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How To Repair Paint Scratch On Car

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Do Scratch Repair Pens Work

How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)

Scratch repair pens are among the higher quality tools for dealing with deeper scratches.

They often include fibreglass pen tips for removing any rust or loose paint, and can then fill in the scratch with paint matched to the rest of the car to hide a blemish completely.

They can also work well with other scratch repair materials like cutting compounds to more effectively hide the damage.

But remember not to use wax before a touch-up pen the wax could prevent the paint from sticking resulting in a messy finish.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Scratches

If these methods dont solve your car scratch problems and you cant ignore the issue, it may be worth filing a claim with your car insurance provider.

Because its cosmetic damage, not every policy will cover the cost, but many will and it can be an easy way to get it taken care of.

If in doubt, talk to your policy provider and find out what options are available to you.

If you need a scratch taken care of, book a service or vehicle check with AA Smart Care

Types Of Car Scratches And Repairs Explained

Car scratches are really frustrating for a car enthusiast like us. I mean nobody who loves his/her car can tolerate it and it does look really dull in our car. Before we discuss how to get it fixed, we need to understand everything about the types of scratches that our car gets. Each type has a different treatment so without wasting any time lets understand each and everything about it.

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How Does Toothpaste Remove Deep Scratches From Car

Toothpaste can be used to remove small, shallow scratches from your car if theyre just in the clear coat and havent pierced right down to the paint.

The abrasive quality of toothpaste particularly whitening toothpastes is often enough to smooth out the slight jagged edge of a small scratch. It isnt enough to deal with scratches that have damaged the paintwork itself, but if you just have a scratch on the surface, wiping it down with toothpaste might help fix it.

How To Repair A Paint Scratch Yourself

Never Scratchâ¢ï¸? Car Scratch Repair

Machine polishing: Firstly, let’s get that nasty gouge reduced. For this, you will need access to a machine polisher, a couple of good quality polishing compounds. Tip: if you have not used a machine polisher before, ask someone with experience to do the job for you. Machine polishing can easily damage paintwork if misused! If you feel competent to use a machine polisher, great, but be wary and take a good look at the scratch first. If they’ve used a sharp instrument such as a knife-edge, the scratch should be a clean, narrow ‘V’ in the paint, with no rough edges. Suppose they’ve used a key it almost always worse, as the scratch will be wide, with rough edges. If it has rough edges, be wary of the paint pulling or flaking as you machine polish the area. You may want to start by hand-polishing to smooth out the rough areas. Hopefully, after a few passes with the polisher, the mark will have significantly diminished enough to be barely visible. If this isn’t the case, then it’s time to try a Chipex paint repair system.

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How To Repair A Scratch On A Car

  • A good way to make sure a scratch is repairable by this method is to spray some water on the scratch. If the scratch disappears or fades, no longer showing a white color in some cases, then that means it is only in the clear coat of the paint and can be repaired.

  • If the scratch is on a sharp edge or body line of the car, this repair is not recommended as sanding on sharp edges of the paint can lead to removing too much paint too quickly, causing permanent damage.

  • How To Fix Minor Car Scratches

    Maybe you need to fix slightly keyed car paint and are now in need of a small car scratch repair. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars at a shop for a car paint scratches removal service. You can easily fix minor car scratches with a touch up paint pen. Clean off the area using soapy water and then a wax & grease remover. Apply several coats of your paint color with the pen, letting it dry between coats. Next use clearcoat over the new paint. Finally, use rubbing compound to polish the area so it is shiny. For more information about using paint pens, watch our touch up paint videos.

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    Use The Buffing Cloth To Remove The Scratches

    Next, take the buffing pad or microfiber cloth and rub the scratch removal paste onto and over the scratches.

    The scratch removal polish will work by removing a thin layer of your cars clear coat so that the surface of the scratch becomes smooth and even. Others may work by smoothing over the edges of scratches. Regardless, either method should have no adverse effects on your paint.

    Take your time and scrub into the scratches. It may take several minutes to begin seeing positive results.

    Fixing Scratched Car Paint


    When the inevitable happens and scratches appear on your car, dont waste time lamenting the loss of your perfect paint job. Take the energy youd spend freaking out and channel it into a repair session. Your cars beauty will be restored in no time.

  • Choose Your Touch Up Method
  • The first thing to do after looking over your car is to decide how to address the damage. Scratches in the clear coat are the easiest to remove, requiring only sandpaper, rubbing compound and wax. If your paint is showing, the scratch reveals primer or youre staring at bare metal, the job requires touch-up paint and quite a bit more patience.

    All levels of scratches must be prepped the same way. Follow steps two and three to ready your car for touch up paint.

    If youre lucky and only find a couple of scratches, clean these areas just as you would if you were washing the car by hand. If the damage is more extensive, wash the entire car. Wait until the heat of the day has passed or park the car in the shade for best results. Use only soft, non-abrasive sponges or cloths, and dry the entire car thoroughly when youre finished.

    Washing removes excess dirt from the surface of the paint so that you dont accidentally do more damage while performing repairs. It also ensures no dirt gets sealed into the areas on which youre working, resulting in an uneven surface or a blemish with a worse appearance than the original scratch.

  • Finish with Wax
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    How Do I Use A Scratch Remover

    If the scratch is deeper than the clear coat and has gone onto the base coat, you might prefer to leave the toothpaste in the bathroom and use a dedicated scratch removal product, instead.

    If you want to try using a scratch removal product, follow these steps:

  • First, wash and dry the affected area to ensure you dont end up rubbing any debris or dirt into the scratch and making it worse. Use warm soapy water and then rinse down before drying with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Before applying any scratch removal agent, you should also read the manufacturers guidelines and check if any buffing tool or pad is sold with the agent to use on your paintwork.
  • Usually, you would apply around a 2ps worth of product to the buffing pad and ensure that the product is evenly distributed around the pad to ensure even application.
  • Next, rub the product into the affected area using a circular motion, making sure you dont change direction, to ensure an even covering.
  • Once youve finished, its important you dont allow any excess product to dry on the car in case it affects the paintwork, so clean any product away with a clean microfibre cloth.
  • Before repeating the process, read the manufacturers instructions to ensure you dont over-apply and end up unwittingly damaging your paintwork.

    Wax The Repaired Paint

    Step 1: Wax the area. Wax the repaired paint chip area with the car wax you normally use. The wax will cover the dull appearance from sanding the paint chip.

    Step 2: Wax the whole vehicle. To prevent a small section of your car from being shinier than the rest of your paint, apply a coat of wax to the whole car.

    Overall, touching up your car paint is a straightforward job that you can accomplish on your own. If you care about the appearance of your paint, the instructions above will help you restore the look of your vehicle so that it looks clean and new. If you are curious about learning how to take care of an even larger paint job, follow the steps in our article. Youll achieve the best uniform results by applying a full coat of wax to your entire car. This will blend the freshly-waxed, repaired spot so it doesnt stand out.

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    How To Remove Touch Up And Buff Out Scratched Car Paint

    In this article, you will learn:

    • One simple test to see if you can repair a scratch in your cars paint yourself
    • Easy steps to remove isolated scratches and paint transfer
    • How to blend the repaired area seamlessly into the surrounding paint

    Weve all been there. Somewhere along the way, your car picked up a surface scratch. Or maybe you brushed against a pole in a parking lot, and some of its paint rubbed onto your car. No matter how the damage happened, every time you get in or out of your car, your eye fixates on that same spot. It gnaws away at you, and you just wish it would go away.

    The good news news is, with the right products and tools you can fix most isolated scratches at home in 15 minutes or less! Using an affordable DIY car paint scratch remover and some easy-to-follow tips, youll erase that irritating scuff or scratch and save yourself some heartache.

    Whats The Best Technique For Repairing Scratches On Your Car

    Car Scratch Remover Paint Scratch Remove Repair Polishing And Scratch ...

    To fix a scratch on your car, you should be well aware of the type of scratch you are dealing with. There are three types of scratches, to begin with.

    • Clearcoat scratch As the name suggests, this form of scratch is only visible to the naked eye. Tiny abrasions in the clear coat that protects your paintwork are basically clearcoat scratches. They dont impact paint or primer.
    • Paint scratch Scratches in the clear layer of the paint are known as paint scratches.
    • Deep scratch The worst sort of scratch is a deep scratch. To fix this, youll need a professional. When the clear coat, paint, and primer are all slashed away, a scratch like this one forms on the metal. Most difficult and expensive to repair are deep scratches that penetrate the cars bodywork. To avoid corrosion, youll need to get an expert to fix and seal the damage on your vehicle.

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    Buffing Out Moderate Scratches

  • 1Wash and dry the damaged area. Before you attempt to repair a scratch in your cars exterior, its important to make sure the surrounding area is completely clean. Spray the scratch with a gentle stream of water from a garden hose. Once the surface is spotless, pat it dry using a microfiber cloth or chamois.XResearch source
  • If you begin polishing without cleaning, its possible to pull small particles of dirt into the scratch, potentially making it worse.
  • Avoid using dish soaps to wash your car. These contain powerful de-greasers which can strip the protective sealant from the clear coat.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • Tip: To save time, you can can also wipe the scratch with rubbing alcohol to remove dust and dirt particles.

  • 2Pick up a scratch repair kit from your local automotive supplier. There are many different products on the market designed to help automobile owners easily fix cosmetic imperfections at home. One of these kits will come with everything you need to buff out a bad scratch in a matter of minutes, including a liquid scratch remover polish and soft buffing pad.XResearch source
  • On average, a complete scratch repair kit will cost you around $10-30.
  • How To Fix Car Scratches Easily

    • Listen to this

    When it comes to your car, your most prized possession, even the tiniest scratch, maybe a major setback. Even if its hidden in plain sight, you know its still there. Whats the best technique for repairing scratches on your car? What to do if someone scratches your car while its parked? And you might want to take action before it becomes a more serious problem. Read on to know how to fix car scratches properly.

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    What Is The Different Type Of Car Scratches

    Scratches vary between hardly noticeable to deep or in expert tone it is differentiated in 3 kinds i.e clear coat scratch, primer-level scratch and deep-paint scratch.

  • Clear-coat scratch

    Types Of Car Scratches And Repairs Explained

    As we all know that there is a very thin layer of clear coat that protects car paint from environmental issues like direct exposure of sunlight, Acid rain, Dust, etc. If the scratch sustains to that only then car scratch repair can be done with ease. Removal of car scratches from the clear coat layer is the easiest task.

  • Primer scratch

    Types Of Car Scratches And Repairs Explained

    A primer is another protection that manufacturers add to our cars body to give it stunning, shining and smoother surface. If car scratches cut through the clear coat layer and exposed to Primer coating and at that level of damage, the body paint will ruin and there will be a slight chance of rusting if protective measures not taken on time. This will require more time and expertise to get it fixed and recommend to paint the whole part to avoid uneven difference of paint.

  • Paint scratch

    Types Of Car Scratches And Repairs Explained

    When a scratch is so severe that you can see the metal sheet under the layers then its really hard to fix. These kinds of car scratches got if someone willing to put on your car using stone, keys or any other sharp object, or during a major accident. Its recommended to take corrective measure asap to avoid any other major cause.

  • Spray Primer And Then Paint Onto The Sanded Area



    Mask off the area with paper and masking tape to prevent spreading paint/primer to any other area. Spray automotive primer onto the area and let it dry. Next, spray the area with your cars matching paint. It can be difficult to find the correct paint shade, but your manufacturers specs will give you the code that matches your paint. Lay a heavy amount of paint onto the area and let dry.

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    Fix Car Paint With Touch Up Paint

    We’ve had countless customers get great looking exterior paint by going the the do it yourself paint repairroute. Check out touch up paint reviews from ourcustomers who fixed their car paint using touch up paint. You can repair your car paint by following thesesteps:

  • Find your car paint color. Use our search function or start by selecting your vehicle makein the list on this page.
  • Find your auto paint color code. Make sure you have selected the right car paint. Ourinstructions for your car show you where to find a car paint color code.
  • Order a touch up paint kit. Repair your paint with our high quality paint touch upproducts!
  • Test the color match. Before applying the paint to your car, try the auto paint on anothersurface like a metal can or an old picture to test the match. Let it dry, and if it looks good, your’reready to start that paint repair.
  • Practice applying touch up paint. Get used to sraying, brushing, or using one of our paintpens before using it on your auto paint.
  • Choose good painting conditions. For best car paint repair results, find a place that has low humidity, is not in direct sunlight, and is at least 50°F for brush cap bottles andpaint pens, and at least 70°F for car spray paint.
  • Prepare your car paint for paint repair. Clean the auto paint area you want to touch upusing soap or wax and grease remover. If your auto paint is rusty, remove all traces of rust with 220 gritsandpaper or a wire brush, and apply Rust Away .
  • How Much Does It Cost To Get The Scratch Out Of Your Car

    The cost of fixing a car scratch depends on the intensity and spread area of the scratch. A surface-level scratch can be removed by rubbing, cutting and polishing the affected panel. A basic full body rubbing and polishing starts at 799 for your car.

    Whereas a deep clear coat scratch which has penetrated the first few layers requires filling, sanding and is overall an exhaustive procedure which starts at 1,099.

    If the panel has been impacted panel has a dent, then the car is sent to specialised auto-body repair booth where the dent is first pulled using PDR procedure or any other alternative method as required. GoMechanic offers per panel denting and painting at just 1,599 for your car.

    You can check prices for your car by clicking here

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    Painting Over Repaired Scratches

  • 1Apply a thin line of touch up paint to the scratch using a fine brush. Use the tip of the brush to dab the paint into the gouge rather than brushing or wiping it on. Aim for a light, thin coat, and work carefully to make sure the scratch is completely concealed.XResearch source
  • If your touch up paint doesnt come with its own applicator, an inexpensive micro detailing brush will offer you the precision and control you need to get the job done right.
  • Touch up paints are also sometimes sold in pen form. When using a touch up paint pen, all you have to do is drag the nib along the scratch slowly to disperse the paint inside.
  • Tip: To find an exact match for your cars paint color, refer to the paint code listed on the label inside your drivers side door. If you dont see it there, talk to the original dealer.XResearch source

  • 2Allow the paint to dry for 8-12 hours. Most types of touch up paint dry to the touch within a few hours. If possible, however, its a good idea to let your freshly-applied paint sit overnight to give it ample time to set.XResearch source
  • Resist the urge to touch or make modifications to your touch up paint as it dries.
  • 3Use additional coats as needed. If theres still damage visible beneath your initial coat of touch up paint, you can add 1-2 more thin coats to finish the job. Dab on your follow-up coats the same way you did the first coat, then allow the paint to dry overnight when youre done.
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