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Where Can I Buy Fuses For My Car

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How To Change A Car Fuse Step By Step

Does My Car Have a Bad Fuse Or Bad Bulb?

Use the following steps to understand how to easily change an automotive fuse:

  • Locate the fuse box or fuse panel

  • Identify the correct fuse

  • Visually inspect and test the fuse to determine if it has blown

  • Purchase a new fuse of the correct size and rating

  • Remove the old fuse

  • Gently slot the new fuse into the housing, taking care not to damage it

  • Replace the fuse box or panel

  • Test the new fuse and check the circuit to assess if the new fuse has solved the problem

  • Nilight 50029r Standard Blade Fuse

    The Nilight 50029R Standard Blade Fuse set includes 120-pieces appropriate for 1A,.., 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, and 30A. It also includes a 10-piece in-line fuse holder a unique addition for securing electrical connections, not found on other brands.

    The fuse is protected by a solid hard plastic housing with zinc alloy. The 12-inch loop can also be used if you want to add electronic aftermarket parts to your car. Instead of wiring it directly to the battery, you can use this in-line fuse holder to protect your vehicle.

    From all the items that I have seen online, the in-line fuse holder convinced me to purchase this item right away. Although its slightly more expensive than other brands, the holders additional value and the number of fuses included make it worth the price.

    I like that the fuses come in a reusable box making it neat and organized. I know that I can place this in my cars tool kit and, even after a long time, I would quickly find the fuse that I need.

    Also, the remarkable dual-slot design lets the fuse fit tightly into its slot. This prevents water and moisture from reaching the connectors, causing corrosion. Furthermore, the in-line fuse holders are made of a sturdy, 14-gauge wire that will conduct electricity well and produce less heat making the system more efficient.

    • Comes in a reusable box
    • The dual-slot design makes it more resistant to environmental factors
    • Might cause other fuse holder to become hot during use

    How To Remove A Car Fuse

    Depending on the type, fuses can be small and delicate, meaning that removing them without causing breakage or damage to neighbouring fuses can be a challenge. Many cars come with a fuse puller, a handy device designed to make the process of removing automotive fuses much easier. Before attempting to remove a fuse, locate the fuse puller if the vehicle has one as this will help you remove the affected fuse quickly and cleanly. If your vehicle does not have a fuse puller, you can buy one to perform the task effectively.

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    Nilight Mini Atm/apm Fuses

    The Nilight Mini ATM/APM Fuses for Cars, Trucks, and Boats protect your vehicles electrical system from short circuits, overloads, and other related issues. Although they are mini fuses for cars, they can also be used on other vehicles, like trucks and boats.

    This package includes 120 pieces of different mini fuses each with color-coded casing and carved amp rating value. This excellent identification system makes it almost impossible to confuse one fuse rating for another.

    I also find the fuse puller handy it eases my work and gets the job done in no time. I no longer have to struggle to reach in my cars crevices and get all dirtied up just to check a busted fuse.

    Another thing I love about this kit is its design. The case is transparent, enabling me to check if I have enough fuses left or if I need to order more. With all these features, I can say that my road trips are much safer, having a reliable set of fuses with me.

    • Will universally fit on mini fuse mountings
    • Fuse puller included in the package
    • Not intended for standard size fuse models

    Crocsee Assorted Car Fuse

    Part 1 How do I find a blown fuse in my Car Vehicle ...

    The CrocSee Assorted Car Fuse Kit 250 pcs is a UL listed and certified product. That means it has been tested to specification and is guaranteed to work as designed. This kit includes the most commonly needed standard and mini car fuses for recreational vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

    The package has different ampe levels from 2A to 40A fuses included with a capacity of 32 volts. A fuse puller is also included in the case for easy and fast replacement.

    As a driver, I always like to be organized and have readily accessible tools and whatnots in my car. When I bought this kit, I felt like I had everything I needed in my automotive tool kit. And when I see someone on the road having electrical problems, I happily share some of my fuses. Its a great feeling having helped a stranger in need.

    Each fuse is encased in transparent plastic to help you quickly determine between a good fuse and a blown one. Aside from the color, the fuses also have embossed labels to help you quickly identify their capacity. They also use high-quality silver-plated terminals for better conduction and also to prevent rust.

    • Some mini fuses seem to be a bit big
    • Low-profile mini fuses are not included in the kit

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    What To Look For When Buying Fuses

    Fuses come in different sizes and ratings. And although theyre typically made from plastic and steel, you also have to consider the material and build quality of each. Heres what I look for when choosing a fuse brand.

    Build Quality

    When choosing a fuse brand, you should look at the plastic case and the metal or steel contacts quality. The plastic used should be thick and solid not brittle and hollow sounding. The contact points should not also be easily bent.

    For best results, try to bring the original fuse that came with your vehicle and compare it with the new one youre going to purchase.

    Personally, I prefer quality products with affordable prices. Ensure that you have these two characteristics, and I can say that youll get the best out of your money spent.


    If youre buying a set make sure it matches your vehicles amp fuse rating. For example, some fuse packs dont have a 7.5A rating, so if your car has this and it blows, you wouldnt have a suitable replacement.

    To be sure, it is always wise to refer to your vehicle manual. If you have multiple vehicles, it is better to check all of their manuals, not just the one that needs replacement, so that a single purchase covers all your bases.

    Size Groups

    Case and Organization

    A well-organized collection will also help prevent costly mistakes. If you place a higher rated fuse on a lower rate socket, you could end up damaging or totaling your vehicle.

    Jabinco Standard Atc Blade Fuse

    The JABINCO Standard ATC Blade Fuse Set includes the seven most common ratings for cars and trucks. The pack comes with five pieces for each, so youre sure that what you need can be found in this case.

    For effortless identification of amperes, it comes in a standard color-coding scheme. The see-through housing also makes it uncomplicated to diagnose if the fuse is blown-out and needs replacement. A suitable fuse puller is also included for a risk-free and smooth pull-out of used fuses.

    I appreciate that the brand emphasizes its utilization of paper instead of plastic boxes to lessen non-biodegradable wastes. The company even thought about lending a hand to reduce non- environmental friendly junk.

    What I loved most about this is that it comes at a very reasonable price and comes with a decent amount of fuses per rating. I dont need to have 20 pieces of each fuse rating. I believe that they hit the sweet spot for the price-to-volume ratio.

    • Comes at a very reasonable price
    • The markings are faint and can be hard to read

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    Why Do Car Fuses Blow

    Car fuses are designed to blow to protect electrical equipment in the event of overcurrent or short-circuiting. It is normal for fuses to blow but once a fuse has blown, it will need replacing as automotive fuses are single-use. If fuses in the same location are regularly blowing, further investigation may be required to determine the underlying cause for this action.

    Tips For Replacing Blown Fuses & Bad Relays In Your Car: Capitol Toyota Service Articles

    How to check car fuses without pulling them out – Testing fuses with a Multimeter

    Modern cars feature more sophisticated electronics than ever before, and that means there are more fuses and relays to make it all work properly. You could experience all sorts of electrical problems if you’ve got a blown fuse or a bad relay. If the electronics in your car aren’t working like theys should, checking the fuse box is a great place to start. Our service team has gathered these five tips that’ll help you learn more about the fuse box on your car and what the fuses and relays do. If you need some expert help, stop by Capitol Toyota or just give us a call to speak with one of our friendly technicians.

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    Ted Lele Assorted 250

    The Ted Lele Assorted Quick Blow Glass Tube 250-Volt Fuse Kit includes 15 each of 6 x 30mm-sized 1A to 8A, also 10A, 15A, and 20A fuses, plus 20 pieces each of 5 x 20mm-sized 1A, 5A, 10A, 15A, and 20A fuses. Their primary purpose is to protect against short circuits and prevent electrical wiring overload. This kit is RoHS-proven and certified safe.

    Its very convenient because they included a clear plastic case with labels printed on the inside cover. In one glance, I know the correct fuse to get I no longer have to fumble around, pick up one fuse, and check to see if its the correct one. The case and the label keep things organized and efficient.

    The glass tube fuses are made with high-quality material. I also prefer these quick-blow fuse types, especially for protecting my family. Once they reach the resistance-limit, they will immediately cut the circuit, ensuring that I am safe from unwanted incidents.

    • Comes in a clear plastic case with labels
    • Quick-blow fuse will cut the current immediately in case of a short circuit
    • 250-V rating makes it ideal for both home, office, and industrial use
    • RoHS-proven and certified for safety
    • A licensed electrician is recommended to install this fuse kit

    Epauto Assorted Mini Blade Fuse

    If youre looking for practical auto fuse kits, this one covers the usual ampe range from 5A, 7.5A, also 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, up to 30A. The 5A and 7.5A include ten pieces for each, while the rest has 20 each for every rating. This package is more than enough for my needs it can provide fuses for all four of my vehicles, plus some for backup.

    Although most new vehicle models utilize mini blade fuses, some still use standard-sized ones. Just to be sure, contact your auto supplier or pull out the original fuse in your vehicle and compare it to the specifications stated online before purchasing.

    This 120-piece auto fuse kit is more than enough to last the entire lifetimes of my cars. Fuse replacement is basic upkeep, and I wouldnt want to waste time going to auto repair shops and pay them just for that. As long as I can, I will maintain my cars on my own to help save money. This affordable kit is helping me do just that.

    I have no trouble reading the small markings on the fuses the color-coding works very well. In just one glance, I know if Im holding the right replacement fuse.

    • Fuses do not light up when blown
    • Fuse puller has a weak grip

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    Epauto Standard Blade Fuse

    This kit from EPAuto consists of assorted standard-size flat blade fuses. They come in the seven most common ratings 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, and 30A. Both 5A and 7.5A fuses have 10 each, while the rest have 20 each. Theyre all color-coded, making it easy to choose the correctly-rated fuse.

    At first, I was skeptical about purchasing this item because of its pretty low price. However, when I received it, the fuses were of the right size and of reasonable quality. I feel it was an excellent purchase with great value for me.

    The metal used by the company for the contacts was solid and not easily bent. When I plugged it in one of the cars that I was working on, they fit snugly in place, so I knew that the brand didnt skimp on the material used.

    Im also delighted to find out these fuses by EPAuto are UL, CSA, and CE-rated. It gives me confidence that wherever I use them, they will not fail due to shoddy workmanship.

    • ATO Open type AT fuse is more vulnerable to corrosion

    Winlyn Assorted Car Blade Fuse

    How to clean Fuse contacts? : Cartalk

    The Winlyn Assorted Car Blade Fuse Kit is a 272-piece set compatible with the 24 usual types of automotive blade fuses, including the lowest level of 2A to the highest of 30A and 35A. The kit included 80 pcs standard size fuse , 96 pcs mini size , and 96 pcs low-profile mini .

    I own two vehicles, one sedan and the other, an SUV. My dilemma of having multiple rides is the high maintenance cost when visiting my local automotive electric repair shop, which I surprisingly solved after changing my fuses using this kit.

    The fuses are made with high-quality zinc alloy so Im sure that they wouldnt break just because I went off-road on my SUV. Plus, the clear cover lets me inspect each fuse before I go on an adventure, making sure that my car is in top shape when Im in the field.

    • Clear cover for easy inspection
    • Included pictogram makes it easy to find the correct fuse
    • Does not support the 7.5A model

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    Besttoyhome Blade Type Fuse

    BestToyHomes Standard & Mini Set of blade fuses covers the 22 most commonly used fuses 110 Standard Size and 132 Mini Size. You get a total of 242 fuses, all rated for 32 volts.

    This set is compatible with most land and off-road vehicles and home DC applications such as lighting and radios.

    As an electrical enthusiast who has a trailer home that requires regular maintenance, a small kit like this has done wonders for me. If anything needs to be replaced, I have one in stock in my toolkit I no longer have to find a retail shop just to get my electronics in working order. A couple of times, I was able to help some stranded motorists by replacing their blown-out fuses. It feels good to be able to help others!

    Id say the cash that I spent on this set is worth it. The large array of amperage and size options included in the pack keep me prepared for any situation. Its neat arrangement coded and labeled for convenience makes it an excellent part of my emergency toolkit.

    • Huge quantity with a lot of options
    • Practical for RV and mobile home enthusiasts
    • Can also be used in home DC applications
    • The excellent case keeps the fuses organized
    • Amp stamps might be hard to read

    What Is A Car Fuse

    Car fuses are components designed to protect electrical wiring in cars and vehicles. They offer protection against overcurrent and short-circuiting, disconnecting the circuit if they detect a potentially dangerous level of current. They are also commonly known as automotive fuses. Various types and sizes are available, each best suited to different applications and electrical equipment within a vehicle.

    Most modern car fuses are blade-type fuses. This means that they share a similar design, characterised by a coloured plastic body and two prongs that slot into the socket. They can be mounted in fuse blocks, fuse clips, or fuse holders, depending on the application.

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    Other Important Factors To Consider

    I will share some basic information about automotive fuses below. Ill talk about how they work and the differences between the types and sizes available on the market.

    What is a Fuse?

    Fuses are designed to protect electrical systems from too much power or excess current. This could happen due to a short circuit, grounding, excessive load, or other events. When a system fails, it causes heat to build up, either along the wire or on the electrical appliance itself.

    A fuse will prevent the danger of an electrical fire, or explosion by failing before the rest of the system does.

    How Does It Work?

    A fuse usually contains a thin metal strip inside a clear container usually plastic for automotive applications. When a fault happens in the electrical system, the heat will first build up in the fuse, causing the metal strip to fail and cutting the current. When the current stops, this allows the entire system to cool down.

    What are the Different Types of Fuses?

    Fuses come with different ratings. The most common ones are the following:

    • 0.5 A
    • Maxi

    Why Do You Need Fuses?

    Fuses are essential to keep you safe because they will automatically cut power as soon as a sufficient increase in temperature causes the filament inside to fail. Without this safety feature, a continuous temperature rise could cause the wires to fail and combust and cause a fire or an accident.

    Compare The Fuse To Our Fuse Type Chart

    How To Check Car Fuses-How To Tell If They’re Blown

    Now that youve pulled out the fuse and you have it in your hand, compare it against our fuse type chart to find out which one your car has! Our fuse type chart was designed to scale, so if you are having a hard time deciphering which fuse type your car has, you can put your fuse on top of the fuse chart and slide it over to see which fuse type fits!

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