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Where To Register My Car

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Out Of State And Imported Vehicles

How to register your car

If you did not purchase your vehicle in Texas, please choose the scenario that best fits your situation.

A vehicle must be titled in your name within 30 days of the date of sale to avoid delinquent transfer penalties. Additionally, you must register the vehicle within 30 days of bringing the vehicle to Texas, and the vehicle must pass a Texas inspection before it can be registered. After having it inspected, take the following to your county tax office to title and register the vehicle:

  • Proof of Inspection
  • Proof of liability insurance meeting State of Texas minimum requirements
  • The vehicle’s odometer reading if it is required
  • An original out of state title or other valid ownership evidence
  • Proof of sales tax payment or current foreign/military ownership document
  • Registration fee ,
  • Title application fee of $28 or $33, depending on the county,
  • State portion of the vehicle inspection fee
  • Local county fees
  • 6.25% vehicle sales tax,

The vehicle must meet all federal and state importation requirements prior to titling and/or registering the vehicle in Texas.

Step 1: Properly import your vehicle

Your vehicle must meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .

More information concerning customs matters is available from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Step 2: Obtain a Safety inspection
Step 3 Obtain a VIN inspection
Step 4: Apply for Texas title/registration

Vehicle Tags Titles And Registration

Kansasâ 105 county treasurers handled vehicle, registration, tags and renewals. The treasurers also process vehicle titles and can register vehicles including personalized license plates.

Application for a certificate of title and registration must be made through the local county treasurerâs office where the vehicle is garaged. To avoid penalties vehicle registration must be made within 60 days of the vehicleâs purchase, the day the title was assigned to the new owner or the day the bill of sale was completed for an antique vehicle.

Kansas Division of Vehicles can print duplicate titles, and customers can reprint tag renewal notices online.

New Resident Titling & Registration Requirements

New Resident Titling Checklist

Registration Checklist

You have 30 days from the date of becoming a Missouri resident to title your vehicle.

If your lienholder is currently in possession of your out-of-state title, please complete the owner and vehicle/unit information sections of the Owner Out-of-State Title Request. Mail, email, or fax the completed form to your lienholder to request the original out-of-state title. If the lienholder is unable to release the out-of-state title to you, the lienholder may complete and notarize the bottom section of the form and return the completed form along with acceptable proof of ownership documents to you. Once you have received the out-of-state title or acceptable proof of ownership documents, you may apply for Missouri title and registration.

To obtain a Missouri title and registration on a motor vehicle currently titled in another state, you must submit the following:

  • Original title, or proof of ownership in accordance with the laws of your previous state where the vehicle is currently titled in your name
  • A current insurance identification card or other proof offinancial responsibility
  • *A Missouri safety inspection not more than 60 days old
  • *An emissions inspection not more than 60 days old, if you reside in St. Louis City or the following counties: Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, or St. Louis, if applicable.
  • You will pay:

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    Arizona Vehicle License Tax

    The state also charges a vehicle license tax at every registration and renewal. This tax is assessed for each $100 of your vehicle’s value. Note that the value of your vehicle is calculated as 60% of the original manufacturer’s retail price, and that total will be lowered by 16.25% at every registration renewal.

    For each $100 of the vehicle’s value, you will be assessed:

    • New vehicles: $2.80.
    • Used vehicles: $2.89.
    • Alternative Fuel Vehicle: $4.

    Please note that if you are registering your vehicle for 2 years or 5 years, you will be responsible for paying the total tax amount for all years you are registering for.

    All MVD offices accept checks, money orders or cash. Some offices may accept credit cards. Call before visiting to make sure.

    Restorations Engine Swaps Kit Cars Salvage Vehicles

    Can I Register a Car in a Different State than I Live In?

    Contact us with specifics before you begin work.

    Title – Make sure you own the car! You can do a title-only transaction and establish legal ownership of a vehicle without registering it. Vehicles coming from out-of-state must have a VIN inspection.

    Inspections – Many salvage vehicles, kit cars and antiques have to be inspected by the DMV and/or a licensed mechanic. See the publications and forms under Vehicle Ownership Forms and contact a DMV VIN Inspector.

    Engine Swaps – See the Nevada Engine Swap Fact Sheet . Contact the Emissions Lab in Las Vegas or Reno for requirements if the vehicle will be based in an area where smog checks are required.

    Salvage Vehicles – There are strict laws, special requirements and several classifications for vehicles that have been severely damaged. Review our Salvage Vehicles page carefully.

    Vehicle Equipment RequirementsCars & Trucks | Trailers | Motorcycles | Federal Standards

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    Vehicle Identification Number Inspections

    A VIN inspection is required for any vehicle that has never had an Indiana title. If you are new to the state, you will need to have this completed.

    The VIN inspection can be completed at any IN BMV branch office for free, or by a police officer who may charge a fee of up to $5. The police officer will need to fill out the Affidavit of Police Officer/Physical Inspection of an Indiana Resident’s Vehicle/Watercraft .

    Do You Need Proof Of Insurance To Register A Vehicle

    Most states require you to present proof of insurance before you can register your car. You need to have a current and valid car insurance policy that meets your states required coverages before you can register your vehicle.

    States that Require Proof of Insurance for Car Registration

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    Forty-two states and Washington, D.C., require you to have a car insurance policy that meets the states minimum required coverages to register your vehicle.

    Many states use an electronic insurance verification system to identify a drivers insurance status. If the system recognizes you as uninsured, you will not be able to register your car in that state.

    This electronic system also prevents you from canceling your car insurance after a successful registration without repercussions. If you discontinue your coverage, your states DMV will be notified, and your registration may be suspended.

    You can register your vehicle without having car insurance in Arizona, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. However, most of these states require you to have insurance within a specified period after registration Virginia and New Hampshire are the exceptions.

    To register your vehicle, youll likely need:

    • Drivers license or another form of identification
    • Proof of insurance
    • Car title or signed lease agreement
    • Vehicle registration application form
    • Registration fee payment

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    Replace Lost Or Stolen Az License Plate

    Should you lose your AZ license plates, you’ll need to replace them immediately. You may do so either in person or .

    NOTE: Notify the police if you suspect your plate was stolen.

    In-Person Replacement

    Visit any MVD office with:

    • One form of identification .
    • Either the license plate number or vehicle identification number .
    • Payment to cover the $5 replacement fee.

    If it’s a standard plate and it is in stock, you should receive it before you leave. If you’ve requested a specialized license plate, the MVD will mail it to you. The license plate tabs will not be given to you at a MVD office or 3rd party vendor the tabs will be mailed to you.

    Replace by Mail

    • A completed Plate Notice .
    • Check or money order to cover the $5 replacement fee and first class postage.

    Registering A Vehicle In Arizona

    What You Need To Register Your Car at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

    The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division requires you to register your vehicle in person at a branch office. If you purchase your vehicle from a dealership, in most instances the dealer will submit your vehicle registration documents for you. Be sure to confirm to avoid any confusion.

    Make sure you have an active car insurance policy when registering your vehicle.

    Compare rates and buy your policy online: Visit the Insurance Center > >

    Arizona Restricted Use Permit

    Any newly purchased vehicle new or used must be registered before it can be driven. To drive it for an emissions test, vehicle inspection, or to the MVD to register it, you may apply for a restricted use 3-day permit. You can do this online, provided you have a printer, by visiting the ServiceArizona website. The fee for a 3-day permit is $1.

    Note: Even if the seller inadvertently leaves the plates on the vehicle, you cannot drive it until it’s registered under your name. Should this occur, surrender the plates to any MVD office.

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    Register And Title A Passenger Or Commercial Car Truck Motorcycle Or Suv

    You or your business must register and title any vehicle you own or lease. Registrations do not need to be in the owner’s name, or for only one person. When you purchase a new vehicle through an auto dealership, the auto dealer can register and title the vehicle, and issue plates .

    See more information about

    Documents To Bring To The Mvd Field Office To Register A Used Vehicle

    Certificate of Title The current outstanding Certificate of Title for the vehicle, with the Assignment of Title section completed on either the front or reverse side, and signed by the former owner of the vehicle. The location of the Assignment of Title section can vary according to the age of the title. The title document has undergone numerous revisions throughout the years. No copies are accepted.

    Odometer Statement The seller and the buyer must sign a document that shows that they agree on the odometer mileage reading at the time of the sale. Any one of the following documents can be used for this purpose:

    • Complete the Assignment of Title section on the back of the Certificate of Title Bill of Sale | MVD Form 10009 |
    • Odometer Disclosure Statement | MVD Form 10187 |
    • Application for Vehicle Title and Registration | MVD Form 10002 |

    Proof of Insurance In New Mexico, drivers are expected to operate their motor vehicles with a minimum of liability auto insurance. Minimum auto liability insurance amounts required in New Mexico are:

    • $25,000 for bodily injury to or death of one person,
    • $50,000 for bodily injury to or death of two or more persons, and
    • $10,000 for property damage in any one accident.

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    Missouri Resident Titling Requirements

    You have 30 days from the date of purchase to title and pay sales tax on your newly purchased vehicle. If you do not title the vehicle within 30 days, there is a title penalty of $25 on the 31st day after purchase. The penalty increases another $25 for every 30 days you are late with a maximum penalty of $200.

    To title a motor vehicle in the state of Missouri, the owner must submit the following:

  • A signed Application for Missouri Title and License
  • An identification number and odometer inspection, if ownership of the motor vehicle was transferred to you on a title issued by another state or country. This inspection can be completed by a Missouri authorized inspection station. A safety inspection, not more than 60 days old, will satisfy this requirement
  • A notarized Lien Release , if applicable
  • Additional documentation may be requested at the time of titling.
  • You will pay:

    • State tax of 4.225 percent, plus your local sales tax on the purchase price, less trade-in allowance, if any. Our online sales tax calculator may help you estimate the taxes you will pay
    • The $8.50 title fee and the $6.00 processing fee.

    To title and register a newly purchased motor vehicle, please refer to the Buying a Vehicle page of our website.

    Military Personnel Stationed Out Of State Titling And Registration Requirements

    Registering Your Vehicle in North Carolina

    To obtain a Missouri title and registration on a motor vehicle, you must submit the following:

  • The Certificate of Title, properly signed over to you, a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin or proof of ownership in accordance with the laws of the other state or country NOTE: If one of the ownership documents listed above is not available, please contact a license office for additional information and assistance.NOTE: If there is a lien on the vehicle, you should obtain the title from the lienholder to submit with your application. The lien will remain in force. When the Missouri title is issued, the lien will appear on the face of the title. Missouri titles are mailed to the vehicle owner. If you are unable to obtain the title, please contact us at 526-3669 or you canAsk Motor Vehicle!
  • A current insurance identification card or other proof of financial responsibility
  • Either a statement of non-assessment from your Missouri county collector’s office showing you do not owe property taxes or, if your home of record is not Missouri, a Leave and Earnings Statement to verify military status and state of residency. Two year registrations require statements from the prior two years.Visit the State Tax Commission for a list of assessors NOTE: If the LES shows Missouri as the state of residency, you will need to show personal property tax receipt or statement of non-assessment.
  • You will pay:

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    When You Get Your New Sticker

    Your licence plate is not valid if the validation sticker is not attached to it.

    Keep your old licence plate sticker on until you get the new one.

    As soon as you receive your new sticker, attach it to the upper right-hand corner of your rear licence plate or on the front plate for a commercial vehicle.

    How Do I Renew Online

  • Find out if you can renew online:
    • You have:
      • a Class 3 passenger vehicle – car, light truck, van or motorhome
      • a Class 3 motorcycle
      • a Class 3 off-highway vehicle
      • a Class 1 or Class 3 commercial trailer
      • a Class 2 farm vehicle – truck, utility, sport utility or cargo van
      • a Class 1 commercial car rental
    • Your vehicle is not registered as a fleet or company vehicle
    • Your address has not changed
    • Your registration has not been expired for more than 12 months
    • Your vehicle has valid insurance
    • You want to renew your vehicle registration for one year
    • You have no outstanding fines, maintenance enforcement restrictions or motor vehicle debts
  • Have the following ready before you renew online:
    • Your MyAlberta Digital ID account information.You will be required to sign into your MyAlberta Digital ID account in order to complete the service.
    • Your current vehicle registration certificate, which contains your licence plate number and your registration number.
    • Your valid driver’s licence, which contains your driver’s licence number and your MVID.
    • Your valid insurance pink card as proof of insurance coverage. Your insurance must provide public liability and propertydamage coverage under an owner’s automobile insurance policy as provided for in the Alberta Insurance Act.
    • Your credit or debit card ready to make a payment. MyAlberta eServices accepts Visa Credit and Debit, MasterCard, American Express, or Interac Online.
    • How can we help?

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    Visiting Your Mvd Office

    • A completed Title and Registration Application .
    • Proof of passing an emissions test, if you reside in Phoenix or Tucson.
    • The results of your test will be automatically sent to the MVD.
  • Proof of a Level I inspection, if applicable.
  • This only applies if you do not have your car’s registration certificate and/or title. A Level I inspection merely verifies your vehicle identification number .
  • MVD offices provide this service free of charge.
  • Your car’s out-of-state title, or, if it’s held by a lienholder, your car’s current registration certificate.
  • If you’ve lost your registration, visit our Replacing a Lost Registration page.
  • Your out-of-state license plates.
  • . The MVD provides a list of acceptable documents.
  • Payment for Arizona registration fees .
  • The MVD will mail you the registration documents and license plate tabs the paper receipt will serve as proof of your registration until the registration and tabs arrive.Arizona car registrations are valid for 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years. Vehicles exempt from emissions testing are eligible for registration for 5 years.

    For detailed information on titling, visit our Arizona Title Transfers page.

    When You Move To New Mexico From Another State

    Can I Still Register My Car with All In One Vehicle Registration if My Tags Are Expired?

    VIN Inspection Only required for vehicles coming to New Mexico from another state. The vehicle identification number inspection is usually done by a MVD agent at a MVD Field Office. However, not all Field Offices perform VIN inspections, and some require an advance appointment. Call your local MVD Field Office to inquire about VIN inspection availability and scheduling.

    You can get a VIN inspection conducted by a Certified VIN Inspector at participating partner offices throughout the state.

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    Where Do I Mail My Tags In Georgia

    Find the mailing address of your County Tag Office. Mail all required payments, documents, and fees to that address some offices have different addresses for mail and in-person service, so be sure to check that you have the right one. Also, be sure to make copies of everything for your own records.

    How do I register my car in Columbus GA? Generally, you will need the following in order to register your vehicle in Georgia: The location of your County Tag Office. Valid Georgias drivers license or ID card. A completed Form MV-1 Title and Tag Application (you can do this online or print and fill out

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