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How Much Are Car Batteries At Autozone

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Some Notable Information:

Quite a good amount of cranking power . Technological developments for recombination gas manipulationwhich helps account for the loss of water. Sealable and user-friendly designthis product helps the user a lot when it comes to levels of acid that can arise from time to time.

Price Range The general price goes around 60 USD but a total price goes around 68 USD overall.

What IF I want to get to the good stuff? well, friend, you are going to need to read below to know about that.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Car Battery

How much should a car battery cost? Batteries with specialized features like cold-weather performance or extended warranties are considered premium options. The type of battery your vehicle requires may affect its cost too. For example, there are over 40 types of car batteries available, such as absorbent glass mat batteries and lead-acid batteries. Additional factors that affect the cost of car batteries include:

Autozone Offers Free Battery Charging Too

In addition to free battery check, AutoZone offers complimentary battery charging that only takes 30 minutes and is done while you wait. If your battery is running a little low, swing by your local store for a charge!

If it turns out you do need a new battery, Auto Zone offers a wide variety of Duralast batteries:

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Autozone Car Battery Prices And Installation

Autozone battery prices vary based on the type of battery needed, the specific brand and the Autozone location. Currently the basic battery prices at Autozone are between $69.00 and $239.00. Autozone battery instillation is usually free especially during the warranty period , and free disposal is also offered. Some locations offer discounts when you return your old batteries to their location. To view all Autozone battery prices click HERE.

Things You Must Consider When Shopping For This Vital Component

How Much Are Car Batteries At AutoZone?

1. Consider a Strong Warranty

You will have to consider the batterys warranty when shopping at AutoZone. Most cells in stock come to a three-year replacement warranty, which is a good deal.

However, you will also find other brands offering more extended warranties and refund if the cell fails within a specified timeframe. Always weigh among your options which battery has a strong warranty. An active warranty can save you the hustles of returning to the store in search of a new battery, before time.

2. Go for a Cell With a Better Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is also one of the few critical things that you must consider when shopping for a battery. The reserve capacity is the juice that lets your battery continue running. For instance, when you leave your lights on, the batterys reserve capacity determines how long they will last.

From a professionals point of view, its advisable to choose a batter that has the best reserve capacity amongst your options. By doing so, you save yourself from the struggles that arise from leaving your light on, for example, for only a few minutes.

3. Consider a Long Life Expectancy

As stated earlier, batteries dont come cheaply. They come with a price tag, and which is determined by the features. Therefore, you should highly consider the batterys life cycle before moving on with the purchase.

4. Consider the Maintenance-Free Batteries

5. Consider the Portability

6. Consider the Climate in Your Region

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The Top 6 Places To Buy A Car Battery

To see where I could get the best overall deal, I compared the prices, warranties and installation fees for similar lead-acid 24/24F car batteries. This size battery fits several Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan and Toyota models including the car I drive.

Heres what I found at the time of writing:

1.5 years Free

As you can see, youll have access to low prices, reliable warranties and free installation at stores you can visit in-person.

Overall, I found the lowest price at Costco. Costco doesnt offer installation, which means Id either have to install it myself or pay to have it installed somewhere else. But Walmart will install a car battery, no matter where you buy it, for only $10.

Walmart also offered the second-lowest price with free installation and a great warranty. Plus, you can use your Walmart rewards card to get 5% cash back by ordering the car battery online. Owned by the same company and offering the same benefits as Walmart, Sams Club offered the next-best deal.

While Advance Auto Parts has a higher initial price than AutoZone and NAPA, all three of the batteries from these stores come out to the same total of $139.99 after refundable deposits .

You can also save 20% on your first purchase from Advance Auto Parts by subscribing to the companys email list online. In addition to a two-year warranty and free installation, that means Advance Auto Parts is another great place to purchase a car battery.

Where To Sell Used Car Batteries

Whether you have a dead battery or one that was only purchased a few months ago, you can sell it for cash.

While some vendors will pay you a flat-rate, you may consider selling your newer batteries for top dollar to buyers that are looking for a good battery without having to pay the core charge or brand-new retail price commanded by an auto parts store.

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What Brand Car Battery Is The Best

In this article:

  • Best Overall: Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery.
  • Best Value: ExpertPower Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery.
  • Best For Powersport Vehicles: Odyssey PC680 Battery.
  • #4: Optima Batteries YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery.
  • #5: ACDelco Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery.
  • Types of Car Batteries.
  • Duralast. Platinum 35 AGM.

How Often Should You Change Your Car Battery

Free $20 Autozone Gift Card with Car Battery Purchase

After three years, its normally time to install a replacement. After four or five years, most car batteries will be almost completely unreliable. Old car batteries can present a number of safety and reliability issues. Luckily, its easy to identify if your cars battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

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Econocraft Battery Group Size 26r

If youre looking to try a different brand, Econocraft should be your priority. The company releases a line of quality batteries that you can consider. This is one of the few models you should try if youre looking for a battery that can deliver more than 450 cold-cranking amps.

It has 510 CCA and comes with a three-month warranty. To own this battery by Econocraft, you will have to part with $69.99.

How Much Is Car Battery At Autozone

4.9/5AutoZonebatteriesbatteriesauto batterypricebatteriesbatteriesprices

The cost of a car batteryAccording to CostHelper, a typical car battery costs between $50 and $120, while premium batteries cost $90 to $200. Service providers on Angie’s List that we spoke with say the average battery cost runs in the $75 to $120 range. Several factors affect the cost, such as battery type.

Secondly, how much does a duralast car battery cost? Duralast Battery Size 31With about $130, you can get this powerful battery from Duralast. The battery offers 950 cold-cranking amps and 1185 cranking amps. Besides, it provides up to 195 reserve minutes and hence suitable for many cars out there.

Beside this, will AutoZone bring me a battery?

AutoZone can charge your battery for free while you wait.Take your battery to AutoZone.

How long do AutoZone batteries last?

3-5 years

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What Kind Of Warranty Does Honda Crv Have

Warranty consists of 3 yea Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

Autozone Car Battery Types And Brands

Ken Carr Blog: July 2014

If you are a car owner, then you probably understand that getting the right brand, quality, and type of battery is very important to your cars performance, maintenance, and life. Autozone auto batteries come with 3-5 year warranties depending on which brand of battery you buy. Autozone car battery prices will vary depending on the type and brand of battery you are looking to purchase. At Autozone auto batteries, customers are able to find a wide variety of batteries for SUVs, RVs and Golf karts. Below you will find all Autozone Battery BrandsAutozone Duralast Battery The Duralast standard vehicle battery is commonly used in large or standard sized vehicles. Featuring 400 cold cranking amps, the battery has 65 reserve minutes. Autozone offers a two-year warranty that includes free replacement of the battery.

Autozone Duralast Platinum Battery Duralast Platinum batteries offer the reliability of the Duralast brand and delivers a higher performance ability. Ideal for vehicles that utilize several electronic accessories that require charging, the battery provides a safe, maintenance free, power source. It has two times the cycle life of most standard batteries.

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The Size Of Battery You Need

Standard car batteries may provide enough torque to power smaller engines, but larger engines often require bigger batteries. Larger batteries offer more amps of electrical currents per hour. Larger batteries usually have more power and can have larger reserve capacity than smaller ones. Additionally, since they are typically constructed with more materials than standard sizes, larger batteries tend to cost more than their smaller counterparts.

How Does Electrical System Work In Honda Crv

Your vehicles electrical system does more than just run the lights, it also provides the ignition spark when your engine runs. That means when you ask for gas, your alternator and electric system has to work hard to keep up with its side of your demand.

Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

Warranty consists of 3 yea Find the Honda CR-V battery that was constructed with deep capabilities and vibration resistance when its in your car by shopping the unbeatable selection at AutoZone. AutoZone carries a large inventory of CR-V car batteries to provide reliable power every time you go out on the road.

Your vehicles electrical system does more than just run the lights, it also provides the ignition spark when your engine runs. That means when you ask for gas, your alternator and electric system has to work hard to keep up with its side of your demand.

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Top Brands To Consider:


These batteries tend to be within the $40 to $100 range. Also noted as some of the lowest priced batteries on the market.


Popular among car enthusiasts, the average Exide battery can cost $40 to $80 depending on the output of the battery.


As some of the most popular batteries on the market, Interstate batteries have a solid reputation among car owners. This type of battery can cost $50 to $110.


With higher standards, Optima batteries tend to be on the higher side. These batteries can cost anywhere from $150 to $200.

Okay Does Autozone Have Motorcycle Batteries And Is It For The Money

AutoZone Car Care: How to Check and Replace Your Battery Cable and Terminal Ends


You bet, friend and Autozone sell some pretty good stuff, as wellmost importantly, these motorcycle batteries come from the Duralast brand .

WHY DURALAST? The same reason why some brands choose a particular outlet both love the relationship and they benefit.


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A Brief History Of Autozone

AutoZone didnt start as an automotive retailer. Instead, it began as a wholesale food company in the United States of America. The company was known as Malone & Hyde, Inc. Then it started as a drug store and expanded into sporting goods and later on, a supermarket.

However, Pitt, the grandson of Malone & Hydes founder, and other top leaders in the company identified the need to establish automotive spare part stores. Then Auto Shack came into existence. Their primary aim for creating Auto Shack was to help people maintain their cars with ease. They tried to incorporate the characteristics from supermarkets into the newly established automotive spare parts business. These include easy access to products, excellent customer service, a clean and well-organized store. Auto Shack officially started in 1979. While in 1987, Auto Shack was changed to AutoZone, which is the companys current name.

Today, AutoZone controls over 6,300 automotive spare parts retail stores across the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico. One thing that sets this automotive spare parts retailer apart is not just their good looking stores. They also offer excellent customer services and reasonably priced products.

Who Has The Best Price On Car Batteries

The 7 Best Places to Buy a Car Battery in 2021

  • Amazon. Buy on Amazon. The major online retailer has become the number one store to browse for almost anything you may ever need.
  • Walmart. Buy on Walmart.
  • Pep Boys. Buy on
  • NAPA Auto Parts. Buy on
  • Advance Auto Parts. Buy on
  • Sams Club. Buy on
  • Costco. Buy on

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Does Autozone Replace Batteries For Free

Aside from selling out some retail batteries from a brand, here are a few of what Autozone can do for you .

Autozone can inspect your battery Autozone can install a battery Autozone can refer a customer to other places if inquiry arises

Aside from asking how much does a car battery cost at Autozone, you will not need to ask for prices when it comes to switching up your battery.

The Free Autozone Battery Test Begins

Everything You Need to Know About Walmart Car Battery ...

After a couple of adjustments because the cables werent connecting properly with my batterys positive and negative terminals, the test began.

The whole reading took two to three minutes. My result?

The free battery check suggested that I had a bad battery and needed a replacement. Uh oh!

However, the associate told me it was a good sign that the system showed my battery was holding a 100% charge. The most likely scenario, he said, is that I had one bad cell triggering a bad reading.

The associate told me hes seen bad batteries last for a long time with a full charge.

So I didnt have to buy a new battery at least not yet. Isnt it nice to not get the hard sell once in a while?

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Other Places That Install Batteries

If there is no AutoZone in your area, there are other nationwide auto parts chains that have battery installation services, including Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, and OReilly Auto Parts .

AutoZone has a very good battery service that will work for most car owners. It is well worth a drive to their convenient locations if and when you suspect your battery is getting close to the end of its lifespan.

We hope this articlehas been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone who you think will appreciate the information!

Buying A New Battery From Autozone Costs About 50 To 200

If yes then the easiest method to get a replacement is to visit the nearest AutoZone store. Buying a new battery from AutoZone costs about 50 to 200. After youve removed your car battery its time to install the replacement. An employee can look up your vehicle and then quote the price options. Autozone battery instillation is usually free especially during the warranty period average warranties are between three months and three years and free. 10 off 5 days ago 10 Off AutoZone Coupons in May 2021 CNN Coupons. Will AutoZone Replace Battery Terminals. Autozone Battery Coupons Printable – Best Coupon Codes. Just Now 9 days ago Autozone Battery Coupons Printable – Free Coupon Codes. I took my car in for the free battery check and Im going to tell you. The OR16CL-B battery will arrive fully charged and ready for immediate usage right out of the box.

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The Cost Of Car Battery Installation

Whether or not you’re planning to hire a professional to install your new battery will play a role in how much the battery costs. Car batteries aren’t always easy to access, especially in compact cars. The cost of car battery installation will vary based on the battery’s location and how long the installation takes. Installation may cost you between $20 to $75, however most locations offer this service for free.

Your Local Recycling Center

Does AutoZone replace key fob batteries?

Some localities might not allow used batteries to be sold for cash. If thats the case for you, your local community recycling center or landfill should accept your batteries free of charge.

Doing so will still help protect the environment and helps the battery makers pass the savings onto future customers as they dont have to mine as much new lead.

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  • Follow these steps to test your battery: Before you begin testing, make sure the ignition key and all of your vehicle’s lights are off. Connect the red or positive voltmeter test lead to your battery’s positive terminal. Then, connect the black or negative voltmeter test lead to your battery’s negative terminal. Compare your reading to this chart:
  • Learn about AutoZone’s Free Store Services, get Trustworthy Advice for DIY auto repair and more. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. Use Code: CELEBRATE. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** … Check it before you buy it or bring a dead battery back to life.
  • To test battery life, we have our usual two tests. The first is our Light test, which cycles webpages until the laptop turns off. The Heavy test increases the number of pages loaded, adds in 1080p …
  • Battery test for AA and AAA batteries, comparator This comparator includes the following battery sizes: AA and AAA Index Individual tests Comparision of capacity at all currents Select the two batteries to compare, both set of curves will be shown in the chart.
  • Battery emulator/simulator is often used to test the chargerâs operation over the entire battery voltage range . For example, a lithium- ion batteryâs normal operating voltage is 3.0V to 4.2V, but the voltage also can be 0V to 3.0V, if it is deeply discharged.

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