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What Is A Hatchback Car

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The Difference Between A Saloon And A Hatchback Choosing The Body Shape To Fit

2017 Mini hatchback review | What Car?

So, what is the difference between a hatchback and a saloon? Or if you are used to American terms: hatchback vs. sedan.

When it comes to choosing a four-door car, the original contest was between the nippy-looking hatch and the more luxurious shape of the saloon.

What are the advantages and disadvantages that inform this choice?

Small Cars & Hatchbacks

Suzuki is well-knownfor its great value and efficient small cars, and our new range is more diverse and exciting than ever before. From the new Swift, with its fun to drive and dynamic styling, to the adventurous Ignis with an ALLGRIP 4WD option, our range of hatchback cars feature something for everyone. We also have our own hot hatch, the Swift Sport, which delivers an exhilarating driving experience.

Whilst our hatchbacks are small, they dont skimp on space – with spacious interiors and boots, youll have enough room along with the practicality of a small car. We also have an efficient petrol only engine line-up, with hybrid technology available on all small cars, which makes them perfect for the city streets.

Are Suvs And Estate Cars Hatchbacks

Hatchback boots are fitted to a variety of cars including estate cars, SUVs and crossovers. Technically, these are types of hatchback.

However, cars that are described as hatchbacks are generally traditional vehicles that are low to the ground and fairly compact. They tend to be seen as good value for money and cheap to run. That’s why companies that make big, luxurious hatchbacks, give them different names .

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Best Hatchback Cars On The Market Today

There are a range of hatchbacks on the market. Its such a wide-ranging style from a flip-back city car like the Kia Picanto and Citroën C1 all the way up to the now genre-defining Tesla Model S all-electric model that choice in the hatchback segment is made up of endless possibilities. Some of the most popular hatchbacks include:

· Volkswagen Golf

Look At The Rear Bumper And The Roofline

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback priced, McLaren 720S driven, Electric car ...

For a hatchback roofline, you will notice a dip that is located just past thepassenger doors in the rear of the vehicle. For a station wagon, the roof will continue past rear door of the vehicle. Additionally, the Pillar D on a hatchback is typically located on the station wagon and is also pushed further creating a rear overhang. Given such, the way to differentiate between a hatchback and a station wagon is the rear bumper or the rear clip.

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What Does Hatchback Mean

The term dates back decades but today its generally used to refer to smaller cars with a boot lid that incorporates the rear window and is hinged at the top. Think of a Ford Focus, or a Volkswagen Golf and youre probably envisioning what most people picture when they hear the word.

A saloon car has a boot lid that hinges underneath the rear window, but a hatchback has, in effect, a full-height extra door at the back. Thats why youll often see cars described as a three-door or a five-door, even though youll only ever get in and out via the two or four doors at the side.

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    Honda Civic Pros Cons And Specs

    Pros: Excellent fuel economy, generous cargo room, superior driving dynamics in all trims. Cons: Overly aggressive Type R styling, laggy infotainment system, 1.5L/manual combo could use refinement.

    SpecificationsBase Price Range: $23,590-$38,890Available Engines: 1.5L turbo I-4 2.0L turbo I-4 Fuel Economy : 22-31/28-40/25-34 mpgCargo Space : 46/23 cu ft

    Type Of Hatchback Cars

    2014 Mini hatchback review – What Car?

    Generally, hatchback cars are smaller and more compact than others, like saloons or coupés.

    There are plenty of types available. Some of the most popular hatchbacks in the UK include:

    • Peugeot 308
    • Mazda 3

    These are some of the most seen cars on UK roads, with modern hatchbacks a common sight during any drive.

    Its no surprise really, as the practicality of a small hatchback car gives it a real advantage in todays market.

    At Complete leasing, we have hatchbacks available on both personal and business lease contracts, so be sure to let us know your exact needs and well be sure to find you the right hatchback!

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    What Is The Difference Between A Hatchback And A Crossover

    A hatchback is usually a traditional small or family car a Ford Fiesta or Focus, for example. A crossover SUV is intended to fill the gap between these cars and full-size SUVs, hence the ‘crossover’ term. An example is the Ford Puma, which is similar in size to the Fiesta on which it’s based, but with a higher seating position and more ground clearance.

    What Is The Best Family Hatchback

    There are a lot of things that make a family car great boot space, leg room, safety features and economical use. With such a variety out there, it can be hard to know what car to buy, even if you have narrowed it down to hatchback. These popular family hatchbacks could be the perfect choice:

    Audi A3 – A fantastic all-rounder, it’s the perfect mix of practicality and desirability. This family hatchback is powerful but economical, feels premium and spacious inside, and handles with precision and assurance.

    Seat Leon – Offering ample space for passengers and luggage, this nippy family car doesn’t scrimp on space. Feeling sporty to drive without compromising on handing, most versions come with family-friendly features too, such as air conditioning and an infotainment touchscreen.

    For more family car options, check out our guide on the Top Ten Cars for Families.

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    Hyundai Veloster Pros Cons And Specs

    Pros: Unique styling, solid standard feature content, sportiness of N and R-Spec models. Cons: Single rear door, small hatch opening, only seats four.

    SpecificationsBase Price Range: $19,905-$33,245Available Engines: 2.0L I-4 1.6L turbo I-4 2.0L turbo I-4 Fuel Economy : 20-28/27-34/22-30 mpgCargo Space : 45/20 cu ft

    The Different Types Of Hatchback

    2019 Corolla Hatchback

    The boot on a hatchback counts as an extra door because, if you really wanted, you could climb in, jump over the back of the rear seats, and you’d be inside. That’s why you have three- and five-door cars.

    What is a three-door car?

    These cars have two front doors on either side and a hatchback boot. These are most commonly small vehicles: city cars or superminis. They will usually have rear seats, which can be accessed by folding the front seats forward. Read more about three-door cars.

    What is a five-door car?

    A five-door car has two front and two back doors on either side, plus a hatchback boot. Most car manufacturers will offer their hatchbacks in both 3- and 5-door variants. The advantage of a five-door car is the ease of access for rear passengers compared to three-door at the expense of the car having a more squared-off look. Read more about five-door cars.

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    What Should I Look For When Buying A Hatchback

    Finding the perfect hatchback is easy, here are some things we recommend you look for before purchasing your next hatchback:

    • Split fold rear seats – Seats that fold down allow you to expand your boot space , whilst still allowing room for a passenger in the back. Our preference is a 60/40 split.
    • Rear seats that fold flat – again this will give you more space for luggage, shopping or moving house. Those that fold down flat compared to at an angle give you a precious few extra litres of capacity.
    • Sliding rear seats – well known for being compact, hatchbacks with rear seats that can slide back and forth provide extra legroom for your long-legged friends.
    • No lip in the boot opening – lets face it, weve all had that awkward moment in the IKEA car park trying to get that flat pack chest of drawers into the back of your car. Hatchbacks with no or little lip in the boot opening make it easier to slide bulky items into the back of the car !
    • Fuel consumption – hatchbacks generally fare better than most cars when it comes to fuel consumption. Look for models with more economical engines or technology like Fords EcoBoost to get that extra MPG.
    • Insurance – this is especially important if you are looking to purchase your first car. Hatchbacks generally fall under lower insurance groups due to their smaller engines . When shopping for your next hatchback it is definitely worth asking which models fall under lower insurance groups.

    What Is A Hatchback

    The hatchback is a vehicle type which has a characteristic separate opening or door that provides access to the cargo area or boot. This door is known as hatch. And thus, the manufacturers term this category of cars as a hatchback. Although it is different than a coupe.

    The hatch in a Hatchback incorporates the rear glass. This door generally hinges at the top end of the rear body panel. Thus, after opening the entire door flips upward and provides access to the cargo area.

    Because of the ease of access, people prefer the hatchbacks when they need to transport a large quantity of material. It is also useful when they need to open/close the door frequently to keep/remove the material from the car. Some hatchback vehicles also provide the facility to fold the rear seats which adds significantly to the storage space.

    In general, these cars are either available as three door or five door versions. Three door hatchback consists of two doors for the passenger entry and third for the luggage. Similarly, in five-door version, it is four plus one combination. It has four doors for the passengers and one for keeping/removing the luggage.

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    Weve Selected Our Top Ten Best Family Hatchbacks From The Seemingly Endless Range Of Models On Offer So You Dont Have To

    Of all the cars on the road, family hatchbacks have one of the hardest jobs. They have to be reliable, spacious enough for a family, easy to park, cheap to run and buy, and have a great safety rating.

    Yet, the best hatchbacks also need to cater for a range of drivers, often coming in a wide range of formats, including automatic, manual, petrol, diesel and, more recently, hybrid and all-electric configurations. Naturally, the selection of hatchbacks on offer is enormous, so weve rounded up our ten favourites.

    While the latest SUVs and crossovers may well steal the limelight these days, the traditional small family hatchback still makes up a large proportion of the UK new car sales. Evergreen favourites such as the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf continue to sell in their thousands thanks to their clever combination of size, space, and price.

    Below youll find the top 10 best family hatchbacks on sale today according to our team of seasoned reviewers – the cars that deliver the best mix of kit, safety, running costs, fun driving and family-friendly features.

    What Is The Safest Hatchback

    2018 Ford Fiesta review the world’s best small hatchback? | What Car?

    Car safety is always developing, with new materials and technology being introduced to reduce any injuries in the event of an accident. To ensure cars meet set conditions, the European New Car Assessment Programme tests every new car to determine the level of safety that they provide, and give them a score out of five stars. Therefore, five-star rated cars are the safest and offers the best protection for the driver and passengers.

    In the 2021 Car of the Year awards, it was determined that the Volkswagen ID.3 was the year’s top scorer in the safety category and is one of VWs new pure electric vehicles. Following closely behind was the Toyota Yaris and Seat Leon, offering both affordability and safety, making either a great choice for your next car.

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    The Difference Between Hatchbacks And Saloon

    These are fundamental differences between these two types of motors.

    A hatchback is a two-box design.

    A saloon is a three-box design A hatchback is defined by its hatch-type rear door. This attaches at the roof and opens upwards. Hatchbacks also have a two-box design. This is when the cars cabin and boot are both parts of the same space inside one box is taken up by the cabin and boot while the second box contains the cars engine.

    A saloon differs from a hatchback as it has a three-box design. This simply means that its cabin, boot, and engine are all parts of different internal spaces. A saloons boot lid is connected underneath the cars rear window.

    However, there are also some other key differences between the two styles.

    Hatchbacks tend to be more compact in size.

    Saloons are generally more expensive and include more premium models.

    Which one you choose is down to what you need and your personal preferences. Hatchback boots tend to be more practical for carrying bulky items such as prams or golf sets, and the interior space tends to feel more airy.

    Hatchback Vs Wagon: What’s The Difference

    Think of a wagon as the dachshund of the automotive world. It’s like a hatchbacksame open cargo area, same upward-opening liftgate hinged above the rear glassbut with an elongated cargo hold behind the rear seats. Take a look at a Volkswagen Golf hatchback next to a Golf SportWagen, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

    Wagons also usually feature a third row of side windows. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class even includes rear-facing jump seats and offers seating for as many as seven passengers. Two-door wagons like the Ferrari GTC4Lusso are especially rare and classified as shooting brakes.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Hatchback And A Saloon

    Although both can carry people in comfort, saloons have a major flaw compared to a hatchback – they arent as practical. The boot of a saloon is normally blocked off and cant be accessed from the cabin. You can get saloons with through-loading, but mostly, its a case of using the opening at the back to place your shopping or luggage in.

    Types Of Hatchback Cars

    15 Best Hatchback Cars of 2017 for Under $20,000

    Hatchbacks come in two- and four-door configurations Descriptors include hatchback, liftback, and sportback, the two latter terms invented by car company marketing people to avoid using the word hatchback, which carries an economy-minded connotation.

    Marketers also play fast and loose with the terms coupe and sedan when describing what are, essentially, hatchbacks. Examples include the Kia Stinger and the Volkswagen Arteon . Some hatchbacks are called multi-purpose vehicles or are pitched as crossover SUVs, such as the Hyundai Venue and Kia Soul.

    Not all hatchbacks are cheap and efficient, characteristics that people tend to associate with the body style. In addition to the appealing Kia and VW models mentioned above, Audi sells the A5 and A7 Sportback models, while BMW sells the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Even the Tesla Model S is a hatchback.

    No matter what you call it, a hatchback is exceptionally practical, especially when you fold down the back seats. A Honda Fit, for instance, is just as roomy inside as many small and compact SUVs. And I once moved almost an entire apartment of goods in an Audi A7, packing that four-door Sportback with a five-drawer dresser, queen-size bed frame, and countless large boxes.

    Fuel economy with a hatchback is often better than a bigger, heavier, and less aerodynamic crossover SUV, with little compromise in terms of utility. Many hatchbacks also offer all-wheel drive for when the weather goes from bad to worse.

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    What Is A Hatchback Cars With Photo And Video

    In car dealerships, choosing a new car, we see a variety of body types for the same model: sedan, station wagon, hatchback.

    And if everything is clear with a sedan – it has a trunk that is familiar to us, not connected to the passenger compartment, then it is sometimes difficult to figure out where the hatchback is and where the station wagon is.

    What is a hatchback?

    A hatchback is a body type of a passenger car, a shortened version of a sedan or station wagon. The hatchback has a shorter distance from the rear wheel arch to the rear bumper – the overhang – than the station wagon. Accordingly, the rear wall extends vertically or at an angle downwards towards the bumper. If we compare the characteristics, we will see that the wheelbases of the hatchback and station wagon are the same – the cars are on the same platform, but the total body length of the hatchback is less.

    For some reason, we associate such cars with women’s. Sedans in Russia are much more widespread, there are much more of them than hatchbacks or station wagons. But in Europe, hatchbacks are more popular just because of their compact size and practicality. It is on such machines that it is most convenient to move along the narrow city streets.

    Hatchbacks are designed for two, four or five passengers, that is, they have two rows of seats – front and rear, while station wagons can have three rows of seats and accommodate seven passengers. The hatchback has three or five doors, one of which is the rear.


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