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How To Put Tint On Car Windows

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How To Install Window Tint

How To: Properly Apply Window Tint

Have you ever considered tinted windows for your car?;Window tints;do more than just look cool, they also offer numerous benefits for you and your vehicle. Here in this blog post you will learn more about window tints, their;pros and cons and how to install a window tint.

According to the International Window Film Association, window films block 95% to 99% of Ultra Violet Rays. Ordinary car windows only reject 23% to 28% of Ultra Violet sunlight. UV rays can damage the interior of your car, make it generally uncomfortable as well as your skin. Bright light can also make it hard to see while driving.

Window tint installation can be done in two ways: The Do It Yourself way or have a professional install it. If done by a professional, the job will be easy and take a shorter time to complete. It will, however, cost you more bucks.; Good news is that doing it yourself is not terribly difficult. Stick with us on this step-by-step guide to tint your windows like the experts do.

Ceramic Window Tint Film

The crème-de-la-crème of window tints, this contains ceramic particles which offer excellent protection against harmful UV rays and solar heat, keeping the car nice and cool in the summer. Its the newest and most expensive tinting film out there, and it also offers the best finish and the best longevity, as its super resistant to scratches and fading.

  • Pros: Tough and hardwearing, classy matt finish, great protection from UV and heat.
  • Cons: Very expensive and only available from specialist manufacturers.

Tinting Over Factory Tint With Aftermarket Tint

  • Make sure the darkness is legal in your state. Many cars are sold with tint thats as dark as regulations allow, but because regulations are different from state to state, you could buy a car that is factory tinted to be lighter than the legal limits. You can use aftermarket tint to get it as dark as you can while still being legal.
  • Get the advice of a professional. Calculations have to go into how dark to make the aftermarket tint. The aftermarket tint and the factory tint are both going to interact with light in different ways; it takes a professional to determine what tint is appropriate for your car.
  • Never try to tint;over;aftermarket tint. If you already have aftermarket tint, the appropriate solution is to completely strip off the aftermarket tint and then add a new layer. Aftermarket tint, unlike factory tint, cannot be easily tinted over.
  • Dont forget you cant go lighter. Because factory tint is in the window, you cant have it removed to go lighter in tint. When factory tint is involved, the only thing you can do is go;darker.

There are many fantastic types of tint available for cars today, and you dont need to be stuck with factory tint that you dont like. Contact Executive Motorsports for more information about window tinting and modifications. Our experts can take a look at your car and determine the right tint for you! Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Apply Window Tint Film

  • Tip: Always pre-fit the window tint before applying to the window, even if you purchased pre-cut film, to ensure you have the right size.

Step 1: Mist the inside of the window with distilled water. The water acts as a buffer layer when adjusting the position of the window tint on the glass, and activates the adhesive on the window tint film.

Step 2: Remove the window tint film protective layer carefully. Avoid touching the adhesive side of the film as much as possible.

The adhesive will be exposed and dust, hair, or fingerprints that touch it will be stuck in the window tint forever.

Step 3: Apply the adhesive side of the window tint to the wet glass. Position the film on the window where it needs to go and gently hold it in place.

The edges will have a small -inch section where window tint does not go so it doesnt roll into the window track where it can peel.

Step 4: Remove air bubbles in the tint. Using the small squeegee, gently push trapped air bubbles toward the outer edges.

Start in the middle and work your way around the window, pushing the air bubbles out. Water will push out from behind the window film at this time as well; just wipe it up with a cloth.

When the bubbles have all been smoothed out, the window tint will have a slightly distorted, ripple look. That is normal and will smooth out as the window tint dries or heats up in the sun.

Is It Worth It To Install Window Tint Yourself

Tips for Choosing the Best Window Tint for Your Vehicle

As you can see, installing window tint yourself is not an easy thing to do. It requires coordination and skill, along with serious patience and a steady hand. Professional window tinting installation;is not that expensive, and so it can be worthwhile to take your car to a window tint shop. What you have to pay in money saves you time and frustration.

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So How Easy Is It To Tint Car Windows

Ultimately, window tinting takes time, patience, and a steady hand. If clean your windows, cut your window film accurately, and take the time necessary to smooth the film out, you shouldnt have any problems.;

However, this is something that is easier said than done. Thats why most people end up just opting for professional installation because they know it will get the job done right and save them time. For residents in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, SmartFilm provides quality tinting installations for every type of vehicle. Give us a call today to get a quote!

Easy Steps To Install Window Tint

In hot weather, the sun can disturb the comfort of driving. With this in mind, placing a window tint on your vehicle can protect your car interior from UV rays. Also,;window tint film;reduces the heat that can damage your car seats.

Apart from tackling the effects of heat,;window treatments;can enhance the look of your vehicle. However, many people do not know;how to install window tint. Well, this task requires patience and an extra set of hands.

In this article, provide you a great guide on;how to tint car windows yourself. But before you start, do some research on the tinting laws in your state. Now lets get started with these tools needed for this project.

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Turn Up The Music And Drive

Once enough time has passed, you may go ahead and proceed with routine use of your car, knowing your tinted window film will remain ins good shape. We recommend leaving them rolled up anyway, cranking up your car stereo, and going for a ride in your newly tinted automobile. Dont worry, the cars next to you wont see you singing along.

Give Car Audio City a call at if you have any questions, we’re located in National City, California.

Preparing Windows For Tint

How to Apply Car Window Tint to Your Vehicle – How to Install Window Tint using Alpena Products
  • Find a clean and dry place to work. Dust, moisture, and other air contaminants can get under the tint and cause bubbles or peeling down the road.
  • Remove any stickers or other adhesives from the glass.
  • Clean the windows thoroughly using an automotive window cleaner. Spray the solution on the window and use a razor blade to scrape any debris off the window. Be sure to roll the window down slightly to clean all the way around the edges.
  • Use a clean towel to dry the window. Wipe against the edges and seals of the window to get as much moisture off as possible.
  • Roll the window back up and dry any residual moisture.
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    Prep Work Before You Start

    Before we go down to the guide on how to tint windows with rain guards, here are some reminders before we get started.

    • Check out the laws about window tints in your state/city.;Laws that monitor/regulate car window tints vary from state to state. These laws regulate how dark or reflective your car window tin can be. Check out if your state/city has specific laws regarding window tints.;
    • Choose the type of tint you require.;Pick the type of tint that best suits your car and needs. These days theres a wide range of window tints available in the market as well as the methods of application.

    Do Wait To Clean Your Windows

    Wait a couple days before heading to the car wash, as the tinted film needs time to cure. Once you do clean them, a light wipe with a microfiber cloth or soft paper towel should be enough considering the tint is applied on the inside of the window instead of the outside where road dirt and rude birds pose a serious threat.

    But if you have kids in the sticky-hands stage or wet-nosed dogs, your windows might need a more robust clean now and again, and for that we recommend a soft, non-abrasive cloth or paper towel and any cleaner without ammonia . There are even some cleaners made specifically for tinted windows on the market, but a simple mix of soap and water or vinegar and water will do. Just remember: NO AMMONIAit will ruin your tint.

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    Things To Know About Car Window Tinting

    Car window tinting can give a stylish look to your ride and improve visibility by reducing glare.

    Fans of tinted windows say the darkened glass slows fading of interior surfaces due to sunlight exposure. They also say tinting helps keep the temperature inside a car cooler.

    Tinted car windows also bring an additional layer of privacy and security because it is more difficult to see inside the automobile. In some cases, medical conditions may require a car owner to have tinted windows.

    Before you choose to darken your vehicles glass, consider these tips about car tinting, the types available, and the pros and cons of each. And before buying, learn about the state laws around window tinting so you can make an informed decision.

    They Block The Damage Caused By Uv Rays

    How Car Window Tinting Is Done

    The Ultra Violet rays that come from the sun are a form electromagnetic radiation. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation will do a lot of damage to your skin. You will start showing ageing signs at an early age. UV radiation is also responsible for skin cancers around the world. Most window tints are designed to block at least 99% of UV rays thus keeping you safe.

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    The Patient Needs To Be Prepped Too

    The patient, in this case, is your car. Before you go about removing the tint off the windows of your car, you also need to make specific preparations so other parts of your car arent affected by what youre about to do. If you, for example, have decals or stickers on your car windows, youll have to remove them first using any of the above methods. Removing the tint film becomes trickier if there are stickers and decals over the surface of the tint.

    Youll also need to have an extension cord nearby if you need to plug something like, say, a hairdryer or a steamer. Make sure its long enough that you can reach the interior with it. Youll have to work from inside the cabin, especially if you have tint on the interior window.

    If heat and/or ammonia are involved in the tint-removal process, youll have to roll down the windows that youre not working on. If your car has a sunroof, do open it.

    How To Tint Your Car Windows At Home

    If youre looking to add some tint to your vehicles windows but arent sure if you want to spend money on a professional, you might be wondering if you can tint them yourself. Luckily, with the right tools and steps, you can get your vehicles windows tinted in no time. Keep reading to find out how you can tint your car windows at home.

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    How Is Window Tilt Applied

    The process of applying a window tilt is simple:

    • Thoroughly clean the inside of your car
    • Use the outside of the car to shape, cut and prepare the film
    • Use a heat gun and card to remove any air bubble within the film
    • Move the film to the inside of the window and apply soapy water to move the tint into position
    • Use a hard edge to squeegee out any water caught between the window and the film until all is clear

    How Long Should Tinted Windows Last

    How To Tint Windows – Window Tinting For Beginners – Learn To Tint Windows – Tint Training Classes

    The length of time you should expect your tint to last before needing to be redone actually depends on several factors:

  • The type of film used. Simple dyed film, while very cheap, may only last a year or two. Hybrid film which contains both dying and reflective metals lasts four to five years. Very expensive window film, made in a vacuum chamber, can last as long as a decade. You should consider how long you plan on keeping the video when choosing what window film to buy. Also, some hybrid films can interfere with your cell reception because of the amount of metal in them.
  • The quality of the installation. A good professional installation will generally last longer than do it yourself.
  • Your local climate. Window tint generally lasts longer in cooler and cloudier areas. If you live in the desert then the constant sun exposure will reduce the lifespan of your tint. You should talk to your installer or other people who live in your area to find out what to expect. As tint is applied to the inside of the window, it is not affected by rain or snow.
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    Cut Out The Window Tint Film

    For first-timers, it would help if you dont use your window as a guide. Instead, whip out cardboard and cut out a template for the car window. By taking this step, you can produce a perfect window shape and avoid any wastage of film.

    If you cut out the wrong shape, you can just make another template. Now, add three-quarters of an inch to the bottom of the seal. Then let the quarter of inch goes to the top and sides of the seals.

    After completing the template, place it with the film on a sturdy surface. Then use a knife to cut the edges of the material so that it will have the same shape as the template.

    At this point, you should have an outline that matches the window of the vehicle. However, confirm you have the right size by putting it on the glass.

    Before trimming the film, ask someone to hold it for you. You should also cut through the edges as this will prevent any gaps between the rubber seal and edges.

    Can I Tint Over Factory Tint

    What happens if you buy a car with factory tint but want it darker?;There are many benefits to darker window tint on cars, in addition to the look and the appearance. Its relatively easy to tint over factory tint, as long as youre working with a professional. To understand how tinting over factory tint works, you need to understand the differences between factory tint and aftermarket tint.

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    Adhering The Window Tint

  • With your window slightly down, line up and adhere the top of the tint to the inside of your car window. The soapy water will make it easy to slide around so you can get it perfectly aligned.
  • Gently fold the tint and work it underneath the seals on each side of your window.
  • Spray down the window again, and use your hard card or squeegee to push the water out of the edges, toward the top and sides. Keep your free hand on the tint at all times so it doesnt move as during this process.
  • Roll your window up, and spray the bottom half of your window with soapy water.
  • Peel off the rest of the liner, and spray this exposed tint with your water mixture. Both the window and your tint should be wet.
  • Tuck the bottom of the tint into the bottom seal of your window. Spray it down with soapy water again, and use your hard card to push the film down and into the window as you pull back the seal with your free hand.
  • Using your hard card, smooth out the window tint, pushing all the water and air bubbles toward the edges, working downward and outward as you go. Continue to spray your window with soapy water to prevent tears in the tint, until your window is perfectly smooth.
  • Repeat on your other car windows.
  • Carbon Window Tint Film

    5 Benefits of Having a Professional Install Car Window Tint

    Carbon film is a step up from metallised window tinting, as it contains carbon particles which dont interfere with radio and phone reception. Its also great for blocking heat from the sun, even in the height of summer, so you wont need to use the air conditioning as much.

    • Pros: Excellent UV protection and insulation, attractive matt finish.
    • Cons: Expensive compared to dyed and metallised films.

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