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How To Clean Car Tires

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How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Wheels

How to clean car tire with shampo and foam sprey
  • Wheels should be cleaned on a regular basis about every two weeks.
  • Always clean the wheels during regular car washing routines. Driving habits and driving conditions can vary so adjust accordingly.
  • City stop and go traffic will generate the most brake dust and wheel cleaning challenges. As soon as a heavy black brake dust coating appears, it is time to clean the wheels.

How To Clean Wheels And Rims Properly

Before using any cleaning products for tire cleaning, you may be able to spray away loose road dirt and dust using a water hose. This usually takes care of most grime. To address stains, clean aluminum wheels and ones made of alloy with our suggestions below.

Wheel and Rim Cleaning

Have a hose with the right kind of attachment to clean car tires properly. Fit the end of the water hose with an adjustable nozzle or pressure attachment to spray away hidden bits of debris from around each lug nut, the wheel wells, and other hidden crevices.

If the tires and rims are still dirty after spraying, follow by using a rim cleaner to remove build up of grime and a wheel rim car wax to bring back that tire shine.

You may find a rusty spot or two after the dirt is gone. Use vinegar and fine-grade steel wool as one way to get rust off aluminum rims.

How To Clean Car Tires Know The Right Way Here

As tires, wheels, and rims are constantly exposed to contaminants from the road, the elements, and brake dust, they require special attention and the use of a specialized cleaner and a tire protectant. And youll also need to observe the proper way how to clean car tires to get the best results and avoid causing damage.

And if youre also going to do car washing, you should work on the tires first.

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What Causes Tire Blooming

The main culprit is an organic compound that goes by the name of anti-ozonant. Anti-ozonant is added to rubber and plastic materials to prevent oxidation, fading, cracking, and premature degradation.

Anti-ozonant is constantly drawn to the surface to constantly protect the material from oxidation caused by repeated and constant exposure to UV damage, high temperatures, dirt, and mud.

You can think of it this way: anti-ozonant is like applying sunscreen lotion on your skin when youre out all day on the beach. Without sunscreen, you will burn to a crisp in less than 2 hours.

Anti-ozonant will serve to protect and prolong the life of the tire. Without it, you will need to constantly buy new tires as UV damage and heat will significantly shorten the lifespan of the rubber compounds in your tire.

But theres a catch. When the anti-ozonant is exposed to air and moisture as it is drawn to the surface of the tire, it oxidizes and leaves a brownish residue. This is the main cause of tire blooming.

Tire blooming can also be partly blamed for lubricant-type chemicals that are applied in the manufacturing process, particularly in the inside of the tire mold. Think of it as a non-stick coating that allows the tires to release smoothly from the tire mold.

How To Detail Wheels & Tires

How To Clean Your Car Tires

Cleaning your wheels and tires regularly is not just an appearance issue its preventative maintenance!

If you allow brake dust to sit on your wheels for a prolonged period of time, it can eat into the coating and pit the metal. Brake dust is made of an adhesive and carbon fibers that come off the brake pad and tiny metal shavings from the rotor. The intense heat and friction generated by the wheels makes this mixture highly corrosive. Because you probably drive every day, more brake dust is constantly being made. Frequent cleaning is the only way to keep your wheels safe. A good start is the Pinnacle Concours Wheel and Tire Kit! Check out our Tire & Wheel Care Page for more excellent tire and wheel products.

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Use Baby Oil To Shine Tires

Cleaning tires arent complete without showing off the fresh black look and shine. Not only will it look good but blackening tires prolongs their life too. If you are not a fan of full strength tire dressing products, make your own.

  • Rag or old cloth

Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake well. You can either spray it on the rag or small areas of the tires.

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

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Armor All is famous for making dependable light to medium duty detailing products that perform well, are affordable and are durable. You can get your tires glowing without much hassle when using this gel. It also avoids cracking and creates a shielding layer over the rubber. The product comes with an applicator and offers high gloss for nearly two weeks. A bottle may last up to one year if used on a single vehicle. The main disadvantage is that the applicator is weak. So even if the gel takes days to get dried, some chemical will always spray into your wheel wells.

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How To Clean White Wall Tires

Whitewall car tires can easily get dirty, as the white area is prone to get grimy – just like white clothes do. You can follow the aforementioned steps to clean your tires. However, be sure to purchase special whitewall tire cleaning sprays as most of them are made for black wall tires. Also, do not use harsh sponges or brushes to scrub the paint, as they might leave scratches. If the job you did does not seem to clean the models correctly, you can use baking soda for extra help.

How To Clean Car Tires Best Shine 2022

Purchasing Car wash Soap at Canadian tire -DIY Car wash
  • Car Detailing
  • Car tires are the most neglected part of a vehicletheyre like the middle child of a family of five.

    Mom and dad prefer to spend all their money spoiling their interior dashboard and upholstery, since the youngest always brings the most joy to their hearts. They likewise shower affection on the exterior paneling by sparing no expense, making sure that the oldest has that sleek candy-like ceramic spray to show off to the neighbors.

    Meanwhile, guess whos left with nothing but the crap on the road?

    Quit applying cheap tire products week after week! Graphene Tire Shine uses graphene a mineral 200X stronger than steel for the longest lasting shine & protection on the market.“Graphene Burst BLOWS ME AWAY! Applied a month or more ago. Still sparkles like a diamond in bright sunshine!” – Mike J.

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    How To Apply Tire Shine

    Application of a tire dressing depends entirely on what brand and what type you use. For the best way to apply tire dressing consult the directions on the bottle. In general, I prefer to:

  • Apply the dressing to a dedicated microfiber towel or sponge.
  • Use the towel or sponge to wipe the dressing on the tire in a zig zaging motion up and down motion from the wheel to the outside of the tire around the whole tire. This helps with full coverage from tread to wheel.
  • Even out the dressing by wiping around the tire in a circular motion around the wheel. This smoothes out the appearance of the dressing.
  • Wait for the dressing to absorb or dry for a few minutes and then follow up with another dedicated microfiber towel around the tire to remove any residue and again smooth out the appearance.
  • How To Clean Chrome Wheels

    Different types of wheels may require a targeted cleaning solution, whether they are aluminum, alloy, or chrome. Use this method or a homemade tire shine solution to bring the luster and shine out on chrome wheels.

    Chrome Tire Shine

    Park your vehicle in a shady location when you polish aluminum rims or those made from chrome. After cleaning the chrome tires, apply tire polish onto a microfiber cloth or applicator sponge and rub it into the surface of the tire rim.

    Allow the polish to sit until it dries into a hazy color. Use the microfiber cloth to buff the polish off of the tire.

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    Benefits Of Wheel Cleaning Acid

    I havent really talked about the benefits of acid and what it can do for your rims. One of the coolest things that Ive seen with using acid correctly is that most of the time it can completely eliminate the step of scrubbing. If scrubbing is needed, it should be minimal. Also, if you are needing to scrub the area sprayed with acid, keep a close eye on the area that you are working on to make sure that the acid isnt damaging the metal. In some cases you may need to spray water to rinse the acid off and closely look at the area to see if more acid/scrubbing is needed. In most cases, after spraying the wheel cleaning acid on the rim, you will be able to spray the acid off with water and knock off whatever you were trying to remove from the rim without needing to excessively scrub leaving a nice shiny glossy rim.

    When you are working with undiluted acid, you will need to pre-spray the rim with some water to soften the blow of the acid to the metal of the rim. If the acid is diluted, its not as big of a deal to pre-spray the rim with water before applying the acid but still a good idea to do so. Some detailers dont quite feel comfortable using the acid, it might be a good idea to pre-spray the rim before applying the acid to the rim or just use a more generic non-acid wheel cleaner.

    What Is The Best Cleaner For Rubber Tires

    How To Clean Your Car Tires

    Any of our tire-cleaning picks listed above will work wonders on your tires to get rid of unwanted dirt and grime. It depends on your budget, but none of our picks is more than $20 for a bottle. You can also look at some options for larger sizes if you think a single bottle may not be enough for your use.

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    Work On The Tires First

    The tires and wheels must be washed first if youre going to wash your entire car. Washing tires first will prevent the contaminants on them from splattering and re-soiling the cars body. This also gives the chance to clean off any accidental splatters of tire or wheel cleaner onto the paintwork, which can be adversely affected.

    How To Clean Your Cars Tires

    While your tires dont show dirt as much as the rest of your car, they pick up the most dust and grime. Keep your car looking fresh by finding out how to clean car dirty tires and how to add your desired level of shine.

    We recommend using a tire dressing to give your tires a high-gloss finish and protect them from damaging environmental conditions that age them. Two types of tire dressings include tire foams and tire shines. Tire foams clean and shine, while tire shines bring a higher level of shine to clean tires. Tire dressings also have different finishes that are a matter of personal taste the high-shine, wet look or the rich, black matte finish.

    Do not use tire dressings with bleach because they may make your tires look weary and gray and can stain your wheels. Do not apply dressing to treads, as it can be dangerous when driving.

    For tougher stains, such as tar, and for whitewalls, try using a wet scouring pad to clean. Regardless of the product type you choose, keep a cloth handy to wipe overspray from rims. Buffing with a cloth also allows you to customize the shine on your tires.

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    Rinse Off All Standing Debris

    Once the wheels have been removed, youll need to spray off all standing debris first. This includes any mud, dirt, and especially brake dust. When you do this after removing the wheels from the vehicle, youll be able to get inside those hard to reach areas.

    You can use a garden hose with spray nozzle or high-pressure water sprayer if youd like. There is no need to dry them after this first step.

    How To Clean Car Rims And Tires


    By Joan Clark

    It doesnt take much before road grime builds up on your cars tires and rims. A car doesnt look complete after a good cleaning if the tire rims and hubcaps look dull and dirty. In the next sections, we show you how to clean car rims and tires using a variety of cleaning products and methods.

    Having clean and shiny tire rims is not just a cosmetic issue. Brake dust from the brake pads accumulates on the coating and metal over time and can be damaging to any wheels.

    Regular cleaning of the tires and rims is beneficial for preventative maintenance as well as for appearance.

  • Protect Wheels with Sealant
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    How To Clean Car Tires In Just Four Steps

    Your tires are the only part of your vehicle coming in contact with the road. That means they are usually the first thing to get dirty! And while a little dirt won’t hurt, what could be hiding underneath the dirt and grime just might think nails, cracks in the sidewall, and low or uneven treadwear. Follow these four easy steps to get your tires squeaky clean to help you determine if it’s time for new tires from Firestone Complete Auto Care.

    Use Cream Of Tartar Paste

    A kitchen product like cream of tartar may be relatively expensive but if you have some in storage and are not using it, take them out for tire cleaning.

    DIY Tire Cleaner with Cream of Tartar Paste

    • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
    • Wheel brush

    Use the cream of tartar with a wheel brush for removing rust and to scrub off the stains on the rims and rinse with clean water.

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    Do Tire Cleaners Ruin Tires

    No. You don’t have to worry about ruining your tires with a dedicated tire-cleaning product. These products are specifically formulated to clean tires without damaging them, so don’t try other oddball cleaners. Just stick to these. Also, tire shine or tire gel can help restore rubber as well as provide a slick wet-tire look for your car.

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    Cleaning With Simple Green The Natural Degreaser

    How to Properly Clean Car Tires

    Simple Green All Wheel & Tire Cleaner is an inexpensive alternative that can get rid of brake dust and other debris from your wheels. They particularly pride themselves on being eco-friendly, making them widely appealing for those involved in the green movement. However, the major downside is that one bottle of Simple Green is consumed fairly quickly, since it has to be sprayed on directly and cannot be diluted with water.

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    Wheel Cleaner Acid Is Not The Only Method

    Wheel cleaning acid is not the only method of cleaning rims and tires. There are other wheel cleaners and degreasers that are not as harsh and maybe safer. If you are an inexperienced detailer, I would highly recommend starting with a degreaser cleaner or other non-acid wheel cleaners before using acid. Basic degreasers will most likely require light scrubbing or agitation and doesnt need to be removed as urgently as acid. Degreasers can also be called all-purpose cleaners. Many of the cleaning properties of degreasers will have a very slippery texture.

    Cleaning With Coke And Dishwashing Soap

    Coke has a lot of functions , but using it to wash your tires is more of an urban legend than actual science. While carbonated beverages have been proven to be effective in removing rust from the chrome on your wheels, its not advisable to pour it on the rubber itself , because the acidic nature can dissolve the clear coat or finish. The same goes for dishwashing soap, which will strip off any protective lining along with the dirt.

    Both of these items may be cheap, but their unwanted side-effects could cost you an arm and a leg!

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    No Really Literally Simple Green All

    Yup. The green stuff we use to clean things around the home works perfectly for cleaning car tires. Im not taking about half-assed cleaning for old cars either. Im talking about genuine cleaning thats good for any high-end car.

    Simple Green does make all kinds of different variations of their original product. They even make a number of products for car cleaning such as a wheel cleaner and even a wash & wax. But as of this writing they dont have a specific car tire cleaning solution. This whole write-up revolves around using their tried, true and classic Simple Green all-purpose cleaner.

    Simple Green is perfect for cleaning truck tires too. Those tend to get even more dirty. The low cost of this common detergent makes it a specially good product for cleaning big truck tires since you have to use more detergent. Specialized tire cleaning products will make it all get really expensive, fast.

    Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

    5 Easy Steps To Clean and Shine Car Wheels and Tires

    Image courtesy:

    You can use this thick, anti-sludge spray on the tires with a microfiber cloth or a normal spray. It sticks onto the tire surface, preventing runoff and sling when driving at high speeds when sprayed. Directly spraying it gives the wheels a shiny look. The main advantages are that the spray comes with an applicator and is reasonably priced. It can easily remove dirt, grease, and brake dust and offers a high glow to the tires.

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