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Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car

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Ceramic Coating Your Vehicles For Added Protection

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Ceramic Coating

Well, there you have it! Those are 7 benefits to a ceramic coating your vehicles.

Remember, besides having a car that looks brand new, and for a longer amount of time, youll be getting a ton of other benefits, too. Your car will be better protected from the elements, like the sun, dirt, and mud, and be easier to clean.

And while it may cost a bit more up front to get a ceramic coating for your car, as compared to traditional waxing, youll be preventing damage that can cost way more.

Looking to set up an appointment to get a ceramic coating for your vehicle soon? Contact us today, well be glad to assist you!

Benefit : Hydrophobic Properties

Water contains calcium and other mineral deposits that can cause stains on your vehicle over a prolonged period of time. Keeping your car dry is easier said than done, however, especially during the rainy season. One of the benefits of having a ceramic coating is that its hydrophobic, which means that water molecules are repelled and easily slide right off when they come into contact with the product, beating the hassle of having to run a cloth over your automobile every time it gets wet.

Do Ceramic Coats Void Manufacturers Warranty

Thats a tricky question to answer as it depends on the ceramic coating used and the manufacture warranty on paint. For the most part, a professional-grade nano ceramic coating installation on your new car will not void a manufacturer warranty. This is amplified and supported when the pro-grade coating is backed by a reliable company like Carfax.

However, the jury is out when you take the initiative to apply a DIY ceramic coating. There are multiple variables that can cause damage, such as applying too much, leaving the coating on too long before removal, or trying to remove mistakes with chemicals or cutting compounds.

If youre going to complete a ceramic coating application to your new car, truck, or SUV, ALWAYS opt for a professional installation of a high-quality ceramic coating to ensure your factory warranties will stay active. Which transition nicely to our second TIP.

KEY TIP #2 If you have a matte finish or custom paint job applied by the factory, ALWAYS consider your paint protection options. With a matte finish, youll want to use a professional-grade nano ceramic coating, a clear bra, or a combination of both. If rocks or road debris causes minor scratches on a matte finish, youre pretty much S.O.L.

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Mothers 01024 Cmx Ceramic Spray Coating

The CMX ceramic coating product is a highly durable, professional-grade coating product that can protect your cars outer surface for a prolonged period. Moreover, it can also eliminate water completely from your two-wheeler and make your car maintenance task a lot simpler and easier.


To manufacture this product, Mothers has used a careful amalgamation of TiO2 and SiO2. Due to this reason, the coating has a higher capacity of water repellency and can also enhance your four-wheelers look by a mile. Besides, Mothers has also implemented nano-quartz technology in it, so the ceramic coating can also provide a glass-like appearance to your car. However, to get the optimum result, you will have to clean your automobile thoroughly first.

After application, the coating creates a thick layer on your car, which can protect the car paint from UV rays and road grimes. It is also quite easy to use. To make your car look brand new, you would only have to spray the liquid on it and wipe it evenly. Hence, if you are a do-it-yourself person, then this one from Mothers should be perfect for you. Also, if you want to, then you can take off the coating just by applying water on your car and rubbing it with a microfiber towel.

Content of the Kit:

The kit contains only a single piece of 24-oz spray-on bottle.


Downside : Difficult To Apply Yourself

Best ceramic paint coating for cars

A ceramic coating application requires moderate to advanced skills, otherwise it can cause lackluster or even damaging effects. This involves several intricate steps including a thorough washing, chemical decontamination, polishing, and drying. Most car owners are insufficiently trained for such a job.

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Are Ceramic Coatings A Miracle Fire And Forget Product

Absolutely not, despite being very durable they still need maintaining. Beware of the hype that comes with many car treatment systems that promise no polishing and lifetime protection with no maintenance as part of the deal.

We have worked on countless vehicles with various coating systems applied and have yet to find any that meet the often extravagant claims made by the industry. It is simply not possible to coat a car, then treat it to the occasional wash, and for it to remain glossy and contaminant free several years down the road.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating To Your Cars At Home

If you decide to apply a ceramic coating to your car at home, you will need to follow the instructions exactly. Here is a list of the general steps that you need to follow for your DIY ceramic coat application:

  • Prepare your car for the coating by washing it thoroughly and then drying it off carefully using a microfiber towel. If there are any imperfections on your car such as paint scratches or swirl marks, you will need to fix them before you start the process as you dont want them to be sealed in.
  • Park your car in a well-shaded place. If you have a garage, leave the door open. Just make sure it is not under direct sunlight.
  • The kit will come with an application pad. You need to pour the ceramic coating on this pad to ensure a smooth and optimal finish. This method will be far better than applying the coating with a cloth or sponge. Use a crisscross motion while applying the coating with the pad over the surface of your vehicle.
  • If there is a leftover residual ceramic coating, wipe it away using a microfiber cloth. After this, buff your entire vehicle using a second microfiber cloth.
  • The ceramic coating needs to be allowed to dry completely. Although each type of paint has its own drying time, usually it is around 48 hours. Be sure to leave your car in the shade while you wait for the coating to dry, so its better to choose a time when you wont need to use the car.

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Can I Wax My Car After Getting Ceramic Coating

Applying car wax will negate the hydrophobic properties that make ceramics such special products in todays world of contaminants and dirt buildup on vehicles all around us every day so skip the wax altogether! Opt for a good quality booster rather than something as simple as applying old-fashioned carnauba or liquid waxes, which may merely work against you with your modern product application needs.

Final Thoughts About the Ceramic Coating Pros and Cons

It is quite clear that you need to be educated about the product to make a sound decision. Ceramic Coatings can benefit your vehicle and add value! However, it would not be wise if these were considered one-stop solutions with miracle effects on any exterior problems of your car -but as you can see, the benefits easily outweigh the disadvantages.

Its important for people who want their vehicles looking great outside and inside alike to understand what this treatment entails before choosing whether or not theyre right for them. There might also come up questions like how much does ceramic coating cost? How long do coats last? Thats the reason we went ahead and answered them in this article.

A Ceramic Coating will help add value to your vehicle. At San Antonio Auto Detailing, we are leading installers of these coatings for the San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas. If you want more info or would like an appointment with us today, feel free to schedule an appointment.

Myth #: Ceramic Coating Is Easy To Apply

Are Ceramic Coatings good for your car?

While DIY ceramic coating kits feature an application process that is relatively easy, the amount of prep time required prior to installation is quite time consuming. Surface blemishes, clear coat oxidation, and paint correction must all be attended to ahead of applying a ceramic coating. Remember, once cured, a genuine ceramic coating product will become semi-permanent, so it is best to do your prep work properly the first time to avoid any regrets down the line. Just like marriage prenups

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Should You Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle

Ceramic coating is not a one size fits all solution to protect your paint. For some vehicles, its life changing. After a few washes, youll wonder how you ever lived without it. For others, you might feel let down, thinking it was going to make a bigger difference. So which vehicles will benefit from a ceramic coating and which ones wont?

Downside : Expensive If You Hire A Professional

Hiring a professional to apply the ceramic coating for you is a smart move, but this can take several hours, maybe even a day or two, depending on their schedule. Needless to say, detailers dont work for free, and you should expect to pay not just for the coating but their services as well. The cost adds up to a thousand dollars or more, and for people on a tight budget, its just not worth it.

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How Do You Maintain A Ceramic Coated Vehicle Looking Sharp

The best way to keep your cars new paint job and glossy finish intact is by regularly hand washing the entire body with water, pH-neutral soap, and towel drying it off afterward. Use this washing technique at least every other week or when necessary for more time-consuming jobs like tree sap removal so that dirt doesnt begin accumulating on its surface without being removed right away through regular maintenance, which can be costly if it has already become ingrained in the pores of the coating over time from neglecting these basic steps!

The Final Verdict On Ceramic Coatings For Cars

Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car

Like any other industry, you get what you pay for which applies to nano coatings for cars. Ceramic Pro 9H gives you the best bang for your buck, provides superior protection, and is applied by experts, while you sit back and relax. To learn more about the benefits of Ceramic Pro 9H and to request a free estimate, click the link below.

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Diy Ceramic Coating Kits

For car owners that dont want, or simply cannot afford to pay the the prices a professional ceramic coatings involve, a DIY kit can perform almost as well as a professional product minus the cost, of course, and also with less time involved.

And if some of you might stay away from applying a ceramic coating due to not knowing how to do it, worry no more. Anyone can do it with just a bit of knowledge and training. We have even written a blog post on this so check it out and see just how easy applying ceramic coating can be.

What about DIY ceramic coating. Is it worth it? Now when it comes to DIY ceramic coatings, its very important to pick the best products you can get to render the best results. If you are after the professional results, but at a friendly price, Nexgen Ceramic Spray is a professional grade seal and has one of the highest SiO2 formulas. On top of that, it has one of the fastest applications available on the market today, not to mention a little goes a long way!

What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating On New Cars

A ceramic coating elevates protection to your new paint job the highest level. This ultra-concentrated quartz coating uses advanced nano technology to penetrate microscopic imperfections found in all porous surfaces including the vehicles paint clear coat, headlight covers, glass, carbon fiber, and more.

When the cars paint and other surfaces are clean and free of tiny contaminants, the microscopic nanoparticles will fill those peaks and valleys, leaving the surface exceptionally flat. With every additional layer or ceramic coat, the protective shield will expand, and the level of protection against minor scratches and exposure to harmful elements increases.

A growing trend in the import performance market is installing chrome vinyl wraps to new cars. Proactive car owners add a professional-grade nano ceramic coating on top of that wrap to enhance their protective efforts.

Ceramic coatings for cars deliver a plethora of benefits including:

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Are Ceramic Coatings Right For You

Yes, absolutely. The upfront investment in the protection of your car will pay for itself in the long run. Of course, it wont make your car bullet proof, but it will do a much better job at protecting your car than an ordinary wax or sealant. If youre looking for protection against rock chips, a clear bra or paint protection film is your best option.

It Protects Your Car From Uv Damage And Oxidation

Why this is the BEST Ceramic Coating for your Car & Wheels

Frequent exposure of your car to the sun will cause the car paint to oxidize, resulting in dulled and faded paint. That’s why you can see some cars with crusty a layer when the clear coat starts to fail, think of it like your car getting sunburnt. Using the right coating will help create a robust layer of protection on your cars paint against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. That way, the amount of oxidation that happens on your car paint is substantially reduced. A great addition to your windows too, especially with window tinting for maximal protection.

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Protects Your Car From Uv Radiation

You dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that UV radiation is harmful. Health problems aside, overexposure to UV radiation can fade and dull your cars paint well before its time. This is especially true if you always park your car outside. Ceramic coatings minimize oxidation and UV damage, thus keeping your car bright and shiny for a longer time.

How Do I Keep The Car Clean In The Meantime

A careful and regular washing regime using a PH neutral shampoo and/or hydrophobic spray will keep your car looking pristine. We can supply these products directly or point you in the direction of online retailers. The cost to you is the same either way. Also avoid letting your vehicle air dry always use quality microfibre to dry.

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Things That Ceramic Coating Cannot Do

Every product in the world has drawbacks. Whether they are deal breakers or not is for us to decide. These are not exactly demerits just things that ceramic coating just does not promise to do.

Protection from All Types of Scratches and Swirl Marks

Ceramic coating will not protect your car from the usual threats: scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips. Despite its blending properties, it still retains the characteristics of paint. This is why you should still expect your car to be at the receiving end of these common, undesirable elements.

For protection from scratches and chipping, you should opt for the more advanced paint protection film.

Protection from Water Spotting

As discussed before, after the application of ceramic coating, water-based contaminants will bead on your carâs surface and eventually slide off. But they still contain natural minerals and soluble particles that will stay on the surface after the water has evaporated.

Ceramic coating cannot get rid of the water spots that are produced as a result, removal of which will require a far more hands-on approach.

Stop the Need for Car Wash

You will still need to regularly wash your car. A layer of ceramic coating does not give your car superpowers to auto-clean itself. While we are all waiting for a miracle product that would do that, for now, letâs focus on the bright side of ceramic coating.

How Much Does A Ceramic Coating Cost

Should you consider ceramic coating for your car?

Its important to note that the price of the ceramic coating depends on three main factors: the quality of the ceramic coating, the size of the vehicle, and the vehicles condition. The quality factor is self-explanatory. Higher coatings will cost you more bucks than the lower-quality counterparts. Secondly, if your car is bigger, theres much more surface to coat, which should cost more than coating a smaller car.

The vehicles condition is a very important factor. Lets say your vehicle has some scratches, dents, faded paint, or rust. Those issues are first addressed before the ceramic coating comes into play. From this viewpoint, it will cost you more to ceramic coat a used vehicle than a new one.

Typically, a ceramic coating job should cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $5,750. A used car should cost you an average of $2,000 to ceramic coat. A used car will cost you around $1,500. For a more accurate cost, consider using the ceramic coating calculator on

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Prepping A Car For Ceramic Coating: How It Works

Imagine putting on a sleek black tuxedo after rolling around in the mud. Unthinkable, right? The same applies to ceramic coating. Creating the ideal situation for a coating is the first step to ensuring optimum results. Needless to say, its more complicated than you think. Heres how your car needs to be prepared for a ceramic coating treatment.

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