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How Do I Get A New Title For My Car

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How To Get A Copy Of A Car Title

How to get a replacement vehicle title at DMV

Your car title is a critical piece of paperwork without it, you can’t sell your vehicle and transfer ownership to a buyer. The car title is the proof of ownership that you receive once you’ve paid off your car loan. Until the loan is paid off, the loan lender keeps your title on file at their offices.

You may find that your title is missing or destroyed . That means you need a duplicate title before you can complete a vehicle sale.

Every state handles the title duplication process a bit differently, but there are typically three ways to obtain a copy: You can complete the application by mail, online, or in person. In most cases, you’ll contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles , but in other states, such as Mississippi and Georgia, you’ll go through the Department of Revenue instead. For the examples in this article we’ll reference the DMV, though the process is similar in all cases.

Here’s how to apply online:

  • Go to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ website.
  • Find the “Replacement Certificate of Title” link and follow the instructions. In general, if the address on your title is the same as your current mailing address, you own the title you’re requesting, and there are no other changes to the information listed on the title, you should be able to complete the form online, as is the case with the Wisconsin DMV.
  • However, in many states you’ll need to have the application notarized, so the process can’t be done entirely online.
  • What Is A Florida Car Registration

    Car registration documentation serves as evidence of vehicle owners paying registration taxes and fees. When motorists get car registration in Florida, they receive a registration certificate, validation decal and metal license plates. Drivers may apply for new car registration certificates, license plates and validation decals when they apply for a title, but they may apply for both documents separately if they prefer.

    However, licensed Florida drivers cannot operate their new or used motor vehicle until they obtain titling and registration materials. To apply for FL vehicle registration documentation and a title certificate simultaneously, vehicle owners must complete an Application for Certificate of Title and submit the auto registration form to their county tax collectors office or license plate agency, along with proof of car ownership and automobile insurance.

    Can I Transfer My Car Title Online

    The exact process for changing ownership on a cars title varies by state, but many states will process online or mailed title applications. You can check with your states DMV website or customer service for that process.

    For example, the state of Georgia allows sellers to start the application online and then contact the local county tag office for instructions. New York accepts applications at the DMV or mailed directly to its Title Bureau.

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    What Is A Pennsylvania Car Registration

    Car owners need to get car registration in Pennsylvania after they obtain a PA car tile and drivers license. Auto registration is something that all states require to keep drivers and their vehicles operating safely on our nations roadways.

    The fact that a vehicle has DMV car registration proves that it has met safety and emissions testing requirements and that its owner is licensed to drive it. Most applicants can complete their Pennsylvania car registration right after they apply for a new car title or title transfer at PennDOT.

    How Long Does It Take To Get A New Vehicle Title

    My Vehicle Title

    How quickly you can obtain a replacement title can also vary by state. To minimize fraud, for example, the Illinois Secretary of State does not issue replacement titles requested within 15 days of issuing an original title, or 30 days of issuing a duplicate title. You may also need to wait a few weeks to receive your title in the mail. However, some states offer same-day service if you need the new title right away.

    Storing your vehicle title in a safe place may help minimize the risk of misplacing it. But if you do happen to lose your car’s title, remember to check your state’s requirements so you can be prepared when applying for a replacement.

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    S To Replace A Car Title You Lost

    Paperwork might sound daunting, but as were about to see, filing for a lost title at the DMV is actually not that bad. The specific requirements vary by state and by vehicle, so be sure to check your states DMV website or give them a call for specific details. The process will always look something like this:

    • Complete a lost title application

    • Mail the form with all required documents and fees

    • Or visit your local DMV and complete these steps onsite

    Start by finding your states DMV website and searching for duplicate title forms. This is easily accomplished by using a search engine to search for the phrase duplicate title form with quotation marks.

    Paperwork involves filling out your name, address, drivers license number, and basic vehicle information like the VIN number, license plate, and year, make, and model. Submit by mail to skip that terrible line at the DMV!

    Required documents often include a photocopy of your ID and insurance card, proof of paid property taxes, and a passing inspection slip if applicable. A notary stamp is required in some states.

    Additional paperwork may be required if the vehicle has an active lien in other words, if you have a loan on it.

    The cost of a person replacing their own lost title is usually less than $50.

    Turnaround time to receive a replacement title is usually 6-8 weeks and longer in major cities. The DMV will not hand you a new title onsite!

    Get A Copy Of Your Vehicle Title

    If a title is lost or destroyed, you may obtain a certified copy of title by following the steps below. If a lien is recorded, the lienholder should complete an application for certified copy of title, or provide you with an original release of lien. There is a 30-day waiting period to apply for a certified copy of title after the last one was issued.

    Note: A lien that has been paid off may still be recorded on the title. If that is the case, an original release of lien from the lienholder is required. A fax or photocopy is not acceptable.

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    Do I Need My Car Title To Get Car Insurance

    For the most part, no. Most car insurance providers dont require you to show the car title when youre purchasing a policy. For drivers with a car loan or lease, you typically wont even get the title with ownership rights until you pay off the loan.

    You can also get insurance for a car you dont own by getting a nonowners car insurance policy.

    Do I need my car title to register my car?

    No, you dont need the title as long as you have proof the car is yours.

    For example, if you have a loaned or leased car, you will need to show proof of ownership instead until you pay off your car and the title is in your name.

    If you bought a car without any proof of title or ownership, youll need to contact the DMV about getting a new title. This should be a similar process as replacing a lost car title, though you might need to do a little more legwork to get proof the car is yours now.

    Applying For A Title Replacement

    2 ways to get a new title without having the old title for a vehicle

    No more paper needed

    When you title or register a vehicle in Arizona, your title information is stored electronically and you no longer automatically receive a paper title. You can view your title information in your AZ MVD Now account. Similarly, when you pay off a vehicle loan, the title will be held electronically.

    If a paper title is needed, for reasons such as moving out of state, you can use the Title Replacement service on AZ MVD Now.

    Paper title replacement online

    If you have a paper title and need to replace it, the owner of record may apply for a title replacement on AZ MVD Now. Use the Title Replacement service.

    The fee is $4.

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    Where To Apply For A Car Title In Illinois

    Motor vehicle dealerships complete and submit IL car title applications whenever motorists purchase vehicles from a licensed dealer. However, drivers must obtain title for car certificates on their own if they purchase a vehicle from a private party, or acquire the vehicle from a relative.

    To apply for a DMV certificate of car title in Illinois, applicants must submit all titling paperwork to a local Secretary of State facility. Alternatively, car owners may submit all new car title paperwork to SOS by mail at the address below:

    Secretary of StateVehicle Services DepartmentERT Section, Rm. 424501 S. Second St.Springfield, IL 62756

    If you need to expedite your auto title application, you must mail your documentation to the SOS using an express delivery service. To expedite a certificate of title application, you must address the envelope to Rm. 629 rather than Rm. 424.

    Otherwise, you may expedite a vehicle title application in person at an SOS facility. When you expedite a certificate of car title application, you must pay additional titling fees.

    Vehicle Titled In The Name Of A Trust

    If the motor vehicle is titled in the name of a trust, then the current identification of the trustee making the application must be presented. In order to identify the trustee authorized to sign, the application should also be supported by one of the following:

    • Affidavit of Trust,
    • Statement of Fact for a Trust, or
    • Original or certified copy of the trust agreement.

    If the title application is signed with a Power of Attorney, in addition to the requirements above, the following must also be provided:

    • Current identification matching the person or employee of the entity named as power of attorney,
    • Acceptable current identification of the owner or lienholder, and,
    • If provided to a business, an original business card or authorization written on the letterhead of an entity named as power of attorney that matches the identification of the employee.

    NOTE: Businesses given power of attorney are required to provide a letter of signature authority on original letterhead, business card or a copy of employee ID.

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    The Pennsylvania Auto Title Application

    Pennsylvanians who need a title for car ownership must file the appropriate application with PennDOT. Some people need a pink slip because they just moved to the state of Pennsylvania, while others need a certificate of title because they have purchased a used car from a friend or inherited a vehicle from a relative. In the case of private car sales, the buyer and the seller must appear together at PennDOT with photo ID and sign all documents in front of a PennDOT agent.

    The basic form used in most Pennsylvania auto title applications is Form MV-1, Application for Certificate of Title. Additionally, a bill of sale form may be accepted by the DMV. If you have questions about the type of car title form needed in your case, contact your local PennDOT office and ask to speak to an agent familiar with car titles.

    How To Get A New Car Title In Pennsylvania

    My Vehicle Title

    A Pennsylvania car title is a certificate of ownership issued by the state that provides information about the vehicle and its owner and can be used to prove car ownership, when needed. A new car title must be issued or an old one updated any time a vehicles owner changes, whether due to purchasing, gifting or inheriting it.

    Residents new to the state must apply for a vehicle title transfer and then apply for new car registration within 20 days of moving into the state. In most cases, title and registration transactions can be performed simultaneously at one location. For more information about the types of car title transactions in Pennsylvania, review the following sections.

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    The Illinois Auto Title Application

    To obtain an IL pink slip , vehicle owners must complete an Application for Vehicle Transaction . Drivers may obtain a title for a car by completing an application online using the Electronic Registration and Title service, before printing the application and submitting it in person or mailing it to the SOS.

    Alternatively, drivers may obtain a certificate of car title application in person at an SOS facility or they may request an application by telephone at 800-252-8980. When completing the application to get car titles, drivers must provide the following information:

    • The Illinois car title number.
    • The vehicle identification number .
    • The date and state of purchase. If purchasing a vehicle from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia or North Carolina, drivers must complete an SOS Natural Disaster Disclosure Statement .
    • The vehicles license plate type.

    After completing and printing the new or used car title application, drivers must submit it to the SOS within seven days. Furthermore, you may apply for an Illinois certificate of car title and registration card simultaneously if you wish. To do so, you must select Title and Registration as the title type when completing the application using the ERT system.

    I Lost The Title To My Car What Can I Do

    Imagine you are getting ready to sell your car. You remember exactly where the title is so you dont bother to look for it until the day of the sale. But lo and behold, it isnt there! Did it go missing last week or last year? Maybe it was in that box the movers lost 20 years ago? Maybe the dog ate it? Who knows!

    Solution:Youve probably heard stories of how difficult replacing a lost title can be, but in most states the process is actually quite simple. Lets go through the steps right after this photo of a massive line at the DMV.

    Want to skip the line? Let us do the hard work for you.

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    Adding Or Dropping Names

    The Odometer Reading section of a vehicle title must be completed on 2011 or newer vehicles, even if the title indicates the vehicle may be exempt due to age.

    Without Lienholder

    Sign the title as if you are selling the vehicle and put the new name in the buyer section. Use your full legal name as listed on your driver license.

    • If the title says ‘person 1’ AND ‘person 2’, both parties must sign it.
    • If the title says ‘person 1’ OR ‘person 2’, either party can sign without the other.

    If the vehicle is not registered or not operational, you may change the title only without obtaining insurance, a smog check or registration. Bring the title to a DMV office.

    If you will be registering and driving the vehicle, you must obtain Nevada liability insurance in the same name which will be on the new title and registration. If your vehicle requires a smog check, you must have a new test done if the last one is more than 90 days old.

    Bring the signed-off title, current registration slip and smog check if needed to a DMV office to re-register the car. Credit will be given for the unused portion of the current registration.

    If you are changing your name, you must have the legal document which authorizes the change . Divorce decrees should include language which awards the vehicle to the new owner by Vehicle Identification Number.

    With Lienholder

    You must ask the lienholder to approve the change. Subleasing and “take over payments” arrangements are illegal.

    S To Register And Title A Car

    How to get a lost title replaced for my vehicle

    Though application methods usually vary depending on the state, motorists getting a vehicle registration/title are generally required to personally visit a DMV office and follow the set guidelines. Prior to going to a nearby branch, however, drivers are highly recommended to check which title/vehicle registration documents are necessary, so as to avoid any inconvenience when in the office.

    For example, state DMVs usually provide certain documentation, such as an application form or bill of sale on their official website, thus allowing applicants to fill them out beforehand and save valuable time. Check with your DMV to find out whether other methods of application are currently available.

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    Documents You Must Provide When Applying For A New Car Title In Florida

    When getting car title certificates and when applying for registration documentation, drivers must submit titling and/or registration application and present proof of vehicle ownership and auto insurance. Drivers who need to get a car title and/or registration certificate may submit proof of insurance in the form of a binder, insurance certificate, insurance identification card or an affidavit containing the following information:

    • The drivers name.
    • The name of the insurance company.
    • The insurance policy number.
    • The type of insurance coverage.
    • A description of the vehicle.

    Additionally, drivers cannot obtain a new or used car title in Florida unless they complete a VIN inspection. A law enforcement officer, motor vehicle dealer or county tax collector must perform the VIN inspection and complete section eight of the certificate of title application . Alternately, drivers may obtain a separate VIN and Odometer Verification application either online or from a county tax collectors office.

    Documents You Must Provide When Applying For A New Car Title In Illinois

    To get a car title in IL, vehicle owners must submit additional information along with the Application for Vehicle Transaction . When getting car titles, motorists must submit the following by mail or in person at an SOS branch:

    • The vehicle title or the Manufacturers Certificate or Origin .
    • An odometer reading .
    • Payment for vehicle use tax, if applicable.
    • Payment for titling and registration fees .
    • The number of the vehicles Temporary Registration Permit, if applicable.
    • Tax Form RUT-25 or RUT-50, if the vehicle does not have a DMV certificate of car title in Illinois, or state registration certificate. Applicants must complete RUT-25 if they purchase a vehicle from a dealer, or RUT-50 if they purchase the vehicle from a private party.

    After submitting auto title documentation, it takes three to four weeks for motorists to get a car title in the mail.

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