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How To Cover A Broken Car Window

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How Do You Cover A Broken Side Window

Broken car window temporary fix – This is a quick and easy fix for a broken car window!

Broken side windows can be temporarily covered. Many drivers will use plastic garbage bags and tape to keep out the elements until they can arrange to have the window repaired.

Broken glass should be removed from the window and also inside the car door. If the window is still intact, try to raise the window manually and use duct tape to hold it in the closed position. Covering windows with plastic material over the window opening obstructs the drivers view and poses a safety hazard.

The driver may also be stopped if attempts are made to drive the car for this reason. Using clear plastic to cover the window provides some visibility for drivers. This is a quick fix solution only.

Plastic Bag As A Window Cover

Using a plastic bag to cover the opening can be a convenient temporary window fix if youre not planning to use your vehicle for the time being, until you can fix the broken car window, perform glass repairs and install proper glass replacements.

Youll have to consider the type of plastic bag youll be using, though. If you manage to get your hands on some, high density bags are preferable. Theyre thicker and offer better protection. You can use high density trash bags if you have ones at home.

On the other hand, low density bags tend to puncture easily, and youll end up with a hole fairly quickly.

Start off by fixing the plastic bag from the inside. The bag should be tightly sealed over the window frame, or else it will flap and potentially break and fly away.

This may become a safety hazard when driving, especially at high speeds. This is why its best to keep plastic bags as a cover option only if youre not intending to drive while you have this system set up.

Note that it can be difficult to stretch the bag on your own while placing the duct tape around. So, youll probably need a second pair of hands to apply the plastic bag properly.

Place duct tape all around the frame and ensure that its fully sealed. Add an extra layer of duct tape if needed. For extra protection, you can repeat this process from the outside with a new bag.

You can also tape over the bag itself, applying layers of duct tape all over the opening in horizontal and vertical layers.

Broken Car Window Now What

Whether youre running errands or driving to work, you expect your car to be fully intact when you go to drive it. Leaving your house and finding one of your car windows smashed in can cause panic, then anger, then confusion. We at Safelite cant take away the panic and the anger, but we can help you avoid confusion by providing the following list of steps to take in the event of a broken window.

1. Call your insurance company, and file a police report

If your broken window is the result of criminal activity, leave everything undisturbed until you call your insurance company and file a police report. Depending on the situation, the police and/or the insurance company might ask you to provide the details over the phone, or they might want to come to the scene in person to write up their report. Leaving everything as you found it allows the professionals to fully assess the situation. If they ask you to describe the damage over the phone, do so and then take several pictures so you have a visual record on hand.

2. Clean up the glass

Next, grab a vacuum and clear away as much glass as possible, making sure to keep pets and children away from the debris. The technician who replaces your window will also vacuum your car afterward, so you dont need to be super thorough. Be sure to empty the glass from the vacuum before putting it away.

3. Cover the window

4. Schedule with Safelite

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Reasons Why You Should Cover Your Broken Car Window:

  • If you dont clean up the window and remove any shards of sharp glass, then you could easily hurt yourself.
  • Leaving the window open and exposed is an invitation for someone to steal your car dont leave it in a car park with no window!
  • If you care about appearances, then it does look a lot better when you arent driving around with a dodgy, broken window.
  • You will need to protect the inside of your car and yourself from the weather, especially if its winter.

Clean The Window Frame

How to Cover a Broken Car Window: A List of Temporary ...

After you take out the broken glass, you need to take care of the busted windows frame as well before you proceed to apply the protective cover.

Start with wiping the window frame and seal with a damp microfiber cloth to clean away all the dirt and dust.

Afterward, let the window frame and seal air dry completely. But if you are in a hurry, its ok if you speed up the process a bit and use a blow dryer, for example, to make everything dry quicker.

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Other Methods Of Covering Broken Car Windows

  • Clear duct tape is an option. It is simple to install as the strips stick directly to the inside of the door frame. Run them vertically, slightly overlapping to create a tight seal. First applying a layer of masking tape around the perimeter of the window for the duct tape to stick to .
  • Crash wrap is a relatively new style of window covering. It is a sticky-back plastic on a roll and is installed easily. Run the roll up from the base of the window, over the top, and down the front. Cut it off neatly and press firmly into place. It has the bonus of being UV, water, and weather resistant.
  • Is It Possible To Use Duct Tape To Cover The Window

    Duct tape can certainly be used to cover broken car window glass. However, as mentioned previously, duct tape will obstruct the drivers view out that window, causing a blind spot and leading to unsafe driving conditions. Duct tape may also leave a residue on your car, which can be difficult to remove.

    If you need new wiper blades check our latest post.

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    Why You Will Want To Cover A Broken Car Window

    Having an ugly opening that you cant close on the side of your car is a nightmare for most drivers. However, that is not the only reason for you to want to cover it. Aside from not being easy on the eyes, a broken car window can lead to plenty of other issues.

    For one, it can be a huge security hazard. A vehicle with compromised integrity will be both easier to break in and more inviting to thieves and carjackers. A temporary cover wont solve the problem completely, but it will help, especially if it is attached well.

    When your car window is broken, rain can do a number on your cars interior. Sure, keeping it in the garage will help, but you wont always be able to predict a storms arrival. If it catches you while youre out shopping or doing errands, youre going to have a bad time. This is why you should properly secure and affix even a temporary window replacement.

    Most importantly, driving around with a broken window will leave you exposed to whatever is going on outside. The constant draft will be the least of your concerns. Youll need to deal with heat, cold, and the like, not to mention that your air conditioning wont be of much use. If you value your health , you will fix the broken window as soon as possible.

    Ive mentioned it before, but Ill say it again: this is a temporary solution. You should have a professional replace your car window at the first opportunity.

    Position The Plastic Covering

    Broken Car Window Repair – Temporary fix for a broken car window! Easy to install!

    Then, from inside the car, position the plastic over the window frame. Hold the bag against the top edge of the frame and fix it in position temporarily with a few small pieces of masking tape. Avoid using other types of tape as they can damage the cars paint or become difficult to remove from car glass later.

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    Attach The Plastic Garbage Bag

    Depending on the expanse of the hole, you can use one or both hands to hold the plastic bag very tightly against it. Apply duct tape over the plastic bag. Tape over the middle of the plastic bag as it would provide an extra-strong hold.

    Make sure that there are no gaps between two successive layers of the tape. The gaps might serve as an inlet to moisture if it rains or snows, thereby letting water leak into the car and onto the seats.

    How To Cover A Broken Car Window: 5 Temporary Solutions

    When covering a broken car window, its important to know what you can use as a temporary replacement. Luckily , car window damage is so common that people have tried pretty much everything over the years. Ill first cover some of the better options, then mention what you probably wont want to use.

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    Consider Your Insurance Limit

    Most insurance policies have a limit. This refers to the maximum amount that they will pay for any damages when filing a claim. Liability coverages are usually higher and according to Trusted Choice, may be as high as $10,000, $25,000, or $50,000. Comprehensive and collision coverage usually sets the limit at the total value of your vehicle. So, if your car is worth $20,000, they will cover up to $20,000.

    The value of your vehicle is calculated by considering the replacement value, minus depreciation. They will not usually cover the cost you paid for your vehicle, instead, they will estimate the current value and then base their assessment from that. If you reach your insurance limit before the broken windows are replaced, they will not cover them.

    How Do You Protect A Broken Car Window Until It Can Be Repaired

    How to Cover a Broken Car Window: Temporary Solutions ...

    How to Protect a Broken Car Window Until it Can Be Repaired

  • Remove as Much of the Broken Glass as You Can. The first step to protecting your car after the window has been broken is to remove as much of the broken glass as possible.
  • Wipe Down the Window Seal and Frame Area. Dampen a soft cloth with water.
  • Seal the Window.
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    One Point To Note Is That There Are Different Kinds Of Tapes That Serve Different Purposes

    You will require a few items to make the borken car window cover like packing tape, plastic bag, masking tape and a razor. To ensure a secure hold, dab the adhesive everywhere that it will connect with the larger object. It’s a great idea to have a little bottle in the back of your car with these little messages printed on paper stripes or something similar.

    Know If Insurance Will Waive The Deductible

    We’ll let you in on a little secret: your insurance company might cover repairs to your car’s windshield in some cases, and may even waive the deductible, so you pay nothing out of pocket.

    If your windshield or window glass is broken in an accident that’s not your fault, the glass repair should be covered by the other motorist’s insurance — just like any damage to the rest of your car. Or, if you have comprehensive insurance, and your auto glass was damaged some other way, reach out to your insurance company. Often, if the damage to the glass can be repaired rather than having the whole windshield replaced, your insurance company will waive your deductible. Your insurance provider would rather forfeit the deductible to encourage you to get the windshield repaired rather than pay for a costly replacement.

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    Which Plastic Is Best For Covering Car Windows

    Not all trash bags are the same, some are made from very thin, low-density plastic, usually between 0.7 and 0.9mm thick. You might have found this out to your peril when a heavy bag has spilled its contents all over the kitchen floor.

    Opt for plastic that is high-density and at least 2mm thick. This will offer greater protection from the elements, particularly when traveling at speed.

    How To Cover A Broken Car Window: Temporary Solutions

    How to temporarily fix a broken window for cars and trucks.

    Whether your window has chipped, smashed, or has a failing mechanism that won’t allow it to close, you are going to want to cover it until such time that a repair is undertaken.

    Knowing how to cover a broken car window can provide a temporary barrier that helps helps to keep you motoring within the law.

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    How To Temporarily Cover A Broken Car Window

    If the situation calls for an immediate covering, a heavy-duty trash bag can be used in a pinch. This is most applicable for smaller windows such as a damaged rear passenger or driver-side window. To cover a broken window with a trash bag:

  • Repeat the clean and prep work previously described to get the window ready.
  • Next, stretch a heavy-duty trash bag on the inside of the window opening and tape along the frame with packing tape. You may need an assistant to hold the trash bag taut while you tape it.
  • Finally, repeat the same step on the outside of the vehicle with an additional trash bag to seal the exposed window opening.
  • This is intended only as an immediate covering until a more proper covering can be applied or the window replaced. The vehicle should not be driven in the meantime, as the trash bag will obstruct vision.

    While none of these options are meant to be permanent fixes, they will help protect the interior of your vehicle until a professional repair can be made. Transparent temporary repairs on the rear and side windows may allow for some limited driving, but operation should be avoided with windshield damage or trash bag coverings.

    Temporary Fixes For A Broken Car Window:

    There are several options for a broken car window temporary fix, but the most practical choices are a plastic bag, a plastic sheet, or clear packing tape. You just need a temporary car window cover that will be transparent and weather-proof, and plastic is perfect for this. If you chose something like cardboard, then it would start to disintegrate in the rain and would hinder your vision which is dangerous when youre driving.

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    Reasons To Cover A Broken Car Window

    Skip to the good stuff:

  • Final Thoughts
  • Obviously, in a best-case scenario, you can fix the broken window right away but this isnt always realistic whether you are lacking in time or money. That said, you want to make sure you do something. Why? So you can:

    • Keep the people in and outside the car safe. You dont want loose glass coming into the car or flying off while driving.
    • Keep out the weather and other elements. You dont want rain, sleet, or hail coming in. You also want to keep out dust and other small objects that can hurt passengers or simply make your interior dirty.
    • It can be a deterrent to break-ins. While it is certainly not going to stop a break-in, it may at least be trouble enough to deter someone from simply reaching through a broken window.

    Covering A Broken Car Window Thats Barely Holding Together

    How to Cover a Broken Car Window Until It Can Be Properly ...

    This rarely happens, but it is possible. Sometimes, your window will break without shattering, and youll wind up with a missing chunk on an otherwise whole piece of glass. That will save you a whole lot of work, but only if you take certain precautions. You should still have it fixed, but you shouldnt drive with a hole in the window until then.

    So, what you want to do is roll the window upand never lower it again until its replaced. Given that it has suffered damage, theres a chance that lowering it again may make it fall apart. Once you have the window firmly in place, you should cover it by using any of the above-mentioned methods, save for cardboard, of course.

    You could drive around with a patched-together window, but keep in mind that it will draw attention. A police officer may pull you over. Besides, the next time you park it, someone shady may decide to finish the job and see whats inside.

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    Clean Around The Car Window

    Vehicles pick up dust fast when driven, and since we are going to use packing tape to cover the window, dust particles must be wiped away or else the tape wonât stick and it will start peeling off later. To ensure that you have removed all dust, just use a wet cloth to wipe out all the areas that will require taping.

    • Remove Dust Particles
    • Use Wet Clothe to Wipe Down
    • Let Dry

    How Do You Cover A Broken Car Window With Plastic

    My car was broken into a few days ago and my window was shattered. Luckily they didn’t take anything of value, but I can’t afford a new window at the moment. I need to tape it upâI’ve just never had to do this before and I’m not sure how to do it safely. How do I cover the broken window with plastic?

    temporaryheavy-duty plastic and waterproof tapeJust be careful not to touch any broken glass, and use gloves while taping it up.A plastic window covering does not protect you from flying debris and is illegal in most states.notfree

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