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How Long Is A Car Battery Good For

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How Long Can A Car Battery Last Without Driving

How long should a car battery last?

If your battery is in good condition, it should be able to retain enough charge to start your car for around two weeks of inactivity. High-end cars like a Mercedes S-Class with plenty of onboard electronics and gadgets, often suffer from greater loss of charge over time. If you plan on going any longer, it would be wise to connect your battery up to a charger.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last

It wasnt that long ago that car battery makers marketed their products as 48-, 60-, 72- or 84-month batteries as a universal indicator of the expected durability. In more recent times, theyve backed away from that because it was never a reliable predictor of how long a battery would last. There are too many environmental and use factors at play. Far too many post-purchase variables affect the life of a vehicle battery to label them universally.Youll still see those phrases, but with the word warranty afterward, not battery. And really, thats how it always was.

There are some differences in the quality and relative lifespan of batteries. Still, instead of attaching a misleading number to the product, most manufacturers have settled on something along the lines of a good, better, best marketing strategy and aligned their warranties accordingly.

On average, no matter the warranty, a traditional car battery has a reliable and trouble-free lifespan of about three years36 months. While many batteries last much longer, thats the point where a measurable decrease in performance can be detected. Unfortunately, few car batteries ever see five years of service, much less six or seven those that do last that long operate at a significantly reduced capacity. But if you pay for a 60-month battery and it fails in regular use before that, youll get some money toward a new battery on a pro-rated basis.


How Long Does A New Car Battery Last

Once you replace your vehicles battery, its lifespan depends on how long it can hold its charge as well as how long its capable of being recharged. Once it cant be recharged, its dead. If youre always driving in ideal conditions no extreme temperatures and no excessive humidity its believed that a new battery can last as long as six years.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Hybrid Car Battery

Regular maintenance When a vehicle runs smoothly the driver tends not to give much attention to its maintenance. But when you neglect the upkeep, you will end up compromising the battery. A hybrid car has a combination of a petrol engine and an electric drivetrain so a poor engine performance due to lack of maintenance could put a strain on the battery and in turn drain its energy.

Keep the Auxiliary Fan Clean As mentioned earlier the fan keeps the battery cool and extends its lifespan. But when neglected the fan becomes dirty and the dirt could block the air duct making the fan less functional and it will not be able to serve its purpose.

Have the Battery Check Regularly Some auto servicing shops perform a health test for the hybrid batteries to detect weak cells and regain these cells to up to 97% of their original strength. This way youll be able to save the battery and not have to spend thousands on a new one. But that can only be possible when you take the car for regular battery checkups. The battery will already be beyond repair if you wait until the check engine light is on.

So again, how long do hybrid batteries last? Given its component and its operating mechanism the odds are in your favor having a hybrid battery that could last longer than a regular car but several factors still come into play. When all is said and done its lifespan still depends on how well you use and maintain it.

Signs Your Car Battery Is Dying

How Long Does A Car Battery Last Without Driving?

Theres a few key warning signs that are good indications your batterys life is coming to an end. The first factor is your check engine light coming on. This usually means your battery is slowing down though it could also have to do with your vehicles alternator. Pay attention to the way your vehicle reacts when it starts as well.Its a good idea to keep an eye on the health of your battery so you dont get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that wont start. Here are seven signs that your car battery is dying:

1. A slow starting engine

Over time, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective. When this happens it takes the battery longer to create a charge for the starter and youll have to wait a few extra seconds for the engine to turn over. A slow start is usually the last gasp before a battery kicks the bucket.

2. Dim lights and electrical issues

The battery powers all of the electronics in your vehicle, from your lights to your radio to your dashboard computer. If the battery is losing its charge it will have a harder time running these things at full power. The more things you plug into your car while driving like your phone charger the faster your battery will die.

3. The check engine light is on

4. Bad smell

5. Corroded connectors

6. A misshapen battery case

7. Old battery

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Does Your Cars Electrical System Respond Like It Should

Even a car with a highly defective battery will function properly once its running, since much of the charge for the battery will come from the engine. This makes the best time to test your cars battery shortly after you switch your vehicle on.

Your car can still start quickly, even with a failing battery. However, features that have significant power demands that are powered by the battery, like headlights, may not function as well as they should.

Try starting your car at night with the headlights switched on. Are they dim? If the headlights look overly dim, put the vehicle in park or neutral and rev the engine. If the battery is failing, the headlights will get brighter as you apply the accelerator.

This is a great way to check if your battery is starting to fail. A completely broken battery is even easier to spot: when you turn the key in the ignition or push your cars ignition switch, it wont start at all.

How Can You Ensure The Battery Charging While Idling The Car

The battery will not charge right after you start the engine. The engine has to run in a specific RPM to make sure that the battery is all juiced up for the next time you start the engine.

A car during ignition takes charge of the battery. When it runs, the battery recharges for the next time you have to ignite.

That only happens when the RPM meter hits at least 1 on the gauge. Battery requires at least 1000 RPM to start charging. Otherwise, if you start the car every day and do nothing, itll drain even faster than idling. So, remember to start the car every once in a while and put the pedal to the medal.

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The Average Life Of Car Batteries And 7 Tips To Extend Your Car Battery Life

Car batteries are an essential part of an automobile. From getting your car started to charging your phone on-the-go, batteries provide the zap your vehicle needs to keep rolling. Thats why its so important to know when to start considering a car battery change, as well as what you can do to extend its lifespan.

How Long Can A Car Battery Sit Unused

How Long Does A Car Battery Last – Click Here To Find Out.

According to the condition and usage of the battery, it usually may take a month to two months for the battery to worn out. That means, not igniting the car for two months may cause your battery to get cold. Then you have to take some measures to get it running again.

Now, lets find out more about keeping the battery in the right shape to use it without a jump start.

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Is It Time To Replace Your Cars Battery

When was the last time you replaced your cars battery? Whether your car works as new or its lights and other electronic devices are starting to show signs of age, there is no bad time to check your batterys condition.

Changing your cars battery every 2-3 years will keep it running at its best and help you avoid embarrassing roadside or car park breakdowns. Is it time to replace your cars battery?

Thanks for reading. Make sure to stay tuned to the Warrantywise blog, and for more great content throughout 2015!

Have Your Battery Tested For Free At Batteries Plus

Not sure if your battery is still good? Bring it to your for a free test. We’ll test your battery’s Cold Cranking Amps and voltage, as well as your vehicle’s starter and alternator. If you need a new battery, we have plenty of replacement available. Plus, we offer free installation on most makes and models at most of our locations. Looking for more troubleshooting tips? Our blog entitled “” has plenty of useful information.

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How Long Does A Car Battery Last

Valerie Johnston

The life of your car battery depends on how long it can hold its charge, and is capable of being recharged. Once it cant be recharged, its dead. There are a number of factors that can affect your car battery, including humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors.

Lets assume ideal conditions: no high temperatures, no excessive humidity in short, a perfect world for your car. Under these conditions, you can probably expect your car battery life to be about six years. On average, a car battery lasts between two and five years. If you live in the northern United States, your car battery lifespan will be longer, because youre in a cold climate. Warm climates tend to increase damage due to sulfation and water loss.

Control The Optimal Battery State Of Charge During Long Storage

How Long Do Car Batteries REALLY Last? (and What Affects Lifespan)

Lastly, leaving your EV parked for too long with a full battery also contributes to the degradation. To avoid this, if youre going to spend a significant amount of time away from your vehicle, its recommended that you fill it up to somewhere between 25 and 75 percent. There are smart charging stations that can help you with this and make sure that your battery doesnt go beyond these limits.

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How To Know When To Replace Your Car Battery

The best time to replace your battery is before you need to. But how do you know its time to replace the battery if its not deadyet? There is no catch-all answer for how long a car battery will last, but there are symptoms that can suggest it’s time for a replacement. Learn the signs of a dying car battery, how climate can affect yours, and when you should have it replaced with this guide.

How Often Should I Start My Car If Im Not Driving

If youve not driven your car for the past two weeks or more, regardless of how old the model is, you should start it up at least once a week and keep it running for 15 minutes. By doing this, you allow the alternator to recharge the battery and ensure the engine is kept in good condition too.

When you do this, remember to turn off the lights , otherwise, youll find that its completely flat when you next go to drive. This is whats known as a deep discharge, which the lead-acid batteries in cars arent designed to handle. In fact, if this happens multiple times it can reduce the lifespan of the battery by a third.

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Don’t Leave Your Car Unused For Long Periods Of Time

All batteries will lose charge over time, and if your battery is allowed to die completely, it can significantly shorten its lifespan. If you’re going to be letting your car sit for longer than a week, you should connect your battery to a trickle charger. This will ensure long periods of sitting don’t shorten your battery life.

If you need to have your battery checked or replaced and live in the Rochester or Stewartville area, come by Tom Kadlec Kia’s service department. Our technicians are highly trained and certified to perform whatever work you may need on your vehicle. If you know your battery hasn’t lasted long enough and is in need of repair, simply schedule service online or call us at .

Warranties include 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain and 5-year/60,000-mile basic. All warranties and roadside assistance are limited. See retailer for warranty details.

Dont Charge Your Ev Every Night

How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)

Regardless of whether youre only topping up the battery by a few percent or charging the vehicle fully, every time your battery charges, you put stress on the battery. As a result, the capacity of the battery is reduced by a fraction. To avoid this compounding over time, you shouldnt plug your vehicle in every night. If you only charge your vehicle when its necessary, and not plugging the vehicle in as soon as you get home, you can extend your battery life.

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How To Keep The Battery From Getting Cold

Well, as I have mentioned already, you have to give it a start sometimes to make sure that the workability of the battery and the whole car is in shape. A battery can sit out in two months where you can start a car without any hesitation even after a years break. So, igniting the car every now and then will take up a lot of time from your schedule. Let me tell you a better option.

The car battery usually loses its potency due to staying in a cold area. So, what you can do is, simply remove the battery from the car and keep it somewhere safe.

By somewhere safe I meant a special way. You have to make sure that the battery stays in a dry place. A little moisture can even soak the power out. All you have to do is put a moist soaking mat under the battery.

When To Replace Your Car Battery

For an accurate reading, use a voltmeter or get a complimentary battery test if you suspect its time for a new car battery. Additionally, keep an eye out for other warning signs of a dying battery.

  • The battery is old. Most drivers overlook minor performance issues affecting their battery, which is why, in many cases, motorists dont know they have a battery problem till theirs dies for good. If there have been no issues or warning signs, but your battery is getting close to the 3-year mark, its worth having it checked. Its best to have a new battery installed before the old one dies to avoid getting sidelined on your next road trip.
  • The engine starts slowly. A slow-cranking engine can indicate the battery is not sufficiently charged, especially if you drive an older vehicle. The starter will crank the engine slowly, and there might be a clicking or whirring noise before the engine turns over. You might also notice the interior and dash lights illuminate and dim in the same pattern as the engines cranking.
  • The lights are dimming, or there are electrical issues. The battery helps power all of your cars lights, electronics, and auxiliary gadgets. When your battery gets old, it can lose the ability to power all of these devices. If you notice dimming lights or electrical issues, a faulty battery could be to blame. It’s best to unplug any extra gadgets like phone chargers, auxiliary cords, or headrest TVs until the battery and electrical system have been inspected.
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    Common Car Battery Problems

    Here are some of the common car battery problems that drivers face. For further advice on car battery issues,checkout our expert advice on car battery problems.

    • Sulfation caused when the battery is deprived of full charge
    • Corrosion or damage to the positive and negative terminals
    • Broken internal connection due to corrosion
    • Low fluid level

    How Many Volts In A Fully Charged Car Battery

    How Long Does it Take to Charge a Car Battery?

    Most modern vehicles have a 12 volt battery underneath the hood. A 12 volt car battery contains six cells, each of which will contain 2.1 volts of power when fully charged. So, when the engine is off, a car battery is considered fully charged at 12.4 to 12.6 volts.

    When your battery’s voltage drops even a small amount it can make a big difference in its overall performance. For instance, a voltage of 12.1 volts means your battery is operating at only 50% of its total charge. Once it drops down to 11.6 volts, the battery is almost completely discharged.

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    Normal Life Of A Car Battery

    When it comes to vehicle maintenance, “normal” is determined by a number of factors that exist in theory but rarely come to pass. For instance, a battery has an average normal lifespan of four years under normal conditions. “Normal” in this case means the battery goes through full charge cycles, isn’t subjected to extreme temperatures, is attached to a reliable and consistent charging system and isn’t providing power for a ton of accessories.

    But normal just isn’t normal. In the real world, temperature extremes, vibration, short trips down the street and an ever-increasing array of smartphones, aftermarket navigation systems, and other devices all take a toll on the battery.

    If you look at a typical lead-acid maintenance-free car battery, it’s easy to make sense of why these factors affect normal battery life. Inside the plastic box are plates of materials like lead and lead dioxide. The plates are suspended in a mix of water and sulfuric acid, which forms an electrolytic solution. This solution allows electrons to flow between the plates that flow of electrons is essentially electricity.

    Driving style can affect the reaction, too. Starting the car takes a huge jolt of electricity, so the charging system has to step in to replenish the battery. That means if you have a short commute or take lots of brief trips, the battery never gets fully charged. This constant state of undercharge results in acid stratification.

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