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How To Fix Ripped Leather Car Seat

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How To Fix Cracked Leather Seats In The Car

Cracked, Torn Leather Car Seats? Before Expensive Repair, Try a Patch!

It should be possible for you to know how to fix cracked leather seats in the car on your own. You can even restore them to their previous state without costing you too much.

Even if you take measures to protect your leather seats, such as putting seat covers over them, they will eventually wear and crack in the long run. But given the proper care, you may still be able to maintain their look and prevent significant damage. Also, when it becomes necessary to have them fixed, you may be able to repair them on your own by following the steps below.

Fixing Leather Car Interior Tears

What You Will Need

  • A strip of matching leather
  • Leather putty
  • Matching leather dye

Aside from replacing the seats, there is no way to repair gashes or tears in the leather that make it look flawless. However, there are two ways to repair tears that will protect the part of the seat beneath the leather and minimize the unattractiveness of a large tear. The torn edges can be stitched together or a piece of leather can be placed over or below them and attached to the torn edges.

To repair the tear by stitching the torn edges together, start by cutting away any threads that are loose with scissors. Thread the needle and put it on the underside of one torn leather edge. Loop it over the other side and pull the needle back through the thread loop to create a strong knot. Push the needle with a thimble. Carefully stitch the leather in even and small stitches to minimize the appearance of the thread. After finishing, tie the knot off on the underside of the leather.

For the leather strip insert option, cut away any loose threads on the torn edges first. Place the leather strip under or over the tear. It is best to place it under the seats leather. Use the stitching method above to create and finish knots. Stitch carefully using small stitches for an even look. It is also possible to use liquid leather adhesive instead of a needle and thread. If there are gaps after finishing, fill them in with leather putty. Paint the leather with dye if necessary to make it match the seats.

How To Repair Ripped Leather Car Seats

If youre looking to give your ripped leather car seats some new life, heres how to go about it.

First, its essential to ensure that your car seats are clean. This means using a leather cleaner to guarantee that the seats are ready for cleaning. With leather car seats, its typical that the flat panels on the bottom and back of the seats are made of actual leather, while the sides are often vinyl that is color-matched. This allows for greater flexibility, which is valuable in this area of the car. Cleaning the car seats first allows for any dirt or other contaminants hiding on the seats to be removed.

Second, begin patching the leather seats. This means using masking tape to plot out the area that youre going to fix. Then, using the patching material, apply in thin layers using a palette knife to the exposed backing material.

Once youve applied a few layers, youll begin a process called curing the repair. To do this, use a heat gun, and press a flexible piece of material with a grainy surface into the allotted area youre fixing up. This should match the surrounding areas texture. When the patch dries, it should be almost ready for the color topcoat to be applied. This is whats going to make a big difference in the appearance of the seat.

Its time to clean the surface up yet again and apply a vinyl-prepping compound. This will make sure the color will work properly. Its a good idea to do a tape test to ensure that the surface will hold the dye.

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How Are Leather Car Seats Professionally Repaired What Do These Repairs Cost

Professional car seat repairs involve applying traditional upholstery methods to the leather to fix holes and significant tears. When the damage is especially severe, they will likely recommend that the seat gets replaced rather than repaired. If the damage is nothing more than a small hole or tear, a technician can repair it with a filler, which should cost no more than $50 and is a quick procedure.

The costs of extensive leather seat repair/replacement will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Upholstery repairs can cost from $200 to $500 and potentially go into the thousands if you have any specialised custom requests. Entire seat replacement is pricey, and can cost between $1,500 and $2,800*.

Gluing And Clamping Technique

How To Fix Ripped Leather Seats(for Less Than $5!!!)

If exposed open-cell foam may come in contact with glue from the patch, I insert a thin non-porous sheetplastic, wax paper, etc.between the foam and surface material.

If glue is permitted to saturate the foam and harden, it will ruin the sponginess and stiffen it.

Ensure that your pressure platethe surface that will directly contact the patch and any glue that squeezes out around itis less porous than the seat surface.

Otherwise, when you release the pressure, bits of the seat fabric may separate and adhere to the clamp. When I use a wood block, I wrap it with plastic cling wrap from the kitchen in order to release from the glue.

Metal clamps dont need this precaution. Since I use a water-soluble glue, I can clean up any residue with a moist rag.

Positioning a patch that has to edge snugly up against a seam can be difficult because it will tend to slide around once glue is applied and because the pressure plate generally obscures vision. I practice aligning it a few times before applying the glue.

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Existing Car Leather Seat Damage

We can restore these back to as good as new by repairing, cleaning and colouring the leather.

If youve purchased a second hand car maybe from a dealer or a private sale, the existing car leather seat damage may already be there, perhaps the leather car seats are ripped, the leather steering wheel is marked or scratched with age or the doors and trims are torn.

Use Auto Leather Repair Kit

There are a lot of auto leather repair kits in the market. But the best Ive tried so far is the LeatherPlus Leather and Vinyl Complete Restoration and Repair Kit. This product does not require the application of heat and can be used on leather car seats, shoes, luggage, jackets, and furniture. It even works great on vinyl seats!

Here are the easy steps for easy leather repair.

Step 1: Assess The Damage

Look closely at the extent of the damage. Is it a small hole caused by cigarette burns? Is it a large tear? Whatever the case, this will help you decide how much backing fabric or filler to use.

Step 2: Prepare The Damaged Area

Grab a Q-tip or cotton swab and clean the damaged area with ethyl rubbing alcohol. This process will remove dirt and oil from the hole or tear and will help the adhesive to cure faster once applied.

Step 3: Cut The Backing Fabric To Size

The LeatherPlus Leather Repair Kit contains a bunch of backing fabrics that you can cut to size. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the right amount of backing fabric. Make sure that it is substantial enough to cover the damage.

Step 4: Insert The Backing Fabric Under The Affected Area

Use the provided plastic spatula to insert the backing fabric under or behind the damaged area. Again, you should ensure that the entire area is covered by the backing fabric.

Step 5: Apply The Adhesive

Step 6: Buff To Finish

Youre done!

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Lightly Sand The Filled Area Clean And Let Dry

Lightly sand the filled area with a fine-grit sandpaper. Clean the remaining dust or debris with a damp cloth. Now, you can follow the instructions on the leather repair kit to mix and apply colorant. It might take several thin layers of colorant to match your leather upholstery correctly. Let the colorant dry completely between each layer.

Wash And Condition The Car Seats Regularly


As a car needs regular maintenance, so do your car seats.

You begin by giving your leather seats a thorough vacuuming. Make sure to use a special extension so that you can vacuum the nooks, crannies, and hard-to-reach edges of the seats for any traces of dirt and crumbs that are stuck inside.

The next step is to generously apply a layer of leather conditioner, wiping it into the seat until evenly spread. While you are doing this, do not let the conditioner form into a pool. The application of leather conditioner moisturizes your seats to give them added protection from cracking. It also protects them from ultraviolet rays and discoloration.

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All About Leather Car Seats

Gone are the days where leather car seats are exclusively reserved for super expensive cars. Now, its possible to find a car thats both affordable and offers features that are typically considered luxurious including one with leather car seats.

Leather car seats are popular for several reasons. Not only do they add a bit of polish to the interior of the car, but leather seats are also comfortable and can hold up better than fabric seats.

That being said, your car gets a lot of use and consequentially, seats get a bit of wear and tear. Thats completely normal and even expected. With that said, having cracked leather seats can be uncomfortable and cheapen the appearance of your car. Fixing them doesnt have to be extremely laborious nor costly.

There are some disadvantages to choosing leather seats over fabric seats. For one, leather can crack, scratches more easily, heats up in the summer, and stays cold in the winter. Still, few things are quite as polished in appearance as a car with fresh, clean leather seats.

Leather seats offer other advantages over fabric, however. Besides adding an air of luxury to the vehicle, leather seats also dont hold odor the same way a fabric seat does. Also, its easier to clean a leather seat than a fabric one, so theres no need to worry if you spill your latte all over the seat and make a mess. Itll be substantially easier to clean with leather than fabric, after all.

Opt For A Complete Leather Repair Kit

To ensure that the repair of your leather seats is as optimal as possible, it is therefore important to have the right equipment. Sofolk offers you kits containing all the products you need to make your restoration as good as possible. According to your needs, you will be able to choose the different products and quantities you need to repair the different leather parts of your vehicle. By opting for a complete leather restoration kit, you can easily carry out the repair of all your seats. To recover the quality and beauty of your leather seats, follow the different stages of use of the products as closely as possible and check the drying times. To help you with the restoration of your car’s leather, don’t hesitate to ask our expert teams for advice.

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Ways To Fix Cracked Torn And Scratched Leather Car Seats

Leather seats can wear out over time. They can fade, crack, and tear with age and use. There are a few ways you can fix them when this happens. This post reviews 3 different ways to perform a leather car seat repair: bring it a to a professional, buy a leather repair kit, or buy and install a patch.

How To Repair A Hole In A Leather Car Seat

How to repair a leather tear in a car seat

Repairing holes in leather car seats does not require the expertise of an auto technician, nor does it require replacing the seat and/or recovering the area. The leather seat does not need to go to an auto repair shop to be fixed. A leather repair kit will allow you to repair leather upholstery at home, saving you both time and money.

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Avoid Parking In The Sun For Long Stretches Of Time

There’s nothing wrong with parking in a hot parking lot when you’re running in to do some grocery shopping, but exposing your vehicle to the sun’s rays for long stretches of time, such as parking in your driveway with no awning to protect your vehicle from UV rays, can eventually lead to cracks in your leather seats.

First and foremost, if you can avoid parking in the sun then do so. However, if that’s not possible than using a sun shield is the next best thing. Sun shields are made of a material that reflects UV rays away from the interior of your car, not only keeping the interior nice and cool, but also protecting your leather seats from sustaining damage that could eventually lead to discoloration and cracking.

Tinted windows are also a valid option. While they’re not as effective as sun shields, they still provide a layer of protection between the interior of your vehicle and the harmful rays of the sun.

Leather Car Seat Repair Method

STEP 1. Prepare the leather car seat

The first step it to prepare the leather for repair. Using the Leather Prep & abrasive pad, included in the Colourant Kit, gently rub the surface of the leather to remove any grease and oils that have accumulated.

This step will also remove any loose fibres and remove the manufactured finish allowing the colourant, applied later in this tutorial, to adhere to the leather properly.

After prepping, wipe the leather down with the Alcohol Cleaner, this will remove any dirt or dust from the area before moving on to the next step.

STEP 2. Tidy the area

If you look at the hole you can see that the leather is sticking outwards, like a lip. This lip will compromise the quality of the repair and it should be removed.

Using the scalpel or a pair of scissors, carefully remove the lip by cutting it away at the base, taking care not to damage the surrounding leather.

STEP 3. Apply the backing patch

In order to provide a firm backing for the repair, the leather repair sub-patch should be applied. Take the patch supplied in the kit and cut it to size, it should be enough to completely cover the repair with an additional 1cm of material surrounding the hole.

STEP 4. Fill the hole

To remove excess, with the application of each layer, smooth the area over with the sharper edge of the palette knife before drying the layer applied.

STEP 5. More Layers of Filler

STEP 6. Add the final layer of filler

STEP 7. Apply an initial coat of colourant

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How To Maintain Repaired Leather Car Seats

As you can see, theres a bit of a process that goes into fixing ripped leather car seats. Its important to maintain your seats after youve completed the repair once, so you dont have to do it again.

Lack of maintenance is one reason that leather car seats can rip or tear, so make sure that you treat your leather car seats every six months. This helps ensure that your seats last long and look great.

You might be wondering what exactly it takes to maintain leather car seats. We can answer that for you.

Taking care of your leather car seats means ensuring that they arent dirty or grimy. Begin by using a vacuum to clean up any dirt or grime. After youve completed this, take a microfiber towel or even a spare toothbrush and use a leather cleaner to wipe the seats down. If you have perforated leather, its important to put this cleaner on the towel instead of directly onto the car seat. Allow some time for it to soak in, but keep this away from direct sunlight. Afterward, you can buff it with a cleaning cloth.

Here at Shine Armor, weve created a formula that both cleanses and conditions your cars leather. It was formulated with pH in mind, is gentle yet effective, and is designed to prolong the life of your leather goods.

Yes, that means that if you have some leftover, you can use it on that leather couch in your living room!).

What Causes Damage To Leather Car Seats

How To Fix Ripped Leather Seats(for Less Than $5!!!)

Leather car seats can be damaged in a variety of ways. Too much sunlight is one of the most common reasons that leather can crack and rip prematurely, and car seats are naturally exposed to the natural elements in a way that indoor furniture is not. Extreme shifts in temperature, for instance, also can cause damage to leather car seatsso its not a good idea to leave your car in a very hot location during the day that significantly dips into cold at night.

Leaving stains unattended is another big no-no with leather seats. Make sure you get rid of any spilled food, drink and other stains with a leather cleaning kit as soon as they hit the surface, otherwise they run a high risk of becoming permanent marks.

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How To Fix Ripped Leather Car Seats

Whether you just got a used car with ripped leather seats or your longtime vehicle is starting to show some wear and tear, theres no reason to ride around with ripped leather car seats.

You heard that right: It really is possible to restore car seats back to their previous state. After you treat your seats, theyll look just as good if not better than they did before. Heres how to do it.

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