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How To Change A Car Battery

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How To Clean The Battery Terminals

How to Change a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs | The Home Depot

Corrosion can damage the battery terminals over time. Greenish residue on the terminals indicates corrosion. Clean the terminals as part of the task of changing a car battery.

  • Use a wire brush and a solution of baking soda and water to clean the battery tray and terminals. Dry everything completely.
  • Do not install a car battery if there are any damp parts.

Disconnect The Negative Cable

Its time to remove the cables from the battery. Some battery terminals have quick-release clamps, so its easy to remove the cables.

Others are screwed on and you will need a wrench to loosen a bolt or nut.

Always disconnect the negative cable first. This prevents electrical shorts.

Secure it with a cable tie making sure it doesnt come in contact with anything metal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must be careful that neither your wrench nor any metal object touches both battery terminals, or a terminal and any other metal part of the car , at the same time. This would create an electric circuit and cause sparks to fly.

Get Help With Disconnecting A Car Battery From A Mechanic On Justanswer

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So if youre stuck or have a question, and to talk to a mechanic near you.

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Does A Trickle Charger Work

A common question I see in forums is, can you connect a trickle charger to the car while you change the battery to keep the settings?

A trickle charger might work, but professionals do not recommend the practice because a trickle charger does not work like a battery. A charger can deliver electricity spikes that damage the automobiles computer systems.

How Long Does It Take To Change A Car Battery

Instructions and Photos on How to Change a Car Battery

Ideally, changing a cars battery takes around 15-30 minutes. However, the duration depends on the car type, the ease of access to the battery, and how effortlessly you can remove it from the car. The experience of the person changing the battery also is a vital factor. For instance, replacing the battery for the first time could take longer than it would for an experienced mechanic.

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Shut Everything Off And Find The Battery

  • Make sure your vehicle is not running and all electrical components are off before starting the battery disconnection process.
  • Open your vehicles hood if thats where the battery is housed, as it is in most vehicles. If your battery is somewhere else, do whatever you need to do to gain access.
  • Remove the red plastic cover from the batterys positive terminal.

Connect The Auxiliary Battery

When everything has been set up, you will need to connect a secondary power source to the system. This can be performed by using a booster or a jump pack or even a 12-volt auxiliary battery together with the jump leads.

Alternatively, a memory saver can be used but this is mostly not recommended as it interferes with the vehicles security settings. It can lead to saving of faulty codes that place the car at risk of being stolen.

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Disconnecting The Old Battery

Provided your cars battery is in an easy-to-reach location such as the engine bay or the trunk, removing it is a fairly painless process.

Disconnect the negative terminal first and then disconnect the positive terminal, Hines tells us. The reason it should be done in that order, he says, is to mitigate the risk of electrocuting yourself. Lets say you have the battery connected in the vehicle and the battery still has voltage, and you put a wrench or a ratchet on the positive terminal and then touch the body of the car. Then youre welding, he says, laughing.

After youve successfully disconnected the battery from both terminals and moved the connection points to places where they wont accidentally reconnect themselves, you can disconnect any tie-downs and remove the battery from its tray. Some batteries may also have a small vent tube for expelling gases attached to their frame simply pull it off before taking the battery out of the car.

How To Choose The Right Car Battery

How to Replace a Car Battery (the Right Way)

Your car battery is one of your electrical system’s most critical parts, so getting the right battery replacement is essential. But car batteries aren’t universal, and picking the right one can be confusing. So, what should you look for when it’s time to replace your battery?

First, your battery has to physically fit into your car’s battery tray. Batteries can vary in size! Consult your owner’s manual for battery size guidance.

Second, you want to be sure that you’re choosing a battery that will be powerful enough for your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual and see what it suggests is the right number of cranking amps and choose a battery that fits within those parameters.

Third, you may need to consider cold-cranking amps or the amount of power it takes to turn over the engine in freezing temperatures. This is especially important if you live in a colder climate. It can make the difference between your car dying or starting on a cold winter day.

Finally, you’ll need to decide whether a maintenance-required or a maintenance-free battery is the best option for you. While a maintenance-required car battery, which requires regular electrolyte monitoring and top-offs, is cheaper on the front-end, maintenance-free batteries are a lot more hassle-free and don’t need much attention. Ensure you’re ready for the commitment if you decide to save money and go for the cheaper option.

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Reinstall The Terminal Clamps

  • First, install the positive red terminal clamp on the positive battery post. Push it all the way down so the battery post sticks up past the top of the cable clamp, and tighten the nut snugly.
  • Next, install the negative black terminal clamp . Again push the post all the way down and tighten the nut snugly.

Schedule Your Next Service Appointment

As you can see, while the car battery replacement process is a quick job for a professional technician, it can be complicated and daunting for someone without proper training and experience. It requires a lot of different tools and knowledge in order to get it done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, correctly.

Our team of experts at our Ira Subaru service center are happy to assist you on replacing your next car battery. Going to a professional will not only save you time, but also money, so you’ll be able to get back on the streets of Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers, MA. Call us or stop by to schedule your next car battery replacement service appointment!

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Faq: When And How To Change A Car Battery

Its one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to car care how and when do you change the battery? Ken, an engineer at EnerSys, shares his expertise.


  • Sockets with extensions and driver
  • Baking soda
  • Rust proof spray paint

When do I need to replace my car battery? Traditional flooded batteries when chemically healthy work quite well. When a battery reaches the end of its life, the vehicle does not crank. If you know you havent left an electrical item on, immediately replace the battery as it has reached end of life. Also, if the crank slows suddenly then resumes to normal, replace the battery if it is 4 years or older.

Are there any warning signs?When there is a sudden failure to crank or sudden slow cranking.

How do I test the battery? Car dealers, auto parts stores and battery distributors use various battery testers to determine tested Cold Cranking Amps against published ratings. If the tested value is less than 80% of specified CCA, I recommend replacing the battery.

Whats the proper way to take the old one out? Wear safety glasses and rubber or latex gloves. Remove the negative battery cable and then the positive cable. Loosen and remove the lower battery hold down bolt and wedge or top battery hold down bracket. Take battery out of the car. Reverse this process to install the new battery.

For more information on EnerSys and its full line of products, systems and support, visit www.enersys.com.

What Happens If You Disconnect The Positive Terminal First

How To Change Your Car Battery

If you want to remove the positive terminal first, then there is a chance that there will be sparks if you use a tool and the other end of the tool touches metal. This could start a fire because many things can burn where you are working. If this happens, its best not to touch anything as quickly as possible.Its important to disconnect the negative terminal first otherwise, the sparks and fire risk may increase.

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Getting To Your Battery

A factory service manual will tell you where the battery is, but, more importantly, it will tell you how to get to it. Invaluable for vehicles where the battery is under a seat or hidden away in a wheel well liner, and yes, that is a real place batteries can sometimes be hidden.

If the battery is hidden under some plastic covers or trim parts, a trim removal tool is the best way to remove those delicate parts without breaking anything. Especially important since theres a good chance your battery died in the cold and plastic parts are easier to break when theyre frozen.

S To Change A Car Battery:

  • Understand if you need to replace the battery– If you left the car open for a long time, or if your headlights were switched on overnight, it is possible that your car battery has just drained, and it is okay to use. Try recharging the battery using jumpstart cables. Connect the positive of the battery with the positive of a car with a charged battery. Also, connect the jumpstart cable on the negative of both the cars. Start the car with the charged battery. Next, start the car with the weak battery, and if it starts up, you are sorted. You don’t need to replace the battery.
  • Need for change– If jumpstarting your battery does not help or is too weak and gets discharged very easily, you might need a replacement battery. Therefore you need to buy a new battery.
  • Setting up the car for replacement– Park the car on a flat surface away from any disturbance. Next, check that the battery is cool, and then only you can operate on the car.
  • Removing the battery– Check the positive and negative terminals of the battery via the ‘+’ and ‘-‘sign. Use a socket wrench to loosen the battery. Always start from the negative side. To remove the battery, you can use socket extensions.

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How Often Should You Replace A Car Battery

Under normal conditions, you will need to replace your car battery every 45 years. Several variables can shorten a car batterys life:

  • High temperatures can cause battery fluids to evaporate and accelerated chemical reactions to facilitate corrosion
  • Cold temperatures lower battery capacity and sap any remaining power
  • Heavy vibrations from a faulty mount or rough roads can loosen metal plates
  • Short commutes prevent full charges and lead to acid stratification, which causes concentrated acid to damage the plates

Each jump start will also steal some of your car batterys life. Needing a jump is sometimes hard to avoid, such as when cold weather drains the battery, but its preventable with conscientious habits. Keeping car doors open, leaving lights on, and overloading your car with charging devices are all factors under your control.

Where Is Your Car’s Battery

How to Replace a Car Battery | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

First, find out where your battery is. Yes, theyre usually under the hood, but some vehicles put them in the trunk or under the seats. Some even put them in a place under the hood where youd never find them by just looking around. The location is in your owners manual, but a service manual for your vehicle is the best way to find out exactly where it is, especially if the battery is in a hard-to-reach position.

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Identify Positive And Negative Cables

Your car has positive and negative cables. These cables attach to corresponding positive and negative posts on the battery. It is important to identify these posts and cables to avoid a mix-up. Often, the positive cable and post are identified by red coverings, while the negative ones are black. If your vehicle isnt color-coded, look for the iconic + and – symbols that denote positive and negative charges, respectively.

Because the battery contains an electrical charge, you must be careful where you place your hands, tools and other objects. Never allow any metal objects to touch both battery posts at the same time. Also, dont allow tools or other metal objects to touch the positive post and another metallic surface, such as the vehicles body.

How To Remove The Old Battery

So replacing a car battery means you need to remove the old battery. So before learning about how to change a car battery, you must understand about safely removing the existing battery.

  • Ensure that the car is locked and parked in a secure area. For instance, ensure the door is open if parked in a garage. Assume the vehicle is in the park , with back wheels chocked and the parking brake engaged.
  • Depending on the car, open the trunk or hood. Check the owners manual to find the batterys position if it is unclear.
  • Then remove the battery hold-down clamp.
  • First, unplug the negative cable with a wrench. Then disconnect the positive cable. Always remember that positive is red and negative is black.
  • Lift the battery out of the way using the strap, but watch out for any acid spills.

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How To Check A Car Battery

Test the electrolyte in each cell. Squeeze the ball and draw the solution into the tester. Carefully hold the tester level and write down the reading. Squirt the solution back into the same cell. The testers are calibrated assuming a battery is at 80 degrees F. Add .04 to each reading for every 10 degrees above 80 and subtract .04 for every 10 degrees below. If you get a cell reading that differs from the others by .05 or more, replace the battery. A fully charged battery should have a reading of 1.265 or higher. If all the readings show fair or low but are consistent, recharge the battery.

If you have a no-maintenance battery, check to see if you have a green dot in the sight glass/charge indicator. Green means the battery is good. If its dark, it needs recharging. If its yellow or has no color at all, , replace the battery.

How To Replace A Battery Without Losing Car Settings Like Radio Stations Clocks And Central Onboard Computers Settings

A Guide on How to Change Your Car Battery

Last updated on by Chris Magello

Let me show you how to replace the battery without actually disconnecting it from the car. Youre not going to lose 12 volts. Your radio stations dont disappear, your clock doesnt reset, any presets in your car dont reset, and the computer of your car wont reset.

Warning: if you are a beginner and dont know how to change a car battery at all, and you never did this before, its better for you to skip this section and go to the manual for beginners below to avoid some beginners mistakes.

First, get your new battery and put it nearby. Next, youre going to need some high-quality jumper cables. By high-quality, I mean the only parts of the alligator clip that is actually conductive is the tip. You can see the tips are conductive:

The handles here are not conductive, theyre coated. And thats going to be very helpful, because we do not want these to touch. And its also a good idea to have a second person helping.

We take our first cable, the black ground, and connect it to a chassis ground, a bare piece of metal on the car.

Next, grab your red and connect it to the positive side of the battery on the cable if you can. Try not to get it on the post, itll make it easier later on, youll see why.

Finally, with our last two jumpers, connect the red to the positive post and the black to the negative post. And be very sure not to mix this up.

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How To Disconnect A Battery On My Chevrolet Volt: Take Action

If you need to disconnect your Chevrolet Volts battery, heres what youll need to do:

1. Locate the battery. Its usually located in the engine bay, near the firewall.

2. Disconnect the negative terminal first. This is usually the black cable.

3. Disconnect the positive terminal. This is usually the red cable.

4. Once both terminals are disconnected, you can remove the battery from the vehicle.

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Ground The Dead Vehicle

Use the final black alligator clip to complete the circuit by grounding the charge. Instead of attaching the clip to the negative terminal of your battery, you’ll want to find an unpainted metal surface â such as the body of the car or the metal rod that props open your hood â which isn’t near the battery. This is to help ground the electrical flow and prevent sparking from the battery.

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