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How Much Do Car Salesman Make

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How Much Do Car Dealers Make

How Much Do Car Salesman Make? Monthly Commission & Per Car (EXACTLY)

Car dealers make about $60,000 per year on average . In some locations the average can go up to $98,000. Average hourly wage of a car dealer is $33.73 which makes it just over $70,000. Manufacturers are making the big bucks.

Wrap Up

You can seldom tell how much a salesperson will earn. Their wages are determined by so many factors. Being a car salesman depends solely on your attitude and ability to make sales. Some salesmen like Ali Reda, the highest-selling salesmen, sold an average of 32 cars a day. Other salespeople will be taking a minimum wage for failing to hit their commission targets.

The answer to how much do car salesmen make is:

  • Average annual salary of a good car sales person is $40,000
  • Average monthly commission is about $4000
  • Average commission per car is about $400
  • Average hourly pay is around $20
  • Average commission depends on performance but usually 20% or more on employers profit

While its not a career for the faint of heart, a car salesman career could see you cruising through life and making six figures in only a few years. Be inspired.

How Much Commission Does A Bmw Car Salesman Make

The salesman gets a percentage of the gross profit, usually about 20% so if you offer $800.00 over invoice, he will only net $160.00 for his efforts. Most of the salesmen in the dealership sell between 7 and 15 vehicles per month so if they were all deals like yours, well would that kind of income work for you?

How Much Commission Does A Salesman Make On A New Car


Commissions on new car sales vary from one dealership to another, but the usual range is from a 20-to-30 percent of the profit. The profit amount is also different among dealers. The bottom-line is that a good salesperson at a popular dealership can make over $50,000, but the average is considerably less. Two conditions account for this: sales that generate only “mini” commissions and the added cost of the dealer “pack.”

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What Is A Car Salesman Guarantee

Some dealerships do not make you pay back a draw towards your commission. This type of pay plan is called a guarantee and is usually only available for the first 60 to 90 days of employment. This allows a new salesperson to get some experience under their belt, learn the dealerships system, and not have to worry about making money to survive.

An example of a guarantee would be something like this:

  • 1st month = $2,000
  • 2nd month = $1,500
  • 3rd month = $1,000

Continuous guarantees are very rare but there are dealers out there that work this way. However, if a salesman continues to collect a draw check or guarantee continually, they will most likely get boxed up .

Is Car Sales A Good Career

How Much Do Car Salesmen Make?

Taking car sales as a career may not be a good fit for you if all you need is a fixed amount of salary. There is no such thing as a car salesman. But, you have a lot to benefit from if you take car sales as a career.

Get the gist in this, car sales career would not only give you an edge in your interpersonal skill, it helps you even when you no more work in the dealership.

The experience in a car sales career can still make you money if you choose to become a consultant.

Yes, this may sound like a joke but this is what you enjoy in a career like car sales meeting famous and handymen and women and also helping them learn about the car they would love to buy.

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A Car Salesmans Income Is Tied To Their Effort And Skill Level

A car salesmans income is tied directly to their effort and their skill level. For example, someone new to the business who is just starting to learn their craft might find themselves on a salary based pay plan for the first 90 days. This fixed pay plans would guarantee monthly earnings of $3,000 or so for the first three months on the job. After 90 days, pay plans for car salespeople generally go to commission only, although more and more dealerships today are developing hybrid compensation plans that include a salary plus commission, with the hope of encouraging more college educated people to consider a career in the retail automobile business.

How hard the salesperson works on developing their skills will directly correlate to how much they make. Sales professionals are like athletes , in that they have to practice to continually improve. Theres a saying that amateurs practice to get it right, while professionals practice so that theyll never get it wrong. Top car sales professionals always practice and rehearse so that they can make sure they never get it wrong.

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What’s The Best Way To Sell A Car

Listen carefully, because these car sales tips are very effective once you get the hang of them. Listening is more than just listening to the customer, it also includes observing their reactions and body language during conversations and negotiations. Gestures and sounds often mean more than words, so as a car salesman you hone that skill and listen better.

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Do You Get Incentives For Selling More Cars

From there, sellers receive additional incentives based on the number of vehicles sold. Usually this is the flat rate they earn, and in general, the more cars they sell, the higher the promotion for the device. Some employers may offer other incentives, such as insurance and financial products and warranty extensions.

Should A Car Salespersons Salary Affect Their Sales Performance


On the other side, a car salesperson on salary could be less inclined to fight for every sale since their income doesn directly depend on it. If theye found to be taking it easy or they have prolonged stretches without selling anything, management could put pressure on them to shape up or ship out.

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Knowledge Of The Dealership Policies

This is the first thing you must know in the dealership before becoming a salesman. Here, you have the time to create your payment plan and how to work your pay plan.

Policies differ from one dealership to another, getting that would increase your chances of becoming a good car salesman.

Some policies would demand you sell a certain amount of cars daily or monthly before walking away with your bonuses.

It is important you know these.

How Much Commission Does A Salesman Make On A Certified Pre

Salesmen commission starts at 25% in most dealerships. Certified pre-owned cars are well-maintained used cars. They are in better conditions than other used cars and have lower mileages. They are also more expensive than used cars and earn the dealership. Dealership have a profit margin of 5.7% as compared to 4.7% for non-certified cars. The more dealership gets, the more the salesman get too.

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See Car Salesmen Salaries In Other Areas

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Cars

How Much Does A High End Car Salesmen Make

You can sell your car and make $1,000 or more. Check out the “How Much Money Do Car Dealers Make?” Survey You can sell the car and get a mini deal for $75 or $100. If you’re selling cars, work a schedule that includes nights, days, and weekends so you don’t have to miss the same schedule over and over.

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Small Bonus For Salespeople

If you look at the car sales profession in general, it is not a very high paying job and it will not make any car salesman wealthy. The fact is that an average car salesperson makes about 10 to 12 sales a month which also includes cars selling at a loss or a reduced profit that generates a $125 mini-commission and of other commissions reduced by packs added to the invoice cost which ultimately results in less commission for car salesman.

But if you look at the positive side, a car salesperson could make more money from bonuses. Almost, all dealership offer bonuses for selling a certain number of cars exceeding a set quota each month, or for selling add-ons like rust-protection and undercoating. Every dealer loves add-ons because the markups on add-ons are higher than for the car itself. A good car salesperson might end up with as much money in their pocket from selling add-ons as from the commission on the car sales.

We hope this post will help new entrants in the car sales industry to understand how much commission a car salesman makes and what are the prospects in the industry for new comers.

Standard Working Hours As A Car Salesperson

As a car salesperson, you will also have a rather standard workweek.

Quite often, you will just work 9 to 5 and will be able to get back to your home rather soon.

This can be great since you will have plenty of time to meet up with your friends after work or just to enjoy precious time with your children.

You will also not work that many extra hours.

Sure, there might be busy times where you have to work more.

However, compared to other jobs, you will still have plenty of leisure that you can spend on the things you love more than working.

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Seek Guidance From Your Colleagues

An effective way to learn new sales strategies and car knowledge is by learning from your experienced colleagues. They can likely teach you their own methods for increasing sales metrics and improving how you communicate and interact with customers, all of which can help you secure a sale. By developing an interpersonal relationship with your colleagues, they may become more willing to assist you when you’re in need of help. Ask for honest feedback and suggestions for enhancing your skills. By demonstrating a sincere desire to improve your capabilities, they might be more receptive to teaching you their strategies.

Rather Questionable Job Security

How Much Does The Average Car Salesman Make

Another downside to working as a car salesperson is that you will also suffer from rather questionable job security.

In fact, car salesmen are easily replaceable and you might just get fired sooner or later if someone more talented or someone who works for less money comes along in the future.

Thus, being a car salesman also implies significant uncertainty regarding your financial future and you should make sure that you are able and also willing to deal with this financial pressure.

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How To Be A Car Salesman

Dont get pumped with the commission rate and good money car salespersons are making. Being a successful car salesperson is no easy task. Car salespeople must deal with customers with a wide variety of needs and wants with regards to their new purchases. Because of this, there isnt any easy way to tell what it is you need to do to become one the aspiring car salesmen. Heres how to be a good car salesman.

Fixed Or Set Salary Car Sales Pay Plan

This type of pay plan pays you an hourly wage or a certain fixed amount a month. The good thing about this type of pay plan is you have security knowing youre going to receive a certain amount of money every paycheck.

The bad thing about this pay structure is if youre really good at selling cars youre not going to make any more money than what youve agreed to. To make matters worse. If you decide to sit back, collect a paycheck, and not produce any car sales. Management will not want to keep paying you and may even begin treating you poorly in an attempt to run you off.

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How Many Cars On Average Does Car Salesman Sell In Michigan

With 15 or more cars, the car salesman’s commission is 40% per car. With an average auto business grossing $1,200, selling seven cars a month would earn the seller just $2,100 a month. But if they sell 10 cars, they’ll make $3,600 a month, or $360 for each car, not just the eighth, ninth, and tenth units.

You Will Not Suffer From That Much Time Pressure

Wanna Be A Car Dealer? How Much do Car Salesmen Make ...

Compared to many other jobs out there, you will also not suffer from excessive time pressure.

Sure, you cannot spend too much time on each client.

Yet, you will still be able to take your time to convince your customers that the respective car will be indeed the right choice for them.

You will also not have to prepare presentations that have to be finished pretty soon as in many other office jobs.

Instead, you can spend your time at work in a rather relaxed manner.

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Learn From Your Coworkers

One of the best ways to pick up sales skills is by observing the experienced salespeople in your workplace. Pay attention to how your most successful coworkers interact with customers and conduct their sales. Build your relationships with other salespeople and ask them to explain their process or make suggestions for how you can improve. If you approach them with a genuine desire to learn, they may be willing to share some tricks of the car sales trade.

Your Salary Will Depend On The Number And The Price Of Cars You Sell

Not every car salesperson makes the same amount of money.

In fact, how much you will make as a car salesman greatly depends on the number and the price of the cars you sell.

You will get a commission for every vehicle you sell to customers and this commission will often be a fraction of the price of the car.

Hence, while you can make really good money if you work in a fancy car dealership with high-priced cars, you will often not make that much money in average car dealerships.

Moreover, your income will also greatly depend on your skills as a salesperson.

If you are really bad at convincing people, chances are that you will be barely able to make a living out of what you are doing.

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What Do You Need To Know About Buying A Car In Maryland

The buyer must ensure that the name on the title matches the seller’s name, that the name has not been changed, and that the vehicle identification number matches the vehicle identification number. The header must not contain any engravings or brackets that could obscure or distort information, rendering the header invalid.

How Do Car Salesman Get Paid

How Much Do Car Salesman Make A Year – Not what your thinking

Car salesman earnings vary due to different factors pay plan, Individual attitudes, education, experience, and additional skills relevant to the profession. Car salesman earnings vary due to different factors pay plan, Individual attitudes, education, experience, and additional skills relevant to the profession. Being a salesman, in general, requires you to work smart to keep vehicle sale going. There are three ways in which car salesmen are paid.

Why dont dealership accept cash for cars? Heres why.

  • Fixed Salary
  • Fixed Basic Pay Plus Commission

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How Much Does A Car Salesman Make Per Car

The average salesman makes $3,000 a month for selling about eight vehicles per month. So a car salesman makes about $375 per car. Extra bonuses and incentives allow the average salesman to earn up to $700 per car sold.

The salesman makes a percentage of the cars sales price. Thus, luxury cars provide more income than used vehicles, as they are more expensive.

Hours Car Sales Consultants Work

If you were expecting to work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday think again because car salespeople often average 50 to 55 hours per week. Their schedule may only consist of 40 up to 50 hours a week, but staying at work after closing time is actually quite common. Your scheduled hours should usually be included in your car sales consultant job description. They dont stay at work beyond their scheduled time for fun its usually because they are wrapping up deals and selling cars which isnt too bad if you are making money for staying late. Since the car salesperson often has downtime during the day it can be a pleasure to be working and delivering a car if you are adding to your car sales salary.

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Is Selling Cars A Good Career

Selling cars is not the most desirable job young people can have these days, and probably for good reason. Car sales are associated with low income, cheap suits, rejection, long work hours and harassment. This may all be true, but here’s the good news: you can make a lot of money selling cars. Yes, a lot of money.

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