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How To Ship A Car Overseas

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What Are Some Issues To Consider When Buying A Car From Overseas

How to Ship Cars Overseas | Loading Cars in Shipping Container
  • Make sure it meets US specifications. Check to ensure that the car you buy meets all the necessary requirements to be driven legally in the United States, including meeting any safety and emissions regulations.
  • Warranty. Does the car come with a manufacturers warranty? If so, where can you get it serviced in the States without voiding your warranty?
  • Shipping. Will you be taking care of the shipping arrangements or will this be taken care of by the dealer/seller? Remember to factor this expense into your purchase price calculations if needed.
  • How affordable is the car to run? Buying a car only represents a portion of your overall cost, so dont forget to consider how much a car costs to run and whether or not it will fit into your budget in the future.

Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

When arranging to move a vehicle overseas, there are several issues which should be carefully considered:

Know the laws and regulations of the United States and the destination country regarding what cars may be imported, and what fees must be paid.

  • Every country has different laws regarding what types and ages of vehicles may be imported and/or exported, and those laws may change without notice. In particular, many countries do not allow the importation of vehicles over a certain age. If a vehicle can be imported, there are several different calculations of tariffs, taxes, or duties, including the value of the vehicle or the size of the engine.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulates goods arriving and leaving the country to ensure that the goods are legitimate and, for arriving goods, that appropriate duties and fees are paid. Prior to your move, you should check the U.S. requirements for importing and the U.S. requirements for exporting motor vehicles.
  • You should work with your international mover to clarify whether the mover will provide customs clearance services or whether you will be responsible for clearance requirements. If your mover is providing these services, you should request that the shipping contract expressly state what items are covered and what items are excluded, and the costs of these services. If your mover does not provide these services, you may wish to consider hiring a separate entity in the United States or abroad to perform these services.

The Following Items Can Be Left In Your Vehicle:

  • Hand tools: cannot exceed $200 in value
  • Jacks, tire irons, fire extinguishers and jumper cables
  • One spare tire or two snow tires, baby / child car seats

As a reminder: Before shipment all vehicles will be subject to a joint inspection where all damages and blemishes will be documented. You will be requested to signoff the DD788 inspection form as a mutual record.

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Multiple Ways Of Exporting Your Vehicle Safely

Our reputable contacts have more than one way to export your vehicle out of the country by ship, and theyre adept at them all. Heres a list of the options available to you:


Cheapest Option. Reasonable Timeline.

Your car will be shipped overseas in a multi-level cargo hold of a large ship with other vehicles, secured and braced with tensioned straps attached to the vehicle frame.

  • Cheapest shipping option
  • No belongings are allowed inside your vehicle
  • Vehicle is driven on and off the ship
  • Open to the elements while waiting for transport
  • Reasonable transportation time
  • More flexibility for unpopular shipping routes

Consolidated Container

Average Cost. Reasonable Timeline.

Your vehicle will be loaded and secured with a few other vehicles inside of a 40 foot or larger metal shipping container and placed on the deck of a large ship for transportation overseas.

  • Median shipping cost
  • Allowed a few items inside your vehicle during shipping
  • Vehicle is driven or rolled inside container and secured with wood blocking or special racks
  • Secure and safe method of transporting overseas
  • Protection from the elements while waiting for transport
  • Reasonable transportation time

Sole Container

Highest Cost. Fastest Timeline.

Your automobile will be loaded and secured by itself inside of a 20 foot metal shipping container and placed on the deck of a large ship for transportation overseas.

How International Car Shipping Works

How to Buy a Car in the USA and Ship it Overseas

To ship a vehicle overseas, youll first need to get free shipping quotes so you can get an accurate cost estimate. uShip carriers are able to provide exclusive rates that you wont be able to find anywhere else.

Once youve found an international car hauler that youre comfortable with, your carrier will pick up your vehicle and transport it to the port. Once its at the port, your car will be driven onto a RoRo ship or placed in a container to be shipped to its destination port. Below is the full process of how to get a car shipped overseas:

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Europe

The first question many will ask when it comes to having a car shipped to Europe is how much more expensive it will make their movie. This is important because a major part of moving usually involves sticking to a budget.

When it comes to discussing the price for shipping a vehicle to Europe from the US, it depends on the car moving company you select as well as your specific needs.

On average, if you elect to move your car using a shared consolidated container, you can expect to pay about $900. However, for added security, you can also get an individual container with a range of sizes to choose from. Most common is 20ft or 40 ft. These cost $2,900 and $4,200 respectively.

A less expensive way of shipping your car overseas is known as the RoRo Shipping method. Basically, this involves having your vehicle driven onto a ship for storage using its own power. Many people look at this as a parking garage on water.

Once loaded, your vehicle would be tied down by clamps, straps, and many other mechanisms to keep it in place for the journey. Unlike container shipping, you must remove all items from your car, you have to leave your keys with the shipping company, and your vehicle must be operational. On average, people spend about $850 to ship via the RoRo method.

Prices also vary based on the distance from your home to a major seaport, overall distance to the cars destination, the cost of insurance, which is mandatory, and any taxes.

Finding A Port In A New Country

The same as with your local companies, you have to find one in your new home country and check the deals. Unloading fees, customs, and other services can be quite expensive, so to avoid any unpleasant surprises, check all fees, and costs of transport. In some cases, these services are included in the initial estimate, but that is not the general rule.

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Ship Your Car Overseas Or Buy A New One In The New Country

Youre moving to another country, so the big question is whether or not you want to bring your car with you. Now, the decision whether to ship your car overseas or not must be an informed decision that is, one that youve reached after analyzing carefully your specific situation.

In case your final decision is to ship your car to the country youre moving to, then one thing is crystal clear: youre going to need to find a reputable and experienced international car shipping service provider.

Safe Transportation For Your Vehicle

How To Ship A Car Overseas From US I Shipping A Car To Dominican Republic

Shipping your car overseas is often done via cargo ship containers.

Relocating to another country or being one who frequently travels internationally can be a hassle if you have belongings to bring along with you. Fortunately, with all of the transport companies available worldwide, it is easy to find a transporter you can trust to deliver your vehicle safely to another land. Depending upon the method of transport you choose, the vehicle may be able to contain some of your belongings so long as they are permitted in the country into which they are being shipped.

Traveling wherever you wish to go when you have your own vehicle makes planning your own trip, accommodations, and pace far more possible. Taking public transportation in foreign lands can sometimes prove to be extremely confusing. That is, if public transit even exists in the country in which you intend to reside. The language barrier can also be a concern when relying on public transportation abroad.

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Organize Car Insurance For The Trip

Many international car shipping companies are only liable for a maximum of $500 per vehicle. Making sure your car is covered during the transportation ensures you are fully covered for any mishaps.

Many problems might occur during transportation, so you want your insurance to cover them all.

If you have a favorite set of wheels, it will make sense to ship it to your new country provided you have fully investigated all possible costs and correctly organized the shipping.

Uk Ports And Local Agents

When shipping cars to the UK, your own vehicle will be transported to either of these UK ports: Felixstowe, Liverpool, London Gateway, or Southampton.

A local UK agent will take care of your freshly delivered car as far as clearing the import customs, unloading the shipping container, and providing local delivery to a UK address that you have specified, if necessary.

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Everything You Need To Know About International Car Shipping From The Usa

Shipping a car internationally is actually just as easy as shipping a car across the country, but there are some key differences. The practical concerns are largely the same. Youll still need to go through the steps of finding a reliable auto transport management company. Youll prep your vehicle for international car shipping in the same way. And your car will be picked up by a trucker and put on a car carrier at the start of its journey just like it would if it was being shipped domestically.

Thats where the similarities between shipping a car across the country and international car shipping end, however. Its not that international car shipping is more complicated, but rather that theres more to think about when a vehicle is moving between countries, traveling over both land and sea, and subject to the laws of multiple nations.

Montway Auto Transport has been helping customers ship cars internationally for years, and we wanted to share what weve learned so that you can ship your car overseas more easily. After all, you have enough on your mind and your plate whether youre selling a car to a foreign buyer or youre moving abroad yourself. Heres everything you need to know about international car shipping:


Five: Get Your Vehicle To The Port Of Origin

How do major car manufacturers ship cars overseas?

You can drop you vehicle at the port, or Ship Your Car Now can arrange for transportation of your vehicle to the port. This will be discussed in the initial call and your quote will reflect this.

Final Payment. The final invoice will be generated once your vehicle is picked up by Ship Your Car Now, or it arrives at the port of origin . This final invoice must be paid before your vehicle has arrived at port of destination you will incur storage fees.

Dock Receipt. If you are dropping your vehicle off at the port you will need a dock receipt before arrival. This will be issued through your representative at Ship Your Car Now once your booking is completed. If we are transporting your vehicle to the port we will handle this.

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The Process Of Shipping A Vehicle Internationally

An overseas transport is a process that requires professional attention. The vehicle will have to comply with the restrictions and regulations set by the host country. The car and paperwork will need to be prepared accordingly. An international auto transport company can help stay on top of matters and make the process go more smoothly.

Below, you will find a step-by-step list explaining the shipping process for an automobile.

  • Research transport companies near your current residence. Read reviews and ratings for each potential company on the Web, and narrow your results down to a select few. Call these companies to address any of your concerns and receive a quote.
  • Book your vehicles transport at least two months in advance.
  • Start preparing for the shipping process. Fulfill inspections, start gathering the necessary documents, and pay all tariffs associated with the transport. Provide all of the proof required by the host country Customs.
  • Clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Check all of the fluids and make sure the fuel is less than a quarter of a tank full. Also fill the tires with air if needed.
  • Arrange any rides you may need to retrieve or drop off the vehicle.

Preparing for international car transport can be time consuming. Nevertheless, with the assistance of seasoned professionals, the process of shipping should go over smoothly and your vehicle should arrive safe and sound at the port of your new home or destination country.

Distance To The Destination Country

One of the factors that will greatly influence the international car shipping cost is the distance to the foreign country. Thats easy to guess, of course. In general, the vehicle shipping costs start at around $700 and can reach $4,000, or more depending on the specific circumstances.

The greater the distance, the higher the transportation cost, of course. For example, shipping a car from the United States to Europe starts around $700 for a small car and can go to around $2,000 for a full-sized SUV. Also, shipping a vehicle from the U.S. to Australia will cost around $3,000.

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Taxes And Charges At The European Destination

Import duties, taxes, and charges will also affect the final car shipping cost from USA to Europe. And while its true that each European country will have its own pre-set charges, you should expect to pay around $550 per car. Bear in mind that destination charges are not usually included in the international shipping cost that you will be quoted.

As a rule of thumb, destination taxes and charges are higher for container shipping than for RoRo shipping where cars are simply driven off the ship without the need to use a crane for unloading the containers.

Other Car Shipping Costs To Consider

Shipping Cars, Boats, Trucks, and Machinery Overseas International Shipping. How to ship a car?

Make sure to budget for these additional line items when transporting a car to another country:

  • Its always a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance that will protect your car when its on the open water, even if your shipping company does not require that you do. Check with your existing car insurance policyholder to see if they offer marine insurance. Your shipping company may have it as an add-on option as well. Otherwise, purchase marine insurance from a third party.
  • Destination charges. Once your car arrives at the port of your new country it will have to be trucked off of the freight carrier and safely navigated through customs. Youll need an agent to do this for you, since youre not permitted to do it yourself. Most shipping companies hire agents at the port or can guide you in the right direction of where to hire one. Expect to spend another $500-$800 or so for the service.
  • Customs duty. Customs duty is a tax charged on items that are shipped internationally. Youll need to check with the port of the country youre moving to in order to find out what their customs fees are. Generally, this fee is calculated as a total percentage of the items value.
  • Additional taxes and fees. Sales tax, processing fees and other additional charges may apply when you transport a car overseas. Your shipping company may be able to give you an idea of what to expect, but keep some wiggle room in your budget just in case.

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When Should I Start Shipping My Car Overseas

When starting an international car shipment, it is best to have a week or two of leeway. This will give you the appropriate time to gather all your documents and info. Also keep in mind the overall transit time, so you can plan around when the vehicle will arrive overseas. If you need your vehicle overseas at a particular time, you should start as soon as possible to make sure the arrangements go smoothly.

Dont Choose Your Car Shipping Company Solely On Price

You will be facing a lot of costs associated with your move abroad, and it will be tempting to pick the freight company with the cheapest car shipping quote.

But more important is choosing a company that has experience shipping to the country you are moving to. Each country has its import policies and paperwork, and any delays due to incorrect or incomplete paperwork could mean your car stays in storage waiting on the correct information to be supplied.

Storage costs can be expensive and will be something you havent budgeted for.

Your shipping company should be able to provide you with references from previous clients and they should be able to easily answer any questions you have.

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Dont Use Your Car As An Extra Suitcase

It probably makes sense to you to pack some of your clothing and household items into your car, but dont.

The cost of sending your vehicle is based on the weight of your vehicle. If you have put other items in the car, you could get charged more, or they may not send your vehicle until you empty it.

From the time you give up possession of the vehicle, it could get moved several times and it will most likely be left unlocked throughout most of the trip. Your items could easily be stolen, and the shipping companys insurance wont cover any items within your car.

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