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How To Change Vin Number On Car

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When You Need To Update Your V5c

How To Get a New VIN

You must update the details on your registration certificate to tell DVLA about:

  • mistakes on your V5C
  • most changes you make to your vehicle

You cannot change tax class by updating your V5C. You do this by changing your vehicle tax – even if youre changing to a tax class thats exempt from vehicle tax, for example disabled.

Where Is My Vin Number And What Does It Mean

VIN stands for vehicle identification number. A VIN is a 17-character mix of letters and numbers used to identify one car from the next. Every road-legal vehicle has its own unique VIN, so there isnt another car on the planet that has the same VIN as yours.

Thats not to say that your cars VIN is just a random series of letters and numbers. Its actually a code that can be used to find out details about your vehicle. If the VIN is properly decoded, it can provide information such as the make, model and year of your car as well as the country in which it was built.

At this point, youre likely thinking, good to know, but where is my VIN number? You can find your cars VIN in these locations:

1. Dashboard

In many cars, the VIN is found on the dashboard. Its typically located on the drivers side, close to where the windshield meets the dash. Usually, the VIN is etched into a metal plate thats affixed to the dash. This setup allows the VIN to be read easily by someone on the outside, such as a claims adjuster or mechanic peering into the driver-side window of your vehicle.

2. Driver-Side Door Jamb

Another place where youre likely to find your cars VIN is on the driver-side door jamb, where its typically situated on a rectangular label. If your VIN is located there, it should be visible when you open the driver-side door.

3. Insurance Card

4. In the Engine Bay

5. Title and Registration

6. OBD Scanner

Finally, you can use an OBD scanner to pull up a cars VIN.

Benefits Of Using A Vin Number Decoder

Using this guide, you can decode your own VIN number. In fact, many car enthusiasts around the world take pride in their ability to translate VIN numbers without any help. You can use an online VIN decoder to decipher your VIN and provide you with a detailed vehicle report. Once you understand what each character represents, it is much easier to see the benefits of a VIN decoder.

With this accurate detailing of your vehicles origins and features, you can make shopping for a new or used car so much easier. Knowing the specific details about a vehicle that you are interested in purchasing can help you make informed decisions. You can discover whether a car has effective safety features, which can benefit you financially with lower insurance rates.

Conversely, you can avoid vehicles with poor safety features or rebuilt or salvage titles in order to avoid the steep cost of insuring those automobiles. Using a VIN number decoder can be incredibly useful, whether you use it to learn where your car was manufactured or to discover the safety features for a potential vehicle purchase.

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Obtain A Vehicle Identification Number For A New Trailer

Owner/Builders can request a low volume Vehicle Identification Number VIN for a new trailer. A separate form is required to obtain a surrogate VIN for a motor vehicle in Western Australia.

If you have built your trailer prior to the current calendar year or refurbished your trailer, you will need to present the trailer for an examination. A request for a low volume VIN will be sent on your behalf by the Department of Transport Vehicle Examiners.

If you have applied for and have been allocated a VIN and your trailer is not built in this current calendar Year, contact the Department of Transport by return email, as the VIN allocated references the actual year the trailer was built.

To apply for a low volume VIN for a new trailer, please complete online form, or manual Form E70, below.

Can A Car Have 2 Vin Numbers


Yes and no. A vehicle identification number is unique and exclusive to one vehicle. However, as technology advances, thieves are increasingly using car cloning. Criminals find an identical match for a stolen car the same brand, model, and color and counterfeit the identity of the original vehicle.

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How Can I Verify My Vin

It is recommended to check all VIN locations on your vehicle to ensure they are all the same. Match the number with the vehicle’s original registration form and check if the number provides the right year, model, make, and vehicle colour.

There are free online VIN decoders to help with the process. You should also check for signs of tampering . This could be a sign of someone trying to change or hide the original number, which could change the VIN’s data or prove it is a stolen car.

How Do I Clone A Vin Number

How does VIN cloning work? It begins with a stolen vehicle. Then the vehicle is cloned its manufacturer-installed VIN plate is pried off and replaced with another one. This second VIN plate actually holds a legitimate number that came from a vehicle of a similar make and model in a different state.

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Victims Of Vin Cloning

Both the legal owner of a car with a VIN and a buyer that purchased a VIN-cloned stolen car could be victims.

For example, if the illegal owner of a stolen car with cloned VIN gets a parking ticket, the legal owner becomes part of the book and would have to pay for the fine.

Another instance is that if a cloned car was impounded by the police, when the driver is pulled over and the police run a check on the vehicle, it will be deemed that the vehicle was illegally retrieved from the impound lot until it is confirmed that the originally impounded vehicle is still at the impound lot.

When you discover that the car you purchased is a stolen car, report to the police you may be fortunate to buy back the car from the police impound for cheap. And the car would be legal for the road.

If you fear buying a cloned car, read how to buy a car that is not cloned.

Can The Vin Be Changed

How to program VIN after ECU swap.

There are some situations in which a new VIN number may be required, such as if you have a rebuilt car, built a kit car, or a significantly altered vehicle so that it no longer matches the specification of the original VIN.

In this case, the DVLA will typically need to assess your altered vehicle and can potentially change the VIN for you. You might be able to keep the original registration number, but if this isnt possible you will have to re-register your car. If your VIN number does change, make sure it matches the one inside your V5C logbook.

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How Do You Know If Your Vin Number Has Been Tampered With

When buyers look for a newer vehicle, they have no way of knowing if it has been in an accident, if it is well-maintained, or if it has fallen into the hands of thieves. Luckily, simple steps are sufficient to safeguard yourself from a terrible investment.

If you want to prevent unexpected problems entirely, we suggest the following tips:

How Can I Tell If My Car Is Cloned

There are a number of things that you can check when looking at a car to help identify whether it has been cloned or not. Check the logbook, and make sure that the vehicles number plate matches that on the car. Know the market value of the car. Never pay cash. Complete an online car check on the vehicle.

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What Do I Do If My Vin Was Tampered With

If the car was stolen or ever deemed un-safe for driving, the VIN could have been tampered with so the car could still be sold. Criminals may try to hide a car’s history by:

  • Scratching the VIN or removing the plate
  • Altering the VIN
  • Replacing the real VIN with a made-up one or cloning one from another vehicle

After you review your VIN, if you notice any discrepancies, you should contact the motor vehicle licensing/registration in your province. If you notice the VIN does not match any insurance documents, contact your insurer or local police as soon as possible.

Status Of Your Vehicle

Replacement VIN (vehicle identification number) Stickers: Replace your ...

You can change the status of your vehicle when:

  • you sell your vehicle
  • your vehicle has been inspected by a licensed mechanic

If you sell your vehicle, you will need to change the status of your vehicle to sold. You need to go to a ServiceOntario location and bring:

  • original vehicle permit
  • a letter that includes the Vehicle Identification Number , when the vehicle was sold and to whom it was sold.

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How To Get A New Vin Plate For A Car

The vehicle identification number is like a Social Security number for cars. All VINs for cars manufactured since 1981 have 17 digits and they are usually found etched into a metal plate on the engine block, the firewall or the inside of the door frame. If your VIN plate has been destroyed, you can apply to have a new one created for the vehicle as long as you have proof of need for the replacement. If for some reason your VIN on the vehicle and the VIN on your title do not match, you will need to get a new title, not a new VIN.

Step 1

Locate and record your vehicle’s VIN. Consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle if you do not know where it is located. Record the make, model, year, color, and license plate number of your vehicle.

Step 2

Locate the vehicle’s title which lists the VIN of the car. If you are financing the vehicle, the finance company will have the title. Contact the company that issued your car loan to get a copy of the title.

Contact your local State Department of Motor Vehicle’s office for specific instructions on what is required to replace the VIN . You will likely be required to have an inspection of the vehicle by a police officer or DMV official to verify that the VIN plate was destroyed. Take all the recorded information with you when you go to the DMV.


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How To Protect Yourself From A Vin Mismatch

A VIN mismatch on a car title often stems from a transcription mistake during the registration process. If the VIN is off by more than one digit, your local DMV may require additional paperwork to fix the issue. If the VINs on the car and the title are completely different you may have encountered fraud.

Buying a car with the wrong VIN listed on the title is a bad idea. As a buyer, the best way to protect yourself is to follow these easy steps when buying a car:

  • Before the meet, run a VIN check on the vehicle

  • At the meet, compare all the data and the VINs digit for digit

  • Consult an online VIN decoder to determine the correct format of the VIN

  • Use your discretion to decide whether a mismatch could be a transcription mistake

  • If the VIN is extremely wrong, walk away from the deal

To save time, ask for the VIN early. See if the seller will send you photos of the title and the cars VIN number before the meet. This will save you a trip and any dangers or pressure from a potential scammer. If the seller wont provide these things before the sale, thats a red flag.

Its a bird! Its a plane! Its leaking oil!

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S To Obtaining An Assigned Or Reassigned Number And Titling A Vehicle Including A Trailer And Semitrailer

Step 1: Owner obtains a completed Law Enforcement Identification Number Inspection from an authorized inspector. Authorized inspectors can be found by contacting an MVCPA grantee organization or by contacting a TxDMV Regional Service Center.

  • For manufactured vehicles, the completed Form VTR-68-A must include the vehicle’s year and make identified by the authorized inspector. If a year and make cannot be determined, TxDMV cannot issue an assigned or reassigned number or title the vehicle.
  • For assembled or homemade vehicles, the authorized inspector must identify that the vehicle was assembled from parts on the completed Form VTR-68-A.

Step 2: Owner confirms they have sufficient ownership evidence. Depending on the type of vehicle, ownership evidence may include:

  • title in the name of or properly assigned to the applicant, which may be used when the original VIN is identified by an authorized inspector.
  • bill of sale or receipt, which may be used in limited situations.
  • bonded title application, which may be used for assembled or homemade vehicles.
  • Acceptable proof of ownership can vary depending on the vehicle. Contact a TxDMV Regional Service Center for assistance identifying acceptable documentation.

Step 3: If the owner does not have and cannot get sufficient ownership evidence, the owner can get a court order awarding ownership to serve as acceptable evidence.

  • a completed Form VTR-68-A,

What Is A Vin Used For

Thieves are stealing vehicles and cloning the VIN numbers costing innocent car buyers their rides

VINs are used for many purposes including sourcing parts, assigning traffic tickets, and determining the original equipment and date of manufacture for vintage cars. Insurance companies use VINs to tie coverage to a specific vehicle and history reports like Carfax are based on information attached to a cars VIN not the physical paper trail, the physical title, or the license plate number. Thats because a cars VIN is permanent. Unless it has been tampered with more on that later.

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Why Is A Vin So Important

Your car’s VIN is an essential identifier for you, your insurance company, and your mechanic. Think of it as your car’s historyeverything from an accident to an oil change gets recorded using the vehicle identification number. Insurers can even adjust premium prices based on what information shows up on the insurance VIN check. If your vehicle was involved in a significant accident, it could result in higher premiums.

Your car’s VIN is an essential identifier for you, your insurance company, and your mechanic. Think of it as your car’s history.

How To Decode A Vin Number

A VIN decoder is used by vehicle owners to decipher the unique 17-digit vehicle identification number that each car carries from the moment it is manufactured. These numbers are specifically generated for each car and no two vehicles in operation will ever have matching numbers. Your vehicles unique identification number is tied to numerous vehicle services and is frequently used to track its recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage. When you go to register or buy insurance for an automobile, you will likely be required to provide that vehicles VIN number.

A VIN number decoder is an easy tool that can help in deciphering your distinctive 17-digit number. Most companies use the same numbering method, so a GM VIN decoder should not be different from any other company. While it wont offer you a report on previous owners of a vehicle, a decoder can still provide you with essential information.

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Finding The Vin On Paperwork

  • 1Check the title. You can find the VIN on the title document.XResearch source It will appear in different places, depending on your state, but should be on the front of the title near the top.
  • 2Find your registration card. The VIN should also appear on the front of your registration card. Contact your Department of Motor Vehicles if you dont have a registration card for the car.
  • 3Read the owners manual. The VIN should also appear in the owners manual that came with the car.XResearch source If the car is new, you should have the manual. However, you might not have it if you bought a used car.
  • 4Check your insurance documents. You probably had to provide the VIN to your insurer, so check your insurance card or insurance policy. The VIN should be listed there.XResearch source
  • Is It Illegal To Remove A Vehicle Identification Number

    Your car

    Yes, it is illegal to remove a VIN number. Doing so can violate state law. It is also a violation of federal law. There are, however, some exceptions that can apply.

    Under federal law, removing a VIN number is a felony offense. A conviction can carry up to:

    • 5 years in jail, and
    • $250,000 in fines.

    States can have their own law against removing a VIN number. For example, California has several. The most severe carries up to:

    • 16 months, 2 years, or 3 years in jail, and
    • $25,000 in fines.

    VIN numbers can be legally removed in some cases. These exceptions may include:

    • removing a VIN number was necessary for repairs, and
    • the defendant owns a scrap yard and was destroying the vehicle.

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    Checking Your Vin Is Essential

    The car business is extremely profitable, and car dealers frequently use fraudulent techniques to maximize their income. Falsifying mileage or registration documents are examples of this. Even more aggressive techniques, such as selling stolen cars, may be used by the most infamous merchants. These methods can undoubtedly make a scammer wealthy at the expense of clients.

    It’s much easier to use an existing, stolen VIN than to make one out of thin air. Using VIN cloning on stolen vehicles is more popular than most people realize.

    EpicVIN is trying to fight back by helping to inform you and give you the tools you need. Check out our today!

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