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How Old To Rent A Car In Florida

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Tips For Renting A Car In Florida

This Is Why You SHOULD Rent A Car In Florida ð Avis Car Rental

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when renting a car in Florida:

  • Shop around for car rentals
  • Confirm your car rental reservation
  • Bring a valid credit card
  • Ask about the companys cancellation policy
  • Check the vehicles condition before you sign off on the paperwork
  • Check your auto insurance policy
  • Dont drive aggressively or speed
  • Be prepared to pay tolls
  • Know the states seatbelt law

How To Get A Rental Car Under 21 In Orlando Airport Florida

Any rental car under 21 offer requires compliance with certain conditions. However, to make a reservation, you need to enter such parameters as pick-up and drop-off location, start and end date of rental in the search form above. Dont forget to change the return location if you use the one-way option.

After that, you will have access to a range of available car rental in MCO Airport, USA under 21 at the desired time.

Then, directly in MCO Airport, Florida, your task is to provide the following documents:

  • printed voucher confirming your reservation at
  • driver’s license used for 1 year without serious endorsements
  • international driving permit upon request
  • passport or other document confirming your ID

The supplier is authorized to refuse any car rental under 21 if you dont meet all the requirements. In all cases except for a voucher, you need original documents but not photocopies. Also, get prepared that many companies dont serve customers with debit cards.

How To Rent A Car Under 25 With No Credit Card At Mco Airport Florida

The main thing is to choose a company providing car rental under 25 no credit card at Orlando MCO Airport. You can find these either in the list of all available suppliers above or through filters when searching for a car on our website. Dollar and Thrifty accept debit cards in addition to credit cards at Orlando.

Please note that there may be additional restrictions and requirements if you want to use a debit card. You can pay for car rentals under 25 at Orlando, Florida on our website with any valid credit or debit card, including Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Check carefully the payment policy of the company you are going to rent a car from to avoid problems in your future trip.

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What Is The Maximum Age To Rent A Car In Florida

In Florida, there is no maximum age to rent a car. As long as you have a valid drivers license and meet the rental companys requirements, you should be able to rent a car.

Some companies may require additional documentation from renters who are over the age of 70. This is usually a doctors note or an insurance policy.

Can A 20 Year Old Rent A Car In Orlando


The minimum age is 18 and there is a $20 a day underage fee.

Can a 19 year old rent a car in Florida?

CAR RENTAL UNDER 25 : RENT A CAR FROM 18 AND UP Our car rental age limit starts at 18 for active duty military on travel orders, and starts at 19 for everyone else. This provides you the freedom to rent and drive a car when other companies simply will not provide the option to you.

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Where To Stay In Orlando Fl For Young Renters

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Airport Orlando 5440 Forbes Place, Orlando, FL 32812 US from $76 per night The smoke-free hotel is famous for its friendly staff, spacious rooms, and a heated swimming pool. Free breakfast, parking, and Wi-Fi are available for young drivers.
La Quinta Inn Airport West Orlando 7931 Daetwyler Drive, Orlando, FL 32812 US from $77 per night The midscale hotel is located just 3 miles from the Airport. The place offers free parking, a swimming pool open all year, and several smoking rooms.
Wingate by Wyndham Hotel Airport Orlando 5750 Hazeltine National Drive, Orlando, FL 32822 US from $80 per night The place is very close to the airport. Complimentary breakfast, hot buffet, microwave, and refrigerator in every room are offered.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Car At Orlando Florida

According to most companies, you have to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in Orlando Airport, FL. However, you can find some companies that allow 19- and 20-year-old drivers to rent a car in Orlando, FL. All car rentals for people under 25 in Orlando Airport imply a daily Young Driver’s Fee. You have to pay it on the counter when picking up a vehicle.

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What Steps Are Being Taken To Clean Rental Cars

Each rental vehicle at Enterprise is thoroughly cleaned between every rental and backed with our Complete Clean Pledge. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down, and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets leading health authority requirements, with particular attention to more than 20-plus high-touch points. We also extend the Complete Clean Pledge to our shuttles and neighborhood branches.

Under 21 Car Rental In Orlando Airport

WATCH THIS before you book a TURO car rental – Our first time using Turo!

Current travel trends dictate their rules, and now car is an essential element of a successful trip. If you are one of those young people who are going to spend their holidays with a starting point in Orlando Airport, then probably the first problem you will encounter is the possibility to pick up car rental under 21 there.

Fortunately, a large number of suppliers are trying to fully meet the requirements of the younger generation, and therefore today under 21 car rental in Orlando, FL, USA is no longer something impossible or fantastic its a reality.

Some car rental companies allow under 21 drivers to rent big vans and SUVs. So, if you are planning to go on a large-group trip, rent a passenger van in Orlando Airport, Florida to experience an unforgettable and joyful journey.

As reported by the policies of most companies, the lower age limit to enjoy a road trip is 21. However, there are legal ways to circumvent this limitation.

In any case, all young travelers are subject to increased risk and must pay an extra fee. It varies with a specific company, and may significantly affect the final price when you book a vehicle.

Most often it doesnt come with the rate displayed on our website, but you will have to pay it exactly on the spot.

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Which Rental Companies Allow Teens To Rent A Car

Alamo, Avis, Dollar, and Hertz rent cars to 18-year-old drivers in Michigan New York for an additional fee. Budget has lowered their minimum age requirement to 18 only in New York.

Fox-Rent-A-Car requires a minimum age of 19, but the minimum age is 18 for US military personnel and government employers. Also for these drivers, the Young Drivers Fee will be waived.

How To Return A Rental Car At Orlando Intl Airport Mco For Young Drivers

Car rental Orlando under 21 services offer you an easy procedure to return vehicles. Choose the appropriate terminal and enter the parking lots following the marks. To your left, youll see the way into rental car garages. There is a fork just on the entrance, so pay attention to the signs to get directly to your destination.

Look for signposts within the airport territory that lead you to the terminal of departure .

Usually, it takes around 10-15 minutes. An employee will check your vehicle and sign the papers. Make sure youve filled in the tank to the full, have taken all of your personal things and luggage out of the car.

In case of any damage to the car, the procedure of dropping off your car rental Orlando under 21 may take longer.

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Most Important Florida Car Rental Laws For 2023

If you are visiting Florida for the first time and you plan on renting a car, it is important that you first read and understand Florida car rental laws so that you wont be going against the law. The truth is that ignorance of the law is not an excuse and when you break the law, you will face the consequences.

When hiring a car, youll typically need your drivers license, credit card, and passport. The age requirement to rent a vehicle is 21. Keep in mind, though, that certain automobile rental companies will charge more for drivers under the age of 25.

Here are the Most Important Florida Car Rental Laws That You Must Know
  • You must be 25 years old to rent a car in Florida if you are younger, you may have to pay a young drivers fee, which varies by rental facility. You need to have a legitimate drivers license with a picture, a document with a photo, such as a passport or a drivers license a debit or credit card .
  • Please note that in Florida, an international drivers license .
  • To rent a car in Florida, you must have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience.
  • You must drive on the right side of the road at all times in Florida. The marked legal speed limits are on the right side for your reference as you drive. When the light turns red, you can stop your automobile and turn right. However, you cannot turn right if there is a no right on red sign at the intersection.
  • Compare Car Hire Before Booking Your Rental Car


    Your experience when renting a car is important to us. That is why we keep track of real-time prices, all the different terms of service and available rental cars from Alamo and compare it to over 800 other car rental brands. We also ask our customers about their experiences with their car rental brand of choice. This helps you to make the correct choice.

    Our customers rated Alamo with an average score of 8.3. We also asked them to explain this rating and they said this about Alamo in their reviews lately. Read what they have to say:

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    Why Do You Have To Be 25 To Rent A Car In Orlando

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, young drivers under the age of 25 are considered to be high-risk drivers. Statistically, they are 25% more often involved in car accidents than adults over 25 years old. For this reason, rental companies claim an additional charge to cover expenses of potential damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Renting A Car In Florida

    How old do you need to be to rent a car in Florida?

    To rent a car in Florida drivers must be at least 21 years old. Some suppliers in Florida will add a young driver surcharge for renters who are under 25 years old and looking to rent a vehicle. More information and options are available during the booking process

    Do I need an International Driving Permit to drive my rental in Florida?

    International travelers do not need to acquire and IDP to drive rental cars in the state of Florida. If you are planning to leave Florida in your rental, know that Georgia is a state in the US that requires international drivers to possess an International Driving Permit.

    Do I need to have cash for toll booth highways in Florida?

    Many major turnpikes and interstate highways, including I-95 stretching along the entire eastern coast, do have toll booths charging drivers a few US dollars to drive on. Most suppliers offer TOLL-BY-PLATE options for renters but some also include a convenience fee to use, check on this before you leave the car rental desk!

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    What Are The Rental Car Age Requirements & Restrictions For Drivers Under 25

    If youre under 25, here are the things that will get you a car rental:

    • A valid drivers license with a photo
    • To be at least 21 years old .
    • A valid credit card or debit card. Most companies will only accept credit cards.
    • Renters who are under 25 will be allowed to rent only certain classes of cars Economy cars, Compact cars, Intermediate/midsize cars, Standard cars, Full-Size cars, Premium cars, Intermediate/midsize SUVs, Standard SUVs and Convertibles
    • Drivers under 25 will pay a young drivers fee that can start at $20 per day and go up to $70 per day extra cost.

    What Is The Additional Driver Charge For A Rental Car Under 25 At Orlando Airport Fl

    How to Rent a Car for CHEAP – 13 Tips

    Rental car additional driver under 25 is an option available at Orlando, FL for $9.99-$13.90 per day. Remember that the same requirements apply to the additional young driver as to the primary driver. Therefore, if the additional drivers are under 25, they are also subject to the underage fee. You will have to pay an under 25 fee both for the main driver and for the additional one at the counter.

    There are several ways to rent a car under 25 at Orlando Airport with an additional driver. You can add a second driver on the counter, or when booking a car on our website. We usually offer rental cars for drivers under 25 with a free additional driver option at Orlando, FL, USA. Use filters to sort such deals through our search engine.

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    What Rental Cars Rent To Under 25 In Orlando Mco Airport

    We have a huge selection of the cheapest car rental under 25 in Orlando in different vehicle categories. However, not all of them are available to young drivers due to the age restrictions of the companies.

    Most providers offer only Economy, Compact, Mid-size, Standard, and Full-size vehicles to young drivers. At the same time, some are willing to provide minivans in addition to the aforementioned groups.

    In case you haven’t decided which car rental under age 25 to pick up in Orlando, Florida, see the list of our most popular models. Check out their top specifications, including seats and doors, trunk capacity, and fuel efficiency, and maybe one of them will suit your needs.

    Can You Rent A Car Under 25 In The Us And Canada

    Yes. The minimum age to rent a vehicle with Enterprise is 21 throughout the U.S., except in Michigan and New York where the minimum age to rent is 18. Any U.S. government employee can rent at 18 years of age but must show the rental location his or her official orders. Learn more about Government Rentals.

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    Is There A Maximum Rental Age

    For the most part, there isnt a maximum age limit for rentals. However, if you are 70 years old and over there is a chance that the companies will deny your rental request, mostly overseas. In the US, Renting a car when you are 70 or older is usually easy. A small percentage of the international car hire companies charge senior drivers more to rent a vehicle.

    How Old To Rent A Car

    Old Classic Salvage Cars For Sale

    The minimum age to rent a car in the US is different across states. In most states, youd need to be at least 21 years old in order to rent a car, except Michigan and New York where the minimum age to rent a car is 18 years old.

    When renting a car under the age of 25, there is an additional fee that most companies charge in addition to your daily rate.

    Here is a list of rental car companies and their young drivers fee policy:

    How Old To Rent A Car?

    • Where Does The Myth Of Being At Least 25 Years Old To Rent A Car Come From?
    • What Are The Rental Car Age Requirements & Restrictions For Drivers Under 25?
    • Which Companies Allow Drivers Under 25 To Rent A Car?
    • Rental Car Age Requirements For Drivers Under The Age Of 21
    • How Can You Avoid The Young Drivers Fee?
    • Is There a Maximum Rental Age?
    • How do I Rent A Car If Im 70 Or Older?
    • Is There A Senior Drivers Fee?
    • Which Rental Companies Allow Teens To Rent A Car?
    • Car Rental Minimum Age Outside the United States
    • Car Rental Maximum Age Outside the United States

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    Which Car Rental Company Is The Cheapest For Under 21 In Orlando

    Among rental car companies under 21, the cheapest one in Orlando, Florida is ACO. Each traveler will be happy to drive the cheapest compact Nissan Rogue for just CA$ 6.55 per day.

    A Young Driver Surcharge applies to under 21 renter at the same time – its cost is CA$ 39.31 per day, and must be paid at the counter.

    Dont forget to check all the information on our website that is available at booking stage to avoid troublesome situations during pick-up in Orlando Airport, FL.

    What Is The Current Car Rental Process

    To help protect both customers and employees, we have modified our car rental process. This includes the addition of curbside rentals at our locations to help promote social distancing by getting you quickly on your way while avoiding foot traffic in our locations.Delivery is also offered at select car rental locations throughout the country. Please contact your rental branch for availability.Whether you are picking your vehicle up curbside, or if we deliver it to you, were committed to maintaining proper distance throughout the process.Advance Check-In is now available at 100+ U.S locations so you will not need to stop at the rental counter.

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