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How To Properly Wax A Car

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Liquid Wax & Paste Wax

Pinnacle – How to properly wax your car

Paste wax has been the go to for every car owner for a very long time but now the trend of using paste car wax is slowly declining due to multiple options available now besides the paste wax. As far as the liquid wax is concerned it is almost the same as the paste wax.

The liquid waxes are mostly produced by the same manufacturers which also produce paste waxes and they produce the liquid waxes of the same paste waxes so the formula remains the same but the texture and method of applying the wax changes due to the texture. Liquid wax requires machine application whereas the paste wax can be applied by hand using application foam.

The only thing to keep in mind when using these car waxes is that these polymer waxes dont need heavy application and will work perfectly with a thin coat application.

There are certain instructions you have to follow when it comes to use of paste and liquid waxes and we are going to discuss them here so you can follow them to get the best results.

When youre done with waxing youll feel the cars paintjob to be slick and smooth streaks and smudges free.

There is a chance that streaks from wax will still be there even after you have properly cleaned it with clean buffing towel. The easiest trick to tackle this is by parking your car in the sun for a few minutes just enough to warm the body up. Once the body is warmed up you can move the car back to the shade area and use a detail spray and a clean buffing towel to wipe the affected area clean.

Start With A Squeaky Clean Finish

The reason Simonize and Turtle Wax paste waxes were so popular a few decades ago is because they were a single-step paint cleaner and car wax in one .

Today we have more choices but, no matter what, your cars paint must be clean before waxing.

Warning: Never wax over the dirt! Use a quality clay bar to safely remove bonded contamination.

Clay bar detailing is a quick and easy process of removing bonded dirt and other contamination with a simple bar of detailing clay.

Use it after washing your car to remove all the loose dirt. The result is a squeaky clean paint finish thats as smooth as glass.

For complete instructions, see our complete Clay Bar Detailing guide.

Iv Waxing Method Ii: Applying And Buffing With A Power Buffer

1. Pick a foam finishing pad to apply wax: The pad you select should be absorbent and soft, yet firm enough to handle the pressure that the power buffer is going to apply. Check you local auto parts shop or hardware store, they usually carry car wax/sealant applicator pads for buffers.

2. Spread paste wax onto the the buffer applicator pad like butter over bread: I recommend flipping your paste wax jar of over onto a plastic sandwich bag to hold it while you spread a layer over the buffer pad. Clean plastic putty knives also work well, too. For liquid wax/sealant, the best method for applying it to a buffer pad is to squeeze out a trio of 3 lines of wax around the edges. The rotation of the buffer will take care of the rest.

3. When using liquid wax or sealant, use the power buffer to spread the wax around a bit before turning the machine on: This helps reduce the chance of a messy splatter when you flick the switch.

4. Keep dual action polishers set no higher than 3: Its a really smart idea to check the directions on the wax/sealant for specific application directions using power tools, but the general rule across the board is that 3 is the fastest you ever need to set your power buffer.

Make sure you spread the wax evenly over the entire panel you are working on to give it an even covering. Always turn your power buffer off before lifting it away from the finish. Thats definitely a step you do not want to learn about the hard way.

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Car Waxing: A Guide For Auto Detailing Students

Not only does waxing a car make it shine, but doing so also helps protect its paintjob, while maintaining its value. Without wax, cars are much more vulnerable to things like salt, pebbles, rain, dirt, and more. These elements are known to leave behind surface scratches and make a cars paint look dull.

Once you become an auto detailer, you will be responsible for waxing vehicles on a regular basis. Every auto detailing shop typically has its own preferred application techniques, equipment, and even go-to wax brands, but there are basic waxing guidelines that they all tend to follow.

Read on to learn some of the dos and donts of applying protective wax to cars.

Whats The Difference Between Wax And Polish

How to wax a car properly [Step

Most beginners are confused about the products wax and polish. Polish is an abrasive product while wax is a protector. Polish removes a microscopic layer of paint. This can cause scratches to disappear because the paint becomes smooth. The paint can then be protected to preserve the shine. Washing it properly will also help to preserve the shine. Read my blog posts on washing and polishing to learn more. Wax, Glaze and Sealant will protect the paint and cover up scratches temporarily.

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Selecting Car Wax For Black Cars

At first, remember that the usual best car wax products do work on black cars. But the thing is one cannot fill up the dents, scratches, and streaks on black car paint with a green or white wax, since they will only highlight the damaged part of the car. It is the reason why there is a need to find out the best black wax. It is available in powder/paste, liquid, and spray form and you can select any of these, depending on your requirements. Spray on and powder black car wax products are used as they yield quick results and retain good car paint conditions. However, liquid products are widely selected since they last longer.

All in all, you need to make a comparison and then only make an appropriate selection. Some popular products include Pinnacle Souveran , Meguairs Hi Tech Yellow Wax , Turtle Wax Black Box, Black Velvet Carnauba Wax, Zymol Ebony Wax, Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax, Mothers California Gold Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax, Collinite No. 845 Insulator Wax, 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax 39026, Armor All Car Wax, Eagle One Wax-As-U-Dry, Nu Finish NFP-80, and many more. Once you select the proper wax, you also need to get to know the best way to apply it on your car.

Is Turtle Wax Any Good

Yes, it is an excellent choice of a wax, in fact it is the best in the market currently. It has the best performance in terms of deepening the luster and is effective in making the paint work quite bright.

The results are long lasting, highly effective and give a high-quality shine that you will surely fall in love with.

It is quite popular among car owners who regularly wax their cars because it can be easily applied on the car.

Unlike most other options which ensure quality results after a tedious application process, this one offers quality results after a simple process of application.

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Dont Use Dirty Or Worn

When applying wax to a car, the general goal is to create a streak-free shine. Unfortunately, worn-out or used rags that are full of residue will not help you to achieve this goal. This is why every auto detailing professional is always equipped with plenty of fresh sponges, towels, polisher pads and other materials he or she may need during the waxing process.

Used rags can leave streaks, dirt, or lint on a cars finish.

Something For Show Car Enthusiasts

How to Properly Wax Your Vehicle – Quik Tip Series

Enthusiasts who prepare their cars for different car shows and car meets can use a little trick that we are going to share with you. All you need is a synthetic wax and carnauba wax, the combination of these two waxes will create a stunning glossy finish for your car.

All you have to do is to apply a single coat of the synthetic wax and wait for 12 to 24 hours for the next step. The next step is to apply one or more coats of carnauba wax depending on your requirement. The critical point in the whole process is the time of 12 to 24 hour that is required for each coat to harden, if you dont let the coat harden in the whole process then this trick will not work and you will end up with a dull look. Properly applied coats will reveal a truly mesmerizing glossy finish on your cars paintjob.

Hope you find this publication useful.

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How To Wax A Car With A Da Polisher

The preparation part of the wax process would remain exactly the same whether you are applying wax by hand or with a DA polisher.

With a DA polisher you are going to need to use a soft foam applicator pad and not one of the heavier duty cutting pads that you would use for polishing. Its vitally important that you invest in as good a quality pad as you can afford.

Applying Liquid And Paste Waxes

Many years ago paste waxes were preferred because they offered great results. Nowadays, manufactures offer liquid and paste versions of the same car wax formula.

So, whats the difference?

It comes down to your personal preference and method of application. Wax is easier to apply by hand, whereas a liquid wax is necessary for machine application.

For both liquid and paste waxes, a basic rule applies: less is better. With modern polymer waxes, its not necessary to slather on a heavy coating.

Take it from me, a thin coat dries faster and wipes off easier.

For all liquid and paste wax products, follow these basic instructions:

  • Work in a shaded area out of direct sunlight.
  • Use the applicator that is provided by the manufacture or one that they recommend. If the manufacturer does not make a recommendation, use a foam applicator pad to apply your wax.
  • Work on one area at a time covering 2 to 4 square feet. Some products may allow you to coat the entire car before buffing off. However, most do not.
  • Follow the wax manufacturers instructions on whether or not to allow the wax to dry before buffing.
  • Use a small amount of wax at a time, and rub it in well. Use too much wax and youre wasting the product and your time.
  • Switch to a clean wipe towel if the wax residue does not buff off easily.
  • Apply your wax in a back-and-forth motion, not in circles. You need to replace your applicator or towels if you are creating swirls.

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Polish On The Scratches

If your car has scratches, then you will have to polish it correctly to make it smooth. Yes, this will cause your car to lose the fine layer of coating for the scratched area but that will worth it. There is another way to make the scratches smooth so that you can wax easily and that is rubbing. That being said, polishing is less abrasive than rubbing, so polishing would be a wise move.

How To Properly Wax A Black Car

How To Remove Car Wax

You need to be extremely careful while selecting car wax for black cars. Apart from that, you also need to know the proper way to use it.

You need to be extremely careful while selecting car wax for black cars. Apart from that, you also need to know the proper way to use it.

Every car owner is quite possessive about his or her vehicle. No matter what, they also find enough time to manage all the troubles that are needed to keep it as good as new. It is the reason why along with car servicing, car wash becomes an integral part of their routine. Car cleaning is a process that includes car polishing and car waxing.

Both these things make sure that your car doesnt lose its original appearance because of the consistent attacks of grime and rust. When it is a shiny black car, which is often cited as an utter mark of sophistication, these maintenance routines seem somewhat mandatory. People owning black cars or cars in any other dark color for that matter, need to be aware that their slightest mistake while selecting car wax may cost them the precious car paint.

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How To Wax Your Car Like A Pro

Chances are if you spent your childhood practicing perfecting your Karate moves with the help of Mr. Miyagi, you might have also developed some equally bad waxing techniques. In the movie, The Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi teaches his student, Daniel-san, to wax a car in circular motions with your right hand. He makes no mention of how much wax to us, but he does remind him to breathe. He then instructs him to remove wax in the same circular motion with his left handagain, not forgetting to breathe . While breathing is a good idea, there is no basis for in a circular motion. In fact, it may create new blemishes to your freshly prepped paint. To properly wax your vehicle, employ the following tools and techniques, and you will ensure a slick finish that is properly protected and shines streak free.

Here I am spraying my clay lube

And heres what I was able to remove from the paint

So why not use circular motions like Mr. Miyagi taught us? For one, circular motions have no real basis as far as coverage. It probably is supposed to mimic the action of an orbital machine, but all it ends up doing is causing halo effects that can be hard to remove and introducing potential marring in a circular motion . The best technique is to use one of the following: The Linear or The ZW. In both cases the wax the motion of application is from front to back . What differs is the motion of the applicator.

Here is a photo of what it would look like

How Do I Remove Car Wax From Plastic Parts

How do I remove dried car wax? My dad came over to help me fix my car paint. After we finished working on the paintwork, we applied wax to the surface. I just went to check if the wax had dried yet, and I noticed there were some dried white stains.


car wax remover

  • Purchase a car wax remover specifically designed for removing wax and dirt. Make sure it is not oil-based.
  • Spray the product on the target area. Work one section at a time. If you accidentally wipe the product onto the car paint, simply wipe it off with cleanser and a wet cloth.
  • Take an old toothbrush and scrub the solution back and forth to lift the wax from the plastic surface.
  • Use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the product from the plastic surface. Be firm when you wipe and buff the surface.

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Is It A Good Day For Waxing

Just before we get started though it is worth mentioning the weather. Yes you heard me right! You need the right environmental conditions to properly wax your car. First of all you cant do it in the rain. It needs to be dry, otherwise when you try to polish the wax off it will leave a smeary mess on your carnot a good look! On the other hand you dont want to do it in bright sunshine either. The heat will dry the wax out too quickly baking it onto your bodywork before you have had chance to polish it off. Ideally, pick a day that is overcast but not looking like rain. Or even better, if you have a garage that isnt full of junk or a car port, do it in there instead, then you can wax your car come rain or shine.

Why You Should Wax Your Ride: Modern Cars And Newer Wax Formulas

How to properly wax your car with Pinnacle car care products

Fortunately, the addition of clear coat to seal lacquer paint on cars started about 1980, giving cars a much needed layer of protection against UV light, salt, ozone, dirt, bug guts, exhaust, and bird droppings.

However, even with this layer of clear coat, over time the abuse of day to day driving takes its toll, oxidizing the clear coat surface, giving it a dull hazy appearance.

Adding a coat of modern car wax, essentially a specially formulated clear coat sealant, helps protect your pain and its clear coat from scratches and keeps dirt from accumulating on your car as well.

Waxing regularly is essential to long term protection, and not waxing your car means that the clear coat will scratch more easily and it will start to look cloudy and dull.

Additionally, without regular waxing your car will show dirt sooner after washing, and the color of the paint fades more rapidly as it is exposed to sunlight throughout its lifetime since the UV protection in the clear coat benefits from periodic replenishment.

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