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Where’s My Towed Car

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What To Do If Your Car Was Towed In Texas

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Many reasons exist why your car was towed in Texas. Whether you parked illegally, at a drivers license violation, left your car too long after it broke down, or obstructed traffic in some way, you need to know how to recover your vehicle as quickly as possible. Returning to the parking space and finding your car gone is a scary and stressful experience. Also, it can be quite expensive and time-consuming if you do not know what to do first and who to call.

Car Is Towed What Are My Rights If My Car Is Towed Towing Miami

Next steps. You will need to know for certain whether or not your car has been towed, or if it has been stolen. Call the police precinct for the area in which your car was parked, and you will be able to find out where your vehicle is. The longer your car is impounded, the higher your fee will be to release it.

Find Your Towed Vehicle

Vehicles may be impounded or towed for several reasons for violation of both State and City laws. If you believe your vehicle was towed by the City of San Diego, you can take these steps to find it:

  • Search AutoReturn Online – AutoReturn searches for vehicles towed by the City of San Diego only
  • Email AutoReturn at

If you’re unable to locate your vehicle through AutoReturn, call the SDPD non-emergency line at .

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Did Your Car Gt Towed And You Dont Know Where Or Stolen

This is the first thing that you need to consider, was your car towed or stolen in the first place. You will have to have some notice if the car was towed.

Usually, on parking lots where there is paid parking. If you park improperly or forget to pay, your car will get towed. In this case, you will come to the conclusion that your car was towed and it was not stolen. In this case, you can ask the question of my car got towed and I dont know where.

But if your car was parked regularly and you are aware that everything was done right and you paid for the parking. Then considering that the vehicle is stolen could be possible.

Cars are rarely stolen but it happens. Especially if you park around some suspicious neighborhoods that are full of crooks. The best thing is to stay away from these neighborhoods if you want to get yourself sure that your vehicle will not get stolen. Personally, I avoid parking in some places that there is no street light and its all dark.

A place to park that has a security guard would be your best bet if you dont want to get your car stolen. But since we learned that the car is towed, this should not be important to you. If you are sure that your car was towed, you need to learn the possible reasons why was this the case. But more on that a bit later.

In the following chapter, we are going to cover what it means if your car got towed. And what are the next steps for you and the possible reasons why this happened precisely to you?

Houston Tow Yards That Your Car May Have Been Taken To

Dude Wheres My Car

Below is a listing of tow yards in Houston, TX.

The easiest way to find a towed vehicle in Houston is by calling HPD or searching Find My Towed Car. The only issue is it may take 2 hours from the time of tow for your car to be added to their database. To speed up the process of finding a towed vehicle in Houston, you can try calling these tow yards.

Find the tow yard closest to the place you were parked and try calling them to find your truck or car.

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Recovering A Stolen Vehicle

The San Diego Police Department also recover stolen vehicles. If found, an officer will attempt to call the registered owner to let them know about the recovery.

If we are unable to contact the registered owner or if the owner takes over 20 minutes to get to the vehicle, the vehicle will be stored at a City of San Diego contracted towing company until the registered owner can recover the vehicle.

For questions concerning an impounded vehicle, please contact SDPD Tow Administration at or email at .

My Car Got Towed Where It Did Go

So, this is the important question, where did it go? If your car got towed then it probably went to the local impound lot. Every bigger city has an impound lot where these cars go.

This lot is strictly guarded and is something similar to car jail. You cannot access your car if you are not given the approval to do so. Meaning you will not be able to see your car until the paperwork is completed and everything is sorted out.

But how to find this impound lot? You can just google your city and look for impound lots that are nearby. Your car is probably somewhere around.

These lots are usually keeping the vehicles until they are sorted out. If not they go to an auction and are auctioned off or recycled if there is no value to the actual vehicle.

The important thing is that you will have to make a few phone calls to locate your car and go and get it. But before you get it you will have to pay the ticket and the fee for the time that the car was sitting in the impound lot. But in detail how you can retrieve it, we are going to cover in the following chapter.

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Can You Recover Your Vehicle Legally

The answer to this question depends on why it was towed in the first place. If you merely parked somewhere you were not allowed to or blocked traffic or a driveway, all you need to do is go to the vehicle storage facility, pay your fee, and drive away. However, if the car was towed because of illegal activity, unpaid parking or traffic tickets, or lack of a license, you may not be able to recover it as easily. These topics are a matter for police involvement and the court system.

What Are The Reasons Your Car Might Get Towed


Before we dive into the details about your issue with my car got towed and I don’t know where it is important that you understand the different reasons that could get your vehicle towed. No one will tell your car without any issue, and you must have done something wrong that authorities decided to tell your car.

In general, here are the common causes for your vehicle to be towed away:

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Car Getting Towed: How Much Will It Cost

So, now you know where your car is. The next thing that comes to your mind will be how much you have to spend to get it back. Be aware that you need to pay off the unpaid tickets before settling the towing fees if towing happens due to unpaid tickets.

The towing feed varies based on your location, and it is usually higher in big cities. The cost can differ based on the size of the car and the mode of payment . Usually, the companies dont accept checks.

Impounded Vehicles And Towing Fees

Vehicle can be impounded from city streets and parks as well as private property for a variety of reasons:

  • Towed from public property:
  • You have broken a parking by-law
  • Your vehicle has been abandoned, and is a safety hazard, or inconvenience to other motorists or pedestrians
  • Towed from private property:
  • Occupying a private property without consent
  • Failing to obey parking rules
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    Pay Traffic Tickets In Harris County

    The Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts have an Online Traffic Ticket Payment System. You can get case information and information about your ticket. to pay your Harris County Traffiic Ticket online.

    for information on Hearings for Towing Hearings in Harris County.

    This site makes no claims as to the content, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data provided at this site. The data provided at this site is subject to change at any time. It is understood that the data provided at this site is being used at ones own risk.

    Check The Costs To Retrieve Your Car

    Dude Wheres My Car

    Where do you think your car from the impound requires some fees, and these fees differ significantly depending on your situation and where you parked. For example, some customers reported paying between $75 and $350.00. However, there are some instances where people paid up to $800.

    It’s not surprising that prices differ because some of the impounds in cities might be much more expensive than others in rural areas. Therefore, consider asking the question to the impound once you reach out to them, so you are prepared.

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    Have Your Documents Ready

    At the same time that you call to find out about location and charges from the impound, ask what documents you will need to provide to retrieve your car. Generally, youll be asked for: drivers license, proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and registration. Also, if there were any traffic fines, they will probably have to be paid before you get your car back. You might have to fill out some forms, too. If you don’t have proper insurance and proof is required, you’ll have to purchase a policy before being able to retrieve your car.

    Looking For A Car Towed In Philadelphia

    LOOKING FOR A CAR TOWED IN Philadelphia County?



    The City of Philadelphia has multiple sites which can be used to find a towed or relocated car. In Philadelphia sometimes cars are towed and other times they are relocated. The sites that we link to on this page can help you find a car that was towed or a car that was relocated in Philly.

    to go to the Philadelphia Booting Towing & Impoundment page (Philadelphia Parking Authority. This site gives you Philadelphia towed vehicle information and Philadelphia relocated vehicle information. Find a towed car or relocated car in Philadelphia.

    Common Towing Questions Philadelphia

    For common towing questions from Philadelphia Parking Authority,

    To get information about Philadelphia Parking Laws,

    To pay a Philadelphia Parking Ticket,

    To Pay a Philadelphia Red Light Violation under 30 days old,

    To Pay a Philadelphia Red Light Violation over 30 days old,

    To Pay a Philadelphia Traffic Ticket or to Get Philadelphia Traffic Court Information ,

    • The Traffic Division is located at 800 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123-2690. The court is open to the public from 8:30 A.M. until 7:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.
    • The Traffic Divisions mailing address is: 800 Spring Garden Street, P.O. Box 56301, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130-6301. The main telephone number is 686-1675.

    For a list of Philadelphia Parking Garages,

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    How To Avoid Getting Towed

    • Towing happens when you park your car in a no parking or a tow zone. Or it can happen when you obstruct the traffic flow or a fire hydrant.
    • Once found, you will have to pay towing fees to get your car back.
    • The auto insurance rates wont surge if towing of your car is a one-time occurrence.
    • Always check the surrounding for signage or other restrictions to avoid towing.

    Parked Next To A Fire Hydrant

    GTA5: how or where to find your lost car

    Parking your car to a hydrant is not a good idea. Usually, the places where hydrants sit are not available for parking and you should know this.

    Whenever you notice a parking space with a hydrant next to it. Avoid it if you dont want to get your car towed. Why is this so?

    This is so because there could be a fire. The firemen have to place a water hose. So it is highly likely that they will smash your windows to allow the water hose to reach the other side of the street. If you dont believe me, google park next to a hydrant and see the images.

    Thats why you shouldnt park next to a hydrant. The first reason is that you will get your car towed and the second is that the car will get damaged if there is a fire around.

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    What Does It Mean My Car Got Towed

    This means that your car was picked up by a tow truck and taken away to an impound yard. In every bigger city, there are impound yards that are controlled by the authorities, and the cars that are towed by the tow truck end up there.

    Remember what I was saying about the night that I got out from the club and noticed how my car was missing? It was actually taken to the impound yard by the tow truck. What was bad was that I had to get a cab to get home and then deal with the frustration during the whole night. And overthinking about my precious car and where it was taken.

    Bad situation, I must admit. And I really understand why you are asking the question of my car got towed and I dont know where? I know that the first thing that came to your mind was probably that the car was stolen. But this does not have to be always the case.

    Try to remember where and how you parked and you probably will come to the conclusion of where is your car right now. Its probably taken to the local pound. Or in one of the many pounds. If you live in a city with a few million residents they probably have more than one impound lot. So, the best is to call them right away after you notice that your car is missing to make sure that the car is safe in the impound lot.

    You Obstructed The Traffic And The Car Was Towed Away

    The first thing that can cause your car to get towed and ask yourself my car got towed and I dont know where is because of obstructing the traffic.

    We all love stopping somewhere in the middle of a street and turning on the hazard lights. This is basically free parking. But not for the tow truck. If you get reported and your car is there for a few minutes.

    Then it is highly likely that you will get reported and the tow truck will come to pick your car up. If one is passing through or there is a tow truck around the block. The car can even be picked up much sooner than that. Thats why make sure that you dont obstruct the traffic and park wherever there is a marked parking space. Now lets move on to the next reason why my car got towed and I dont know where.

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    I Believe I Was Towed Wrongfully What Should I Do

    If you believe your car was towed wrongfully, there are some steps you can take:

    • Document the scene as best as you can: take photographs of where you parked and any signs in the area, and be able to prove where you were while your vehicle was being towed .
    • File a complaint with your local law enforcement agency and the Better Business Bureau.
    • Beforedriving your vehicle off the impound lot, take photographs and document the state of the vehicle, including interior and exterior damage caused by the tow truck. You may be able to get reimbursement for damage, but only if you can prove that the damage was caused by the tow company.

    Infinity Insurance is always ready to answer your insurance-related questions. Sign up for our free DriverClub® membership to access great standardized rates on towing and roadside assistance services in your area. If you are looking for excellent rates on auto insurance then call one of our friendly Infinity agents at or get a free online quote today!

    Get The Insurance Information

    ð¥ 25+ Best Memes About Dude Wheres My Car

    In some impounds and insert in cities, they might ask you for the insurance information, and if your car doesn’t have insurance, that gets extremely complicated. So, therefore, you’ll want to reach out to the insurance company and get some details because you’ll need those once you reach out to the impound area.

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    Get The Right Payment

    To get your car back from an impound lot youâll usually need cash, a cashierâs check or a credit card. Personal checks probably wonât be taken.

    Fees to get a car back vary by city and can include:

    • Towing charge.
    • Vehicle-release fee.
    • Storage charge.

    You might have to pay other things you owe, too. For example, in New York City the car wonât be released until youâve paid past parking tickets.

    San Jose Police Department Ca

    To lookup the status of a towed vehicle, and find out how to recover it, contact SJPD Vehicle Records Assistance Line at 408-277-4263.

    This line is answered 24/7 except between the hours of 12:00 noon to 2:00pm. Have your case number, vehicle license plate or VIN number ready.

    You can also visit the Auto Desk in person:

    201 W. Mission Street

    Auto Desk hours of operation: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Every Day.

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