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How To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early

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Defaulting On The Lease

How to Get Out of a Car Lease Early

If you need a fast way out of your lease, you can return the car via voluntary repossession. In a voluntary repossession, you arrange the time and place for the lease company to take the car back.

Simply returning the car will NOT void your lease, however. The leasing company will charge you early termination fees and may force you to pay the balance of the lease agreement. Your credit score will also take a hit .

But you will avoid the repossession fees that repo companies charge, which can help if you are already in a difficult financial situation.

Can I Change My Lease Car For Another Car

Every lender or dealer agreement is different. However, you can trade-in your leased car for a different one in nearly any scenario. Just make sure to read through your agreements to know all the fees thoroughly.

Before going through with this option, evaluate the value of your leased car to see how much you might have to pay out of pocket beyond fees. There are some cases when youd have to pay larger fees to trade in a leased car.

What Not To Do When Leaving A Car Lease

There are often limits on how you can leave your leasing contract early, if you can at all. But some things can make it a lot more complicated or write early termination off as an option altogether.

Depending on how long is left on your lease and the amount you’d need to pay to get out early, it might be cheaper to stick with it.

Check your contract and see what you’d stand to pay if you ended your lease early and weigh whether you can afford to. If your early termination fees are high and would leave you struggling to meet other payments, it might be cheaper to keep the car and continue with your agreement.

If you simply no longer love your car, but it still meets your needs and budget, it’s not the best time to consider getting out early. You’ll probably be better off waiting until the end of your contract before looking at a car you want to avoid unnecessary and pricey fines.

You’ll also need to make sure that you keep up with your monthly payments, even if you’re considering leaving your lease early. Remember, your leasing company is entitled to any money you owe them.

If you miss your payments, the leasing company may sue you to get their money back. Skipping any repayments could also impact your credit score, making it more difficult for you to take out a lease or other loans in the future.

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How Can You Get Out Of A Car Lease Without A Penalty

Even though there are ways to get out of a lease without a penalty, youll need to pay some fee, depending on the method. Before doing anything, thoroughly read your lease agreement. Youll want to know everything that may cause you to be penalized.

Below are the penalty free ways to escape a car lease.

Edmunds: Three Smart Ways To Get Out Of Your Car Lease

5 Ways to Get Out of a Car Lease Early

Lacie Romano, a Los Angeles resident, is stuck paying for a vehicle she no longer needs. Like many Americans, her situation has been upended by the pandemic. I leased a 2019 Lexus NX 300 before the pandemic started but Im only driving it a couple times a week now, Romano said. I really like my Lexus but its hard to justify the monthly payments. What should people in this situation do?

On the surface, getting out of a car lease isnt difficult. A typical lease agreement has instructions on how to end or terminate early. Its the potential financial penalties for doing so that are the issue. Minimizing this financial fallout is key.

To start, identify why you want to get out of your lease. You might be in a financial situation similar to Romanos, or maybe you want out because your vehicle no longer matches your needs or wants.

Here are three ways to go about it.


Consider this method if you dont need your vehicle anymore or cant justify the payments. The financial impact will depend on: a) your vehicles residual value; b) its actual market value; and c) how many payments are left on your lease.

The residual value, which is listed in your lease contract and set by the financial company, is an estimate of how much the vehicle will be worth when the lease expires. It also serves as the purchase price of your vehicle should you choose to buy it at the end of your lease.




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Trade Or Sell The Car

Some people do not realize that they can buy and sell the car independently. Most lease company allows you to buy the car at any time that you are leasing during the lease period. If you want to sell the car then ask your lease company to know the cost of buying the car at this current time. Then find someone to buy the car from you for that amount. This method will be a far better option to get out of a car lease. As it looks uncomplicated but if not you can pay the amount of cash for the car, you need to encourage someone to give the cash for the car before the deals. You can engage your family member who loves you and car dealers who solved the problem of ending the lease by trading the leased car. In this way, you can get rid of expensive fees and penalties that are included in the contract.

Can Everyone Swap Leases

According to Hall, it is possible to transfer about 80 percent of leases with no strings attached. But even after a person transfers the lease, approximately 20 percent of leasing companies require the original leaseholder to retain some “post-transfer liability” for the vehicle. This means that the name of the person who originated the lease remains on the contract and the original leaseholder can be held financially responsible for unpaid balances. Such a liability could result from excess mileage charges or lease-end fees.

In these cases, the person who signed the original lease is essentially a co-signer on a loan, Hall said. If the second person defaults, the bank will try to recover the money from anyone else named on the contract.

The easiest way to see if your lease can be transferred is by reading the disclosures on your lease agreement. “Transfer of equity” is contract jargon that essentially says you’ll still be financially responsible if you transfer a lease to somebody and the new lessor fails to pay. If your lease allows for a “full lease assumption,” you can transfer your lease to a new user and wash your hands of all responsibility.;

A small percentage of leasing companies don’t permit transfers at all. If you think you might want to transfer your lease down the line, find out if the bank that’s handling your lease will allow you to do so.

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How To Get Out Of A Car Lease Early The 8 Best Ways

Having or driving a car is most important for people because it gives us status or prestige and provides freedom for random traveling. Some people fulfill the wish of having a car by getting a lease. Because leasing a car has many benefits especially, the monthly payment is lower than buying a car. The volume of leasing a car has increased fast over a couple of years. Leasing a car is especially good for office going people who travel on a regular basis and where there is no public transport. As many people love car leases because they can drive a new car every few years with a lower payment and low maintenance costs, whereas some of you need to get rid of a car lease.

There are many reasons to get out of a car lease. Like, maybe you are not financially stable currently means disable for monthly payments and maybe you have no job now or your job location has changed where there is a lot of public transport available. Also, you may want to buy a big car that supports your family or maybe you are the person who loves to drive all the latest car models. These could be your basic reason to get out of a car lease. So, how can you get out of a car lease early? In this guide, we will explain broadly the best ways to get out of a car lease. Read this article you will know everything you need.

Trade It For Another Vehicle

Can I get out of my auto lease early?

This is not a good idea if you need to end your lease because you are leaving the country or are in financial trouble. But if you simply want to drive another type of vehicle, you can certainly change over to a different one. Youll may have to pay early exit fees, but you wont usually be on the hook for the rest of the payments in your current lease. Also, switching to a less expensive model might save you in monthly paymentsor at least it doesnt hurt to ask.

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Default On Your Lease

This is the nuclear option. When you absolutely, categorically can’t make your payments, you’re going to need to default on your loan.

In this scenario, you need to contact your lease company and tell them you want a voluntary repossession of the car. This comes with fewer penalties than a forced repossession, where you refuse to give the car back and don’t make the lease payments… not a great idea!

At this point, your finance company will let you know your options. In most cases, the company will want to work with you and can offer arrangements to let you keep the car and perhaps pay them off over a longer-term . If this isn’t an option, you will need to hand the car back.

Of course, you’re then liable for the remaining lease payments and will have to pay back the debt at some point. This is obviously a very stressful situation to be in. Defaulting on your car lease will punch a huge dent in your credit score and may reduce your chances of getting a mortgage, or a personal loan if you need one. If you’re stuck in this situation, it’s important that you seek debt advice.

What Is Early Termination Insurance

If you dont want to be charged for ending your car lease agreement early, you can choose to take out an insurance policy that covers the cost of ending it.

Finance providers wont require you to have early termination insurance before you can lease or finance a car. Its an optional form of cover, like GAP insurance.

At a glance summary, early termination is available in the following circumstances:

  • Accidental death

However, you should be aware that it doesnt cover:

  • Claims relating to Covid-19
  • Claims made within the first 90 days of the policy starting
  • Any excess mileage charge or reconditioning/repair costs
  • Any arrears in your finance payments
  • Any reduction of value of the vehicle following damage repair or contract mileage being exceeded

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Reasons For Early Termination

The reasons for ending or changing a lease agreement are usually dictated by either a change in lifestyle or financial status.

Reasons can include:

  • Vehicle needs have changed: Maybe your family is growing and you need a bigger car, or maybe you need a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Annual mileage has changed: Your new commute might force you to exceed the annual mileage restriction for your lease.
  • Change in location: You’re moving to a new city where you won’t need a car.
  • Improved financial situation: Thanks to a raise at work or an improved credit score, you can now afford a larger monthly payment.
  • You changed your mind: It’s human natureyou thought you really wanted one vehicle, but after driving it for a while, you decided it’s not right for you.

Whatever your reasoning behind early lease termination is, you’ll need to know what you’re up against.

You Might Be Able To Leave A Lease Early Without Penalties

How to Get Out of a Car Lease Early

People who are experts when it comes to leasing cars know a secret many car leasing rookies don’t: It may be possible to get out of a lease contract early, and do so without getting hit with a ton of penalties. We’ll talk about two methods here. One requires some luck; the other doesn’t.

If you want to get out of your lease, a trade-in isn’t your only option. There are Web sites that let you find someone to assume the rest of their lease payments.

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Sell Or Trade The Leased Vehicle

How do you sell a car you don’t technically own? That seems difficult, but most leases do allow you to buy the car you are leasing at any time during the lease period. To sell the leased car, you should ask the lease company what it would cost you to buy the car at the current point. Then all you need to do is find someone willing to buy it from you for that amount. It seems straightforward enough, but unless you can pay cash for the car yourselfunlikely since you’re trying to get out of the leasethat means you need to persuade someone to give you the cash price for a car you don’t yet own, before you can buy it to sell it to them.

The most likely candidates to participate in such a complicated scheme are your family members and car dealers . Some consumers “solve” the problem of ending a lease by trading in the leased car on the purchase of another car. That way, all those expensive fees and penalties are rolled into the car loan. They haven’t gone away, of course; you are just paying them over time with interest, and possibly digging yourself a deeper financial hole than you were in already.

Three Alternatives To Lease Swapping

Depending on your goals, there are other possible ways to get out of your lease. These include:;

  • Trading in the car. Car dealers sometimes will allow you to exchange your current automobile for a different model. This option is a mixed bag. In many cases, you still have to pay the early termination fees, although theyre rolled into your new payments. In other words, the pain is simply spread out over a longer period of time.;
  • Buying the car.Often, a leasing company will let you buy the car before the lease runs out. This is a course that you might want to take if, for instance, youve exceeded the leases mileage allowance and you know you want to hang onto the car long-term anyway. The leasing company should have a payoff schedule that shows how much youll have to pay to make the car yours.;
  • Selling the car. Another alternative is buying the car in the middle of the lease, if thats allowed, and selling it to someone else. But be forewarned: The lease payoff amount might be higher than the cars , forcing you to take a loss on the sale. But if that loss would be less than the early termination fee and other penalties, then its something to consider.

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Arrange Collection Of The Vehicle

When you see out a lease agreement, collectionresponsibilities could fall on either party. However, when you terminate yourcontract early and successfully pay the outstanding finance, you will becontacted by the company who will arrange a suitable day for you to hand overthe keys.

To find out everything you need to know about returning your leased car, see our full guide to doing this here.

Is your lease car due to be collected soon? Moneyshake finds you the best in-stock car lease deals, bringing all brands, products and special offers together in one place.

Read Your Agreement Carefully

Can I get out of a car lease?

Even though you hopefully already did this when you first signed the lease, its a good idea to reread it with this in mind. Is there anything here that penalizes you for ending the contract early?

In the vast majority of cases, there will be. But you should also look for any exceptions or situations in which you can avoid these penalties.

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Ask To Lower Or Suspend Payments

This option doesnt involve breaking your car lease. But it could make the lease more financially bearable if youre having trouble making payments.

Talk to the leasing company. Dont be embarrassed if youve run into financial trouble. Focus on a solution. Its certainly better for you and the lender to suspend payments rather than stop paying altogether, leading to a possible repossession.

The lender would have to pay to repossess the car, process the paperwork and sell the car at auction, usually for a loss. You dont want to have a nonpayment or repossession on your .


You Do Not Want To Default On The Lease

Defaulting means you can no longer make the monthly payments and you simply quit paying. Do not default on the lease. It will have absolutely disastrous results. For one thing, you are breaking a contract. Far worse, your credit rating will be destroyed for years to come, making it hard or impossible to get any future loans or credit cardsat least at reasonable interest rates. Do not do this.

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