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What To Use Instead Of Car Wash Soap

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How To Make A Car Carpet And Car Floor Mat Cleaner

Should I Use Dish Soap To Wash My Car?

Car floor mats and rugs are prone to stains from spilled drinks, food crumbs, and mud from shoes. During winter, they even take heavier soiling and staining.

But, you dont need to buy commercial car carpet shampoo. Instead, with some household products you have at home, you can make a homemade car wash soap for your car mats.

The Ultimate Car Carpet Cleaner Recipe

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 3/4 1 cup of hot water
  • ½ tablespoon Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • 10 to 15 drops essential oil of your choice
  • 1 large cleaning basin
  • 1 bucket of warm water

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the homemade car wash solution on the carpet or mats and let it sit for a few minutes. This solution is also just the ticket for how to clean car seats that have accumulated stains and sweat.

Use it as a DIY couch cleaner, too. For heavily soiled floor mats, if you want to clean it thoroughly, remove them and soak them in a basin with the same recipe.

Alternatives To Car Wash Soap: What To Use When You’re Out

When a last-minute car wash is a necessity and there is no car wash soap available, there are a variety of alternative options to use in a pinch. Fortunately, most are commonly found around the house or even at the convenience store across the street.

Even though alternatives can be used, it is highly recommended that car wash soap still be prioritized over any other solution since it is specifically manufactured to be used on your vehicles delicate paint.

Many car wash alternatives can be used in specific situations and in emergency situations, but using many of these as long-term replacements can do a great deal of damage to your vehicles paint. The most common purported alternatives to car wash soap are dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, hand soap, hair conditioner, and baking soda.

Why Use Diy Car Wash Solution

As simple as the car cleaning process may seem, there are some things to watch out for so that you dont accidentally degrade your cars finish. As we have mentioned, some commercial cleaning products may contain harmful substances.

If you are not familiar with the chemical composition of commercial car wash products and you are not sure if they are safe, make a homemade car wash solution instead.

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Can I Use Shampoo To Wash My Car

A better car wash soap alternative is something that is going to be a little more gentle. An excellent choice is hair shampoo. I honestly have to say Im not very discriminating with my shampoo choices. Even though I may not buy the highest quality shampoos they will be more gentle than dish detergents or laundry detergents.

My wife is much more critical when choosing a shampoo. The shampoo that she uses is likely far more gentle than the cheap brand I picked. If you live with someone that is more particular about their hair care products and you think youd survive stealing a bit. The best choice for washing your car is a premium hair shampoo if you dont have a quality car wash shampoo. My wife would be livid if she found out that I wasted her precious hair product. But your situation may be more conducive to you surviving the shampoo theft unscathed.

List Of Car Wash Soap Alternatives To Take Care Of Your Car Cars News 2018 2019

Why You Should Prefer Hand Car Wash instead of Automatic ...

Ultimate car wash alternatives list: Here I am going to describe the basics of car wash alternatives to help you decide which alternative suits the best for your all loving car. And if you want to know more about the car and home washing, I recommend you Pressurewasherify who are the experts on this topic.

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Car Wash Soap Alternative: How To Wash Your Car Without Car Shampoo

I love my car and keeping it clean is a top priority! For years, Ive been relying on car shampoo to help me wash it. But we all have to admit that we need a good alternative when we are out of it or simply we want to give our cars a break. So, what are car wash soap alternatives and how to use them?

Amazingly, you can find a wide range of options as car soap around your house or just at the convenience store nearby.

Dish Soap Can Remove Wax But It’s Not A Car Wash Soap

As mentioned above, youll surely remove wax when you put dish soap on your car, especially if you do so on a frequent basis. This would be your goal if you want to strip the surface bare to work on buffing out scratches or claying your vehicle – in fact, you cant do such things if you dont have a bare surface on which to work.

Dish soap or laundry detergent definitely shouldnt be used as a replacement for car soap. If youve got a quality car soap, it wont strip away wax. Youll want to do your research to make sure that the product you buy is appropriate for the purpose you have in mind. ;

Ceramic Car Wash from Torque Detail is amazing for auto enthusiasts and an ideal product to have at home as part of your routine cleaning repertoire. It wont remove car wax – in fact, it will add a protective coating to your car. This high-lubricity formula contains ceramic to provide that extra protection, and its pH balanced to make it harsh on contaminants while at the same time being soft on your car. Your paint job will look nice and refreshed afterwards.

Are you looking for something that will remove wax while also serving as a high-quality car soap? Torque Details is a good choice in this respect. Its more effective than a dish soap at taking wax off, removing grime, bird dropping, bug guts, tar, and is ideal for decontamination purposes.

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Short Version: What We Recommend

Though dish soap may be effective to break down wax if thats all you have around at the moment, it really isnt ideal as a long-term solution and should never be used after youve had a wax or ceramic coating on your car and you want to maintain it. For car washes at home on a frequent basis, Torque Detail Decon Car Soap or Ceramic Car Wash from the same company are your best bet.

Washing your car can be stressful – there are questions like what products are best to use, whether you first need to put down a protective coating, and what will help you maintain the appearance of your vehicle while keeping it from damage. Read on to learn more about whether or not you should use dish soap to wash your car in detail.

Griots Garage 10866 Car Wash 64oz

Household Baby Shampoo – Car Soap – Does That Really Work?

Our next pick comes from the popular car product manufacturer Griots Garage. This time, were talking about their bottle of hot pink Brilliant Finish Car Wash. Even though Griots Garage is a reputable and popular company, their car wash is among the most affordable on the market. This product comes in a bottle of 64 fl. oz, which is enough for more than 20 car washes, as the concentrated product should be diluted 1 fl. oz. per a gallon of water. While this liquid doesnt contain car wax, it does have some special brighteners, which will help make your cars color pop. Black car owners, dont worry this product will not change the color of your car. In fact, it will only make the color shinier. This pH-balanced product will not cut through your wax either, so your car wont suffer unnecessary damage in between waxing. Finally, Griots take pride in the rich suds this product creates. It really does create great foam, so youll wash any dirt and grime with ease. However, its not particularly strong against oily and greasy spots.


  • An affordable product in a 64 fl. oz. bottle
  • Leaves your car looking shiny


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Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

Adam’s tends to name its products with quite generic descriptions, but don’t let that fool you; the company sells some great stuff. And in our car wash shampoo testing, the best overall wash came with Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo. The suds, the slickness and even the scent are all fantastic. Regardless of how you use it, whether it’s a simple hand wash, a foam lance or foam gun, this car wash soap hits all the marks.

Why Should I Use Car Wash Shampoo

Car wash shampoo is designed to specifically break down the bond that dirt and road grime have on your car or truck but not be so harsh that it will break down the wax or paint sealant that is protecting your finish. The primary way this is achieved is by formulating the shampoo to be ph neutral.

Another good reason to use car shampoo is that its pretty inexpensive when compared to hair shampoo, laundry detergent, or dish detergent. You can pick up a gallon of car wash shampoo that will last an extremely long time for 25 bucks or so depending on the brand. My wifes shampoo comes in a tiny bottle and costs significantly more. Its probably closer to the price of gold pound for pound.

Do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy some car wash shampoo now so youll have it on hand the next time you need to wash your car. Youll be glad you did.

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Car Wash Soap Buying Guide

When you first look for car wash soaps, you will probably be surprised by the number of different products readily available for customers like you. Frankly, it can be quite confusing and intimidating, especially if youre not sure what exactly youre looking for. Heres a handy guide through all the things you should consider before making your pick of a car wash soap.

What To Use Instead Of Car Wash Soap Car Wash

10 Best Car Wash Soaps & Shampoos

Before you find what to use instead of car wash soap find out the facts described below, and pay attention to them when choosing a car wash! What kind of what to use instead of car wash soap choose? There are several types of car washes: Contact: used water, foam, brushes. Well washed heavily polluted car, but can damage the paintwork.

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Testing If Dishwashing Soap Will Strip Carnauba Wax

After the process of washing the car, claying it, and applying wax, you can see that the wax is doing its job by easily beading away any water sprayed onto the surface of the hood.

Three weeks later, I washed the hood using two soaps: a car wash soap used to wash the left side of the hood, and dishwashing soap to wash the right side of the hood. I used Chemical Guys Mr. Pink car soap as a control, as it is considered pH-neutral with a pH of 7.5. The dish soap I used here is Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Soap that I had laying around the house. The funny thing is that there is a lot of pH fear-mongering, even with the issue of using dish soap to wash a car. The matter of the fact is that Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Soap has a pH of about 9. This is not too far off from a neutral pH of 7. Regardless, even high or low pH soaps may not cause the wax to strip off either.

For the test, I used the proper dilution for the car wash soap on the left. I also mixed up a batch of dish soap that would provide a similar amount of soap suds as the car wash soap since there is no real recommended dish soap dilution ratio.

On the left side of the hood, I used a microfiber towel to wash with the car wash soap. I used light-to-medium pressure making two passes over the left side of the hood.

On the right side of the hood, I used a separate microfiber towel to wash with Dawn dish soap. I used the same pressure and application process as I did with the car soap on the left side.

Are Automatic Car Washes Bad For Your Car

Will an automatic car wash hurt my car? The answer really depends on the type of automatic car wash you’re taking it through, but the short answer to this very common question is: Absolutely do not take your vehicle through the automatic car wash because it IS very bad for your vehicle’s paint finish! via

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Clean The Hard Surfaces And Also The Center Console

Use a damp rag to wipe all the surfaces. In case there are tough stains on your leather, use toothpaste on them. If the toothpaste is unable to remove the stains, use rubbing alcohol. To clean the interior of your car, mix water and rubbing alcohol and wipe it using fabric softener sheets.

In case the interior has tough dirt and grime, mix vinegar and linseed oil in equal ratios and use it. In case the car has an odor, sprinkle some baking powder on the ashtray of your car. Remove any garbage in the car.

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Why Shouldn’t You Use The Hose To Wash Your Car

Part 1 – How to use a Rinseless Car Wash to wash your car

By comparison, an average garden hose uses water at a rate of 10 gallons a minute. This means that after 4 minutes of running your hose in the driveway, you’ve already used more water than an typical car wash. And, with a high pressure wand, you’re liable to use the hose for even longer than that. via

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Read The Label: Key Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Dish Soap

Do you tend to pay close attention to whats in your dish soap ? If youre like most people, chances are that you dont, or that you look for a product with scrubbing beads or other abrasive materials that stand up to whatever gets stuck on your dishes. Can you imagine how such a soap will behave on your vehicle?

Theres a belief that dish soap can negatively impact the rubber on your vehicle if used often enough, making your car look dull. Although there isnt much scientific study behind this conclusion, its important to watch out for such issues.

Another point to make here is that not only is this type of soap not so great on the surface of your vehicle, but longer exposure to some dish soaps can irritate many peoples eyes. Some of the chemicals also arent great for your health, so even if you do use ones with such chemicals, youll want to avoid direct exposure as much as possible.

Do I Need To Wax My Car After Every Car Wash

Absolutely not. At least not if you use a car wash soap and not a dish soap to wash your car. Car wash soaps are formulated so that they dont strip away your layer of wax, and soaps with wax additives can help keep your wax in top condition.

How frequently you need to apply wax really depends on the type of car wax you use. Natural carnauba wax requires more frequent application, while some synthetic waxes can last almost six months without the need for a re-do.

The best way to know whether your car needs a new layer of wax, or youre good until the next wash is by doing the water beading test. Pour some water over your car. If most of the water slides right off, with the remaining water beading up into large water pearls, your wax is good to go. However, if water doesnt slide, or it stays in many little droplets and lingers on your car, you should apply a new layer. Of course, make sure your car is completely clean and dry before applying wax!

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Can You Use Dish Soap Or Detergent To Wash Your Car

Can is a loaded term. Obviously, you CAN do anything youd like. But, using Dawn dish soap or even the private-label stuff as your normal car wash is not recommended. As noted above, dish detergents are a higher-pH level. When used over extended periods of time, they can cause marring, scratching, and even slowly eat away on coated surfaces.

Most of the time, dish washing detergent is used to remove older layers of wax or paint sealants or used as a prep solution prior to applying a new paint protection product. This is the exception to the rule about using it to wash a car.

A dish soap will work OK within this application but its not the optimal solution. Professional automotive car care manufacturers formulate prep shampoo for cars without salts or abrasive materials that are found in dish soap detergents. They are essentially a degreasing agent that breaks down the wax or sealant without scratching.

If youre going to prep your vehicle for a ceramic coating, wed recommend using a high-quality prep shampoo thats made for cars not your dishes.

Car Wash Soap Alternatives

Alternatives to Car Wash Soap: What to Use When You

There is a surprising amount of common household soaps and cleaners that can be used in place of car wash soap in a pinch. Through the past decade, many natural soaps and cleaners have been made and sold in increasing numbers.

If a car wash alternative must be sought, it is best to use these types of soaps and cleaners since they are softer and often have a neutral pH.

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