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How Heavy Is A Car

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Suv Market Share At Record High

Heavy Vehicles – Is one car length enough for a truck to stop?

Crossovers have eaten up market share for several years, but data also shows that truck SUVs are also enjoying a larger share. Both types achieved record-high fuel economy as well.

CUVs, compact SUVs, and SUVs combined for a 50 percent market share in 2020, over 48 percent in 2019. Pickup trucks comprise another 20 percent of the market in 2020 over the previous 19 percent in 2019.

Crossovers have an average weight of 3,590 pounds and an average fuel efficiency MPG rating of 26.4. The fuel economy for SUVs was 24.2. Trucks also saw a marked increase in fuel economy, which puts them at their highest-ever average, tied with trucks in 1986. This is an achievement considering that trucks then were much smaller and weighed up to a third less than trucks today. The average weight for a light-duty pickup in 2021 is 4,000-4,700 pounds.

The fact that SUVs and CUVs make up such a large share of the market contributes to average weight staying the same and not decreasing, which might happen with a larger small passenger car market share.

List Of Car Curb Weights

As you can see from this list, car weight can vary a lot, depending on the type of vehicle, the engine, and many other factors. These weights, published by Motor Trend, Edmunds.com, Vehicle History.com, and Automobile Magazine, are for the car only and do not include cargo, passengers, or any other items.

This table lists the curb weights for some of the most popular models for 2020.

2020 Kia Telluride SX 4 Door AWD 4,482 pounds
2020 Subaru Outback Ltd 4 Door AWD 3,730 pounds
2020 Chevy Silverado LT Trail Boss 4 Door Crew Cab 5,105 pounds
2020 Honda Pilot Elite 4 Door AWD 4,319 pounds
2020 Kia Soul GT-Line 4 Door Wagon 2,844 pounds
2020 Ford Escape SE 4 Door 3,299 pounds
2020 Lexus LS 500 4 Door Sedan 4,707 pounds
2020 Toyota Supra 3.0 2 Door Coupe 3,397 pounds
2020 Buick Regal TourX 4 Door Wagon AWD 3,708 pounds

Some of the top selling vehicles in 2019 and their curb weights:

2019 Ford Fusion S 4 Door Sedan 3,472 pounds
2019 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR 4 Door Sedan 3,290 pounds
2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4 Door 4WD 4,677 pounds
2019 Honda Accord LX 4 Door Sedan 3,131 pounds
2019 Nissan Rogue SV 4 Door AWD 3,614 pounds
2019 Toyota RAV4 LE 4 Door 3,370 pounds
2019 Ford F150 XL 4 Door SuperCrew 4WD 4,769 pounds
2019 Toyota Highlander XLE 4 Door 4,310 pounds
2019 Lincoln MKC Reserve 4 Door 3,811 pounds
2019 Buick Envision Essence 4 Door 3,755 pounds

Curb weights for a variety of popular 2018 car models.

Iihs Crash Test Weight/size Classes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an insurance industry group that has a crash testing program. To determine a size category for each vehicle, the IIHS uses a combination of weight and the size of the vehicles shadow. The shadow is the vehicles overall length multiplied by its width and expressed in square feet. Here is a simplified version:

Curb weight in lbs. Size range, depending on size of shadow

Under 2000 Micro

2000 to 2499 Mini to Small

2500 to 2999 Small to Midsize

3000 to 3499 Small to Midsize to Large

3500 to 3999 Small to Midsize to Large to Very Large

4000 and up Midsize to Large to Very Large

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How Many Tons Does A Car Weigh

Most car owners may not realize it, but knowing how much your car weighs is very important. It may be necessary when crossing certain bridges, for one. You may even need to report this information to the DMV for proper classification and categorization of your car. It also may come in handy when adding weight to your car. You dont want to go over the gross vehicle weight rating, do you? Or simply, you might need this information when trying to sell your junk car.

No matter how you look at it, knowing approximately what your car weighs is imperative. The weight of your car in tons will vary depending upon the make, model, year, materials used, and car type . Below, we give you a more in-depth look at car weights in tons.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Cars Weight

20 Incredibly Heavy Cars That Can Actually Go Insanely Fast

Knowing the weight of your vehicle is essential for a several reasons. First, for auto safety reasons. Some bridges have specific weight limits, and knowing your vehicle’s weight means you will not make the mistake of crossing a bridge that cannot sufficiently support your car.

As per the EPA, for every 100-pounds subtracted from a cars weight, theres an addition of approximately 1-2% in its fuel economy. In other words, the less the weight of your car, the more you save on cash and fuel.

Finally, knowing the curb weight of your car helps the mechanic perform routine maintenance because he or she will know which tools and lifts can handle the vehicle’s weight.

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Heavy But Fast: Mitsubishi 3000gt Vr

While the Skyline GT-R was the main character car of multiple Fast and Furious movies, and a Gran Turismo star, and a dominating force in both the Japanese street racing and professional racing scenes, it wasnt actually the highest tech tuner car to come out of Japan in the 90s. That title goes to the tech stuffed VR-4 version of Mitsubishis 3000GT.

Active aero, electronically variable suspension, rear wheel steering, twin turbos, advanced four wheel drive, and even a powered folding hardtop were available on a car from 1990.

This resulted in an amazing car that was sadly overpriced and overweight at roughly 3800lbs. Attempts as cost cutting removed all the cool gadgets without lessening the price enough to be worth it.

How Much Does An Average Car Weigh

One of the reasons I decided to write this article is to let both experienced and new drivers alike know just how important this topic is. Knowing your cars weight can help you maintain it and drive it around with fewer issues. In fact, it can even save your life. There are also other reasons why you have to know how much does an average car weigh, and Ill get to them in a minute.

But before that, heres a quick overview of the questions this article is about to answer:

  • What types of car weight do we know?
  • How does the weight of different car classes differ?
  • Why do you need to know the weight of your car?


  • Why Should We Know Our Cars Weight?
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    Different Types Of Car Weights

    In the list above, we talk about the curb weight, which means that its the weight without driver, passenger, and cargo. This is the most common weight used. But if you are searching for different weights, you will find a lot of options.

    Here are the most common different types of weight with a short explanation:

    • Curb Weight: The weight without the driver, passengers, or any cargo.
    • Gross Weight: The weight of a car with max cargo loaded and the driver and all passengers.
    • Gross Combined Weight: This is a unit for you have to consider if you have a trailer. The weight of both the trailer and car together.
    • Payload: The cars weight, cargo, passengers , + anything you tow behind the car.
    • Gross Weight Rating: The max total weight your car can handle with the driver, passengers, and cargo.
    • Gross Axle Weight: The weight load on each axle of your car.
    • Maximum Load Trailer Weight: Very similar to the gross combined rate. But this does also include the weight of a fully-loaded trailer.
    • Gross Axle Weight Rating: The maximum weight that one axle on your car can handle.

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    What Is The Connection Between Weight & Fuel Efficiency


    If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The less that a car weighs, the less fuel it takes to make it go a certain distance. Lighter, smaller cars do get the best fuel economy.

    But whats the best way to remove weight from a car? You cant take off the safety and emissions control equipment the government wont let you. You cant remove the air conditioning or the infotainment systems car owners wont go for that.

    You may have heard of some specialized materials, like carbon fiber, that can be used to replace steel and greatly reduce the weight of a car. Unfortunately, carbon fiber is very expensive, and would add significant cost to mass-market vehicles. It doesnt matter how light a car is, if no one can afford to buy it!

    Ford switched to an all-aluminum body for its F-150 pickup truck, which reduced the trucks overall weight. Cadillac has been able to reduce the weight of some of its cars by using a mixture of materials for various parts and subassemblies. This is showing some promise, but it requires some advanced technologies to permanently join pieces of different materials together.

    Once you own your car, there isnt much you can do about its weight or is there? Do you use your car as your personal storage locker? Are you constantly hauling around heavy sports equipment, weights, and other items that you dont use regularly?

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    What Are The Platinum Jubilee Beacons

    A beacon is a fire or light that is usually lit up high as a warning, signal or as a celebration, beacons are similar to small bonfires.

    There is a long royal tradition associated with lighting beacons for celebratory purposes.

    Although used for communication in the past, lighting beacons is now a purely ceremonial act.

    In this instance, lighting beacons across the country and the Commonwealth represents the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and symbolises unity.

    People in countries with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state are being asked to take part in this tradition, to gather together and thank her for her seven decade-long premiership.

    Metal Armor Around The Battery

    If a battery gets punctured or severely damaged, it can wind up exploding. To avoid this disaster, there has to be a strong shell around the battery that protects it.

    This shell is made of heavy-duty metal that acts like armor. When you say heavy-duty and metal in the same sentence, you already know that theres extra weight added.

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    Checking The Driver Side Door

    If the owner’s manual does not specify your vehicles curb weight, look at the drivers side door. You should find a sticker on it. That sticker typically contains the curb weight as well as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating .

    The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is a total weight limit, set by the manufacturer, for a particular vehicle. GVWR considers both the curb weight of the car and the weight including passengers, cargo, and optional accessories.

    You should never confuse GVWR with GVW, which is Gross Vehicle Weight. The Gross Vehicle Weight fluctuates because it is the curb weight plus extra equipment, passengers, and cargo. The GVWR always remains a constant.

    How Much Does A Car Battery Weigh

    Driving in Heavy Rain at Night? Follow These Tips to Stay Safe!

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    Every car needs a different power output, battery size, and more. Therefore, every car battery will have a different weight.

    The average weight for a 12V lead-acid battery is 41 pounds. Batteries may weigh more or less depending on their size, BCI group, and age.


  • 5 FAQS
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    Weights By Car Model:

    Now when you know the weight of different car types, you may also want to know different car models weights.

    There are a lot of different car models on the market. We couldnt include all of these in our list, so we wrote about the 25 most common car models on the market.

    These car models weight can differ depending on the year model, engine type, and accessories installed in your car.

    Car Model

    Manufacturers Make Cars Heavier

    Vehicle manufacturers sell their cars, trucks, and SUVs by making each new model superior to its predecessor. This usually starts with an increase in interior space, so just about every new version of a given vehicle will be longer and wider. This requires more materials and will increase that vehicles weight. New models are also usually quieter inside, which takes extra sound insulation material. That adds weight. You can also count on more standard features on these new models that also packs on the pounds.

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    Why You Need To Know Your Cars Weight

    The most important reason you should know your cars weight is because it impacts your safety in the vehicle. But lets look in more detail at why you need to know the vehicle weight.

    Is the car too heavy for the road?

    For some bridges and overpasses, there are weight limit restrictions in place. This means that if the vehicle is over that weight limit, then it is not safe for you to drive over it.

    Is the car safe in collisions?

    No one expect to be in an auto accident, but they do happen and you should be prepared for this eventuality. Smaller, more lightweight cars fare worse in collisions than larger, heavier vehicles.

    The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates that for every 1,000 pound disadvantage your vehicle has against the other vehicle in the collision, there is a 47% increased risk of fatality from the auto accident.

    Do you want better fuel efficiency and emissions?

    The larger and heavier the vehicle, then the worse the fuel efficiency and emissions emitted into the air.

    If you want to be environmentally friendly with your driving habits, then you need to choose a vehicle that isnt heavy.

    Are you carrying too much weight in the vehicle?

    Have you ever seen a vehicle loaded down with stuff that seems to drag or bottom out? This is because the driver is exceeding the payload, or weight capacity, of the vehicle.

    Are you using tools that can support the weight of the vehicle?

    Why Does Weight Matter

    How Heavy is a Formula 1 Car? | RacerThoughts #18

    Weight is the enemy of two main things: fuel efficiency and handling.

    Though technology has allowed for better-designed engines and better overall fuel efficiency despite the added weight of various features through the years, the more weight a car has to push around the more energy needs to be exerted to do so.

    This leads to a general decline in fuel efficiency, and it is one reason many SUVs equipped with the same engines as similar cars within a manufacturers range return lower fuel economy estimates than the cars whose engines they use.

    Likewise, any additional weight can have a drastic effect on a cars agility. This is why many performance cars are designed to be as light as possible, with the most expensive supercars using high-tech materials to keep weight down. The less weight a car has to carry around a corner or over a bump, the quicker and more nimble it will feel and be.

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    The Average Weight Of A Car

    From tiny little hatchbacks to half-ton pickup trucks, there are a lot of different automobile models out there with varying weights. And in 2018, the EPA calculated that the average weight of a car is just barely over 4,000 pounds.

    This figure has been roughly the same since 2015. And it does include all the models and types of vehicles in the calculation.

    For a bit more specific info on the various types of cars, the EPA broke it down like this:

    • The average weight for compact cars is just over 2,900 pounds
    • The average weight for large cars is almost 3,900 pounds
    • The average weight for compact SUVs is almost 3,600 pounds
    • The average weight for large SUVs is just over 5,600 pounds

    Below well dig more into the average weight for the most popular classes of vehicles in the USA.

    Vehicle Type

    How Horsepower Factors In

    This is also a good time to talk about horsepower. I did an in-depth guide about horsepower earlier on my blog, but Ill keep it simple for this article.

    1,700 horsepower means something completely different depending on the vehicles weight. For a freight train, it might not be enough to start moving. For a little Koenigsegg Gemera, it means a 1.9 second 0-60 time.

    When you compare cars, horsepower should always be considered alongside total weight. Its the reason why its currently a little tricky to compare equivalent horsepower of ICE cars and EVs right now.

    Koenigsegg Gemera

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