the average cost to professionally install epoxy garage flooring is between $3 and $12 per square foot. This price will include the cost of the material, as well as the installation and labor. Additionally, the condition of the existing flooring may influence the overall installation price.

While you may hear that professionally installing epoxy flooring is costly, this is generally a false statement. As long as your garage floor is in somewhat good condition, having a professional install epoxy flooring is relatively inexpensive. In fact, hiring a professional may save you money in the long run, as it ensures the epoxy flooring is installed correctly.

Saving Money On Epoxy Garage Flooring Estimates

How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy A Garage

Shopping around for cost is the best way to save money on any flooring type, and garage epoxy is no different. Let the companies know youre getting several estimates. This will encourage them to give you their lowest cost.

Subtracting DIY material costs from professional epoxy floor costs listed at the beginning, we see that pros charge $1.90 to $6.15 per square foot. Cost is based on the materials and process discussed above and the amount of pure profit the company is trying to make.

The average net profit for epoxy jobs is 15 to 20 percent of the total. The rest goes to material and equipment costs, insurance, travel time and fuel and other overhead.

When epoxy floor contractors give estimates, they generally take one of two approaches:

  • Add pure profit of 15-20 percent and rely on competitive cost for jobs
  • Add pure profit of 25+ percent and rely on sales skills or an outstanding reputation to get jobs

This is why it makes sense to get multiple garage floor epoxy estimates.

High estimates: If the company has an exceptional reputation for quality work and customer service, you might get what you pay for. Otherwise, its not worth paying the higher cost.

Low costs: Estimates that are significantly below the others often mean the company plans to use inferior materials, doesnt pay fair wages, is a startup looking for jobs or has a bad reputation. Most lowball estimates are not good deals.

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What Factors Affect The Price

Simply put, the price of a flooring installation will vary because no two garages are alike. So, here are some things that can affect the cost of coating your garage floor.

  • Size The bigger the garage, the more product we need to apply. This is usually the biggest pricing factor.
  • Condition If your garage’s concrete floor needs to be repaired before we coat it, it can affect the price.
  • Moisture If moisture is penetrating your slab from the soil below, it can make it difficult for a successful install.
  • Stairs & Apron If we’re coating more than just the main garage floor, that can up the price a bit, too.

You can see that because every garage is different, every installation will be too. The important thing is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Garage Gurus to discuss your dream garage needs. After you’re done, you won’t get an estimate – you’ll get an exact quote, in writing, down to the penny.

What Kind Of Coating Do You Use On Garage Floor

Rust-Oleum® EPOXYSHIELD® Garage Floor Coating Kit applies in one easy coat and protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt, hot tire pick-up and crackingfor years to come. Top coat with Premium Clear Coating for ultra protection and a high-gloss finish. note: To view the SDS or TDS you need to have the Acrobat Reader Software.

What is Rust Oleum epoxy shield?

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up. Kit includes 2-part water-based epoxy coating, concentrated cleaner, decorative chips, stir stick, detailed instructions and an instructional video.

Why choose Rust-Oleum epoxy floor coating?

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Ultra durable coating provides an attractive high-gloss finish that resists wear and tear to keep floors looking their best for years.

What is in kitkit epoxy coating?

Kit includes 2-part water-based epoxy coating, concentrated cleaner, decorative chips, stir stick, detailed instructions and an instructional video. Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up.

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Commercial Garage Epoxy Cost

Automotive dealerships or automotive repair shops need epoxy for many reasons. Epoxy can dramatically increase the appearance of your vehicle showroom floors and automotive shop floors.

Automotive facilities necessitate a clean and functional appearance, especially in auto dealerships that need the space to help sell and present vehicles to consumers. Your floor is essentially a frame for the vehicles being shown and can do a lot to enhance their appearance. From showroom floors to customer access ways, epoxy flooring in a facility can be a major factor in how much business and repeat business gets generated. First impressions are immensely important and can realistically make or break the potential success of any business.

In 2021, epoxy garage floor average prices ranged from $750 to $6,000 for the US. Some other averages include $2.75 per square foot for a fair shape 600-800 square foot showroom floor totaling between $1,650-$2,200. $1.75 per square foot for a fair shape 10,000 square foot industrial floor totaling $10,000.

Epoxy Floor Coating Cost By Type

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Garage? (2018)

Depending on the type of epoxy used, pricing varies from $0.37 to 1.40 per square foot for materials. Water-based epoxy is the cheapest, while 100% solid epoxy can cost up to three times more.

Epoxy Floor Coating Cost By Type

Epoxy Type
  • Used in industrial and commercial locations
  • Lasts up to 20 years
  • Must be applied very quickly due to low pot life usually needs to be applied by a pro
  • Cannot be used on any floor with moisture problems, such as basements

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Let Second Coat Dry For A Minimum Of 48 Hours

Let your second coat dry for 48 hours. Once dry, you may move items back in the garage. Allow the paint to fully cure for 5-7 days before driving a vehicle in the garage.

I purchased about 3 bottles/bags of decorative flakes from home depot to give the floor a terrazzo like finish.

I created this tutorial to show some of the basic steps involved in creating a high end DIY epoxy garage floor finish. Take the time to prep your garage. With proper preparation your floors will look great and will last for many years to come. This will resist oil stains, clean up easily, and look awesome. Good luck and comment below if you have any questions! Cheers Pete

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