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Where To Get Your Car Detailed

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What Is Mobile Detailing


Mobile detailing offers the same vehicle detailing services that traditional detailing offers, but with one major difference: theyre mobile. Mobile Detailing places dont have a garage for you to bring your car to, but rather they bring the detailing operation to you. Theyll come to your home or office and detail your vehicle right in the driveway or parking lot.

Exterior Detailing Supplies And Steps

Like interior detailing, exterior detailing involves a few more steps than simply washing and rinsing, but the results can be significantly better. Exterior auto detailing should be done out of direct sunlight to prevent water spotting and make everything easier to work with. Now that the interior detailing is done, pop the hood and fuel door and close the doors and windows.

Auto Detailing Price Comparison

Remember, depending on where you live and what part of town you go to will be another factor in pricing.

These prices Im going to share are based on whatIve seen around Houston TX. If youre in Seattle, Chicago, New York, or anywhere else in the US, prices will vary.

Also, just like when it comes to many things about your car like an oil change or replacing your tires, the bigger your car is, usually the more expensive it is due to the nature of it being bigger.

Im going to keep the services and prices very basic since each company will provide its own packages which will be an even bigger factor into pricing.

Basic Car WashCar Wash Facility: $10 to $25Professional Detailer: $30 to $70

Deep Interior CleaningCar Wash Facility: $60 to $100Professional Detailer: $140 to $280

Headlight RestorationCar Wash Facility: $30 to $50Professional Detailer: $70 to $160

Wash and WaxCar Wash Facility: $80 to $130Professional Detailer: $140 to $280

Paint CorrectionCar Wash Facility: $100 to $200Professional Detailer: $240 to $600

To give you more context, lets breakdown a service based on whats included between the two.

Lets take awash and wax for example. Thats a pretty basic service to offer. From a professional detailer, this is what youll get:

This service can take between 2 to 4 hours and cost $120 to $240.

For a car wash facility, you may get something like this:

This service can take between 45 minutes to 2 hours and cost $80 to $130.

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How Often Do I Need To Detail My Car

Most experts will recommend detailing your vehicle at least once a year, if not twice. Detailing every six months or so is the best way to prevent dirt and damages from building up. Furthermore, its important to apply a coat of car wax at least twice a year to protect your paint from scratches and contaminants.

How often you should detail your car also depends on where you live. If you live near the ocean or in places with salted roads during the winter, you may need to detail your car more frequently to protect its appearance.

Here in Puget Sound and throughout the surrounding area, we recommend detailing your vehicle every three to four months. This is the best way to ensure the coastal conditions and winter weather dont lead to extra wear and tear on your automobile.

Save Your Glass For Last

How Often You Should Get A Car Detailing Done?
  • Once the carpet is clean of dust and dirt, its time for a carpet shampoo. Using Turtle Wax POWER OUT! Carpet & Mats Cleaner, thoroughly work one section at a time. Use the built-in brush or a stiff brush to agitate the cleaner and work it into the carpet. Then, use a wet-dry vacuum or steam cleaner to remove the foam and contaminants. Dont forget to pop the trunk and apply the same treatment.
  • Once everything is clean, we move on to protection. Application of Turtle Wax Inside & Out Protectant protects interior hard surfaces, such as the dash and console, from future grime and stains. It also looks great, with just the right amount of shine. Apply with one microfiber cloth and buff out with a second one. Use leather conditioner on leather seats and upholstery to restore moisture and prevent fading and cracking.
  • We save the glass for last because its the most sensitive to other interior auto detailing operations. Using a non-ammonia glass cleaner and microfiber cloths, clean all exposed glass, such as the windshield, side windows, back window, and rear-view mirror. Wet one cloth with glass cleaner, for cleaning, using a second cloth to buff out any streaks. Dont forget the sunroof instrument cluster lens and dome light lens.

Pro Tip: If your doors have upper window frames, roll the windows down a few inches and clean the top edge of the glass, first. Then, roll the windows up and clean the rest of the glass.

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When Is The Best Time Of Year And Season To Have Your Car Detailed

As an auto detailer, we get asked a lot of questions regarding car detailing. And one of the common questions that keep on popping from many of the motorists is when is the right time of the year to conduct a car detailing?Well, it` s recommended that a car should have regular detailing, at least once in every four months. There` re many reasons behind this reasons, first off, most of commonly applied waxes have a typical lifespan of 3-4 months and once the wax is depleted, the external elements wreck havoc on the paint. Secondly, in every season, pollen, insects and other contaminants lodge on your car` s surface and can result in damage. And for motorists who love taking their cars through the automated car washes, there` s a risk of inflicting damage on the external paint. The brushes and towels used in the car wash can lead to minor scratches, also known as swirls to the paint.

However, due to the financial constraints, economic reasons, the severity of the seasons and ideality of a car detailing process, we always encourage our clients to conduct a comprehensive car detailing during the fall and summer seasons.

Brush And Vacuum Your Carpet

Automotive carpet doesnât like to let go of dirt when youâre car cleaning. If you just vacuum it, youâll leave plenty behind. To remove more dirt, detailers use a stiff brush and scrub the carpet as they vacuum. Youâll see the dirt particles bounce to the surface so you can suck them up with your shop vacuum as part of your auto detailing.

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Affordable Mobile Car Detailing And Cleaning Australia

VIP Car Care provides high quality mobile car detailing services to customers all over Australia. Our car care experts use our carefully researched and tested process to detail your vehicle with strong attention to detail, while still maintaining cheaper prices. We use products that are effective enough to clean stubborn dirt and grime but gentle enough not to damage the paint

Shine & Polish To Finish

Testing Car Detailing Products
  • While the waxed surface is waterproof, a truly hydrophobic finish water beads up and runs off will improve shine and prevent most road grime from sticking to your paint. Turtle Wax Ice Seal N Shine goes on easy with a microfiber cloth and lasts for months.
  • By this time, the tires should be dry. Spray them with Turtle Wax WetN Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine wipe with a cloth for a more matte finish. This leaves a nice finish, protecting your tires from sun damage and slowing down dry rot. Your tires will also stay cleaner, longer.
  • Finally, as with the interior, glass comes last. Using non-ammonia glass cleaner and microfiber cloths, clean all exposed glass and polycarbonate. Moisten one cloth with glass cleaner to clean, using a second cloth to buff out any streaks. Start with the sunroof glass, moving to the windshield, side windows, side mirrors, and rear window. Then, clean the headlight, fog light, and taillight lenses.

The first time your detail your car at home, it might seem like a lot of steps. As with all things, detailing your car quickly and efficiently takes practice. Once you see, feel, and smell the results of a freshly detailed car, though, itll have been a worthwhile experience.

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Car Detailing Doesn’t Require Professionals So Costs Will Determine If It’s Worth Your Time Use This Breakdown Of Pro Car Detailing Prices To Decide

Car detailing prices vary depending upon a number of things. Vehicle size is a major determinant, as is the type of package you select. Basic packages for smaller vehicles are generally less expensive, and additional costs may be added for upgraded services. You may also seek discounts or coupons for such things as pre-payment of services, multi-car detailing, long-term contracts or long-time customer status. Many services can be included in car detailing and you may have several options and packages from which to choose. Variance in price will be largely based on the detail, professionalism and reputation of the business. You should expect to pay more for high quality service.

Can You Detail A Car Yourself

Can you detail your own vehicle? Sure. Some vehicle owners dont trust others to touch their beloved car, so they have the equipment to do it themselves and are willing to devote the time and effort.

Bear in mind that professional detailers use an assortment of cleaners, polishing compounds, waxes and dressings, as well as power washers, polishing and buffing tools, brushes, and air hoses that can get into nooks and crannies, as well as other equipment that enables them to do the job quickly and do it well. Acquiring the right tools and materials might be more expensive than having it done professionally.

Running a vehicle through an automatic car wash every week or two will keep it clean on the surface, but a complete detailing periodically will keep it looking closer to what it was like when new.

When youre getting ready to sell your car, its a good idea to get it detailed. The cleaner and shinier it is, the more you should be able to get for it at sale.

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How Does Detailing Restore And Preserve My Car

When your car is serviced by a professional detailer, a number of steps are performed using a wide range of products. The process begins with pre-cleaning to remove loose dirt and debris from the exterior or from the seats and carpet on the interior. Then the vehicle is carefully inspected to identify problems that need to be addressed: micro-scratches, acid rain spotting, damage from bug splatter, rail dust, and more. After the assessment, a detailer will take steps to remove contaminants, correct conditions, and protect components.

One: It Will Boost Your Cars Value

Get Your Car, Road Ready in 2020

This one seems self-explanatory. The cleaner your interior, the better it looks, the more money you can get for it when you sell, right? While thats true, theres an even more important place you should be cleaning before selling your vehicle: under the hood.

If the person buying your vehicle has any idea about what theyre doing, theyre going to pop the hood and take a look underneath. If that person sees a clean motor, free of grease and grime and oil, theyre going to feel a lot more confident in your vehicle. Thats why dealers have their detailers clean the engines of their used vehicles on their lots. Whether it truly makes a difference, performance-wise, doesnt matter. There is an emotional payoff to a clean engine, and you absolutely cannot ignore that fact when selling or trading in.

How Your Engine Gets Cleaned During a Detail

  • Your detailer will clean off loose dirt first with a light spray.
  • All engine components will be wiped down with degreaser, then rinsed a second time.
  • After the engine has dried, all rubber, plastic, and silicone parts have special protective compounds applied to them to prevent cracking
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    Find The Nearest Car Detailing

    To get started, use the map below. Zoom in on your location and explore all of the car detailing places that are found around you. In order to see the correct results, please make sure that you have enabled your location and GPS if you are using your mobile phone. When you find the closest detail car wash that interests you, just click on it and you will see more information, such as opening hours, directions, reviews, contact info, and other useful facts.

    For example, you might search for auto detailing near me, interior car wash near me, interior car cleaning near me, interior car detailing near me, or a full detail car wash near me. You can then call the selected location if you would like to confirm their hours of operation, etc. This can help you find a top rated detail auto wash nearby.

    Why Should I Detail My Car At Home

    At this point, you might think, Why bother auto detailing myself when I can pay an auto detailer to do it for me? It might be tempting if your car is going to need a whole day of auto detailing, and the initial investment might seem daunting, but it pays for itself by the second time you detail your car. Also, consider these other benefits of car detailing at home.

    • Youll save money because you provide the labor. You dont have to buy all these supplies every single time, just whatever you run out of.
    • Youll save time in the long run because a clean car is easier to keep clean, even unintended spills and pet accidents.
    • Youll gain a new appreciation for what it takes to keep a clean car.
    • Finally, your car will last longer. Auto detailing is just as much about long-term protection from the elements as it is looking great and smelling clean.

    Professional auto detailing and DIY car detailing follow pretty much the same steps for a showroom finish, though the tools and supplies may vary. Interior detailing will require opening doors and getting in and out of the car often, which will likely dirty the outside of the car. Therefore, many auto detailers start by detailing the interior of the car. When, once the inside is clean and protected, they close the doors and windows and focus on exterior detailing.

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    More Info On Car Detailing Services Offered Near Your Location

    Have you been asking yourself, What car detailing services can I find near me? or Where is the closest car detailing near my location? or Which is the best car detailing in my area or car wash with carpet shampooer near me? You may or may not be one of the vehicle owners who know about car detailing. Many of them are familiar with the meaning of this special term in the automotive care world.

    Detailing of the vehicle is a process that combines specific steps and car cleaning procedures that go beyond the simple car wash, and provide thorough eliminating of dirt and marks on exterior and/or interior surfaces of the vehicle. Detailing of the car near you is much more expensive than the full car wash, but the higher price comes with quality vehicle cleaning both from the outside and inside, and if done properly, it will provide long lasting results.

    When searching for a nearby location where car detailing is offered, you should know more information about this type of service. Usually car detailing near you will include two major categories: exterior detailing and interior detailing. They could be ordered separately or together. If the car owners want exterior and interior car detailing at the same time, then we are talking about total detailing of the vehicle.

    Useful Tips for Car Detailing in Your Area

    Now that you know how to find what you are looking for, you can begin your search for car detailing near me today.

    How To Wash Your Vehicle The Right Way

    A Detailer’s Secrets On Interior Detailing For Your Car.

    Contrary to common belief, you don’t necessarily have to wash your vehicle every week. Every time you set out to scrub your automobile, the chance of damaging its exterior surfaces increases exponentially, especially if you are new to the whole hand-wash approach, or are using the wrong approach. Naturally, this has quite a bit to do with how filthy your vehicle gets on a weekly basis, as well as what sort of driving environment it encounters when in operation.

    Disclaimer complete, here’s a general rundown of what needs to happen in order for that ride of yours to get a safe scrubbing.

    Cleaning accoutrements acquired and inventoried, move everything you plan on using to the area where the vehicle will be cleaned. By this point your two-buckets-and-a-beer setup should be ready, with the first bucket being set aside for rinsing the dirty wash mitt or cloth, and the second, soapy H2O solution, being reserved for dunking.

    You’ll also want to make sure that you have a plethora of microfiber cloths on hand, two or three wash mitts, a gentle scrubbing brush for the wheels and tires, and a garden hose with a sprayer wand. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are using a neutral water source, because using the wrong tap water can cause all kinds of harm. If you are unfamiliar with this “soggy subject,” be sure to read our blog article pertaining to the topic of reducing the risk of contaminated water spots prior to proceeding.

    Step 2: Spray It Like You Mean It

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