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What Type Of Oil Does My Car Use

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There Are Many Types Of Oil


There are also many other types of engine oils on the market, each tailored for specific engine types. Diesel fueled engines have entirely different lubrication systems, and smaller engines with one or two cylinders require much different types of oil with varying viscosity characteristics. This is why it’s always important to check your owner’s manual and be certain what type of oil the manufacturer recommends before you ever put any type of oil into your engine at all.

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  • Driving Habits And Conditions

    Rugged driving conditions like off-roading or towing requires the motor oil to work harder with a more frequent oil change service. This might call for motor oil with additives that help reduce engine friction under high temperatures and heavy loads.

    Short trips under 15 minutes may not allow your engine to reach maximum operating temperature consistently, meaning water condensation wont evaporate, resulting in sludge build-up. In this case, you may need an engine oil with additives that prevent sludge formation.

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    Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

    Synthetic blend oil offers the best of both worlds. It has many of the characteristics of full synthetic oil, but at a much lower price. This type of oil is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils, plus some additives, for extra resistance to oxidation and excellent low-temperature properties. Synthetic blends make it easy for drivers to make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil, which is why this type of oil is becoming increasingly popular among todays savviest drivers. Its also a great middle ground for drivers who want the added protection and performance of a synthetic oil, but might not be ready to foot the bill for a total switch to full synthetic oil.

    Our Top Picks For Motor Oil

    How Often Should I Get My Car

    Best Oil for Most Cars: Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

    With increased protection and longevity, we think most daily-driven vehicles will run best using a synthetic oil such as Mobil 1. Were big fans of this stuff, and so are automotive retailers, dealerships, and automakers. Its popularity all but ensures you can find Mobil 1 wherever motor oil is sold.

    Its not hard to find positive user reviews for Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil. Many lifelong fans swear by it. But if you need a more exciting reason to choose Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil, you should know that it happens to be the factory oil of choice for performance vehicles such as the Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, and Chevrolet Corvette Z06. So go ahead: add a little sports car to your own vehicle!

    Best Synthetic Oil on a Budget:

    If you like the idea of synthetic oil but arent attached to a brand, we recommend the AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil. From rechargeable batteries to iPhone cables, Amazons in-house brand has it all. Their products are often comparable to category leaders at a lower cost, and were happy to report that their synthetic motor oil continues that tradition.

    No matter how you slice it, AmazonBasics motor oil is an excellent value. At the time of this writing, you can get five quarts for just $19.99. Its hard to find a better deal for quality synthetic oil, but the catch is that the oil is most likely not available at your local dealership, auto shop, or other service centers.

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    Reasons To Quit Asking What Oil To Use In Your Car

    It seems, by far, the number one question I get from people who know me and my background is, what engine oil should I use in my car.

    Before I dive into the complex oil industry, you need to know a few things about me. For the past 15 years, I have been inside the automotive industry, learning, fixing, and teaching all things about automotive.

    During this time, I spent over two years dedicating my studies to engine oil. I am about to tell you that my research is based on a thorough understanding of the subject.

    I understand how confusing it can be as a consumer and blasted with confusing marketing. There are dozens of brands competing heavily for your business. On top of that, you have self-proclaimed “car guys” who think they know about oil most have no clue. Then finally, you have the auto store “pros” who are also basically clueless.

    In all reality, just about anyone you talk to about engine oil will tell you what they have been marketed into believing. It is quite sad. How are you, the consumer, ever supposed to know what to get for your car?

    Luckily there are ways you can learn and not spend two years doing it. Read my three reasons why you should stop asking about what oil to use in your car, and you should know enough at that point to make a well-informed decision.

    For example, if I drive a 2011 Honda Odyssey, my API donut would tell me that I need 0w20 Energy conserving engine oil with an American Petroleum Institue Rating of SN.

    Does My Car Require Synthetic Oil

    In general, manufacturers recommend motor oil based on viscosity grade and performance specification. In cases for GM where dexos is required, European manufacturers specifications and where SAE 0W-20 is recommended, such oils will be formulated with synthetic technology. In all cases a synthetic oil can be used even if a conventional oil is suitable to gain further performance benefits afforded through synthetic technology.

    Castrol Limited

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    How Often Should I Change The Oil In A Club Car Golf Cart

    Vehicle starter powered by traditional engines must be maintained and should undergo a regular check.

    The engine of a gasoline-powered golf cart must be checked on a monthly level.

    After the first hundred hours of use of the golf cart, the filter and the engine oil must be changed. It should be changed again after the next 200 hours and then further annually.

    Although it is recommended that the engine oil should be changed after every 125 hours of use, or one can also plan to change the oil twice a year.

    Club car golf carts are equipped with two kinds of engines. It is either equipped with an electric engine or a gasoline engine.

    A club car which is powered by a gasoline engine should be checked frequently and be handled just like any regular car. The oil should also be changed at proper intervals.

    Synthetic Oil Vs Conventional Oil

    â¶ï¸?How Much Oil Does MY Car Need? Accurate Oil Quantity and Oil Type for ANY CAR

    Why should I pay more for synthetic oil? The confusion over synthetic oil vs. conventional oil is understandable.

    The mechanic has looked over your car. Then, he said something about engine sludge, oil filters, and asks when you last changed your oil. Even though you may not know the exact date, you remember seeing low prices on plastic banners. Now, the world of oil changes feels like snake oil sales. Synthetic oil? Its not an oil alternative. Its a man-made oil. Ecologically, it produces fewer emissions. It is more expensive at six to ten times the price. But, it is also a better oil.

    So, why choose synthetic over conventional oil?

    Is synthetic oil worth the higher cost versus conventional oil?

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    What About Universal A/c Compressor Oils

    Our advice is this: Why take a chance using a universal oil when you can just as easily use the correct PAG oil?

    Every compressor manufacturer I’ve ever interviewed says the same thing: Uuse the specific type of oil specified for their compressor. In most cases, it is some type of PAG oil.

    When an engineer designs an A/C compressor, he builds it to certain tolerances that require a specific type of lubricant viscosity, friction charcteristics and wear additives. If an oil is used that does not meet those requirements fairly closely, it might cause wear and friction issues. Eventually, this could cause the compressor to fail.

    PAG 46, PAG 100 and PAG 150 oils all have different viscosities, just as 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W40 motor oils have different viscosities. You should not intermix different viscosities because the viscosity of the mixture may be “out of range” for the appliction for a number of reasons. Thicker oils are typically specified for heavier bearing and seal loads, but also require slightly greater bearing clearances. If a thinner oil is used, it may not provide adequate lubrication. Likewise, an application that specifies a thinner oil to minimize friction and drag may not receive adequate lubrication if a thicker viscosity oil is used.

    A universal oil may work okay in some compressors, but not others. So why take a chance? A/C compressors are not cheap to replace!

    Dispose Of Oil Appropriately

    If you change the oil yourself, make sure to store the used oil in an airtight, safe container that won’t spill. Contact your town and find out when the scheduled “hazardous waste” day is – a day when the town accepts engine oil and other waste that gets appropriately disposed of according to State and Federal laws.

    For more information about maintaining your car, check out:

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    Using Synthetic Oil In High Mileage Engines

    If switching from a conventional mineral oil to a synthetic oil, you may have issues with leakage depending on the synthetic used and the types of seals in the engine. This could be caused by seal incompatibility or residue buildup being cleaned out of areas where it was previously sealing a leak. Synthetic oils have advanced over the years, and motor oil manufacturers are taking this into consideration, so this issue is becoming less of a problem.

    Popular Car Engine Oils:

    6 of the Best Synthetic Oils for Protecting Your Car

    + View All

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    How Much Oil Should I Put In My Car

    The amount of oil required will be identified in owners manuals. A second check will be the marks that are on the oil dipstick. After validating the amount of oil required the dipstick can be used to confirm that the proper amount of oil had been added. It is important to not underfill or overfill the crankcase to ensure proper protection.

    What Is The Best Oil For My Car

    Since there are numerous different formulas, viscosity indexes, and manufacturers on the market, choosing the right oil for your car can be a difficult task. However, the best way to determine what oil to use is to refer to your car’s factory specifications. Use the exact oil that car manufacturer equipped your car with. Never mix different viscosities of oil or change the type without consulting with the mechanics. Changing from mineral to synthetic or putting totally different viscosity oil can seriously damage your engine.

    Of course, if you tuned your car to deliver more performance, you need to upgrade to some high-performance oil.

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    What Is Car Engine Oil

    The primary function of engine oil is to lubricate the internal components of your car’s engine. However, it also does a whole host of other tasks such as cooling your engine by more evenly distributing heat, cleaning it using built in oil additive detergents, improving the sealing, and inhibiting corrosion.

    The Real Deal Of Synthetic Oil Vs Traditional Oil:

    How do I know what Oil to use in my car? Engine Motor Oil and Oil Filter
    • Better gas mileage wont be an obvious difference to your short-term budget
    • The added engine protection may save costs overall
    • Synthetic oil is 6x 10x the cost of traditional oil
    • Switching to synthetics can clean deposits that are plugging leaks
    • You can switch back and forth between synthetic and traditional oil without consequence
    • All cars benefit from the additives in synthetic oils

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    What Do Motor Oil Labels Mean

    Reputable engine oils will usually have the API donut and the API starburst symbol on their bottles.

    The API donut should display:

    • The SAE viscosity rating
    • A service designation on the container
    • Indication if the oil has passed the Resource Conserving test

    APIs latest service standards are SP for gasoline engines and CK-4 for the diesel engine. An older engine might be perfectly content with motor oil with an API service rating of SG, but newer cars may need SP.

    The API starburst symbol indicates the engine oil has passed the service tests listed in the API donut. An oil stating that it meets an API service standard isnt the same as one thats actually registered and tested to ensure compliance.

    Can I Use Synthetic Oil In My Club Car Golf Cart

    Synthetic oils can be definitely used in Club Car golf carts. Synthetic oils are more suitable for small engines. It is highly recommended for small engines because of the advantages it brings.

    Synthetic oils can be on the expensive side, but are useful for golf carts with smaller engine sizes. Because of the long run times and the increased RPM, synthetic oils are highly recommended.

    If the golf cart suits well with synthetic oil, it gives out excellent results and runs excellently. In the case of a new or fresh golf cart, you should use standard oil for some time and then switch on to synthetic oil.

    Premium synthetic oils are used by many golf carts for their engines. Many customers talk about the benefits they get after using synthetic oils for their golf cart, so it is advised that synthetic oils be used for small engines.

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    What Are The Types Of Motor Oil

    Motor oils are made of a base oil and additives.

    Base oils are derived from crude oil or natural gas and typically make up 70-90% of engine oil. The remaining 10-30% are additives, which perform several functions, including optimizing oil consumption and keeping the cars engine corrosion-free.

    Youll typically find four types of motor oil on store shelves:

    A. Conventional Motor Oil

    Conventional motor oil is a product of refined crude oil and is the cheapest type of engine oil. Its also referred to as mineral oil or organic oil. Its suited to light-duty newer cars with simple engines and low to average mileage.

    Conventional oil degrades faster than other types, so getting a conventional oil change every 4,000 miles or 4 months is advisable. Or, follow the guidance of your oil-change indicator if your vehicle has one, and dont forget to get the oil filter changed too.

    B. Synthetic Motor Oil

    Synthetic motor oil provides higher viscosity levels, is resistant to thermal breakdown, oxidation, and oil sludge formation, with improved fuel efficiency.

    Synthetic oil works for high-performance vehicles that demand high levels of lubrication. However, it can cost 2-4 times more than conventional oil.

    Even with its improved performance, youll still need a synthetic oil change, usually within 7,500-10,000 miles. Make sure to pay attention to your oil-change indicator or follow the manufacturers recommendation.

    C. Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

    D. High Mileage Oil

    What Is Motor Oil


    Motor oil is an engines lifeblood a truly amazing substance. It pumps throughout the running engine via small passages called galleries, cleaning, lubricating, cooling and cushioning moving engine parts while holding sludge, abrasive particles and harsh chemical contaminates in suspension. Old motor oil needs to be changed periodically to keep your engine running smoothly.

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    What Should I Do If I Have To Mix Different Motor Oils

    There may be times when you simply cant find the exact engine oil you need.

    Heres what you can do:

    First, choose an oil from the same manufacturer as your current cars oil. If not possible, then pick one with the same API Donut certification.

    Secondly, select a product with similar chemical and performance characteristics to whats in your vehicles engine.

    Heres an example:

    Say your current cars oil is a regular oil with viscosity 20W-50, API SM, and you need to top up the oil level. Adding a 10W-40 oil to the 20W-50 in the cars engine would reduce the overall viscosity.

    Its not recommended unless in an emergency after which, youd need a full oil change service.

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