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How To Get License Plate For New Car

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How To Get A Personalized License Plate In Alabama

New ‘Smart’ License Plate Could Help You Avoid DMV Lines, Announce Your Car’s Been Stolen, But Is It

Part 1 of 3: Reserve a customized Alabama license plate Visit the Department of Revenue site: Using a web browser, go to Alabamas Department of Revenue website. Go to the Motor Vehicles division: Visit the Motor Vehicles division of the Alabama Department of Revenue. Visit the plate reservation page: To begin reserving a specialized Alabama license plate, visit the plate reservation page.

First Time Vehicle Registration

You may register your vehicle at any DMV customer service center. DMV will issue you two license plates, decals showing the expiration date and a registration card. Place the decals on the plates. Place the plates on the front and rear of your vehicle. Keep the registration card in your vehicle at all times.

To purchase new Virginia license plates, complete form VSA-14.

You may choose to register your vehicle for one or two years. Two-year registration costs twice the annual fee and provides a convenient way for you to register with DMV. The two-year registration option is not available for vehicleswith a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 lbs. or more, vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan or uninsured vehicles.

Lost Or Stolen Licence Plate

The procedure for replacing a lost or stolen licence plate is different if you are in Québec or elsewhere. In both cases, fees apply.

For security reasons, a lost or stolen licence plate cannot be replaced by a plate bearing the same number. Therefore, your lost or stolen plate will be replaced by a standard plate bearing a different number. A new registration certificate will also be issued.

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How Do You Register Your Vehicle When Moving To Ontario

If you are moving to Ontario on a permanent basis from another province or country, you will need to register your vehicle in Ontario.

To register an out of province vehicle in Ontario, you will be required to provide personal identification. You will also be required to show :

  • Proof of Ontario insurance

How To Transfer License Plates In Colorado

How Long Does It Take To Get Plates For New Car ...

Upon the purchase of Colorado car tags, your license plates belong to you, and will not transfer to a new vehicle owner after you sell the vehicle. For this reason, you may buy car registration plates after purchasing a new or used vehicle, or you may transfer your old license plates to that new vehicle.

If you wish to transfer your current CO DMV car tag to your new vehicle, you may do so as long as the license plate is eligible for a transfer. Furthermore, you must transfer your car registration tags when registering the new vehicle with the DMV. When completing the transfer, you must submit your previous vehicles registration certificate or an ownership tax receipt.

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Police Firefighters And Emergency Medical Technician Plates

Emergency Medical Technicians

The special registration plate for emergency medical technicians is available to any EMT who provides proof that he or she is an emergency medical technician licensed in New Mexico. When a person holding an EMT plate ceases to be an emergency medical technician, he shall immediately remove the plate from the vehicle and return it to the department, at which time it shall be exchanged for a regular registration plate. Fee: $27.00 upon initial registration.

Application form MVD11248 |

Fraternal Order of Police

The FOP special plate is available to any New Mexico member of the Fraternal Order of Police. When a person holding the special plate ceases to be a New Mexico member of the Fraternal Order of Police, he shall immediately remove the plate from the vehicle and return it in exchange for a regular registration plate. Fee: $27.00 upon initial registration

Application form MVD11303 |

Retired Firefighters

The Retired Firefighters special registration plate is available to any person who is a retired New Mexico firefighter with proof that the person has retired from active employment as a firefighter. Fee: $27.00 upon initial registration

Application form MVD11316 |

Retired NM State Police

Application form MVD11243 |

Retired Law Enforcement

Special Firefighter and Volunteer Firefighter plates are issued:

Replacing A Licence Plate Or Registration Certificate

If a licence plate or registration certificate is lost, stolen, illegible or otherwise damaged, you must ask the SAAQ to replace it.

Identity theft

If you believe you have been the victim of identity theft, you must file a police report and notify the SAAQ as soon as possible. To find out the steps to follow in the event of identity theft, consult the To Reach Us web page .

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Get Needed Inspections Done

Theres a good chance your vehicle will probably need to have at least one inspection done before you can register it in your name. In most states, youll need to have your car tested for emissions levels. Most of the time, this can be done through one of dozens of local businesses that are licensed by your state to conduct these tests and report results to local regulators. In some states, such as Texas, youre required to get a safety inspection for your vehicle, which is similar to a smog check but looks at everything from your brakes to your lights to make sure your vehicle is safe to operate. In some cases, the results of these tests can be sent to regulators electronically. In others, you may have to take a physical copy of your passed inspection to a local office to complete your registration.

License Plate Lookups In Georgia

Need a new set of license plates?

Before purchasing a vehicle or applying for new registration plates in Georgia, you can perform an online license plate lookup to provide you with peace of mind during the purchasing process. When you perform a Georgia DOR license plate lookup, you can learn about the vehicles previous owner, recall information and safety ratings. Additionally, a license plate search can provide you with details about the vehicles engine and manufacturer.

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Current Design: The Texas Classic

Introduced in July 2012, “The Texas Classic” is designed to provide Texans the highest public safety protection.

It is the first license plate in the country to feature two, high-visibility security threads embedded into the plate sheeting, making it easier for law enforcement to spot legitimate plates.

How To Get Auto License Plates For A New Car

There are a few reasons why you would need to get license plates for a car. You may be moving to a new state or purchasing a new or used car. Obtaining a license plate for a new car involves registering your vehicle. If you get pulled over, the first thing the police will ask you for is your registration. It is important to have a car registration. This is proof of ownership and proof that you have paid all necessary fees to operate your vehicle. Only then will you be granted your license plates.

Step 1

Visit the department of motor vehicles office in your area. In many states, licensing can be done via mail by downloading the appropriate form off the Internet. However, by submitting your materials in person you can obtain your license plates the same day.

Step 2

Provide proof of ownership. The DMV will need a copy of the title. The title of the car is what identifies you as the owner. If you have a then the lien holder will have the title. Request a form from the DMV to provide to the lien holder. Information from the lien holder stating that you are leasing the vehicle is appropriate.

Step 3

Complete the Application for Certificate of Title. This form will require basic information including your insurance. You must have insurance to operate your vehicle. Check with the states minimum liability insurance requirements.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Pay the appropriate fees. The fee schedule for vehicle registration will vary by state.



Things You’ll Need

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Check Your Vehicle Identification Number Before You Renew

You will need to correct your vehicle identification number before you can renew your licence plate sticker online.

If the vehicle identification number on your dashboard and vehicle permit does not match, you will need to visit ServiceOntario to correct it. You will need to bring the following documents:

  • the vehicle permit the vehicle portion of the permit is required
  • your Canada Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card
  • one of the following documents:
  • original vehicle manufacturers warranty
  • copy of manufacturers invoice
  • original or copy of the bill/certificate of sale from the original selling dealer
  • letter from an authorized dealer for your make of vehicle verifying the correct vehicle identification number of the vehicle
  • copy of certificate of title/certificate of origin
  • copy of new vehicle information statement .
  • original safety standards certificate, form SR-E-214, only if the last 6 characters of the vehicle identification number are correct
  • sworn affidavit by the vehicle owner explaining the vehicle identification number error

If you do not have insurance, you must get it from an insurance provider licensed to do business in Ontario. Proof of insurance is required to renew your licence plate sticker.

Amateur Radio Operator Licence Plate


Amateur Radio Operator plates can be issued to Albertans who have a valid Amateur Radio Operator Certificate issued by Industry Canada.

Amateur Radio Operator plates bear the operators call sign shown on their Amateur Radio Operator Certificate. Canadian Amateur Radio Operator call signs have a national prefix for each province that has 2 letters and a number. They also have the 2 or 3 letter suffix of your call sign.

Albertas assigned prefixes are:

  • VA6
  • VE6
  • Albertans may request personalized veterans plates displaying their Amateur Radio Operator call letters if it doesnt have more than 5 total characters.

    If youre moving to Alberta from another jurisdiction, you cannot use the prefix from the other jurisdiction. Your plate will be printed with the Alberta prefix and your call sign.

    To obtain your Alberta Amateur Radio Operators plate, you need:

    • acceptable identification

    For more details, see the transfer a registration.

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    How To Get License Plates In Colorado

    Car owners must apply for a Colorado DMV license plate whenever they purchase a new or used vehicle from a dealership or a private seller. Motorists must apply for CO car registration plates within 60 days of purchasing a vehicle, or within 90 days of establishing state residency. In any case, drivers may apply for new registration plates through the Division of Motor Vehicles , which is operated by the state Department of Revenue .

    If you are a vehicle owner who already has a registration plate, you must be mindful of when to renew your license plate credentials and obtain car tag decals before your registration expires. Moreover, if your plate has been damaged significantly, you may request to replace it with a new one. To learn more about how to get a license plate, as well as how to renew, replace or transfer an existing one, review the information below.

    Don’t Become A Victim Of Curbstoning

    Curbstoning is the sale of used vehicles by unlicensed dealers who pretend to be private parties in order to evade regulation. Their customers often get saddled with damaged, dangerous, or uninsurable vehicles ââ¬â by which time the curbstoner is long gone with their cash. Curbstoning is illegal in many states, yet defrauds thousands of unwary consumers every year.

    If you would like to report a suspected curbstoning operation to the Department of Revenue, please submit a completed Complaint .

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    What’s A Custom License Plate

    States offer a variety of license plate options at the time of vehicle registration. Some states have a mix of plates featuring different backgrounds, whether highlighting state parks, local universities, or other special events. These often come with an additional fee.

    Vehicle owners can also customize their license plate this is often called a vanity plate with their own unique combination of numbers and/or letters. Again, this comes with an additional fee.

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    We’re getting new license plates next year

    You can renew your plates at the DMV without having to wait in long lines. Dont worry about taking off work just so you can finish it. There are over 350 locations in the United States many of which are open after hours, during the weekends, and even on holidays. We have you covered no matter what time of the month it is or what day of the week it is.

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    Get A Title In Your Name

    The first step to registering a vehicle is to have legal proof that you own and are responsible for it. When you purchase your vehicle, you should receive a proof of ownership form , or the vehicles title that youll sign and take to your local motor vehicle regulation department during the registration process.

    Can I Get Insurance On A Car With Temporary Plates

    The temporary license plate comes as part of the registration process, most commonly when a vehicle is purchased from a dealership. Since you need to show proof of insurance as part of the registration process before you drive your newly acquired vehicle off the dealer’s lot, your auto policy applies to a vehicle with temporary plates.

    Check out how to get car insurance. Once you’re ready to get rolling, get a car insurance quote online or call us at

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    How To Renew License Plate Tags In Colorado

    Many car owners who already have car tags wonder how to renew a license plate in CO. It is important to note that, in Colorado, only residents of certain counties may complete the vehicle registration renewal process online through the official DMV portal. As an example, drivers may complete an online license plate renewal if they reside in counties such as Denver, Arapahoe, Boulder, Rio Grande or Yuma. When renewing license plate credentials online, motorists must enter their vehicles license plate number, verify their address and make sure that their cars information is accurate. Then, applicants must provide an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees.

    If a driver in Colorado resides in a different county and cannot renew car tags online, he or she must request this renewal procedure in person or by mail. In order to apply for a car tag renewal by mail, vehicle owners must send their registration renewal notice and all of the supplemental documentation to the state DMVs appropriate mailing address. Otherwise, they may visit a county motor vehicle office to complete this procedure in person.

    How To Apply For A License Plate In Georgia

    How To Get Plates For A New Car In Ohio in 2021

    As a general rule, you must apply for new registration plates in Georgia within seven days of acquiring a vehicle. Otherwise, you must undergo this procedure within 30 days of moving to the state. Overall, the GA Department of Revenue provides you with a car registration tag as part of your initial vehicle registration process.

    In order to apply for car registration plates after purchasing a vehicle from a dealership or third-party seller, you must visit a local tag office and complete the registration and titling process in person. On the other hand, if you have purchased your vehicle through a dealership, the dealer will likely apply for a certificate of title on your behalf. However, dealers will not be able to register your vehicle or complete an application for new car tags. Conversely, you may submit all of the required documentation to the tag office by mail. To obtain car registration tags for a commercial vehicle, you must register it through the states official online portal.

    In any case, when applying for DOR car tags, you must provide the department with a valid drivers license or ID card number, proof of vehicle ownership, the vehicles current title or certificate of origin, proof of auto insurance and a completed application form. Moreover, you must pay for all of the applicable license plate and registration fees.

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    About The Missouri License Plate

    On August 10, 2021, Missouri will celebrate 200 years of statehood, or its bicentennial. To commemorate this historic occasion, the Missouri Legislature passed a law in 2016 requiring the Department of Revenue to begin a reissuance of license plates with a new bicentennial design, no later than January 1, 2019. The new bicentennial design will replace the Missouri bluebird license plate introduced in 2008.

    The License Plate Design Advisory Committee was responsible for determining the new plate design. The committee was made up of the director of the Department of Revenue or his or her designee, the superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the correctional enterprises administrator, the director of the Department of Transportation, the executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri, and the respective chairpersons of both the Senate and House of Representatives Transportation Committees.

    Missouri license plates are made of aluminum and are manufactured by the Missouri Department of Corrections at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. Standard license plates are embossed , while personalized license plates are made by a computer graphics process that produces a flat license plate. This process allows the Department to produce very detailed specialty license plates that commemorate a particular organization, activity, or charity. You may view the various specialty license plates by clicking here.

    Military And Veteran Plates

    Gold Star Family

    The Gold Star Family registration plate is available to the surviving mother, father, step parent or spouse of a service member killed in an armed conflict with an enemy of the United States. There is a limit of four Gold Star Family registration plates for each eligible family.

    Fee: None, other than regular registration fees registration fee also waived for first plate issued to the service members mother or spouse.

    Application form MVD10100 |

    Active Duty National Guard

    The National Guard plate is available to any person who is an active member of the New Mexico national guard, upon the submission by the person of proof satisfactory to the division that the person is currently a member of the guard. No fee, including the regular registration fee, shall be collected for issuance of a National Guard plate.

    Fee: None for plate or registration

    Application form MVD10247 |

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