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Does Uber Offer Car Seats

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Final Remarks On Ubering With A Car Seat

Does Uber Provide Carseats?

We like online services more now that technology is getting better and we can easily get to a good internet connection.

As an online app-based service, Uber is a lifesaver when your car is in the shop, you dont have one, or you are too busy to drive around. Its very safe and popular with adults!

But that doesnt mean kids can go there. Uber drivers arent babysitters, so if something goes wrong, they wont be responsible. Also, leaving your child alone with a stranger is not a good idea because you dont know what could happen.

So, to be safe, your child should always travel with an adult they know when using Uber with a car seat.

Keep In Mind These Useful Uber Services

Over the last few years, Uber has rolled out the much-needed Uber Family/Uber Carseat service in a few major cities in the US. You can also arrange the nearly-identical Lyft car seat mode in New York City. For cities outside of Uber/Lyft car seat areas Welcome Pickups can generally provide a car seat on request. They include cities in Europe, Asia, South America and even parts of the US).

What is Uber Family? What is an Uber car seat?

UberX Car Seat provides a forward-facing car seat appropriate for ages 2 and up. The driver installs it, and you strap your kid in. Off you go!

The official Uber Car Seat program provides an IMMI Go car seat, fits kids 31-52 and 22-48 pounds. If your child is too small, youll need to bring an infant car seat or one of these smaller travel car seats. Once your child outgrows the IMMI Go Uber car seats, she should fit well in a travel booster car seat.

Each driver has only one seat available, and not every driver has a car seat. So you may find the wait for an Uber with a car seat to be very long. If that happens, its worth exploring your public transportation options.

Where is UberX Car Seat available?

Here are Uber car seat options that you can find by digging through the website:

  • New York: Uber car seat
  • Washington, DC: UberX car seat, Uber Black car seat, Uber Black SUV car seat.
  • Philadelphia: Uber Black car seat, Uber Black SUV car seat
  • Orlando: UberX car seat, Uber XL car seat, Uber Black car seat, Uber Black SUV car seat.

Lyft With A Baby Or Toddler

Lyft is a rapidly growing competitor to Uber, but their operations are currently limited to the major markets in the United States and Canada.

Lyft offers a similar car seat program to Uber in New York City only. They call it Lyft Car Seat Mode, and they make it sound like they are expanding the service to new markets, so watch for Lyft Car Seat mode when you book your ride.

As with Uber, babies using the Lyft car seat service must be over 2 years old, weigh between 22 48 lbs and be between 31-52 inches tall.

If you want to take a Lyft with a baby, but the car seat mode is not available in your destination or if your baby is under 2 years old, you must provide and install your own car seats.

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How Do You Travel Without A Car Seat

Therefore, if you find yourself in a taxi with your toddler but no car seat, put the child in his own seat belt. Pull the seat belt snug and try to make sure the lap portion of the belt is resting very low and very snug on the tops of the childs thighs.

Can I ride LYFT without car seat?

Do you need to bring a car seat when traveling?

You need to fly with a car seat, even if you dont have a seat for your baby. If you are gate checking a car seat, you need to carry it all the way to the gate. You might end up with your baby or toddler in your arms the entire time, even if you purchased a seat.

What About Food Allergies

Uber and Car Seats: Best Tips for a Safe Ride Around the City!

Uber avoids any risk by allowing no food or drinks in their car seats. At Ride in Bliss we know the benefit of juice and snacks to a tired, thirsty or hungry child and a tired parent that wants just a few minutes of peace and so we offer organic juice and snacks but let the parent read the label to decide whether or not to give it to their child whom they know best.

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Installing The Car Seat

Uber is very considerate of the needs of its passengers, including the time and effort needed for car seat installations.

Car seats can take time to install since you want to make sure it has a secure fit.

Drivers who know how to install car seats will be happy to lend you a hand in achieving the most secure fit, which provides the utmost safety for your little one.

Whether drivers do this out of the goodness of their heart or for great reviews after the ride shouldnt matter too much.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that they implement proper measures to keep your child safe.

When installing your kids car seat, make sure to keep the vehicle door open just in case the Uber driver doesnt know what car seat installation entails and suddenly drives off.

You wont necessarily have the same luck with taxi drivers when it comes to car seat installation.

Also, dont count on taxi drivers to wait or be patient with you unless theyre genuinely interested in helping out.

Uber drivers can sometimes have their seats positioned all the way back, which could make it difficult for you to install several car seats.

In cases like this, dont hesitate to request the driver to move his or her seat forward so that you can set up properly.

Setting up car seats for multiple kids can be difficult and stressful, so it certainly helps that you have enough legroom to work with.


It would help if you also get used to installing a car seat with your seat belt on.

Are Uber Drivers Instructed On How To Install The Car Seat Correctly

Uber drivers get training from Safe Kids Worldwide on how to install car seats for children in a safe and correct way. So, when an Uber comes to pick up your child, you dont have to worry.

As a business, Uber cares about its customers and will always put your needs and those of your child before its own.

Some parents have IMMI Go seats, and its up to the driver to decide if theyre still in good enough shape to use in their cars. If they think it cant be used or isnt strong enough to protect the child, they can refuse it and offer an alternative.

Also, drivers in New York City have to meet with a Child Passenger Safety technician who is certified by Safe Kids Worldwide to show that:

They can put an IMMI in. Go sit down safely and well.

They know what a child needs to have in order to use a car seat.

They know how to make sure a child is safe and secure in the seat.

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Another Option: Portable Car Seats

Getting from the airport to your hotel or catching a cab in a city poses a dilemma for parents. Do you schlep your child’s car seat with you on your trip? Traveling with a full-size car seat is cumbersome, so some manufacturers have come up with products to solve the problem of how to travel safely with children in taxis and rental cars.

What happens if you are visiting a city where taxis do not provide car seats? If you have a preschooler or young school-age child, one option is to carry your own inflatable Bubble Bum booster seat. This seat is designed for children ages 4 to 11 weighing 40 to 100 pounds. The big benefit of this product is that the seat can be inflated for use and then deflated for carrying and packing, so it is ideal for city getaways where you may be jumping in and out of cabs during a day of sightseeing.

Another option is the Mifold, the grab-and-go booster seat that’s 10 times smaller than regular boosters but just as safe. It is small enough to fit inside a backpack or glove compartment. While most boosters elevate a child to adult height, Mifold adjusts the adult-sized seatbelt downward to securely fit a child. Two guides hold the lap belt on the child’s hipbones, while a shoulder strap and clip aligns the chest strap with the child’s shoulder. Mifold has been safety tested and is designed for kids aged 4 and up, 40 to 100 lbs, and 40 to 57 inches tall.

Uberfamily: For Parents On The Go

UBER: Tips and guidance on car seats and underage customers

We get it parenting in DC is a monumental task. Between dodging summer tourists to navigating one-too-many traffic circles, getting around with your little one isnt easy. Thats all about to change

Starting today, Uber is making your life easier with the launch of uberFAMILY, the on-demand car seat option for parents on the go. With the touch of a button and a surcharge, you can now easily and safely buckle up your child. Upfront price will be shown in the app before the trip

To kick things off, uberFAMILY is surcharge-free through the weekend, courtesy of, the worlds largest destination for finding and managing family care. Just as Uber connects you with the best drivers on the road, connects parents with the highest quality care for their loved ones. Both innovative companies share the same mission of leveraging technology for safety and convenience.HOW TO REQUEST UBERFAMILY IN THE DMV:

  • OPEN your Uber app and choose uberX or Black Car.
  • TAP uberX + Car Seat, Black Car + Car Seat, or SUV + Car Seat button above the slider.
  • REQUEST your ride.
  • RIDE with your child safely buckled up in a car seat. < i< > Note: a surcharge will apply to all uberFAMILY rides.

    CHILD ELIGIBILITY: uberFAMILY provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least 12 months old, 22 lbs. and 31 inches. A child is too big at 48 lbs or 52 inches.

    PRICING: A surcharge will be applied to each uberFAMILY ride, irrespective of vehicle choice.

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    Whats Uber With Car Seat

    Along with Uber Black, Uber XL, etc., Uber also has a service called Uber with Car Seat. It has one IMMI that looks forward. Go with one car seat per car for kids over 2 years old to keep them safe on the road.

    The seats are for kids who:

    between 22 and 48 pounds

    between 31 and 52 inches tall

    Once your child is too big for the IMMI Go seats, you can give them your travel booster seat. Also, why pay $10 every time you order an Uber with car seats when you can buy your own to use every day?

    Also, you must have a rear-facing baby seat for children younger than 15 months. You should put this seat in the backseat if the passenger seat has an airbag.

    Select The Right Vehicle Size

    The bigger the car you request, the more youll pay with ridesharing services. Obviously, the key for families is to get the smallest car possible to fit everyone plus luggage. The risk, however, is that the car that arrives will be too small and youll have to waste time requesting another.

    My family of four has never had an issue squeezing into a regular Lyft or a standard Uber . For many years, we did this with one car seat and one travel booster, so we were a bit more compact than families with more than one child of car seat age.

    Since 2020, however, standard cars are listed in both services as guaranteeing seating for just 3 passengers. Most drivers prefer to keep the front seat open unless absolutely necessary to maintain some social distancing, so I recommend that families of 4 get a bigger car if its an option.

    So what are the bigger car options? Lyft XL and UberXL both offer cars that seat 5 passengers. Usually these will be larger SUVs or minivans. If you have more people or a ton of luggage, it make be more economical or ultimately give you more space to split into two standard cars.

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    Can I Request A Lyft With A Car Seat

    When requesting a ride with a car seat: Select Car seat ride type. Set your pickup and drop-off locations. Request the ride.

    Are car seats required in taxis in Washington state?

    All children who ride in vehicles in Washington and are under the age of 13 must sit in the back seat. The proper safety restraint, either a car seat, booster seat or seat belt, must be in place.

    Which state has the strictest car seat laws?

    Tennessee and Wyoming have the strictest laws, requiring booster seats through age 8. A dozen states require their use only though age 5. There are no booster seat requirements in Arizona, Florida and South Dakota.

    Why You Shouldnt Let Your Child Ride An Uber Alone

    Uber and Car Seats: Best Tips for a Safe Ride Around the City!

    In addition to reviews from riders, Uber does annual checks to see if a driver is still a good fit for the job. The company does a thorough safety check on all potential drivers to see if they have any driving violations, violent crimes, or other problems with the law.

    The company also uses technology to find drivers who have legal or social problems and work with them to figure out if they are eligible.

    But no matter how hard Uber tries, you shouldnt let kids ride without an adult. Leaving your kids to ride alone is like giving your kids to any random person you meet on the street.

    Also, things will get more complicated if your childs Uber is in a problem like a car accident.

    The driver wont be in a position to make crucial, critical care decisions for your kid.

    Second, they are not required to call the childs parents or guardian in this situation.

    Third, if another driver causes a car accident, the driver is not legally responsible for your childs safety.

    So, its important that you go with your child on an Uber ride. In case of an accident, a parent can get in trouble with the law.

    Also, its scary how many parents in states like New Jersey use Uber to pick up their kids from school. The New Jersey School Board Association tries to stop Uber pick-ups and drop-offs because they put schools in difficult situations.

    How are they supposed to take care of students and make sure they are safe when a parent sends a stranger to pick up their child?

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    What Is Lyft Car Seat Mode

    Lyft car seat mode provides a forward-facing car seat appropriate for ages 2 and up. The driver installs it, and you strap your kid in. Off you go!

    Their IMMI Go car seat fits kids 31-52 and 22-48 pounds. Unfortunately theres no Lyft baby seat option at this time. If your child is too small, youll need to bring a lightweight infant car seat or one of these smaller toddler travel car seats. Once your child outgrows the IMMI Go, she should fit well in a travel booster car seat.

    What Size Ubers Are Car Seat

    Currently, the only size Uber ride that offers car seat availability is the Uber X ride option.

    Uber X is the standard ride option by Uber.

    You should expect a midsize vehicle to arrive when you request an Uber car seat.

    However, if you provide your own car seat, you can likely install it in most Uber XL vehicles without issue.

    But for now, you can only opt for an Uber that comes with a car seat through the Uber X option.

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    How To Uber With A Baby Or Toddler

    Uber is the world-leader of ridesharing services, operating in over 10,000 cities worldwide. The ease of use and widespread availability of Uber drivers makes it our go-to ridesharing app around the world.

    To travel in an Uber with a baby or toddler under 2 years old, you must bring your own car seat and you will be responsible for installing it. Uber drivers have a reputation for being in a hurry, but dont let this dissuade you. In our experience taking an Uber with car seats all the Uber drivers we have had while traveling have always been very patient and supportive while we installed our own car seats.

    Your Uber driver is supposed to refuse your ride if you dont have the proper restraints for your baby.

    If your baby is over 24 months old, you can get an Uber with a car seat in a few select markets around the world. For an extra $10USD per ride, the Uber Car Seat program will send an Uber car with an approved car seat.

    The criteria to use the Uber Car Seat program are, Children must be over 12 months old, weigh between 22 48 lbs and be between 31-52 inches tall. If your baby is over 48 lbs or taller than 52, they are too big for the Uber Car Seat Program.

    Unfortunately, Uber doesnt have a publicly available master list to know where Uber Car Seat services are currently available, but you can easily Google Uber Car Seat or uberFAMILY

    and get a discount on your first your first ride

    Bolt With A Baby Or Toddler

    Getting Your Car Ready | Uber Support | Uber

    Bolt is the largest ridesharing service in Europe. Bolt has expanded to offer ridesharing services around the globe.

    Originally, parents using Bolt with a baby, could only get car seats in Budapest. The May 2019 trial run in Budapest must have gone well, as they have made it easier to ride Bolt with a baby in more markets. Bolt doesnt publish a list of cities where they offer the Bolt Child service, but our research shows you can now get a Bolt with a car seat in Budapest, Malta, Rga, Tallinn and Stockholm.

    Given the expansion of the Bolt Child service, parents who wish to ride Bolt with a baby should look for the car seat service at their destination.

    The Bolt Child programs provides a car equipped with at least one booster seat for a child weighing 15-36 kg

    Outside of these locations, if you plan to ride Bolt with baby, you must bring and install your own approved child-seat.

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