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When To Get An Attorney For A Car Accident

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When should I get an attorney for a car accident?- Personal Injury Lawyer answers your questions.

Bonjour, Thorman, Burns & Dahm, PC, can help you understand whether you need an attorney after an accident. Our Pleasanton car accident attorneys may be able to negotiate a favorable settlement for your case. If we cannot reach a fair settlement, we are active trial lawyers.

Our experienced personal injury law firm can help get you the compensation you deserve after an accident. We have successfully represented many accident survivors in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and throughout the Bay Area.

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The Accident Was Your Fault

If you caused the accident, you probably dont need to hire a personal injury attorney. If you caused the accident and you have insurance, your insurance company should provide you with an attorney to defend you. Lawyers that defend personal injury claims usually have close relationships with insurance companies . This defense is provided to you without charge, because it is a benefit of your automobile insurance .

If you caused the accident and you suffered your own injuries, you probably cant make a claim against anyone else. Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia all follow the doctrine of contributory negligence, which means that if you were the cause of your own injuries, even just a little bit at fault, you cannot recover against anyone else. Contributory negligence can be tricky, so if your injuries are significant, it is a good idea to talk with a personal injury attorney. However, if it is clear that the accident was your fault, contributory negligence is likely to bar you from recovering in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Am I Automatically Responsible If My Car Was The Only Vehicle Involved In The Crash

No, it is entirely possible that an external party was at least partially liable for your single-vehicle accident.

For example, the manufacturer may be liable for a defective tire or auto part. A road construction crew might be negligent for failing to put up detour signs or leaving debris in the road. It is even possible that the government entity responsible for road maintenance is to blame if a pothole or uneven lane played a role.

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Make Sure All Drivers And Passengers Are Not Seriously Injured

Before you exit your vehicle, you need to ensure that youre not in any pain. If you are experiencing pain, you should remain in your motor vehicle until responders arrive.

If you are okay, then you should then check on passengers and any other potential car accident victims. If someone is severely injured, you should call for medical attention immediately. Avoid moving those that are severely injured until professional help arrives, as this could aggravate the injuries.

What You Should Do After A Palm Beach County Or Broward County Car Accident

When Should You Take Assistance of An Auto Accident Lawyer ...

After a car accident, the very first thing you need to do is check for injuries. If there are any injuries, you should quickly call 911 to obtain necessary medical attention. Unless someone is in immediate danger, such as from a fire, do not move them.

Once youve done everything you can to make sure everyone is okay, its time to take steps to protect your legal rights. You may need evidence when seeking damages from the insurance companies and any negligent drivers.

To ensure that you are fully protected after a car crash, our South Florida attorneys recommend that you:

It is also important to note that you are required to attempt to locate the owner of a motor vehicle that was unattended when you hit it. Additionally, if you are involved in an accident with another driver, do not leave the scene until you have exchanged information with the other driver. If a police officer responds to the accident, get the officers permission before leaving the scene.

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When Should I Not Hire An Attorney For A Car Accident

You may not need to hire an attorney if:

  • Your car accident was minor. If your accident was minor with no injuries or property damage, then you likely do not need to hire an attorney. However, we recommend that you always seek medical attention after an accident. You want to make sure that you do not have any dormant or lingering injuries. Our firm regularly advises clients with minor injuries to NOT hire a lawyer as those cases can many times be negotiated between the injured party and the insurance company directly without having to pay legal fees.
  • The recovery from a lawsuit is very small. If the estimated recovery for a potential claim is small, it may not justify hiring a lawyer.

Again, we recommend that you at least discuss your situation with a car accident lawyer. We will give you an honest opinion about whether pursuing a claim with an attorney is worthwhile. If you do have a viable claim, you have nothing to lose by hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis we do. This means that you do not pay any attorney fees unless you recover compensation through a settlement or trial. Our Pleasanton personal injury lawyers cover all upfront costs associated with your case. Our fees come out of the compensation recovered for your case.

Protecting Your Family And Your Rights

Seeking the help of a skilled attorney is highly recommended to protect your rights and to protect your family from injustice. Car accidents are often unexpected, with hit n runs being the most devastating accidents that can occur. A trusted attorney can assist you in assessing your case and advise you on all the options you have to seek compensation for damages and injuries caused to property and loved ones. Therefore, hiring an experienced car accident attorney to fight for you is a worthwhile investment if you are a car accident victim.

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Have You Been Involved In A Car Accident That Was Your Fault

If it turns out that you were clearly at fault in a car accident, you may be wondering whether you should bother hiring a lawyer or not. The answer is, of course, yes. Causing a car accident isnt the end of the world, but it could end up costing you a significant amount of moneyand hassle, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

If you are being sued by the other party to the accident, your insurance company will help you defend that claim. They will appoint an adjuster and a lawyer to help you through that process. But what about your own injuries?

Even if you are 100% at fault for the accident and not able to sue the other party, your insurance provides you with accidnet benefits which give you access to treatment you require, and possibly income replacement benefits or even attendant care services. A lawyer can assist you in dealing with your own insurance company for your accident benefits claim and give you advice on all the benefits available to you.

Lets understand more about why you should hire a lawyer for a car accident, even if it was your fault.

Lead You To Believe They Are Willing To Pay Everything From The Car Accident

You DONT Need an Attorney…

To keep you from talking with a good lawyer, insurance companies often claim they will accept fault or accept liability and pay your bills. Thats a bait-and-switch. What the insurance company doesnt tell you is that they were going to have to admit fault anyway, especially if you were rear-ended or the police officer wrote a ticket to the other driver. The insurance company also may not tell you that theyre going to try to avoid paying for your future medical bills, for your pain and suffering, or even for the full amount of your past medical bills. They may admit fault, but theyre going to nickel-and-dime you.

Insurance companies often suggest or hint that you should not hire a lawyer because lawyers charge too much or a smart person like you doesnt need help. That should tell you all you need to know about the insurance companys true intentions. They want to keep you from hiring an attorney because if you do hire a good personal injury lawyer, the insurance company will have to pay more.

In this video clip from a trucking accident deposition, Butler Law Firm cross-examined the owner of the trucking company about who was responsible for the collision.

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Determining Car Accident Fault

You should hire a car accident attorney if there is room to question who is at fault for the accident. This is especially true if multiple parties were involved in the accident because multiple parties could be partly responsible for your accident. Cases that involve more than two parties can result in multiple lawsuits.

Additionally, California is a comparative fault state. This means that the at-fault party or parties can try to pin part of the accident fault on you. If you are representing yourself, it will be much more difficult to recover the compensation you need and deserve. If you are found partly responsible for the accident, then the percentage you are found at-fault will be taken out of your recovered compensation.

Is It Worth Getting A Car Accident Lawyer If Ive Been In An Accident

Without an experienced personal injury lawyer helping with a car accident case, accident victims may place themselves entirely at the whims of insurance adjusters who may seek to minimize the amount of money they will payout.

Car accidents may cause serious damage to your body including burns, disfigurement, permanent disability, brain injury, organ damage, and other injuries. Your vehicle may be in need of repairs or a total replacement.

As a victim, you deserve to be compensated for these damages and an auto accident attorney understands how to make the claims process clear for you. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help make sure that you get all of the remedies that are available to resolve your claim.

An attorney representing you can collect evidence such as:

  • Police crash reports
  • Electronic evidence including cell phone records
  • Manufacturer records and recall information

An attorney can gather all of this information as well as consult with other experts to put together a strong case for you in order to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies both inside and outside the courtroom.

Additionally, accident victims may not be aware of their rights after a car crash and insurance companies will try to use this to their advantage. They will try to get you to admit fault or otherwise establish negligence to lower or dismiss your claim.

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An Insurance Company Offered Me A Settlement Should I Take It

Heres a question we can give a definitive answer to. No, you should not accept a settlement offer from someone elses insurance company, at least, not without speaking with an experienced car accident attorney first. Heres why.

When an insurance company has a policyholder with legal liability for damages resulting from a car accident, that company is going to do everything it can to minimize the amount of money it has to pay out. Now, sometimes the easiest thing for an insurance company to do in that situation is to sit tight and hope the car accident survivor never comes forward with a claim. But, when an insurance company knows its on the hook for potentially big dollars, it might instead reach out to the accident survivor with a quick settlement offer.

Why do this? Because the insurer knows that San Jose car accident patients often find themselves in dire financial straits and need quick money. The insurance company hopes the accident survivor will take the money and sign a release that gets the insurer and its policyholder off the hook, legally speaking, for bigger damages down the road.

Of course, we understand if our clients want to take money quickly rather than wait for a bigger payday down the road. Thats their choice and we just do our best to give them sound advice. But, we always hope they come talk to us first, because once you sign a settlement agreement with an insurance company, theres usually no taking it back.

Do I Need A Lawyer For An Insurance Claim

Should I Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident That Wasnt My ...

Not every insurance claim needs an attorney. Every claim is different, and you may be able to get by on your own if your claim is for minor damages. However, if you are concerned about the process or are unsure if the insurance company is offering you a fair payout, you may need a lawyer for your insurance claim.

  • Before signing any documents, or before giving a recorded statement to an insurance company, you should absolutely speak to an attorney qualified in the field of personal injury law.
  • The insurance company is not entitled to get your medical records.
  • The insurance company may try to have you sign a release which would give up all of your rights to proceed with a case.

This is not something that you would want to happen, thus the reason to consult with an attorney.

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When You May Need A Lawyer

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state, meaning you will usually look to your insurance policy to recover your losses. While this makes it simpler to recover compensation for minor injuries, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the other driver if your injuries are severe and the policy is not enough to cover your expenses for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost earnings both now and in the future.

If youre asking what are the most common types of car accidents and if you should seek representation if you were involved in an accident, here are some examples of when it can be a good idea to seek legal representation:

  • The accident caused you serious injury or the death of a loved one
  • Your injuries have left you unable to work
  • You have received a settlement offer from an insurance company that is low
  • The collision involved multiple parties
  • The negligent driver was uninsured or underinsured
  • You need help collecting evidence to prove negligence

The list is not exhaustive, and every case is unique, so it is an excellent first step to check in with your personal injury lawyer for advice if you are hit by another motorist and injured.

Sutliff & Stout Are Experienced Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Should I get a lawyer after a car accident? If you want to talk to a car accident lawyer about your case, Sutliff & Stout can help you determine whether you need a lawyer. Sutliff & Stout represent clients who were seriously injured in car, motorcycle, and truck accidents. For a free and confidential consultation about your case, text or call anytime, 24/7.

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When Should You Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident

Home » Practice Areas » Car Accident Lawyer » When Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

There is no law mandating that you must hire an attorney when seeking compensation after a car accident. Some victims of car accidents choose to seek legal counsel and representation so that they can focus on their health and recovery while also pursuing legal action. You have the right to hire legal representation at any time throughout the process of making an insurance claim or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

While obtaining a lawyer does not guarantee you a specific outcome for your case, they can help investigate the crash, gather evidence to demonstrate the other drivers negligence, and take care of negotiations with insurers on your behalf. This can go a long way in handling the legal process while you spend time with your family and prioritize your physical recovery.

Ultimately, determining when you should hire an attorney after a car accident depends on your own level of comfort with navigating the claims process alone. You have the right to seek legal counsel at any point, though.

Time Has Passed Since The Accident

WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENTWhen to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

In Texas, you are required to file a lawsuit after an accident before a deadline known as the statute of limitations has passed . If a lot of time has passed since your accident, you should talk to a car accident lawyer right away to make sure you havent missed this deadline.

A lawyer can ensure that you comply with all procedural requirements related to your case and dont miss any critical deadlines. If you are coming up on your deadline, you cannot assume the insurance company will be fair with you. We have heard from a lot of individuals who thought the insurance company was going to pay, but really they were just waiting for the deadline to run so they could deny the claim.

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What Compensation Can I Collect

After an accident, theres so much to be done and much of it is costly. If you hire an attorney, they will fight for you to win the maximum amount of compensation possible. For instance, these expenses could be covered:

  • Car repairs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Future medical costs

On top of that, you may be compensated for the time you missed from work, your pain and suffering, punitive damages, or any reduced earning capacity you may have suffered. Without a lawyer, it is much more difficult to win compensation for all you are owed. That is why we suggest that you make sure you have award-winning legal representation on your side.

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