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How To Clean Car Battery Terminals

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Cleaning Your Battery With Baking Soda & Vinegar

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals

If you find yourself dealing with extra stubborn corrosion that doesn’t come off with just baking soda, try the baking soda and vinegar method to clean your battery terminals. Vinegar is a powerful acid which can break down corrosion pretty quickly when combined with the fizzing action of the baking soda. To use this method, first make sure your terminals are disconnected. Then simply sprinkle baking soda powder on your terminals liberally. Next pour the vinegar on the terminals and baking soda and let it sit. When you pour the vinegar on the terminals you’ll see it fizz. Similar to peroxide the fizzing action breaks up and moves the dirt and grime out. After it sits for a few minutes and its done fizzing, rinse it clean with hot water and follow the remaining steps from below before reconnecting your cables.

When To Clean Your Car Battery Terminals

There are some signs that indicate your battery needs immediate cleaning. Now we are going to discuss the most obvious signs

  • Around the terminals, you will notice dirt, corrosion and debris
  • Terminals may turn greasy
  • The battery area of the car will give off an odd scent

Cleaning the battery terminals should be a part of your overall car maintenance. Your monthly car maintenance will be incomplete if you do not clean your corroded battery terminals.

If your car battery has these issues, dive into action immediately. There are a few methods of cleaning corroded battery terminals, but in this post we will discuss only one method.

Reconnect The Battery Cables

After youve applied the petroleum jelly to protect the terminals, reconnect the battery cables by connecting the positive cable first and then the negative one. Again, its important that you reconnect the cables in this specific order.

Willoughby Hills Auto Repair is the best service shop in Willoughby Hills, OH. If your battery is getting corroded all the time, bring your vehicle into our shop for a battery inspection.

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Do Battery Terminals Need To Be Replaced

Battery terminals may need to be replaced if the metal is severely corroded. But at this point, your battery is going to be shot, and you will need to replace the whole battery. They usually last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles, but it depends on how many years youve had it and driving conditions. Your nearest mechanic or auto parts store can inspect your battery and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Battery Terminal Cleaners Plus

  • Package includes: 2 battery corrosion cleaners & 12 battery anti-corrosion fiber washers
  • The battery terminal brush can help clean dirt, debris and corrosion that can build up on cables and batteries. Simply take the metal cap off to expose the internal brush hidden inside. Press down over the battery terminal and twist and turn for cleaning. It only takes a minute to clean. During winter months clean terminals will help your car start easier with less battery drain
  • The fiber battery terminal washers can be used for both top post batteries or cables and side post batteries or cables. For use with 6 and 12-volt batteries. Each cleaner is color coded for positive and negative terminals, red for +, green for -. The inner ring can be removed to fit larger terminals
  • These battery post cleaners fit both positive and negative terminals and are compatible with top and side terminal batteries
  • Tips: After cleaning, wipe on a generous coat of dielectric grease on terminals and contacts to reduce future corrosion, repel moisture, and improve weather resistance

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Battery Terminal Cleaner Spray

Terminal cleaner sprays are designed specifically to remove battery corrosion. Available brands include CRC and Sterling, which also supply battery terminal protective spray. These are available from your local auto parts center or online.

These cleaner sprays are of excellent value as they will neutralize the battery acid. Always read the label.

Clean The Battery With Professional

There are products made specifically for the purpose intended here. Battery cleaning equipment and sprays perform an exemplary job quickly and easily.

Materials Needed

Step 1: Spray the cable ends. With the battery cables disconnected, spray the cable ends and the terminals with battery cleaner spray.

The spray neutralizes the acid and corrosion. Many sprays have a dye in them that shows up when acid is present. For example, a yellow spray might turn purple in the presence of acid.

Step 2: Soak for a few minutes. Let the battery and cable ends soak in the spray for a few minutes. Youll notice the color dissipate.

Step 3: Spray again. Spray the battery terminal and cable ends once again lightly with the cleaner spray. If the color doesnt change or only changes slightly, the acid is neutralized.

Step 4: Rinse with water. Rinse the battery completely with water.

Get all the cleaner spray off the battery and the surrounding areas.

  • Warning: Dont get the battery cleaner spray on your paint job. Some dyes will permanently stain your paint another color.

Step 5: Use a battery brush. Clean the battery posts and cable ends with a battery brush.

For a top-post battery, place the battery brush over the terminal and turn it 3-4 times around the post.

The stiff wire bristles will whisk away any corrosion on the terminal. You can also use a stiff-bristled brush if you have a side-post battery.

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Inspect Your Battery And Cables

While youre here, its important to take a good look at your battery and cables. If you notice any other type of buildup, whether its from dirt or other grime, this may be causing your trouble as well. If you notice that your battery is swollen, cracked, or bloated, be sure to schedule service right away to have it replaced. Inspect the cables to ensure they are free of any fraying, cracks, or anything else that may contribute to a bad connection and have these replaced as needed.

What Is Car Battery Corrosion

How to Clean Car Battery Terminals

The reason car rust and car battery corrosion are so different is the presence of a unique rust-causing agent that does not typically affect the rest of the car. That is the sulfuric acid vapor produced during the working of the battery. At the high temperatures of the engine bay, this vapor and all the factors described in the introduction combine to corrode the lead and copper joint of the battery terminal in a way far more different and harsh than the moisture and oxygen corroding the cars structural steel components.

As Sulfur Dioxide and Hydrogen are gases, they evaporate from the reaction site. Water , Lead Sulfate and Copper Sulfate stay on the terminals. Copper Sulfate is soluble in water, and it gives the rust a light blue color which is dominated by the white Lead Sulfate.

At a solubility of just 0.0032 g/100 mL, Lead Sulfate cannot dissolve in water to form a solution and forms a paste instead. This paste dries and hardens under the heat of the engine.

The corrosion on a car battery terminal does not conduct electricity. All of the problems it causes are by hindering the path of electricity resulting in elevated battery temperatures and decreased life and efficiency.

It looks daunting, but car battery corrosion is easy to clean.

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Remove The Cables Working On The Negative One First

To be able to thoroughly clean the corrosion off of a car battery, you would need to remove the cables first with a wrench. But you must first identify the negative and positive terminals from where you are going to disconnect cables. For safety, the negative cable should be disconnected first to avoid electrocution and burns.

The negative terminal can usually be identified by a marking of the negative sign, the abbreviation NEG written on it, and/or the color black. The positive terminal comes with a marking of the positive sign, the abbreviation POS written on it, and/or the color red.

Also, while you disconnect the negative cable, you must try not to let the wrench contact the positive terminal. You might get shocked if they touch. Then move on to the positive cable after disconnecting the negative cable.

But if you are having a hard time removing any of the cables, try to twist the cable while pulling it up.

Contact Us Today At Batterydepotcom With Any Questions

We understand that cleaning battery terminals can be a bit frustrating at times. Thats why were here to give you any help that you might need! Please, dont hesitate to get in touch with us if youre having any difficulties along the way. Our team is here to help, and theyre more than happy to work with you!

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Safety Precautions Before Cleaning Battery Terminals

  • Always wear protective gloves and eyeglasses when cleaning your car battery terminals. Never risk getting sulfuric acid in your eyes.
  • Ensure your car engine has been switched off.
  • Do not clean the battery terminals without disconnecting.
  • Take off any metal jewelry and accessories. Non-insulated metal can cause arcing. That includes having metallic tools to close to the terminals.
  • Ensure that neither you nor any items come into contact with both terminals simultaneously. That prevents any electrical current from passing through.
  • Car batteries are heavy. Get a good grip when lifting them.
  • Always have an alkaline solution around. You can neutralize the acid if you come into contact with it.

Why You Should Clean Your Battery Terminals

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals

A car battery has a direct effect on your cars performance. Dirty or corroded terminals will negatively affect the functionality of your car. Taking your car to an auto garage or using a professional battery terminal cleaning service costs money.

Car batteries vary in cost. Typically, the average cost of a new one is $80. This means frequent replacements due to dirty terminals will set you back several hundred dollars. Ensuring the terminals are clean will keep the battery running for a long time.

The work of these terminals is to ensure the battery distributes power evenly to other parts of the vehicle. Since they are susceptible to grime and dirt, you need to ensure they stay clean and corrosion-free. You will need to regularly clean them especially if you live in areas with dust, humidity, or near an ocean.

Lack of proper maintenance leads to a malfunction. So, how do you know if your terminals are dirty and need cleaning? Check the terminals at least once a month to find out. If you see a greyish or bluish substance on them, it means they are corroded or dirty.

One of the main causes of dirty terminals is not using your vehicle regularly. Another cause may be different people using the car. Lastly, a faulty charging system may cause corrosion on the terminals due to undercharging or overcharging.

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Remove The Battery Terminals

In order to properly clean your battery terminal connections, youll need to disconnect both the positive and negative cable ends from the battery.

Materials Needed

  • Eye protection
  • Gloves

  • Warning: Always wear eye protection and gloves when working with a car battery to prevent accidental injury from battery acid.

Step 1: Loosen the battery cable ends. Start by removing the negative cable first.

Place the battery cable wrench on the battery cable end nut and turn it counterclockwise.

Step 2: Loosen the nuts. If you have a top-post battery, youll just need to loosen the nuts until there is no tension on the clamp.

Step 3: Loosen the cable end. If you have a side-post battery, loosen the cable end until the cable is removed.

Step 4: Lift the top-post battery cable end off of the terminal. You may have to wiggle and pry the cable end off.

Check The Battery Cables For Damage

Damaged and worn battery cables are a common culprit for non-starting engines. If you notice that the cables insulation is showing signs of corrosion, or are frayed, splintered, peeled, dried, or cracked in any way, then that should serve as an indication that you should have them replaced straight away.

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Cleaning Your Battery With Coke

Coke is very acidic and carbonated so it makes a perfect battery cleaner. To clean your battery corrosion with coke, you’ll first need to disconnect the terminals to prevent any electric shock. Now you’ll simply pour coke over the terminals and connections a few times. Then take a wire brush to scrub everything clean. Once it all looks good, rinse thoroughly with hot water. We don’t recommend this method for most people because if its not thoroughly rinsed then you’ll end up with sticky dried coke in your engine. These spots will attract dirt and grime which can resemble oil spray and give the impression of a leak or broken hose. It also makes your engine look dirty which you might not like – especially if you’re in a newer car.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between The Positive And The Negative Terminals

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals–THE EASY WAY!!!

The battery terminals are always labeled with either a plus sign for the positive terminal and a negative sign for the negative terminal. They can also be labeled with pos. and neg. Some batteries have color-coded terminals as well. The red cover usually indicates the positive side, and the black cover marks the negative side. The terminals are always labeled to help you to know how to disconnect and reconnect them.

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The Best How To Guide On Cleaning Car Battery Corrosion

Bare metal surfaces, electrical currents, moisture and oxygen do not mix well together. They all meet at the battery terminals of a car, especially in vehicles where the battery is located in the engine bay.

The corrosion resulting from the unity of these factors decreases the batterys life and performance. As corrosion prevents the current from flowing normally, corroded battery terminals can cause the vehicle to not start in the morning. This is because a cold engine needs a lot of power to be started. The rust and corrosion dont let the battery conduct the high-ampere current required to start the car.

On top of that, battery rust can cause an uneven supply of current, damaging the delicate engine electronics of modern cars.

But, you can avoid all that by following this guide to know what battery terminal corrosion is and how to clean it making it look and work as it did when it was new.

If your terminals are nice and shiny and the car wont start, you might need a new battery. Go to this 7 Steps Easy Guide on How to Replace a Car Battery for more information.

How To Prevent Motorcycle Battery Sulfation

Corrosion is a natural side effect of the function of vehicle batteries, and as such more difficult to prevent. However, preventing sulfation is possible with proper maintenance, to an extent. Make sure you use a to prevent the battery from becoming too deeply depleted over long periods of storage. This is because the lead plates that become lead sulfate during the discharge cycle are turned back into lead during the charge cycle. So, if the battery is discharged too deeply without being recharged, sulfate crystals will build up and cause sulfation.

Maintaining your bikes electrical system and keeping the terminals free of corrosion are both good ways to prevent sulfation and extend the life of your battery. Its also important to note that using a high-quality battery, like any product from , will provide reliable power for longer than other battery brands because of the sealed lead acid, AGM design slows the release of gas and preserves the liquid inside.

Whether you store your bike for long stretches of time or ride throughout the year, taking care of your battery terminals is an important part of battery maintenance. Checking in periodically on the condition of your terminals can go a long way toward improving the lifespan of your battery and provide you with a more reliable ride.

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Get Rid Of The Adamant Deposits

Whether your car terminals have light spots or embrace dark and deep spots, you have to scrape them off under this step. This can be done using a knife. Even though requiring the utmost strength, this step is responsible for giving the most visible results. Following this, you should use a wire brush to remove the deposits finely. Do not take your gloves off before this step is over, to prevent any sorts of skin-harm.

What Is The Best Thing To Put On Battery Terminals

How To Clean Car Battery Terminals: The Complete Guide ...

Every part of the car requires maintenance and attention but car battery terminals in specific require attention as corrosion is most likely to occur there. I always recommend people to keep their car battery terminals clean and use silicone dielectric grease to prevent the terminals from all kinds of wear and tear in the future. It is far more effective than any other dielectric grease or petroleum jelly.

The reason I prefer and recommend silicon dielectric is that its melting point is quite high which means regardless of how hot it gets, the silicon would not melt. With a rise in temperature, silicone begins to vulcanize. In simpler words, it gets only better as it turns even harder providing more protection. These attributes are missing in petroleum jelly or other types of dielectrics.

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