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What’s Wrong With My Car

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Research Warranties And Recalls

aW mAn wHaTs wRoNg wItH mY cAr ð¢ (meme)

The Internet can tell you if there are problems associated with your cars make, model, and year. If there are recalls for which your car qualifies, get them done! If your car is under a warranty, check to see if the repairs are covered. A free or discounted repair may certainly be worth the trouble.

Now that you know some of the most probable reasons your car isnt working, and what options you have in front of you, you should be ready to make an informed consumer decision.

There Are A Few Minor Issues:

Scratches, Streaking Wipers and Poor Paintwork: These things are often annoying but dont need immediate attention. Fixing them is also cheap and easy: Some cleaner wax and paint to cover scratches, new windscreen wipers cost just a few pounds and paint defects are nearly always cosmetic. If you do see any small rust spots, make sure you deal with these so they dont turn into a bigger problem later on.

The Brakes Are Squeaking/grinding

The brake system will start to wear out just like any other moving part you have in the car. Brakes are vital they are essential to make sure you can stop safety so any kind of brake related problems, including unusual noise or a soft brake pedal, should be taken care of by a professional mechanic at the earliest possible opportunity. There are some minor issues that can cause brakes to squeak or squeal but once you start to notice grinding you definitely need to get them replaced.

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Ignition Lock Jammed/ Wheel Stuck

If your car won’t start because you cant turn the ignition key, the steering lock may be jammed. This is often caused by a front tyre on one side of the vehicle stuck hard up against a kerb.

To free it off, simply turn the wheel slightly from side to side whilst carefully turning the key back and forth at the same time until the lock frees off.

If you cannot move the wheel, put your foot on the brake and carefully release the handbrake and allow the vehicle to slightly roll away from the kerb, then reapply the handbrake and retry. Caution: only do this when safe to do so do not attempt if you are parked on a steep incline.

Your Car Is Emitting White Smoke

Whats wrong with my car on mad city

A little white vapor coming from your tailpipe that disappears quickly is likely just normal condensation evaporating.

But white smoke coming from the tailpipe that doesnt dissipate quickly typically means coolant is leaking and burning when it enters the combustion chamber in the engine.

This can be a pretty serious issue, so be sure to find an experienced mechanic. Possible problems range in severity and include:

  • A blown head gasket

  • Damaged cylinder head

  • Cracked engine block

Repairs will likely set you back at least $1,000 and much more if your engine must be rebuilt or replaced.

Smoke coming from the engine or under the hood is probably the result of coolant leaking from its reservoir and reacting with the heat of the engine. Other telltale signs of a coolant leak: a sweet or syrupy odor and overheating.

Possible problems include:

  • A bad thermostat

  • Using the wrong coolant. Always check your cars manual before adding fluids.

  • A worn or damaged radiator or related part

  • A bad water pump or hose

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Is It Time To Sell Your Car

The truth is nearly every part of your car can eventually cause trouble without ever being involved in an accident. As your car ages, car problems and repairs quickly outstrip its value.

When that happens and your car’s warranties have long expired, and your car is often a non-starter. It actually starts to make more sense to just sell it and put some cash towards a new one.

So if you’ve got a car passed its prime, click the button below to get a no-obligation, guaranteed offer from CarBrain, the smart way to sell your car online.

A The Transmission Fluid Is Leaking

Any transmission system needs fluid to make sure all of the working components are kept well lubricated. In automatic cars the fluid used in transmission is also used in the hydraulic and coolant systems. Small holes can form throughout the system which allow tiny amounts of fluid to leak. Over time, or if the leaks are severe, you will find that transmission is less efficient, plus you may find that the system overheats or loses pressure. In both cases the transmission will fail. If you see a red puddle collecting under your car it can be a sign that the transmission pan is cracked.

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What Do I Do If My Car Wont Start

Depending on the reasons behind your car failing to start or turn over, you may be able to fix the issue yourself or with the help of a fellow driver.

However, some issues arent quite so easy to fix, including those not on this list such as such as faulty components, electronics, mechanical failure – so for complete peace of mind consider RAC breakdown cover that includes home start assistance.

If its a reoccurring issue, you might want to use the RAC Approved Garage Network to find a local garage thats guaranteed to provide quality work and exceptional customer service, giving you complete peace of mind.

And just in case the worst should happen out on the roads, make sure you have the correct breakdown cover in place.

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Cosmetic Issues And Other Minor Annoyances

Luckily not all common car problems need your immediate attention. Scratches, yellowing headlights and streaky windshields can be very annoying. But, they can also be fixed very easily. A bit of cleaner wax and touch-up paint will take care of minor scratches. A plastic restoration kit makes your headlights crystal clear again. And, a new pair of windshield wipers will prevent streaking.

Be Specific About Symptoms

Telling us your car wont start isnt at all helpful. Did you mean that it cranks but wont fire up, or that it wont even crank? The fix for each could be completely different. Or, perhaps it cranks and fires up but wont stay running. Do you call that a car wont start problem? Are you getting the point here?

If youre asking about a noise, tell us when and where it happens? When idling? When driving on flat pavement? When going over bumps, turning onto a driveway or going downhill?

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The Engine Is Sputtering

There are multiple parts that keep an engine running well but a misfiring or sputtering engine is one of the most common issues. For an engine to run efficiently the right amount of air and fuel must mix and then burn within the combustion chamber. In order for this to run correctly there are a number of components in the fuel and ignition systems that have to work in unison. In order to keep these types of issues to a minimum the fuel and ignition systems must be maintained and replaced according to the manufacturers recommendations.

Can I File A Lemon Law Claim When The Dealer Cant Figure Out Whats Wrong With My New Car

You won

There is nothing more frustrating than having a problem with your new car that the dealer cant or wont fix. You may experience a strong vibration at a particular speed or find that the brakes lock up unexpectedly from time to time. When you take the car to the dealership and explain your problem, you are met with questions and doubt. The mechanic takes the car to diagnose the problem and tells you he cannot find anything wrong with it. The dealer may say that there is a failure to duplicate the problem and you are left hanging. Why does this happen and what can you do?

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The Car Keeps Overheating

Surprisingly, overheating doesnt happen that often especially in modern cars with their complex systems, sensors and so on acting to keep the vehicles temperature just right. Making sure the radiator is looked after and the water pump is working are the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent problems with overheating.

Whatever car you own it will require regular maintenance and even then you will still get things that go wrong from time to time. Some car models are more prone to certain issues than others and driving style can also have some impact on wair and efficiency. No matter what your vehicle, we hope that you have found this list helpful. Staying vigilant for signs of trouble and dealing with them when they occur saves time and money and keeps you on the road.

Regular maintenance helps maintain the fuel efficiency of your car besides ensuring good performance and safety. For a car service in Manchester and nearby areas, use our quick form to get a quote that is much lower than the main dealer. If you decide to go ahead you will get a friendly, personal and high-quality service thats hassle free as the Servicing Master service includes collection and delivery of your vehicle and free washing and vacuuming. Once you try Service Master you will never get your car serviced the old fashioned way again.

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I Have No Idea What’s Wrong With My Car

Emily Edwards

If youre like the majority of people in the U.S., you use a car to get from Point A to Point B and rely on all the parts working properly. None of us expects to break down on the side of the road, and when it happens its extremely inconvenient and stressful. Worse still, we rarely see it coming.

We assume our car is going to work – until it doesnt. Either there werent any warning signs or you didnt see them. Or maybe there were signs and you didnt even know. OK, maybe you even neglected some things you now recognize as signs!

Most of the time, you dont need to know anything about what goes on underneath the hood, but when something goes wrong you start to wish you knew a little bit more about the mechanics of it all. Theres an odd clunking noise coming when you drive over a bump but, other than that, you cant really say whats going on with your usually trusty car.

Here at YourMechanic, we know that very few car owners are expert diagnosticians and oftentimes you dont even know which service you need to book.

This is a very common situation and its why we have hundreds of diagnostic jobs – our mechanics are great at figuring out whats going on with your car. You dont even have to pick a specific job when you book an appointment if you cant identify any symptoms at all, but the more information you are able to share before the mechanic comes on-site, the better.

Using Your Sense of Smell to Diagnose Issues With Your Car
Smells Like

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Is The Cel Lit Or Flashing

If the light is steadily lit, that means that one of your engine sensors is doing one of two things its either sending a signal to the vehicles ECU that something is wrong, or the vehicles ECU itself has lost an accurate read on that particular sensor meaning, the sensor has gone out. Sometimes, multiple sensors send signals, indicating clues that something bigger has gone awry. You can still drive with the light illuminated, assuming the car is running and driving fine, but you should get it checked out as soon as possible. If the light flashes, that means you need to pull over immediately as your vehicle has a serious issue that could cause imminent damage.

Your Car Smells Like Sulfur Or Rotten Eggs

What’s wrong with my car! The CAR WIZARD shares 10 common false alarms & problems your car can have

Unless you left last weeks leftovers in your car, this smell is probably an indication that you need your catalytic converter replaced, a common and expensive repair.

Its a relatively common problem, and probably quick to fix, meaning labor could be pretty cheap. But that doesnt go for the part itself expect to pay $900 to $2,500, according to RepairPal.

Other possible reasons your car smells like rotten eggs include:

  • Faulty fuel pressure regulator or filter. Replace your fuel filter.

  • Low-quality fuel. Try upgrading to Top-Tier gas and make sure youre choosing the octane level your owners manual suggests.

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Whats Wrong With My Car

The professional knows whats wrong with your car. It could be anything from a busted head gasket to a dead car battery. Rather than follow the guess and check model, consult an expert as soon as you are able.

If your car is shaking violently, grinding at every corner, and radiating a toxic odor, you know somethings wrong with it. You have to take it a step further to match causes to effects so that you will be able to talk with a mechanic about your solutions.

The Steering Wheel Is Shaking

There are a number of reasons why a steering wheel shakes when driving a vehicle. Damaged suspension components or wheel bearings are usually to blame if this happens immediately after you start the car and pull away. If the wheel shakes at higher speeds it is more often an issue with tyre/wheel balance. To resolve this you will need to take the car for a proper mechanical inspection. It could be as simple a fix as getting your wheels aligned.

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Car Diagnostic How To Troubleshoot Car Problems

Accurate Troubleshooting You cant fix your car if you dont know whats wrong with it. With AutoMDs intuitive “question tree” diagnostic process, you can get a quick and reliable diagnosis of your car problems. The feature bases its auto diagnosis on your cars parts, symptoms, and your visual observations.

What Is The Check Engine Light

Town Car Problems

This light is the centerpiece of your vehicles on-board diagnostics system . Since the 1980s, many vehicles have been built to be run by the engine computer unit , which controls vehicles drivetrain and auxiliary systems based on input from the vehicles sensors. This computer will make adjustments to your vehicles performance to keep your ride running smoothly. When it runs into an issue that the ECU cannot correct, the check engine light starts glowing. The light is typically yellow or orange, and features an image of engine with text telling the driver to check or service the engine or powertrain. The engine computer stores a diagnostic code when the light begins glowing.

The light can be intimidating and most people prefer to just not think about it, but not thinking about it is the worst thing you can do. Thats because the light indicates that one part or system in your vehicle is not functioning correctly. And driving a vehicle that is only partly functional is a can cause a lot of damage over time.

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Top 12 Most Common Car Problems And Issues

Tim Charlet

Completing routine service and maintenance is vital to keeping your car, truck, or SUV running strong. At times, however, car issues will arise, and every vehicle will display certain warning signs. To reduce the potential for breakdown, and expensive repairs, we’ve listed the 12 most common car problems that tend to pop up.

Whats Wrong With My Car Your Troubleshooting Guide To Common Car Issues

Your vehicle isnt running right, is making strange noises, or a warning light on your dash has come on, so what do you do?

Heres your guide to what the symptoms likely mean and how to best resolve the issues.

Problem #1: My car is making a funny noise

Likely Cause: It depends on the noise. The key is knowing what those noises really mean.

Problem #2: One of my dashboard lights has turned on

Likely Cause: Most warning lights have a simple resolution. Here are two of the most common tricks to look for:

1 Start with the back of the car:

If a warning light pops up, check your rear brake lights and indicators. Blown brake globes are a common reason for warning lights blinking on, so check that yours are working before you do anything else. If the brake light is the problem, its replacement will only be a few dollars, unlike replacing a major part.

2 Check your logbook: If your service light comes on, check your logbook and know your service schedule.

What do those dashboard warning lights mean? for a full list of what specific lights mean and what to do when they come on.

Want to know more? Check out our 5 minute video on basic car maintenance.

Problem #3: My car wont start

Likely Cause: Check that the gear is in P , make sure the chip has not fallen out of your keys, press the brakes for an automatic and clutch for manual.

If neither work it is likely that you have a dead battery or faulty alternator.

Problem #5: My car is overheating

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