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Where Was My Car Registered

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Driver And Vehicle Computer Services Division

How I Renewed My LTO Car Registration

If your query relates to First Registration of Vehicles or importing of Vehicles please note that these issues are dealt with by the Revenue Commissioners.

If your query relates to Driving Tests please note that these issues are dealt with by the Road Safety Authority.

Motor Tax Offices issues include:

  • motor tax discs
  • duplicate registration books/vehicle licensing certificates/vehicle registration certificates/discs
  • trade plates for motor traders
  • process first licensing of goods trailers over 1524kg unladen weight
  • appoint garages as authorised testers for commercial vehicles
  • appoint authorised weighbridges
  • vehicle ownership changes for vehicles registered before 1 January 1993

Please note, over-the-counter transactions must be carried out at the motor tax office in the county in which the vehicle is ordinarily kept.

Ownership changes for vehicles registered on or after 1 January 1993 are dealt with by

How To Renew Your Registration


Renew Your Registration Online and Receive a $1.00 Discount!

Your vehicle registration may be renewed online 90 days before the expiration date or up to 9 months after the expiration date, if you have not received a citation for expired registration. Your expiration month will not change.

There is a two business day payment processing hold before your sticker is printed. Please allow up to three weeks for processing and mailing.

You can track the status of your registration sticker by visiting .

Registration renewal notices are mailed to all registered vehicle owners. To register by mail, send the following to your county tax office:

  • Renewal notice
  • A copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Proof of current liability insurance
  • All fees listed on your renewal notice
In Person

To register your vehicle in person, take your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance to your county tax office or an approved substation.

If you did not receive your renewal notice, you can renew your registration using your:

  • License Plate Number
  • Registration Receipt from the previous year
Alternative Options

Acceptable forms of payment vary by county. Contact your county tax office for more details.

Duplicate And Replacement Registration

A duplicate registration is needed when you require a new license plate, sticker, or registration document due to being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

If the license plate was mailed by the BMV and you never received it, please call the Contact Center at or visit your local BMV branch.

  • Duplicate License Plate:
  • You must visit a branch to obtain a duplicate plate. You will receive the same plate number and same plate type if a replacement/duplicate plate is needed.
  • Replacement License Plate:
  • You must visit a branch to obtain a replacement plate. You will receive the same plate type, but a new plate number.
  • If you believe your vehicle license plate was stolen, you may report it as stolen to law enforcement. When reporting a plate as stolen to the BMV, you must have law enforcement complete the Report of Stolen License Plate or Registration Decal State Form 37135 and present the form to a BMV branch at the time of application for a replacement license plate.
    • Duplicate Motor Vehicle Registration Document: used when you require a duplicate registration document due to damage or loss.
    • You may print a duplicate registration through at no cost. State Form 37135 – Application for Replacement or Duplicate License Plate is not required to be submitted for a duplicate motor vehicle registration.
  • You will be mailed a new certificate of registration, an expiration year sticker, and any other stickers that were fulfilled with the last registration transaction.
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    I Have Not Received My Registration Renewal Notice What Should I Do

    You can renew your vehicle without the renewal notice if you provide the following to your county tax office:

    • Registration receipt from the previous year, or
    • Texas license plate number, or
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Government issued photo ID

    Ask your local county tax office to verify your correct mailing address. If you would like to be reminded by email when to renew in the future, sign up for our free eReminder service now.

    Mailed Check Or Money Order

    Quick Answer: Do I Need To Get My Car Inspected Before I ...

    If you made your DMV renewal payment by check, waited at least 3 weeks, and still have not received your new registration card and sticker, we recommend using the status tool to find out whether your registration renewal has been processed, has any pending requirements, or has been completed. You should also contact your bank to learn whether your renewal payment check has been cashed. Within 10 business days of mailing your registration renewal notice stub and check or money order, the DMV should have received and cashed your payment. If our system indicates registration fees are still owed, there is a good chance that your check never made it to the DMV. Insufficient funds will result in the same scenario too, and unfortunately you won’t be officially notified for at least 30 days after the check has bounced. Your vehicle will accrue late fees in the interim. Give this matter immediate attention. Along with added penalties, if your tags are expired, you run the risk of getting cited. Explaining to an officer how you mailed your check but it wasn’t received will probably not return in your favor.

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    Georgia Car Registration Requirements

    In Georgia, you must register your vehicle in the state within 30 days of becoming a resident. A non-resident must register his/her vehicle if he/she is temporarily residing in Georgia for longer than 30 days. One must provide a valid license, proof of ownership and proof of insurance to the DMV.

    To learn more about registering a car in Georgia, read our blog post: How to register a car in Georgia.

    How To Request Information On Where A Vehicle Is Registered

    To request vehicle registration details, you can fill in a form and send it to the DVLA by post. If youre an individual, then you will need to use a V888 form. A company that issues parking or trespass notices can use a V888/3 form. If you are enquiring on behalf of a company that does not issue parking or trespass notices, then you can find out information about a vehicle on a specific date. To do this you need to fill in a V888/2A form. This request will provide you with the name and address information of the keeper. To request other information such as details of the insurance company, you will need a V888/2B form.

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    Change Of Vehicle Ownership

    The law requires that all changes of vehicle ownership must be notified to the department of transport and the changes recorded on the national vehicle and driver file . In addition to fulfilling legal obligations in relation to vehicle registration and motor tax collection these details may also be very beneficial to owners themselves. For example when a vehicle is subject to a safety recall manufacturers endeavor to contact all registered owners with the assistance of data from the nvdf. Therefore, it is important that the ownership and address details are up to date at all times and that changes are notified promptly.

    There are obligations on both the sellers and buyers of vehicles to comply with the procedures for notification of vehicle ownership and there are penalties, upon conviction, for non compliance. The onus is on the seller to ensure that the necessary documentation relating to a change of ownership is completed. A registered owner must be recorded against each vehicle and in the event of failure to establish the correct credentials of a new owner the sellers name remains on record. That person remains liable for any charges which arise in relation to the vehicle including motor tax and any penalties which may be incurred .

    Your Car Insurance And Registration Need To Be From The Same State

    Can I Still Register My Car with All In One Vehicle Registration if My Tags Are Expired?

    Vehicle registrations and auto insurance can be tough to navigate, and you may find yourself asking: Can my car be registered in one state and insured in another?

    No, your car cannot be registered in one state and insured in another. Generally, your car should be both registered and insured in your state of legal residence. If you have recently moved, you have some time to switch your car insurance policy .

    This article describes some of the common scenarios for having a car registered and insured in different states and explains how to switch your insurance when the time comes. If you need to make a switch, read our round-up of the best car insurance companies and compare quotes using the tool below.

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    Sale To A Motor Dealer

    If a vehicle is being sold to a motor dealer, the seller should give the dealer the Vehicle Registration Certificate and both the seller and the dealer must complete form RF105. Where a dealer is enabled to use the online change of vehicle ownership service the dealer will arrange to have the details notified online.

    Otherwise the seller must send the RF105 form to:

    Alabama Car Registration Requirements

    Non-residents of Alabama must register their vehicles within 30 days of entering Alabama. Drivers must have the car’s title and proof of previous vehicle registration to purchase a new vehicle registration. Unless you are in college or the military, your vehicle must be inspected.Sponsored Link: Save time and money on insurance with Esurance. Get a quote online now.

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    Congratulations You Are Now A Number Plate Expert

    Car Registration Stickers Failing Crucial Test  NBC New York

    The current number plate format should have sufficient numbers to run until 2051. To find out more about registration numbers, the latest 2019 registration plates or to register your interest in a new car displaying one of the latest registrations, call us at Lookers today or visit one of our dealerships located across the UK. You can also enter your number plate into our free online car valuation tool to find out how much your car is worth.

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    Finding Your Registration Status

  • 1Check your registration card. When you initially registered your vehicle, you would have gotten stickers to put on your license plates as well as a card to keep in the vehicle . If you still have your registration card in your vehicle, it will tell you when your registration needs to be renewed.XResearch source
  • If your registration has been suspended, however, your registration card won’t have this information. For example, some states will suspend your registration if you have an excessive number of unpaid parking tickets or other violations.XTrustworthy SourceState of MassachusettsOfficial website for the State of MassachusettsGo to source
  • Tip: Most states require you to keep your registration card in your vehicle. If you’ve lost this card, contact your state’s department of motor vehicles to find out how you can replace it.

  • 2Review any renewal notice you get in the mail. About a month before your registration is set to expire, you’ll be sent a renewal notice letting you know your car’s registration status and how to renew the registration. This notice will also include the date after which your registration will no longer be valid.XResearch source
  • If you have unpaid parking tickets or toll violations, you may not be eligible to renew your registration until those are paid. Your renewal notice will provide instructions on how to take care of any outstanding items so you can keep your registration current.
  • You Can Check Your Vehicle’s Registration Renewal Status By Using Our Ca Dmv Status Tool The System Will Return Status Messages Which We Explain Below

    The DMV registration status system is a comprehensive tool you may use to learn whether your vehicle’s registration renewal has been processed by the DMV, in real-time. Have your vehicle’s license plate number and last three digits of the vehicle identification number ready. Enter them into the registration status tool along with the zip code where your vehicle is registered.

    A few different messages can results which we’ll describe below, or the system will calculate and display registration fees which you currently owe. If you believe you’ve paid your fees, ample time has passed, and the system still shows fees are owed, the problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible since there may be late penalties accruing.

    It is important to wait a few days to a week after you’ve made your registration renewal payment before you use the tool to check your vehicle’s registration renewal status. The exact amount of time we recommend waiting depends on whether you paid your DMV registration renewal payment online or by mail. Most often paying online is a better way to ensure your fees were received, as the DMV payment gateway rarely fails. If having paid online, you can use the system to check your registration status in as quick as 24 hours. Mailed check or money order payments, usually require a week or two for processing. So give it just a bit more time. The DMV does not accept cash, so hopefully that’s not the situation in your case.

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    What Information Can I See

    You will be able to see

    • the registration expiration date
    • the inspection expiration date
    • any outstanding suspensions or revocations, along with instructions for how to resolve them
    • the resident and mailing address
    • basic vehicle information

    Youll also be able to

    • get electronic registration renewal and inspection reminders
    • renew your registration

    Online Change Of Vehicle Ownership Service

    How to register your car

    Motor dealers are involved in the majority of vehicle sale and purchase transactions and the department has introduced an e- government service which enables approved dealers notify vehicle ownership changes to the nvdf over the internet at www.motortrans.ie.

    The online facility can only be used by dealers who have been approved by the department for the submission of details by electronic means. The website contains instructions for dealers to register to use the service.

    The online service also incorporates:

    • a facility whereby authorised treatment facilities may notify vehicle end-of-life instances
    • a transaction tracking facility for motor dealers who submit electronic notices
    • a facility for the general motoring public where, through a link from the online motor tax website www.motortax.ie, some non confidential information on recent transactions recorded on the nvdf may be obtained this is to avoid the necessity to make telephone calls to establish the status of change of ownership notices

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    Stay Current To Avoid Penalties

    Vehicle registration needs to be renewed yearly or every few years, depending on the state you live in. And you may need to pay a fee each time you renew the registration.

    If your registration isnt current and you get pulled over, you could get a ticket and have to pay a penalty. Your states DMV or transportation agency might also charge penalties for expired registration. Not keeping your registration could lead to problems down the line, and may even cause your car insurance rates to increase.

    On top of fees, your car could be impounded. If this happens, the vehicle can be held until all fines and registration fees are paid. You may also have to pay towing and impound fees.

  • Quick Tips for Your Credit Health
  • Bulletin Of Vehicle And Driver Statistics

    The Bulletin of Vehicle and Driver Statistics are produced from analysis of NVDF data as of 31 December each year. The production contains a broad range of statistical tables covering:

    • the size, composition, age and fuel type of licensed vehicles
    • details on the first licensing of new and imported used vehicles
    • driver licensing

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    Regional Identifiers For Dvla Number Plates

    If youre interested to see where a certain registration hails from, you can look it up on our helpful table provided below. If youre looking for an even quicker way to identify a number plate and complete your search, you can also try out our number plate and age checker search tool a handy feature when you need a number plate identifier.

    Regional Identifiers
    Anglia Ipswich
    Deeside to Shrewsbury Shrewsbury
    London Sidcup
    North Stockton
    Oxford Oxford
    Preston Carlisle
    Scotland Inverness

    Please Note :

    How To Check Check The Status Of Your Vehicle Registration

    DVLA Registration


    The easiest and quickest way to check your vehicle’s registration status is online. You will need your plate type and registration number.

    The following vehicle registration types are not available online:

    • Dealer/manufacturer

    For these plate types, contact the RMV’s Section 5 Department at .

    For apportioned plates, contact the RMV’s International Registration Plan Department at .

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    What Does It All Mean

    With new car registrations released every six months, we thought wed help you understand what it all means, so you can be prepared next time the release of the new number plate comes around.

    The first two letters of a number plate identifies the location where the vehicle was registered. For example, LA LY covers London and MA MY covers Manchester and Merseyside.The third and fourth digits signify the year in which the car was made and is known as the age identifier. For example, a car made in 2019 will have ’19’ in its registration. If it is registered in the September plate change, it will have the same year plus 50 i.e. ’69’. This is standard across all cars registered since 2001, so you can easily work out the age of a vehicle if you are looking to purchase a used car.The last three letters of the number plate are randomly selected and allocated to dealers when the vehicles are registered. The current system is able to run up until February 2051, with the last age-identifier being ’00’. At this time the DVLA is likely to review and update the number plate registration system.

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