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How To Ship Your Car

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How To Prepare Your Car

Auto Transport – How to Ship Your Car | Best Moving Tips 2019 | Cheap!

Being prepared is the best thing you can do when it comes to car shipping. First and foremost, each of your family members will need to pitch in for your car shipment to be a success. Before your family helps you with preparing your car, however, you will need to choose a reputable auto transport company. After you’ve chosen the appropriate shipping service, it is time to turn your attention toward preparing your car for shipping.

You will want to start by washing down the exterior of your car.

Getting a visual inspection of the vehicle is a good idea, as it will allow you to account for any damages your car has incurred up until now. Document any damages you spot with your phone, and then upload them to the cloud on the Ship a Car Direct phone app. This way, you will have a record for the inspection report you will need to receive and sign before the actual shipping company arrives.

Inspect your vehicle for any signs of leakage. Also inspect the engine compartment and underneath your car. Make sure there is absolutely no leaking around your fuel tank. If you see any leaks, no matter how small, you should have them fixed before the auto shipping company arrives.

To make sure that the shipment does not have any extra weight, you may want to leave your gas tank only 1/4 full. Likewise, the battery in your vehicle needs to be completely charged before they arrive, and the battery should be secure to help prevent it from shifting around while your car is being transported.

Open Carrier Vs Enclosed Truck

There are two basic options when it comes to shipping your vehicle: you can choose an open carrier truck or an enclosed truck. Typically, enclosed shipping is more expensive.

In exchange for the additional costs of an enclosed truck, you get peace of mind. You will know that your car is better protected from any type of damage it might receive during the shipping process.

On the other hand, while enclosed shipping offers more protection, it might not be worth it if you do not own a high-end vehicle. In most cases, cars transported in open carrier trucks arrive in great condition and you can potentially save yourself some money.

Why You Should Hire A Shipping Company Like Ship A Car Direct

Along with the resources weve previously mentioned, we have created helpful car shipping videos to answer any questions or concerns you may have with car shipping. We have a large database that has over 2,500 screened auto shippers for you to choose from, whether you want to ship your car to California, whether its San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles or anywhere else. We do not require an upfront fee to provide you with this service. We take the hassle out of car shipping.

If you need further convincing, simply look at the numerous 5-star reviews our team has worked effortlessly to receive.

Contact us today at 866-221-1664 for a free auto shipping quote!

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car Across The Country

If you are deciding between shipping or driving your vehicle, be sure to calculate the true cost of driving your car across the country, including all of the expenses. This estimate should not only include gas, but also food, snacks, hotel stays, toll booth fees, and more. After averaging it all out and comparing, most people discover that shipping their car is not much more expensive than driving it. And, in some cases, it may even be cheaper.

With that said, here are some of the more inexpensive options:

Shipping Your Car Terminal-to-Terminal

Terminal-to-terminal shipping is often the cheapest way to ship your car, which involves dropping your car off at a regional storage terminal and picking up at one near your new home. Terminal-to-terminal options may not, however, be available if you are moving to or from a rural or remote location. While terminal-to-terminal shipping is cheap, do not forget that it is also a bit slower and can force you to leave your car in a terminal for at least a few days. But, if you have the time and do not want to pay the extra money, terminal-to-terminal shipping can be a great option to transport your car without driving.

Tips To Cheaply Ship Your Car

How to Ship My Vehicle Across Country

The cheapest way to ship a car is mainly determined by the type of vehicle and how far it has to travel. That said, here are some proven ways to save money on car shipping:

  • Do your research: Research your options. There are many ways to transport a car cheaply.
  • Compare rates and services: Dont use the first company that you see. Compare rates to save the most money.
  • Find the best transporter for your needs: Determine what is most important to you when shipping a car.
  • Use terminal-to-terminal shipping: Although this is the cheapest option, it is often slower and less convenient. It involves finding terminals to ship your car to and from, as well as carriers that want to stop at these terminals.

Learn more about the types of auto transport available in the uShip car shipping guides.

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How Do You Ship A Car In The Usa

Where you land on the shipping spectrum will depend largely on the kind of car that youre shipping. Moving a five-year-old family sedan is obviously quite different than shipping a rare antique vehicle. The good news is that there are several options available to ship a vehicle nearly anywhere in the world.

The most popular car shipping methods are:

How To Find An Auto

If you reside in a big city, these days its as simple as typing my city auto transport into Google. The my city being either the city you are shipping to or from.

Literally hiring a company online to move your car is usually the easiest part of the entire auto transport process. Its cheaper than hiring a professional driver, keeps miles off your tires, and its helpful if you arent able to drive the car to your new place yourself.

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Do You Need Insurance To Ship A Car

Although many car moving companies offer extra damage insurance for your vehicle while in transit, you arent required to purchase it. Personal automobile insurance is also not required. The shipping company is required to carry liability insurance that covers themselves and any damage your asset may cause on the trip.

What Is Cross Country Vehicle Shipping

How To Ship A Car Correctly

Cross country vehicle shipping is a type of service provided to move cars state to state or city to city. Auto transport haulers travel about 500-700 miles/day and deliveries take anywhere from 1-9 business days after booking. Certain pickup and/or drop-off locations, like Hawaii for example, might take longer. Some companies offer expedited pickup and delivery for an additional cost.

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How To Get The Best Vehicle Transport Rates

To get the best vehicle shipping rates, youll want to obtain multiple quotes. Obtaining numerous quotes ensures you are getting the very best price possible on vehicles shipping. That said, there are other things you can do to lock in great pricing as well, such as:

  • Research: Research your options for car shipping and decide what your needs are.
  • Match a Transporter to Your Needs: Once you understand what you need in an auto transporter, youll want to find one that matches your requirements.
  • Open-Transport: Open-transport is hands down the cheapest way to ship a car.

The cheapest way to ship a car will greatly depend on how you choose to ship it however, with a little research, you can get the best rates any day.

Select Your Auto Transporter

At this point, you can either choose an instant rate or try your luck on the uShip marketplace. If you decide to place your vehicle on the marketplace, youll want to wait about a full day to allow carriers to find your shipment and start bidding for the job. The longer you keep the listing active, the better the price should be. This is a great way to go if you arent in a hurry to ship.

Before accepting a car transport quote, click on any transporters name to be taken to their uShip profile. Once youre there, youll discover more information about the company, how many successful shipments theyve completed, how many loads theyve canceled, photos, equipment lists, insurance information, and real customer-provided feedback from previous shipments performed on uShip.

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Is Open Transport The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car

Yes, open transport is still consistently the cheapest way the ship a car. However, its not the only way.

Car shipping costs tend to vary among different transport carriers, and the price goes up as you add options, such as specific delivery dates or an enclosed or open carrier.

The price will also depend on your type of car. For example, if you are shipping a classic car or a relatively larger vehicle, it may cost you more.

Since the auto transport industry can vary with its pricing, its best to get a free quote from the best auto shipping companies to better understand what your shipment will cost.

Ship Your Car Overseas Or Buy A New One In The New Country

How to Ship A Car Overseas Via RORO Ship?

One important question that you need to ask yourself is this – is it even feasible to take your old car to a new country? Or would it suit you better to purchase a new one there? You need to decide on this after considering several important factors. Lets dive into these below so that you can make an informed decision:

If you end up deciding that shipping your car overseas would be the best choice, youll need to find a reliable company for the international shipping of your car.

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Things To Know Before Shipping A Car

The experts at Intercity Lines cover 10 tips and topics you need to know before shipping a car across the country to places like Los Angeles, New York or locally. Whether youre shipping a classic car or an exotic car its important to understand the different types of auto transport companies and how the process works.

Some car shipping companies like Intercity Lines have $2 million dollars of insurance to protect your vehicle other car moving companies have much less. Its important to understand these differences and more before deciding on an auto shipping company to ship your vehicle. Our 10 tips for shipping a car will give you peace of mind when selecting a car transport service and getting a shipping price.

International Car Shipping By Plane

Air freight, or shipping your car by plane, is the most expensive method of transporting a car internationally. However, its the fastest way to ship your car. So, if you can afford it and need it done fast , then go for it. Reasons to ship your car internationally by plane include the convenience, the speed, and if your car is highly valuable .

Just like with ocean freight, to be accepted on the plane, your car must be in running condition and have no personal items inside. You also cant leave more than one-eights of gas in the tank. The door-to-door delivery option is available, as is the terminal-to-terminal, which is less costly. The documents youll need are mostly the same as you would need to ship the car by boat . We recommend contacting the embassy of the country of your destination to get information on the current tax rates and the most up-to-date import laws.

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Whats The Most Common Tactic To Trick Customers

After ten years of experience, I know its simply to promise impossibly low prices in order to get you to book right away.

Do not simply request quotes from as many companies as you can. By giving away your info, you will run into very persistent sales people that will never stop calling you. Furthermore, there are some companies that look like transport companies but are actually what are known as lead generators. This means the information you put on their site is going to be sold to 10 or 15 different companies. Your phone will not stop ringing for days!

You want to get as many quotes as you can, but you need to make sure the company is a legitimate broker or carrier before you inquire. How? Check for and read verified reviews before requesting quotes. This will help you avoid bad websites. Did you get an extremely low quote? Thats a red flag.

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car

How To Ship a Car To Hawaii

How long it takes to ship a car depends heavily on the distance the car is being shipped and on the company doing the shipping. Moving a vehicle over shorter distances, such as 300-500 miles, may only take a couple of days, but shipping a vehicle across the country can take as long as a week or more.

Get a Shipping Quote: 953-2543

Montway provides fast and reliable car shipping

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Check Payment Method Fees

While most shipping companies accept all forms of payment , some employ a 2% to 3% surcharge when you use a credit card. Be sure to find out what payment method your shipping carrier takes and if you’ll be charged extra to pay with a credit card.

Most transport companies charge a deposit before they pick up your vehicle this amount is applied to your total upon delivery. Some carriers offer a 100% refundable deposit. If you’re concerned about getting a refund for any reason, this might make going with a carrier a better option for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car Across The Country

This is a loaded question because costs will depend on quite a few different factors. Anything from the type of transport to the time of year can have a big effect on the price youll ultimately pay to get your vehicle from one place to another. uShip, for instance, lists prices between $800 and nearly $1,000 to ship a Chevy Malibu from Indianapolis to Los Angeles. On the other side of the coin, shipping an F-150 from NYC to LA will cost well over $1,000. Those are most likely open-air shipping prices for truck transport, so the numbers may change significantly for other methods.

Those prices are for commuter vehicles, but classic cars, collector vehicles, and exotic cars all carry additional charges. In general, these vehicles can carry up to a $3,000 premium over their more middle-of-the-road counterparts for additional insurance and more careful shipment handling.

Below is a sample quotes table for 2014 Toyota RAV4. Your quotes will differ depending on your vehicle, your dates and shipping destinations. Make sure to get multiple quotes to lock down the best price possible.

New York, NY Miami, Fl

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Hitch Your Car To A Moving Truck

If youre driving a moving truck to your destination, you may be able to hitch your car to the back using a tow dolly or car trailer. Check with your truck rental company to see if its something they allow . Do note that this will add more of a challenge to your drive in terms of mobility, so if youre already uncomfortable about hauling a big moving truck, you may not want to deal with a car trailer too.

How To Ship A Car To Germany

Car Shipping

When shipping your car to Germany with Schumacher Cargo Logistics we take care of everything you need. From inland transport to the departure port to making sure your paperwork is in order. We also offer door to door delivery option.

Our warehouses include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston TX, Savannah, Miami, and New York.

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Using A Private Driver

If putting miles on your car isnt a concern, private driving options are available. These drive-away services are generally more expensive than using a car transporter but may allow for more control over the timeline because the driver doesnt have to make additional stops for loading or unloading other vehicles.

If you have a willing friend or family member to enlist, that may be the cheapest avenue for getting a vehicle from Point A to Point B. But with the rise of the internet marketplace, its easier than ever to find people willing to transport your car for a fee. On one end of the spectrum, there are professional drive-away services that manage qualified drivers for these gigs. On the other end of the spectrum, some people may offer their driving services independentlyand without any real qualifications.

For this reason, its important to exercise caution when hiring a private driver. Make sure they are covered by insurance to drive your vehicle, they have a clean driving record, they know what to do in case of a mechanical problem and so on. When getting quotes, also make sure every expense is discussed upfront so you dont get blindsided by hotel bills or food costs later.

Friends or family members can also make good candidates for these jobs, especially if you would benefit from having their help on either side of the journey .


  • More control over the timeline
  • Your car gets one-on-one attention
  • You can pack items in the car


Make An Early Reservation

The more time companies have to bid on your job, the more likely you are to get a low price. One company might submit a bid of $950 the first day, while another could come in at $875 the next day. The longer companies bid against each other, the lower your price goes.

The benefits of making an early reservation max out at about two weeks, so you dont have to spend months waiting. Just plan ahead.

You could save hundreds of dollars.

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