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How Much To Rent A Car For A Day

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Average Cost To Rent A Car

How To Rent a Car For Cheap Anywhere In The World! $10 Per Day?

To give you an idea of how much it costs to rent a car, weve selected some of the most popular car rental locations in the US and abroad so you can check the price difference.

Here, weve added the lowest and average price paid per day for every location. Please keep in mind that the prices listed as lowest will most likely be found for economy cars and the average is calculated between all car rental categories.

The prices youll be seeing below are taken directly from the website you can do your own search with specific dates and locations here!

US Location

What Do I Need To Book A Car On Turo

To book a car on Turo, you must create a Turo account, be 18 years old or older in the US, 21 years old or older in the UK, 23 years old or older in Canada, have a valid drivers license, and get approved to drive on Turo. When youre booking your first trip, youll go through a quick approval process by entering your drivers license and some other information. In most cases, youll get approved immediately, and youll be set for all future road trips, day trips, and business trips!

How To Choose A Luxury Rental Car

When you decide to rent a luxury vehicle, its best to do your homework so youre not shocked by the price of the car or the terms of the rental. Before you get started, do your due diligence and consider the following factors:

  • The price of the vehicle. As mentioned previously, car rentals vary depending on the type of car you rent and the city where you live. If you do a little research ahead of time, youll be more prepared for the results you find.
  • The model of the available cars. If youre intent on driving a Ferrari but the prices are a bit steep for you, not to worry because you can likely lease another model that wont cost as much. Look around to find a less expensive model.
  • Consider purchasing insurance. Check with your insurance company before you rent a luxury vehicle to see if it covers any accident you might have. You should also consider taking the additional insurance that the rental car company usually offers, just to be on the safe side.

Renting a luxury car, regardless of the reason or occasion, can be a lot of fun, and as you can see, many of these vehicles arent all that expensive to rent, making it a viable option for many people.

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Rental Costs Vary Greatly By Country And City

The price of renting a car varies a lot between different countries and different locations within those countries.

Typically, countries that have a more established car rental infrastructure with high demand and supply and relatively safe driving conditions will be the cheapest. Car rentals in the United States, for example, are typically cheaper than many developing countries when you include all the extras in a total cost.

Some countries have rental companies that offer cars at unbelievably low rates Southeastern Asia in particular does that, but typically these will be from unknown local providers where the car itself and the risks on insurance will be very different to using a global rental company.

Id recommend going for a well known international company 9 times out of 10 the perceived savings almost never translate to real savings and you have a whole lot more to lean on if you ever run into trouble.

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Why A Sixt One

How Much Is Enterprise Rent A Car Per Day
  • Luxury Car Experiences: With SIXT, you can get a great deal and drive one of our many exotic luxury model cars for a day. Our luxury rental cars from manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes allow you to travel in style and comfort.
  • Business Trips: Make a lasting impression on your next business trip by arriving in style with a luxury car rental.
  • Wedding Car Rentals: Make your special day even more memorable with great deals on luxury and exotic cars. Add some first class elegance to the occasion while only paying economy price.
  • Relocating: Make your move less stressful with a rental from SIXT. SIXT offers rentals of all sizes including SUV’s, pickup trucks and cargo vans to help move personal belongings of every size.
  • One-way trip: SIXT offers rental deals on a wide range of car rentals to make your one way trip easy and comfortable. Whether it is getting to the airport or driving from one city to another, SIXT makes one way car rental easy and affordable*.
  • Fast and Easy: If you need a car rental quickly, SIXT has you covered. With fast and easy online access for mobile booking, you can book a car rental to ensure your travels are not interrupted.

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How Much Does A Rental Car Cost For 1 Day

The price of a one-day car rental depends on availability, location, time, and the vehicle you choose. To see the potential cost of your one-day rental submit your trip details into the form above. Once you click Select my Car you will see all the vehicles available to you and their one-day car rental cost.

Car Rental Deals And Discounts

You can always find a variety of car rental deals at Avis. Click the button to browse our current offers.

You can check the price of your rental car by submitting pickup and drop-off details into the reservation form above. After you click Select My Car you will see available vehicles and prices. Its easy! You dont even have to submit any personal information to see the pricing available for your trip.

Car rental cost varies depending on a few factors including the following:

  • Length of Rental Period

Whether you want to know how much it costs to rent a car for a day, week, month, or even long-term, we have affordable prices for you!

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Enterprise Business Rental Program

For short-term business rentals, we can help save you time and your company money. Benefits of joining the program:

  • We have more than 8,000 worldwide locations in over 70 countries and territories
  • Special transportation offerings, including box trucks and exotic vehicles
  • Customized rate plans
  • Cost-effective alternative to owning a company pool fleet
  • Make your company look top-notch by always having the right vehicle for each need

What Are The Factors That Influence The Price Of A Rental Car

Renting a Car For 3 DOLLARS a Day! | Romania

Pick-up and drop-off dates, and location Car rental companies charge different prices for a day depending on the time of year as well as location. Many car rentals are cheaper if you pick up and drop off within one city, but more expensive if you want to go into another part of town or state.

Mileage Most companies also charge extra if you drive the car for more than a certain number of miles, so be sure to keep your mileage low.

Type of car The price of cars can vary depending on the model. You should expect to pay more for a better car model or a different brand of cars, such as a luxury or sports model.

Childs seat Some companies charge extra for child seats and other extras if you need them be sure to check beforehand whether there are any additional charges.

Extra insurance coverage You should also make sure that the rental company offers enough insurance before signing on the dotted line. If youre not careful, you could be on the hook for the entire cost of the car if it gets damaged or stolen.

Extra Features You might also want to ask about extra features, such as satellite radio for music and Bluetooth connectivity. This will apply extra charges for your daily car rental.

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Rental Dates And How Far In Advance You Book Make A Big Difference To The Price

The dates over which you book a car can have a huge impact on the total cost. In some cases, the way it works can be mighty complicated so pay attention when you’re searching for the cheapest rental prices.

Obvious things first, all car rental companies charge a premium for bookings during peak seasons or dates. Popular summer vacation destinations will charge more during the busy summer season and a city hosting a major event will typically have increased costs over that weekend.

When booking your car hire, if you have any flexibility it pays to check weeks before and after the one you’re booking to see if there’s any price difference.

How far you book in advance is also a factor, but it’s not as simple as booking as far ahead as possible. The best rates are typically not those that are offered for bookings for many months in advance – these are frequently done for big vacations by price insensitive purchasers.

A little closer to the date – between 8 and 3 months before you pick up your car is the sweet spot for prices. Car rental companies already have an idea on seasonality from early bookings and a greater understanding of their vehicle availability to get the best possible prices out.

Booking last minute will always carry a premium price – a lot of these bookings are done by business travellers with little regard for the actual price and there is likely to be limited availability driving up the cost.

Be Careful With Traffic Violations And Fines

This might be obvious and you’re well advised to avoid breaking the law in general, but from the point of view of the cost of your car rental, traffic violations can add a lot.

Putting aside the actual cost of any parking ticket, speeding ticket or other traffic offence, the rental company will frequently use these as a major extra revenue earner.

Your contract will stipulate how much they will charge and often you will have to pay the rental company a fair amount just to forward you the tickets and any communication.

If the case goes all the way to the court, this can get pretty expensive.

Lastly, in a lot of countries paying the fines quickly makes them much cheaper. Don’t expect your rental company to be accommodating – you will first hear about it after any early payment deadlines have passed.

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Does Your Credit Card Cover Your Rental Car Insurance

Many credit cards offer some kind of rental car insurance, so check in with yours before your trip to clarify exactly what it provides and what it covers. Some credit cards offer automatic rental coverage, while you must enroll in some programs for a fee or your card may offer secondary coverage, meaning it kicks in to supplement your regular car insurance coverage, Munson explains. While its less common, some cards even offer primary coverage, which provides protection before other types of insurance you may have.

The Best Time To Book A Rental Car

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car For A Day At Enterprise ...

The best time to book a rental car isn’t in advance. Rental cars tend to be cheaper when booked last-minute.

The average weekly rental price for cars booked 91 days in advance was $589. For cars booked seven days in advance, it was $513. That amounts to a 13% discount, on average, for those who roll the dice and risk availability to book a car closer to their travel dates.

Heres the percentage difference in costs broken down by rental car company:

Rental car company



At Dollar, the cost savings for booking early versus procrastinating was minimal. But it was, on average, nearly 40% more expensive to book 91 days in advance from Enterprise.

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Prepay To Take Advantage Of Cheaper Rates

The majority of car rental companies offer you the choice of paying at the point of making the booking or paying at the desk when you pick up the car.

Unless you really think there’s a good chance your plans will change and you can cancel without penalties, the prepay option wins every time. It can be as much as 20% cheaper than paying on arrival and has the benefit of your car being pre-allocated at busy times. This can make your check in much quicker and guarantee the right class of car without the need to argue.

How Much To Rent A Car For A Day In Pennsylvania

Enterprise You can get an average daily rate of $78 USD including taxes and fees.

Hertz Hertz offers a small economy vehicle starting at $61 per day with additional charges if you need to add features like GPS or child safety seats.

Avis Avis offers cars from about $70 per day depending on the type of car.

Budget The daily rate for a Budget rental in Texas starts at $59 including taxes and fees.

Alamo Alamos daily rates start at $75 in California, which is higher than other companys starting prices.

National National offers a car for about $90 per day in Texas with additional charges if you need to add features like GPS or child safety seats.

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Average Cost Of Limo Rental For Wedding

Most couples spend $500 to $1,100 to rent a limo for their wedding. For a wedding shuttle-bus package, expect to pay around $1,200. Some full-service limo companies include bonus features for your wedding day. You can get a white stretch limousine, complimentary champagne, and specially decorated interiors.

  • Ask your limo service what kind of all-inclusive wedding packages they offer.
  • The industry standard of tipping limo drivers for weddings is 15 to 20 percent. However, check with your limo-service company ahead of time to see if they automatically include a tip for a driver in your total bill.
  • Wedding planners advise that you set aside 2 percent of your total wedding expenses to go toward your wedding transportation. That includes your limo rental and any transportation you’re offering to out-of-town guests.
  • To avoid extra charges due to the high demand in the wedding season, reserve your wedding limo at least three months in advance.

Buying Vs Renting Golf Carts

How to Rent a Car for CHEAP – 13 Tips

However, Analysis shows owning golf cars more profitable than leasing by Richard A. Newell, C.P.A. Better ROI .

For most players, practice time is limited, if youd want to get the most out of your golf practice hours or simply want to be transported comfortably, buying a golf scooter or golf bike can be a great investment and is one that you probably wont regret. Especially scooting on golf course speeds up the pace immensely, and ride on golf scooter would be an unmissable experience as well. What is the best golf scooter?

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What Is There To Do Inside A Limo

You have lots of options for fun things to do during your limo ride:

  • Enjoy your drinks. If you are legally old enough to drink alcohol, then you can treat yourself to the stocked minibar in the back with your friends.
  • Play your favorite video games or watch movies. Ask your limo service if they can set up an Xbox or PlayStation in the back for your entertainment. Many limo fleets these days have HDTVs and surround-sound speakers to create a perfect gaming experience.
  • Listen to great music. Your chauffeur can help you play any of your music from your own media devices. Alternatively, tell them what kind of music you like so that they can find it for you on satellite radio.
  • Relax. With all the extra space for lounging inside the limo, you can stretch out comfortably and take a nap if your busy ceremony or a big party of the year has just finished.

Is It Cheaper To Rent A Car For A Road Trip

Not only wont you need to double mask in a rental car, Jeff Miller, of Our Passion For Travel, says that because the average rental car cost tends to go down during longer rentals, renting a car for a road trip may be cheaper than even flying to your destination. Plus, you wont have to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers while wearing one or two masks on an airplane. Miller reminds us to consider all of the costs when pricing a road trip vs. flying, saying that, Its not just the point-to-point cost. With a flight, there is transport to the airport, potential parking of your own vehicle, and of course the flight cost. If youre worried about spending money on gas, dont worryheres how to save on gas.

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How Dark Is The Limo’s Tint

The majority of limousines have a window-tint rating of 5 percent, which means that only 5 percent of the outside light can pass through it. The other benefits of this extra-dark tint are that these windows will repel 65 percent of the outdoor heat and up to 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. That’s why not only is it easier to stay cool inside the limo, but it’s impossible to get sunburned.

However, the laws in most states only allow limo-tinted windows in the back and rear of the vehicle because your driver needs to have perfect visibility for safety reasons.

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