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What Is The Safest Car For Teenage Drivers

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Honda Accord 2013 And Newer

Safest cars for your teen driver

Full disclosure: this was actually my first car ever . My sister and I shared the car, which really means the first time I ever got to drive it was when she went off to college. When she bought her own car, guess what she bought? Yep a Honda Accord.

Honda Accord has been considered the gold standard for mid-size sedans for years and for good reason. They can seemingly run forever with little problems and are extremely reliable commuting cars. 2016 models and newer come with an awesome standard safety package that includes adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane and road departure intervention. The Accord also is an IIHS Top Safety Pick and has been for over 30 years. Its moderate price point doesnt hurt either.

The Best Sports Car For Teens: Subaru Brz

Why should you buy this: Its all the sports car youll ever need.

Whos it for: Wannabe racers.

How much will it cost: $28,845+

Why we picked the Subaru BRZ:

The Subaru BRZ is exactly the kind of car enthusiasts beg car companies to make. Like its nearly identical sibling, the Toyota 86 , the BRZ is a relatively inexpensive, small rear-wheel-drive sports car that offers a high ratio of fun per dollar.

With its low-slung two-door coupe body and exciting driving experience, the BRZ is one cool item. But its not exactly the fastest car in the world, which should be a relief to parents. The 2.0-liter flat-four engine produces 205hp, which is enough to let the BRZ get out of its own way, but not too much for new drivers to handle.

As driving skill and bank accounts expand, the BRZ still has a lot to offer. The Subaru sports car has become a darling of the aftermarket, so there are plenty of opportunities to boost performance with modifications.

Report Compiles List Of Safest Cars For Teen Drivers

NEW YORK, NY A new report identifies which cars can keep teens stay safe on the road. Teen drivers can be easily distracted and dont have the experience behind the wheel to avoid a crash. Thats part of the reason teenagers are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to older drivers.

Consumer Reports Jennifer Stockburger says its important parents make sure new drivers have the right kind of car. Consumer Reports teamed up with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to create a list of new and used cars for teen drivers.

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Shopping For A Used Kia Soul

The Kia Soul underwent a full redesign for the 2020 model year, and the 2021 model arrives relatively unchanged. You can save money buying a used 2020 or earlier Soul. However, if you choose a Soul from the previous generation, be sure to find out what features it has.

2021 Toyota Camry / Photo Credit: Toyota

Pickups: 2007 Toyota Tundra Double Cab $12200

Safest Cars for Teen Drivers

The IIHS included pickup recommendations because its survey found that 14 percent of teenagers are driving pickups. And this Tundra was a redesigned entry for Toyota competing with American stalwarts from Ford, Chevrolet and Ram. Reviewers in 2007 praised the large size and roomy interior in the crew cab.

The V-6 engine in the base model is rated for 15 MPG in city driving and 19 on the highway. Avoid the V-8 model, which will be too costly and have too much tempting power. And when it comes to price, the Tundra is about $4,600 cheaper than the only other recommended pickup, the 2011 Ford F-150.

First published on October 8, 2015 / 6:00 AM

Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes.

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Other Features To Consider

  • Infotainment system with voice recognition
  • Airbags, at least six
  • Auto on-off headlights

In addition, several carmakers, including Lexus, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Toyota, Kia, Ford, and Hyundai, offer some type of programmable driving monitor to help keep track of and set limits for your teen driver.

For example, Ford has MyKey, and Chevy uses General Motors Teen Driver Technology to help parents monitor their teens driving habits. They can even set certain limitations, like maximum speed, into the system.

Midsize Car: 2012 Honda Accord $10900

The 2012 Accord was among the top-rated midsize sedans among reviewers surveyed by U.S. News. Reviewers noted that this Accord had an unusually spacious interior for the class with seats roomy enough for tall people — handy if your teen is friends with basketball players. Test drivers also praised the Accord for its agile handling.

The base LX version is powered by a four-cylinder engine EPA-rated at 22 MPG in city driving and 34 on the highway.

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Teen Driver Check Out This List Of Safest Used Cars For New Drivers

Choosing which vehicle to purchase for yourself can be a difficult decision to make. Most of us have a pretty good idea of what we are looking for in a new car, whether it has to do with cabin room, safety ratings, the exterior paint job, or in-vehicle technology we all have our must-have lists mentally saved for our next car purchase. For those drivers who are looking at buying a vehicle for their teen driver, that must-have list is probably even more important.

Picking out a car for a new teen driver can prove difficult. Drivers dont want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but they want their teenager to be safe behind the wheel. Buying a quality pre-owned car from one of the many used car lots in Kentucky, can be a great way to accomplish both of these goals.

While your teenager is cramming for their drivers license test, and your stress level is at an all-time high, take a deep breath and relax. Keeping your teen safe behind the wheel without taking out a second mortgage is possible, and easier than you might think. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released their list of the safest used cars for teenagers, and we have the scoop on each one they recommend.

Best New Cars For Teens

Bigger, Heavier Vehicles Safest For Teen Drivers, Report Says

Consumer Reports and IIHS name safe, reliable new cars and SUVs that are smart choices for teens

It is an exciting, and worrisome, time when a teenager first gets their drivers license. Parents want to empower their child to be safe and responsible behind the wheel, starting with a good drivers education program, car insurance, and an appropriate car.

Picking the right car can be the hardest part, as there are so many factors to consider. That is why Consumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have combined forces to recommend new and used cars that testing and analysis have shown to be best suited to inexperienced drivers.

We understand that most families are budget-conscious, factoring in the likelihood of dings and dents, in their car selection. But we come at the problem looking for vehicles that can help avoid collisions and limit injuries should a crash happen, then direct families to choose what works best for their budget and needs.

The reality is that driving risk is highest at age 16, according to IIHS. Its data shows that the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16- and 17-year-olds is about four times the rate for drivers 20 and older. This underscores the importance of keeping teens safe during those first driving years as they gain maturity and experience.

The high prices for used cars may lead more families to consider buying a new vehicle for their teen, IIHS President David Harkey says.

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More Information & Free Helpful Resources

With;this helpful search tool, you can shop for any of the 65 vehicles on this list. That search tool will show you which dealers in your area are giving you the best price.;

Depending on how much your teenager will drive and how many miles are on the vehicle they are driving, an extended warranty could be beneficial. To help you make the best decision, we have thoroughly;reviewed the top aftermarket warranty providers. Through these reviews, we answer the main questions and concerns about purchasing an extended warranty. We have done the same with the;top car insurance providers.;;

While you are shopping for a used car for your teenager, be mindful of things like;odometer rollback fraud and vehicle title fraud. If you are shopping for a new vehicle, its always helpful to know the difference between the MSRP and invoice price. And whether you are shopping for a new or used car, you can usually get a better deal over the holidays.

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More Options Than Ever Before

Parents no longer have to sacrifice safety of their teens when buying a new car. As the IIHS safe used car list proves, there are plenty of affordable options available for parents who want to keep their teen driver safe.

The list may only be in its second year, but since last year, the options have grown by 50-percent. Not only does that mean parents have more options to choose from, it also means that the desire to keep drivers safe on the road, has grown drastically in just one year.

  • Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sat8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Mon – Fri7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Mon – Fri7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sat8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Insuring Teen Drivers Is Expensive Heres What You Can Do To Keep Costs Down

The same lack of driving experience that puts teen drivers at greater risk of being in a serious crash is also why they cost so much more to insure than more experienced drivers.

Its really just the enhanced risk of them not knowing how to drive as well as somebody whos experienced, says John Deichl, executive vice president of Guaranteed Rate Insurance.

Time behind the wheel is really the only thing that can change the experience side of the equation, but there are still ways you can make sure youre not paying more than you must to insure a teen driver.

Many of the best car insurance companies offer discounts that can help keep costs down, Deichl says. These can include discounts for insuring your home and auto with the same company, good student discounts, military discounts, electronic automatic billing, and paying your full premium in advance rather than month to month.

Another way you might be able to save on car insurance with a teen driver is with telemetrics programs that are increasingly offered by major insurance companies, Deichl says. These involve on-board technology that monitors driving behavior and offers discounts for safe driving. The primary things these programs look at are whether a driver is braking too hard and average speed, Deichl says.;

Never Disobey The Rules

Keep Your Teen Driver Safe With These Cars

Well, you might think this tip should not be included in the list because it is understandable; however, you will be surprised to know how many teenage drivers disobey the rules. Speeding seems to be the cool thing to do when you are young, but it has dangerous effects, which you should always keep in mind.

Following the traffic rules and staying within the legal limits can save you from a lot of hassle. You are not only keeping yourself safe but other drivers as well. Also, you dont want speeding tickets under your name because they can increase the insurance premiums significantly.

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Safest Cars For Teens If You Are Not On A Budget

If you have an unlimited budget for your teens vehicle there are plenty of great options out there. A brand-new car comes with all of the latest safety features as well as a warranty so you can rest assured your new driver will be fully protected.

We put together an entire list of safe new cars that are affordable to insure, but here are a few examples of some of the safest cars for teens that are brand new and won’t empty your bank account to insure.

Small Cars: When it comes to small cars, they are all less expensive to insure than the national average. The cheapest vehicle to insure in this category comes in 22% lower than the national average.

Subaru is obviously a big winner in this category and an added benefit is the fact that the EyeSight suite of accident-avoidance technologies are now standard on all Subarus so even drivers who choose the base model still get all the safety essentials.

  • SubaruXV Crosstrek 2.0I: $1,397
  • Subaru Impreza 2.0I Limited: $1,526
  • Kia Niro Touring: $1,566
  • Subaru Impreza 2.0I Limited: $1,622

Midsize Cars: These cars are slightly bigger which can be a bonus if your teen is involved in an accident. Once again, Subaru is the bigger winner with two models on this list.

  • Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring: $1,467
  • Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited: $1,569
  • Toyota Camry XSE: $1,676
  • Hyundai Sonata Sport: $1,718

Small SUVs and Crossovers: A small SUV or Crossover often make good cars for teens. This category has become extremely popular in recent years.

Why Is Car Insurance For A Teenager So Expensive

Statistically, teen drivers cause more accidents than adults do. In 2019, more than 2,400 teenagers died in road accidents and another 258,000 sustained injuries, at a cost of nearly $13 billion, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at a cost of $13.1 billion. Insurance companies base rates on the financial risk incurred by insuring a driver. Typically, car insurance rates for young people with good driving records start to decrease by the time they reach their late teens or early 20s.

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Safe And Affordable Cars For Teen Drivers

It is one of a parents proudest moments, but it can also be one of the most nerve-wracking. Your teenage child pulls up with the driving test instructor who leans out of your car to let you know that your son or daughter just passed. Your child will now get a drivers license and join those of us who take to the roads every day for work, commuting, and pleasure. The next thing you know, your child is going to ask you for a car. This raises the question: what are the safest, most affordable used vehicles for sale?

Sure, if youve got the money, you could buy your son or daughter a fully-loaded, top-of-the-line brand-new Cadillac Escalade ESV that will put so much metal between your precious offspring and the other drivers. But, most of us arent made of money, so we need to buy a safe vehicle that wont cost us an arm and a leg. This is why you should consider buying a used Chevy or Buick for your teenage driver. These are some of the safest vehicles on the road today, and buying used gives you the advantage of getting a great deal on an amazing car.

Safety Standards Are Changing With Advanced Technology

8 Best Cars for Teen Drivers | Consumer Reports

The traditional passing down of the family vehicle to a new teen driver, is not as popular as it once was. Automotive manufacturers are constantly advancing in-vehicle safety technology, making it more appealing to parents to purchase a newer model that has the advanced safety technology incorporated into the car.

The list of standard safety features on new cars grows each year, and the optional safety technology seems endless. New safety features not only help to decrease damage when a collision happens, it also helps to prevent accidents from occurring.

More and more vehicles are equipped with hands-free phone technology, a big must-have for parents when purchasing a car for their teenager. Now more than ever, teen drivers are distracted by their smartphones, and other mobile devices. Having technology in place to help alleviate those distractions, can make all the difference to a parent with a teenage driver.

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Why You Can Trust Our Top Safest Cars For Teenagers

When shortlisting the top safest used cars, we have paid attention to several factors:

  • Models: Only the safest car types are included in the list, excluding too spacious, difficult-to-maneuver cars, as well as too-small cars that come with a high risk of collision.
  • Safety tests: We have examined the safety tests carried out by IIHS and Consumer Reports that provide a detailed analysis of each model security on the road and when collapsing.
  • Price: We have compiled a list out of relatively affordable used cars, with the price starting from $7,875 up to $17,650.

Sharing A Car Versus Purchasing A Safe Car For A Teenager

In addition to being thoughtful about a safe car for their teenager, parents should also consider how their teen gets the keys and whether sharing a car is best. According to research conducted at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, teenage drivers with;primary access;to a vehicle are more likely to use cell phones while driving and to speed than their peers who share a car with their family. These teens are also more than twice as likely to report having been in a crash than those who share a car.

When parents hold the car keys, it also creates opportunities to constructively remind teens to buckle up and to refrain from cell phone use while driving. It also offers teens the opportunity to share where they are going, whom theyll be with, and when they will return.

For the latest information to choose a safe car for your teenager, visit the IIHS website,;the NHTSA website, and the Consumer Reports website.

to learn more about advanced driver assistance technologies .;

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