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How To Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

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Open A Box Of Dryer Sheets

How to Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

On Reddits Life Hacks platform, J-MT is active through a donor instructing you to protect an open box of dry sheets under the onward chair of your car. He says it is cheaper than air fresheners and more than three months old.

And he suggested a bonus feature for using dryer sheets:If you smoke, youve eaten exactly the same restaurant, or you need to live refreshments, you can take it out of a box and log in perfectly your clothes for a nice smell.

Felt And Herbs Air Freshener

There is nothing quite as refreshing as the scent and aroma of fresh herbs, making this DIY freshener the perfect way to bring the sweeter side of natures aroma into your vehicle.


  • Herbs


  • Cut out two identical shapes with the felt.
  • Sew the two shapes together, leaving a small hole large enough to insert herbs.
  • Insert the herbs of your choice and sew the hole together. Lavender, chamomile, mint, and rosemary are popular and pleasant choices, but choose your favourite!
  • Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top. Then thread a piece of yarn or string through to hang in your vehicle.
  • How To Make Car Air Freshener

    There are some essential materials to make car air freshener that we need in all different DIY air freshener methods. Most of these materials can be found at home, or you can easily get them from stores or even order online.

    The essential materials to make DIY car air fresheners are:

    • Fragrance oil
    • Piece of strings or thread
    • Container
    • Clip
    • Plastic bag

    These are the materials that we need to make a DIY car air freshener for felt and foam. You can also use rubber or wooden clips or even bottle cork clips and put them inside a plastic bag to soak fragrance oil. And clip it on your cars air conditioner.

    But in our method, we would like to keep it a bit more straightforward. So lets see what we have in our method of making DIY air freshener.

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    Citrus And Herb Sea Salt Diffuser

    Sea salt is said to attract water vapor to its surface and remove it from the air. Thats what makes this cup holder diffuser perfect for those of us with kids and pets.

    • 1 tablespoon grapefruit rind, grated
    • 1 tablespoon dried herbs or spices, such as thyme, rosemary, clove, etc.

    In a small bowl, combine the sea salt with the citrus rind, herbs and spices. Spoon the mixture into the glass jar and screw the lid on tightly. Place the diffuser in your cars cup holder, preferably near an air vent to encourage the scent to circulate through the car.

    Dont worry too much about using fresh grapefruit rind in this. Salt is drying, so as long as your car is dry and its not too humid outside, the rind should dry out before you see any mold.

    Once the scent fades, throw it out and make a fresh batch.

    How To Make Your Own Car Air Freshener With Perfume

    Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

    Whether you want to get rid of a stuffy car smell or simply enjoy a nice fragrance as you drive to work, a car air freshener can help. There are many types of car air fresheners you can buy ranging from vent clips to under-seat air fresheners.

    But maybe you want something you are sure is 100% natural or you just love DIY-ing around with essential oils. In that case, its easy to whip up your own air freshener. There are two main components youll need essential oils and an absorbent material.

    The essential oil is for making the perfume. The absorbent material is for holding onto the perfume for as long as possible, allowing the fragrance to diffuse gradually in the car.

    Read on to learn how to make your own car air freshener with perfume.

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    Orange Blossom Vent Clip

    As far as car air fresheners go, this is about as easy as it gets. Soak a couple of clothespins in orange blossom water and let them air dry for a bit before clipping them to your cars vent.

    The subtle scent will diffuse through the car while they dry. And when youre ready to boost the scent, just re-soak them in orange blossom water for a few minutes.

    See? Easy.

    Place several clothespins in a small bowl and cover with orange blossom water. Let soak for 5-10 minutes, then spread them out on a plate and let dry for another 30 minutes.

    When theyre no longer dripping wet, clip them to your cars air vent. The vent clips will dry out over time, so feel free to give em another soak whenever they need a boost.

    Ways To Make Naturally

    ·Stephanie Pollard·

    My husband and I bought a car somewhat recently and, for the first few months, every time we climbed in wed take a big whiff. Ahhhh. New car smell. In a perfect world that smell would last forever. But this is the real world and, sadly, that fresh-off-the-conveyor-belt smell only lasts for a few months maybe a year, tops.

    Which is where were at right now. Officially on the hunt for new, natural scents to replace the new car smell. Im a fan of relaxing floral fragrances like vetiver, lavender, and neroli that take the edge off a stressful drive. But my husband likes the subtler fragrances of pine and cedarwood. Since were hard-pressed to find commercial air fresheners that fit the bill, I settled on making my own.

    These air fresheners use a variety of easy-to-find ingredients and can be customized to fit your needs. If you have kids or pets, the sea salt diffuser can help neutralize odors. If you want a subtle, barely there scent, the infused vent clip smells fresh without knocking your socks off. Or if youre looking for the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, choose one of the natural diffusers that you can pair with any oils you like.

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    Easy Ways To Make Your Car Smell Better Fast

    I dont know what it is about cars that causes them to be stinky all the time! If you have kids, and particularly if you have kids in sports that could be part of the problem. But even if you dont, after a while, especially in the summer, the car just develops a weird smell. Wouldnt it be nice if there were a quick, easy way to get rid of that smell? In addition to the car cleaning tips and car hacks weve already shared, we wanted to bring you 15 ways to make your car smell better FAST. Because who has time for deep cleaning when youve got places to be?

    Air Freshener In A Jar

    Make Your Own Personalized Car Air Fresheners

    This is the perfect homemade car air freshener that you can put in your cup holder or under your car seat if you want to keep it from view. You can also use this air freshener in conjunction with a DIY auto carpet cleaner to ensure that your entire car is fresh and clean.

    • Essential oils of your choice

    Take the lid off of the Mason jar and use it to trace a circle on the cardboard. Cut the circle out and punch holes in the cardboard using a small nail. Fill the jar halfway with the baking soda and add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

    Place the cardboard circle over the opening of the jar, and secure it with the metal ring. Place the jar in the cup holder of your car or under the seat to keep your car smelling fresh.

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    You Can Make Your Car Smell Like Candy Corn With Essential Oils

    I wanted a fun scent for Halloween so I searched online for the cleanest candy smelling fragrance oils. Id noticed that more and more products designed for people looking to reduce toxins in their homes were showing up on store shelves. The air freshener aisle in the grocery store even has a few natural sprays and oils on it now. So I thought that maybe I could find a synthetic fragrance oil that wouldnt give me a headache and make my child feel nauseated.

    Imagine my surprise when a bunch of essential oil blends popped up in my search results. Ive been crafting with, diffusing, and using essential oils for over years and it never occurred to me that they could be blended to smell like candy! I found essential oil recipes for a bunch of common candies and novelty fragrances. Mind blown. When I think of essential oils, I think of plants, flowers, and fruits. You know, stuff that grows in the ground.

    So of course we had to try some of them.

    Candy Corn is Halloween in a sugary nutshell.

    And our new car air freshener is perfect for October. As with all of my crafts, its also extremely easy to make so dont pay any mind to how long the directions are!

    Felt Shapes: What Does It Cost


    • Felt = If you dont already have some on hand, Walmart has a Felt Sheet 12 pk for $2.88, making them just 24¢ per sheet .
    • Twin, ribbon or string = As low as FREE if you already have them or $1 to buy twine/ribbon from the dollar store
    • Blend of Essentials Oils

    Total Cost: as low as 24¢ each

    Note: This does not cover the cost of the essential oils used in your best car air freshener.

    Now that you are learning how to make a homemade car air freshener, are you going to make some?

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    Five Diy Car Air Fresheners Made For The Long Road

    Did you know that the air fresheners we all have grown accustomed to are actually harmful to ones health? There are studies proven that there exist certain chemicals long used by air fresheners of all sorts to emit the smell you paid for and familiar with. Despite these scientifically proven facts, the global sales of air fresheners are not slowing down anytime soon. Luckily for the health-conscious populace, there are various alternatives to these mass-produced products that they can explore that give a similar aroma or to cover up any unpleasant smell in all vehicles.

    If anything, artificiality has been around and in control of every aspect of our lives since the dawn of time, for better and worse. This has been further evidenced by the amount of time we spend indoors these days with electronic gadgets as they make a great pastime in an inescapable reality. So, why not turn the tables around as you try picking up a hobby in making your own air fresheners? With a few tools and online tutorials, you can easily devise your own hazard-free and authentic aroma-filled air fresheners. Here are five types of DIY air freshener for vehicles you can try your hands at today.

    1) Wax air freshener

    These scented wax cubes in a jar could be made in a few steps and required little tools. It works effectively on warmer days which makes it perfect for Singapores year-long tropical climate.

    The materials you need are:

    – 4 oz or 8 oz mason jar

    – Regular daisy cut mason jar lids

    – Glue

    How To Make A Diy Car Air Freshener

    All natural, DIY Car Air Freshener

    Air freshener is a very nice air-purifying thing to have in your car always. Since it can get hot, the car is filled up with different heat and sweat coming out from people in the car. This car air freshener will take care of everything. The materials mentioned include different fragrances of essential oils, cotton balls or makeup wipes pad, plastic bag, spools of tulle netting, and ribbon for tying.

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    Homemade Car Air Freshener

    This instructable guide started by listing the materials needed for the car air freshener fabric softener, hole puncher, tape, rubber band, and scissors. Then, the second step talked about how to cut out printed images and using the images to shape the fabric softener. After this, use take to align the fabric softener and staple the layers together. The last step is to punch a hole on the tip of the air freshener and pass through a rubber band through the home to hang their freshener.

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    Make Your Own Decorative Jars Of Scented Plastic Beads Or Colored Gelatin

    You can make beautiful jars of decorative scented gel or air freshener beads by following the guides Ive already written about them.

    With air freshener beads, you mix a craft item called water beads together with scented oi, food coloring, and water. The plastic beads soak up the scented oil and water and make a decoration that looks kind of like jars of marbles, except with a fragrance coming out of them.

    With air freshener gels, you mix gelatin together with scented oil and food coloring to produce jars full of colored, scented gelatin. You also add a bit of salt during the process to prevent any mold from growing on the gelatin over time.

    Personally, I think the air freshener beads end up making a more beautiful decoration than the gels, but both are fun craft ideas for kids or for adults who want an interesting new decoration for their home that smells nice.

    All Natural Homemade Car Air Freshener

    How To Make DIY Car Air Freshener

    If your car smells less than fresh, this all natural homemade car air freshener may be just what you need. While most commercial car air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health, this easy to make air freshener uses simple ingredients that are safe for you and your family and will keep your car smelling fresh.

    • 1/4-inch ribbon

    Thread the needle with the quilting thread, and tie a knot at the end. Thread the felt balls onto the string, one at a time. When you are happy with the size of your circle, attach the two end balls and tie off the thread.

    Add two drops of your favorite essential oil to each of the felt balls in your circle. Take 10 inches of the ¼-inch ribbon and tie it to your felt ball circle and hang it from your rearview mirror.

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    Long Lasting Car Air Freshener

    This is an already made car air freshener with packed essential oil. All you need to do is open up the air freshener and add essential oil to it, close it, and adjust the diffusing power. The cost of this is approximately $45. It is very easy to set up, once you get the air freshener, all that remains is the addition of essential oil.

    This will be a very good option for you if you don’t have the materials and tools to make air freshener by yourself from scratch. It comes in handy and can be ordered for or picked up from an online store or local shops.

    Felt & Foam Air Freshener

    • A piece of string, ribbon or twine


    First, youll need to decide what shape your want your air freshener to be. We made a couple of different fun shapes a sunburst, a seashell, and a flip flop!

    Once youve decided what design youll be using, cut your design out twice once using the adhesive craft foam, and once using the craft felt. We were able to cut out both using our Silhouette Curio.

    When both your shapes are cut out, peel the paper backing off of the craft foam and stick it to the back of the felt piece.

    Use a piece of twine or string to create a loop at the top to hang it from.

    The last step is to add your scent! You can either just add a few drops of essential oils directly to the felt side, or you can use a small spray bottle like we did. Spraying the essential oils mixed with water will give you a more even distribution of oils.

    When youre done, all thats left to do is hang your new air freshener from your rearview mirror!

    I may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. I always offer my own genuine recommendation.

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    Appy More Fragrance Oil To The Pouch

    Apply a bit of fragrance oil over the net pouch so that the outer portion of your air freshening pouch also smells great. After applying fragrance to the outer part, the air fresheners are ready for use.

    Important note: You can also use these air fresheners in your room or your drawers to make places smell good. If you have drawers where you put clothes, then your clothes will also smell like it.

    Homemade Car Air Fresheners You Can Make In A Weekend

    Make Your Own Car Air Freshener

    homemade car air fresheners

    This post contains affiliate links.

    Ive used 100% wool felt, wooden clips, aroma beads, wax, and a portable essential oil diffuser and each method works.

    If you want a fun, practical and cost effective craft, try making your own scented car air freshener. Its something that takes minutes to make but can be enjoyed for several days to weeks.

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