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What Does Car Wax Do

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Are Ceramic Car Waxes Good

Why Is It Important To Wax Your Car? – Chemical Guys Car Care

Ceramic waxes are a great option for those traditional DIY car lovers who prefer hand applied paint protection solutions for their car paint. Its better than traditional products, as the added infusion of silicon dioxide and lab-created synthetic paint sealants cures harder, lasts longer, and provides enhanced hydrophobic properties.

The run-of-the-mill natural carnauba wax has a life-expectancy of about three months. Synthetic paint sealants can hold up for about 8 months. The ceramic waxes are marketed as an annual paint protection solution. However, this is where some confusion occurs.

The hydrophobic properties are the leading advantages of ceramic waxes vs paint sealants.

When most manufacturers talk about longevity with their paint protection products, its extremely vague. For example, a leading DIY ceramic coating brand advertises an expected longevity of 2 to 3 years, but they dont really explain what longevity means.

Some people will judge the performance of paint protection wax, ceramic coat, or spray by the time it starts to lose some of its qualities such as a loss of hydrophobic properties. Others judge longevity by the time they start to see faded paint. Thats ultimately the biggest issue weve got with ceramic car waxes in general. Its just not known how long they will provide protection.

Does Car Wax Go Bad Or Expire Learn How To Store It Safely

Car wax is an essential product for all car owners. It protects the cars paint from stains, dirt, grease, etc. and makes it resistant to corrosion. It also prevents damage due to the weather.;

Since car owners use the wax often, they end up buying large cans. Sometimes, these cans stay unused for months and even years. This is when a serious question arises does car wax go bad? Should you use old car wax? How should you store unused wax? We have all the answers. Please keep reading!

Perform The Primary Cleaning

Thinking to wax your car window? Well, you need to perform the primary cleaning first, that too thoroughly. Ensure that the car is free from debris, dirt, dust, and other micro-particles that would otherwise fail the property of making the surface slippery, in the entirety. Not just that, these particles also dont let the wax do its job, because, they dont even let it stick to the glass window. Remember: Use mild soaps with water and a microfiber cloth of clean and dry the car windows.

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It Fills In Tiny Scratches

No matter how much a car is taken care of, tiny scratches are bound to happen. Car wax can fill these little scratches and make the surface of the car look perfect again.

Heres how it does this. When applied to relatively small scratches, the wax fills in the minute depression and provides a smooth surface illusion. In reality, the scratches are not completely eliminated. They are only covered up, such that they become invisible, as the light that hits the cars paint reflects perfectly off it again.

However, there is a limit to the scratches this product can fill up. When you have deep scratches on your car, you may want to seek out more permanent remedies, as car wax might just not suffice.

Why Should You Wax Your Car

What Does Waxing a Car Do? (7 Amazing Benefits)

Cars are so often overused we forget how to properly maintain and care for them. Your vehicle is a major investment in your life that should be cared for rather than ignored.

Today you will learn step-by-step how to make sure your car maintains a shine and gloss more radiant than when you first bought it.

First off, in order to properly wax your vehicle, your car must be washed and decontaminated.

In order to do so, check out ourHow to Detail a Carprofessional detailers step by step article taking you through the wash and clay bar instruction.

This previous step will prepare your vehicle for the next step in car care, teaching you how to wax a car properly.

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What Type Of Wax Should I Use

  • Waxes come in various guises, with the most popular being sprays, liquids and pastes.
  • Spray wax is generally the quickest to apply but make sure you shake the bottle well first.
  • Paste wax tends to be harder to apply therefore is more time consuming, however provides longer-lasting results.
  • Liquid wax sits somewhere in the middle of the effort vs results spectrum. Again, shake before using, in order to mix the ingredients.

Our range of car waxes is extensive and covers all of the previously mentioned types of car wax so you can choose the product that is right for you and your requirements. The budget-friendly products also allow you to test a couple of different formulations without breaking the bank.

Are Touchless Car Washes Better

So-called touchless” washes use chemicals and a powerful water spray to remove dirt. Taljan says that automotive finishes are durable enough for any kind of wash, but that poorly maintained bristle or soft-cloth washes could create problems. As designs, theyre all capable, and I dont have any hesitation with any of them, he says. But as theyre maintained, thats where you can get a difference.

For instance, glossy black exterior trim could end up scratched in washes with hard bristles if they start to fray and get sharp edges.

If you can, take a look at the brushes before your car goes through the wash. If they look dirty, Taljan warns, theyre probably embedded with dirt from other customers cars, which can damage yours.

Dirty cloths or brushes can transfer dirt from one car to another. You dont know who came before you, and what was on their car, Lamberty says, but now it’ll be on your car.

Trouble is, the gentler touchless combination of sprayed-on water and soap alone doesnt always remove all of the dirt. Youre relying solely on chemistry, says Al West, a sales manager at Simoniz, a company that makes chemicals and cleaners for car washes. He says that drivers who usually use touchless washes should occasionally switch it up and get a soft-cloth wash.

Lamberty also suggests that owners carry a soft towel with them to wipe off any residue left behind from a touchless wash.

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How Frequently Should I Clean My Car

Does it rattle with rubbish every time you turn a corner? Do you regularly eat in there? Have you just driven your family halfway across the country? Its time to get out a bin bag and a hoover.

Even if the above questions make you shudder, you should still clean your cars interior every month. Its important to remind yourself a clear car makes for a top resale price. Dont just make it look good when it comes to your first viewing, keep it clean and tidy throughout the sales process.

Dust is your enemy, even in the city, tiny dust particles will make their way into your car and settle on the dashboard, seats and carpet. So get the vacuum out at least once a month.

First hoover throughout, then hit the seats with a tennis racket or similar and repeat. Believe us when we say there will be plenty of dust embedded in there.

The best way to tackle dirt and dust on any vinyl and plastic surfaces such as the dashboard is to simply use a slightly wet cloth, any detergent soap will be able to help with any light stains.

Apply protective solution to any wood and vinyl for good measure.

The scent of cleanliness will be your reward. Much better than a little tree hanging from the rear-view mirror.

Top Tip: Take out the car mats and hoover them on the floor, use a paintbrush to dust out the vents, and see if you can locate and clean your cabins air filter.

  • Every Fortnight:;wash
  • Pro Tip #: Use A Random Orbital Buffer

    Best Car Wax: Does the BEST really exist…

    Another option for waxing your car is to use a mechanical buffer. These can save time and effort and make waxing your car a breeze. However, not all mechanical buffers are created equal. Rotary buffers are very common and people often use them to wax their car. The problem with rotary buffers is that they spin in a circular motion at high velocity. This can cause the edge of the pad to dig into the paint and cause burn marks which may or may not be permanent. The other issue is that rotary buffers can cause swirl marks due to their circular motion. This is due to the pad becoming dry and abrasive leading to micro scratches in the paint that look like swirl marks.

    The best solution when using a mechanical buffer is to buy a random orbital buffer. This type of buffer moves the pad in a randomized pattern rather than circular. The result is an even application of wax without the risk of burning the paint or creating swirl marks. Both the rotary and random orbital buffers are similarly priced. If you are looking for a mechanical buffer then opt for the random orbital buffer.

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    What Is Carnauba Wax

    Carnauba wax, which is often referred to as Brazil wax, is a type of wax which is obtained from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, a plant native to and grown only in the northeastern Brazilian state. Carnauba wax is used across many industries and is a key ingredient in a number of different products such as shoe polishes, dental floss, food products, instrument polishes, and floor and furniture waxes and polishes.

    Carnauba has many useful properties which has to lead to its use in the automotive industry such as

    • High melting temperature

    • Resistance to water

    • In its natural form, Carnauba is hard and dense

    Based on the above properties its easy to see why Carnauba based products became popular within the detailing industry. Carnauba wax by nature is very hard and cannot be used in its purest and most natural form. Only by the addition of solvents, petroleum distillates and oils which are used to soften up the wax, allow it to be used on the surface of a cars paintwork.

    Some brands will claim that their car wax is 100% carnauba wax. This is somewhat deceptive since the 100% isnt in reference to the contents of the car wax.

    The very best carnauba wax is only one-third natural carnauba. Otherwise, it would be too hard to spread evenly and would be impossible to work with as a paint protectant.

    Reason Why You Should Get Hot Wax Service On Your Car Or Truck

    A hot wax car wash creates a barrier between elements and your cars paint. It shields the car from minor physical abuse such as scraping by grime and grit during washing. In addition, it makes washing much easier. The practice of car waxing has many benefits with some positively impacting performance and safety. To improve your cars durability and to help it maintain a brand new look consider waxing. There are several car detailing companies that provide professional services for waxing your car. Most folks love the aesthetic look after the waxing but the protective quality should also be considered. Here are a few reasons why you need a hot wax car wash

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    Adds Another Protective Layer To Your Paint

    Waxing your car adds another layer of protection to your cars paint.

    The colored paint layer of your car is protected with clear coat, which is a hard, transparent layer that sits on top of all paint layers.

    Although clear coat helps protect your paint, it can become damaged very easily by scratching, chipping, and fading.

    Having ultimate paint protection is extremely important, as paint imperfections will easily ruin the look of an otherwise perfect car.

    Additionally, deep paint chips and scratches can cause irreparable damage, such as rust.

    Having the best paint protection is extremely important and another one of the benefits of waxing your car.

    It Protects Against Harmful Uv Radiation

    What does wax do for your car?

    UV radiation is not only damaging to human skin, it can also damage cars paint over time. Thus, cars need as much protection as they can get from the suns harmful ultraviolet radiation.

    Fading, oxidation, and discoloration are some damaging effects of UV radiation on car exteriors. To avoid these negative effects and keep a cars color in good condition, it becomes necessary to form a barrier between the paint surface and the incoming radiation.

    Besides protecting a car from debris and other contaminants, car wax takes in whatever destructive effect that ultraviolet radiation from the sun may otherwise have on the paint job. This is areally important car wax functionto take note of if you stay in sunny climes.

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    How Does Car Wax Work

    Gear4Wheels may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. This comes at no additional cost to you, and all the prices and availability are accurate at the time of publishing.

    There is no doubt you want to maintain the look of your car so it always looks the same as the first day you got it.

    Washing your car can help, but to always have that shine, you must wax your car.

    Whether your car is old or new, it can benefit from waxing.

    Benefits Of Using Car Wax On Glass

    Still not convinced? Lets talk about this more. Wax also reduces the annoying voice coming out of your wiper due to its property of creating a slippery surface. The silky and slippery surface eliminates undue friction and, thus, the unwanted noise associated with it. What other aesthetic benefits it renders? It helps you drive smoothly and enjoy the ride in the rain. With noise? No, thats not a part of the deal.

    Keeping the rainy weather aside, lets talk about the snow. Due to the property of making the surface slippery, it also doesnt let the snow stick on the surface, either window or the windshield. In the case that you see buildup on the windshield, you should know that removing it would also not be a problem at all.

    The hydrophobic layer works wonders, to say the least. Waxing the car surface, windows, and the windshield solves manifold issues. This is the most important reason, as to why almost all car owners agree to put wax on their cars.

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    Do You Need To Get The Undercarriage Wash

    You don’t need this option every time you hit the car wash. But its a good idea to opt for an undercarriage wash at least once a season, especially if you drive through mud or live in a part of the country where roads are salted in winter, CR’s experts say. According to Taljan, rust can start when a cars built-in protective layers are breached, or if mud, sand, and salt get stuck in hard-to-clean recesses of a vehicles underbody.

    If its down by the wheel well, you might trap moisture, you might trap salt, you might trap something thats low pH that might be corrosive, he says.

    A high-pressure wash of a cars undercarriage sprays off those attackers and prevents rust. Just getting all that stuff off is the focus,” he says. “I like something that cleans the underbody, thats just getting the junk out.

    Still, some car washes clean undercarriages better than others. You really have to know the car wash, he says. It really comes down to how much water is coming out of those nozzles.

    Summary: And The Best Wax Remover Is

    Pro Tips: Why Waxing Your Car Is A MUST! – Chemical Guys

    For de-waxing your car’s body, clay bars are the best wax removers, with spray-on wax removers coming in as a close second. When removing wax from plastic trim, magic erasers are your best bet!

    Pro Detailer Bundle:

    Includes Mirror Shine, Full Decon Kit and Microfiber Towels

    New to car detailing? Or just looking to bundle and save? We made this bundle of our most popular products to help you get the best results out of Mirror Shine! Save an extra 23% on the bundle.

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    Improves Shine And Luster

    The most popular highlight of car waxes is that they make cars appear shinier. While this is true, a common misconception is that car wax in itself is a shiny product. It has a mirror-like impression after application that gives the bodywork a factory-like luster.

    Furthermore, by filling in scratches and swirls, it is able to restore a somewhat perfect aesthetic. Due to the protection, it offers against the harmful effect of UV rays, car wax ensures that your paint job remains in prime condition for a longer period.

    When To Use A Buffer / Da Orbital

    • As an alternative, using an electric, battery or pneumatic powered buffer reduces the amount of time you need to spend waxing. However, do give yourself time to familiarise yourself with the process before tackling your pride and joy.
    • Buffers are more suited to vehicles with large, flat panels. Smaller cars with numerous undulations and crevices can present more of a challenge so bear that in mind before choosing the right application method for you.

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    When Should You Get Your Vehicle Waxed

    Before you wax your car, you need to keep a few things in mind. Even though there are many ways on how to do this, it is important to be knowledgeable on a few waxing methods so that you can pick one that is best for you. This is to ensure that your car benefits fully from the waxing.

    One thing to help you know if your car needs waxing is its environment. If your car is mostly in a parking garage or enclosed outdoor parking where it is well-protected from elements, then waxing it roughly twice or more a year would be enough to keep it in shape. But if your car is often exposed to elements, maybe because you are always on the road or because it is mostly parked outside in the open, you will need to have it waxed around three or four times a year. Rain, road salt, debris, ultraviolet rays, industrial pollution, bird droppings and dust particles are all elements that negatively affect your cars paint slowly by slowly.

    The other factor is the age of your car and how well its cared for. New cars dont need much waxing work because their paintwork is still new. But if you purchased a used car which is a few years old and the paintwork looks dull or drab, you will need some regular polishing and waxing to restore it back to life. Another factor to consider is the wax you use. Some waxes will last several months while others will easily come off.

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