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How To Check Tolls On My Car

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How Do I Pay Past Due Tolls In California

Cops Show The Inventive Ways Drivers Have Tried Avoiding Tolls

You can pay your violation on the Toll Violation page of our website, The Toll Roads app or tear off the bottom portion of the notice and send a check for the amount due to: The Toll Roads Violations Dept., PO Box 50190, Irvine, CA 92619-0190.

How Much Are Washington Tolls

The cost varies depending on the time of day and whether or not you have a Good to Go! pass, but you can expect to pay between $1.15 and $2.60 with a pass or between $3.15 and $4.60 without it. Tolls for vehicles with more than 2 axles vary depending on the number of axles and whether you have a Good to Go! pass.

Pay Tolls & Violations

FasTrak provides travelers with multiple methods to pay their toll invoices and resolve violations.When a vehicle passes through a tolled facility without a valid toll tag, License Plate Account, or One-Time Payment, FasTrak will issue an invoice or violation notice to the vehicleâs registered owner.

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Driving A Foreign Registered Vehicle In Norway

All foreign and domestic vehicles must pay road tolls in Norway. Register your car in order to be charged the correct toll rate.

You have two payment options when driving in Norway:

  • Register a user agreement and get a toll tag from a toll service provider prior to your arrival to benefit from the discounts available
  • Register with Epass24 to ensure you pay the correct rate for your vehicle with one easy payment by credit card or invoice

Remember: It is not possible to get a toll tag for a private car at Norwegian border crossings. Toll tags are only available at the border for heavy goods vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.

Video Accounts And Registration

RFID toll should be free for 5 minutes if queue is already 1km long ...

If you prefer not to use a tag, but wish to use the M50, eFlow offer a Video Account option. When your vehicle passes under the tolling point, an image is taken of your registration number plate and the toll amount fee is automatically deducted from your video account.

Video tolling systems allows a vehicles license plate number to be extracted from an image either by using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology or manual checking.

In Ireland video tolling is used in conjunction with the M50 open road tolling, as a means to allow drivers without electronic tags to use the toll road.

There are two forms of video tolling utilised in Ireland:

  • Registered Video Tolling – the motorist must first register their vehicle license plate with the tolling agency prior to using the toll road. The system will then associate the plate images with the account and debit the amount of the toll from the account.
  • Unregistered User The system shall lookup the vehicle registration information from a Vehicle and Driver database and the appropriate fine will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

Regardless of the account you register for, all vehicles that use the M50 toll road are photographed/video recorded. These photographs/images are retained in a highly secure environment for the purpose of enforcement and to address and resolve any disputes that may arise.

You can also make a cash payment at a Payzone branded outlet nationwide. For further information visit

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Pay By Plate Ma Invoice

Pay By Plate MA provides customers electronic toll collection through video images of vehicle license plates. Only valid on Massachusetts tolls roads. No toll discounts.

If you travelled through MA tolls without an account, you will be mailed a Pay By Plate MA Invoice. Once the toll trip is processed, an invoice is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle approximately 7-10 business days after the trip.

A fee of $0.60 applies for each invoice issued. If your invoice is not paid by the due date, additional fees will be assessed for each month it remains unpaid. Outstanding toll violations may lead to license suspension.

Invoice Payment Options

  • Online using Pay By Plate MA You will need your invoice information and license plate number to pay online
  • Mail a check or money order payable to:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

I Need A List Of Outstanding Toll Invoices And Demand Notices

Finding unpaid toll invoices or demand notices is easy. You can search online or via the Linkt app using your vehicle’s licence plate number and state of registration. Please note, it can take up to 2 weeks from the date you travelled for a toll notice to appear on our system.

You can also search for toll invoices issued for travel in Victoria or most NSW toll roads .

For toll notices issued for travel on Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel or EastLink in Victoria please contact the toll road operator directly.

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Confirmed Gps And Delayed Detection Trips

If the trip you’re disputing says “DUE NOW” it means it’s already been confirmed by toll point cameras. You received the trip because the vehicle detected at toll point was registered to your LinktGO app at the time of travel. If you believe you’ve been charged incorrectly, choose Not your trip? and follow the prompts. These trips will be investigated by our support team who may follow up for more information.

Why Are You Trying To Recover Debts That Are Up To 12 Months Old

Use SunPass on Florida toll roads? Check your wallet

These represent a significant amount of money that should be going towards repaying the debt incurred to build the road, so the decision was made to actively seek to recover it. We owe it to all New Zealanders to ensure that everyone does the right thing and pays the amounts theyre responsible for.

In future we will ensure there is minimal delay between tolls being overdue and any subsequent recovery action.

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Exemptions From Toll Charges

Certain vehicles in Ireland are exempt from toll charges. The vehicles in question are vehicles belonging to and used for official purposes by the Defence Forces, vehicles used by An Garda Siochana , fire brigade vehicles, ambulances and disability modified vehicles.

A new Disability Toll Exemption Scheme was launched in February 2020 in order to centralise exemption across all Toll roads within Ireland. This scheme replaced the previous process which was managed through a card issued by individual Toll Operators.

Transport infrastructure Ireland can confirm vehicles who qualify for the Revenue Commissions Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities Tax Relief Scheme will be exempt from Toll charges.

Please note: Disabled motorists driving adapted vehicles continue to be exempt on arrival at all Toll roads within Ireland.

Details on the eligibility of vehicles and the process for application are available at

Am I Still Liable If I Didnt Receive A Letter/notice

Yes, Toll Payment Notices are sent to the address held by us at the time the toll road was used. Vehicle owners are responsible for ensuring we have their current and correct address its easy to check or update your address details online see above for details.

Not receiving a Toll Payment Notice does not remove the obligation to pay a toll for using a toll road. Road signage clearly indicates that you are on a toll road, that a toll is payable and that you have five days to pay it.

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Why Register An Epass24 Account For My Own Foreign Car

Registering for an Epass24 account will normally reduce the time from your journey to you receive your invoice. Furthermore, you will have full control over where the invoices are sent, and you can access your invoices, check due dates, view photos, register for e-mail delivery and make payment in due time when travelling. You may at any time register changes or cancel the registration. Please note that you instead need to register with a toll service provider for a user agreement to get these same advantages if a toll tag is mandatory for your vehicle.

What Is A Suspension For Failure To Pay Tolls


Under Section 510 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and Part 127 of the Commissioners Regulations, the Department of Motor Vehicles is suspending your registration for failing to pay tolls, fees or other charges related to 3 or more violations of the Tolling Authoritys toll collection regulations committed within a 5 year period, or for the failure to pay such tolls, fees or other charges in the amount of $200 or more within a 5 year period, or for the failure to pay such tolls, fees or other charges in the amount of $200 or more within a 5 year period, committed by the registrant of an affected commercial motor vehicle.

Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration is a misdemeanor, which may result in a fine, imprisionment or both.

A tolling authority, which includes the:

New York State Thruway AuthorityMetropolitan Transportation Authority Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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Why Have I Received A Letter About Debt Collection

Our records show there are tolls, from within the last 12 months, which you have not yet paid. We sent you a Toll Payment Notice about this around two weeks after you travelled on the toll road, and were now giving you another chance to pay before we refer the outstanding amount to our debt collection agency. We know that when people are reminded about their debt, they are more likely to pay it.

This is part of changes to the process we use when recovering unpaid tolls.

Why Are Toll Charges Imposed

Transport Infrastructure Ireland is empowered by the Local Government Act, 1979 to charge and collect tolls for the use of certain roads by vehicles.

Major new road developments in Ireland are now undertaken and funded through Public Private Partnership . This means, that in order to develop new roads and maintain current infrastructure, part of the funding required comes from public sources and part comes from private commercial sources.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s use of PPP projects is in accordance with the strategy of using tolling to recover part of the substantial private sector investment involved in developing and maintaining roads in Ireland.

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Can Unpaid Tolls Affect Registration In Texas

Who is subject to a vehicle registration block for nonpayment of tolls? A Habitual Violator who has accrued 100 or more unpaid tolls and who has been issued two notices of nonpayment within a year is subject to a vehicle registration block.

What Does Etoll Interoperability Mean

6 tips for Car Rentals and Tolls

Most Tag Providers use the eToll Interoperability system which means a driver will only need one tag for tolling facilities in Ireland. We recommend that only one tag should be installed in each vehicle.

Drivers with more than one tag need to be aware that only one tag will be read through random selection. Therefore, it is advised that drivers choose a preferred tag to be placed properly within their car.

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More About How It Works In Norway

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration will calculate the road toll to be charged, after you pass an automated toll station which registered your vehicles registration number with a camera and/or read your toll tag.

The NPRA needs to know your foreign vehicle’s Euro class and fuel type to calculate the correct rate in toll stations with environmental price differentiation.

Register the environmental data as follows to obtain the correct toll rate:

1. Register with your toll service provider listed Order tag AutoPASS

I Have Received A Toll Payment Notice But I Wasnt Driving What Do I Do

If a vehicle registered to you travels on a toll road and payment isnt received within five working days, you may receive a toll payment notice. If you werent the driver of the vehicle, you are able to transfer liability to the driver by completing a Statutory Declaration form .

The minimum information we need for the new driver is their full name and postal address. If this information is not included we will be unable to process your form.

You can return this form to us at or to the postal address below:

NZ Transport Agency – Tolling Private Bag 11777 Palmerston North 4442

Please note, we must receive this form within 28 days of the issue date stated on your toll payment notice.

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How Can I Ensure I Know About Unpaid Tolls

Its important that you as a vehicle owner check and update the address details we hold. This ensures that youll receive toll notices and other vehicle-related mail or emails such as vehicle licence reminders.

Its easy to check your details click on Online services at, or call 0800 108 809.

How Can I Respond To A Tolling Authority About A Non

Dartford Crossing Vehicle Check / Dartford Crossing Tolls The Camping ...

You may contact the Customer Service Center and speak with a customer service specialist. Each tolling authority has a Customer Service Center and they can provide you information on your outstanding violation.

To dispute an allegation that you violated a toll regulation or failed to pay the toll, fees or other charges, please contact EZPass at 1-800-333-TOLL .

Online Visit the EZPass website for information about how to pay online. You can also check the status of a violation or attempt to resolve a violation.

DO NOT contact the New York State DMV to dispute whether you violated a toll regulation or failed to pay the toll, fees or other charges.

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Why Have You Changed Your Process

We received feedback from our customers that the process was complex and confusing. Weve therefore streamlined and simplified it so theres now a clear sequence of steps we take to ensure everyone pays their tolls. The new process is outlined below.

The new process is fairer, because customers get another chance to pay, were treating all debts consistently, and the extra costs added to the debt do not escalate as quickly as under the previous process. It will also reduce costs for the Transport Agency.

Must I Appear For The Hearing

As the Notice of Registration Suspension indicates, you may request an in-person DMV hearing or you may request a hearing by affidavit . The Notice of Registration Suspension provides instructions on how to submit an affidavit to DMV. If you submit the affidavit, you will not have to appear at a DMV hearing.

At an in-person DMV hearing, you may be represented by an attorney.

If you request a DMV hearing and do not appear or submit your affidavit, your registration will be suspended immediately.

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Why Register Foreign Rental / Leasing Cars

If you register, you as the renter / lessee will receive the invoice directly. If you do not register, the invoice will be sent to the rental / leasing company. The company may add administration fees to cover their cost of handling the invoice and collecting the amount from the renter / lessee. Please take care to only register for the period you are renting /leasing the vehicle, to avoid invoices for toll transactions generated by future renters / lessees.

No Cash No Stopping No Worries

How do I pay tolls in Chicago? Chicago Tolls | Illinois Tollway

To make traveling the PA Turnpike safer and easier, we’ve implemented All-Electronic Tolling across the entire roadway. You no longer stop at Toll Points. Non-E-ZPass customers now pay their toll using PA Turnpike Toll By Plate. Toll By Plate is a license plate tolling system that captures a picture of the vehicles license plate as it travels through a Toll Point. An invoice with the travel information is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

Or you can become an E-ZPass customer today and save nearly 60% on your tolls.

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How Does Electronic Tolling Work

Electronic tolling uses a small electronic tag which is placed in the vehicle and is detected each time the vehicle passes through the plaza. The toll is then debited to the customers account. The electronic tolling system will automatically recognise the correct toll for the class of vehicle you are driving.

Why Does Park Trade Europe Ab Collect Payment On Toll Roads In Norway

In order to operate the toll collection efficiently, the toll chargers invited a joint tender to outsource the task of collecting payment from foreign vehicles without a user agreement or toll payment tag. The tender resulted in a contract with Park Trade, which specializes in cross-border payments and debt collection.

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Paying Tolls Online Now As Easy As Typing Your License Plate Number

An upgrade to The Toll Roads online toll payment option allows drivers who dont have an existing account to pay online with just a vehicle license plate number. This means drivers no longer need to input where they entered and exited The Toll Roads in order to calculate their toll.

The new system feature is particularly helpful to visitors and those driving The Toll Roads for the first time and those who only make 2-3 trips a year and choose not to have an account. . Instead of remembering the details of their trip, drivers can use the option to and let the system present the tolls due.

All you have to do is enter your license plate number and dates of travel online and well calculate the tolls for you, said Lisa Telles, Chief Communications Officer for the Transportation Corridor Agencies. We wanted to make it easier than ever for people traveling through Orange County to drive the largest toll road network in California.

Cameras capture the license plates of vehicles traveling on The Toll Roads. When a driver inputs a license plate number, the online payment system scans the database to identify any unpaid tolls for the date range specified. Once payment is processed, drivers receive a detailed statement with their trip details listed. Drivers who choose to can still use the original method by selecting Ill Calculate My Tolls and enter specific trip details to pay their tolls.

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