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How To Cover Car Windows For Privacy

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Installing Blinds Or Curtains

How to Make Car Window Privacy Covers | Cheap and Easy DIY

Vinyl or vertical metal blinds are perfect for covering garage windows. Theyre tough, look nice, and are extremely private and light-controlling.

  • Aluminum Blinds Aluminum blinds are a great way to add some privacy and durability to space. Aluminum slats or panels of these blinds are highly durable, easy to clean, and do not attract a lot of dust. After they are installed, you wont have to worry about anything else. For easy operation, you can choose the cordless option!
  • Vertical Blinds Your garage space will look clean and minimalist with vertical blinds. To achieve any effect in your space, you have a variety of options, designs, and styles to choose from. The contemporary design of this window gives you total control over the amount of light you want to let in. Choose a cordless option to simplify your life!

How To Install Vinyl Blinds Watch the video for instructions

Additional Benefits Of One Way Window Privacy Film

Besides providing a high level of daytime privacy, one way film for windows offers several other benefits for you and your home:

  • The high level of reflectivity possessed by these types of films makes them great for heat reduction and UV blocking. One way vision window film blocks out 99% of the suns harmful UV rays that cause sunburns on our skin and fading on things like furniture and upholstery placed near windows.
  • Additionally, these types of privacy films are very effective at blocking out glare. This makes them an ideal treatment for windows in home offices or entertainment rooms where you want to be able to read, work on a computer, or focus on a television screen without the need to squint your eyes or close drapes and blinds. You can keep your daytime views and even let some natural light in without straining your eyes.

Buying Guide For Best Windshield Covers

Cold temperatures make it hard to find the motivation to run out the door first thing in the morning. Add scraping your windshield to the list, and it becomes that much harder to make it to the car. Frozen fingers, snow in your face, and reaching every last corner are too much when its already freezing outside. The answer: a good windshield cover.

Windshield covers eliminate the need for scraping and give you a full field of view as soon as you hit the road. But some are more effective and easier to use than others, and price differences often reflect the quality of the materials and construction used to make the cover.

Our shopping guide will walk you through the considerations youll need to make. If youre ready to buy, check out our recommended windshield covers.

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What Is Privacy Tint

At We Tint Windows, we offer a special tinting service called privacy tint. This is as close as you will get to the look and feel of factory-produced privacy glass.

If youre concerned about sunlight affecting your skin , we also offer a UV clear tint option.

Our privacy tint will perfectly match the shade of your new cars privacy glass. For example, if privacy glass was only used on your rear windows, we can match it with a privacy tint on your front windows.

Slightly Unscrew The Window Frame Corner Screws And Wrap Wire Taut Between Them Before Tightening The Screws Back Down As Shown Here On Brettgabawordpresscom

Car Cover Auto Vehicle Sunshade Screen Windshield UV Protector Black ...

* Tip – using plastic coated picture hanging wire* will allow the curtains to slide more readily.

Unfortunately, using the existing screws from the top corners of the window frame will not work well if you have angular-shaped windows, as your curtains may not hang to cover all the glass. See diagram below.

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How Does One Way Mirror Window Film Work

One way window privacy film is manufactured by sandwiching an ultra-thin layer of reflective metal between an adhesive bottom layer and a protective top layer.

The one way mirror effect created by these types of privacy films occurs when sunlight reflects off of the windows they are applied to. The darker and more reflective the films are, and the more outside light there is, the stronger the one way mirror effect is.

Keep in mind that this means these types of films do not provide nighttime privacy when it is darker outside than inside. The one way mirror effect essentially gets reversed when the light outside disappears and lights get turned on inside.

The effectiveness is also limited when these types of films are applied to windows that face north or are shaded because of buildings, trees, or other obstacles. One way glass film must receive direct exterior light in order to function effectively.

Why Should Cover Car Windows

No one can be comfortable while others are peeping and looking inside the car windows. It can be disturbing and annoying at times, and several other reasons to have privacy for your car windows. Here are a few popular reasons to establish window privacy in your car.

  • You will need privacy in your car to breastfeed your child because it can be uncomfortable to do without any privacy.
  • Deliver better protection from the sun heat and keep your vehicle insulated.
  • Take a rest or get some slumber on long journeys wherever you can stop.

These are the most prevalent instances to use some form of car privacy. Aside from these, people may require particular needs. So, having privacy for your car window is beneficial.

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What Are Your Options For Nighttime Privacy With Window Film

Okay so now that we have that out of the way, what do you do if you are looking for a solution to both day and night privacy? That’s the million-dollar question.

Just like a lot of other things in life, sometimes you just have to compromise! While there isn’t a specific window film on the market that provides both day and night privacy while being able to see out, you do have options. There are other types of window films that are available on the market that do provide privacy and offer a ton of great benefits. This includes decorative window film and opaque window film…and don’t worry, we will tell you all about both of them!

Ways To Increase Window Privacy In Your Garage Affordably

Vlog | SUV Car Updates | How To Live In Your Car or Van: Window Covers Privacy Tips
If you have a window in your garage, you know how nice it is to have natural light and a good view. However, the common problem becomes if you can see out, someone else can look in. This is something that most people do not want. So how can this be avoided?

Well, lets go over some of the best ways to handle your garage door privacy for a window.

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What Other Benefits Are There

In the summer, our window covering films help to reduce glare and heat gain inside buildings, placing less demand on air conditioning units, which minimizes energy usage and consequential CO2 emissions. In the winter they help with heat retention. The overall effect is a more comfortable working and living environment which is better for the planet.

Discover Affordable Garage Building Prices In Chicago

As the Windy Citys leading garage contracting company, we ensure all of our client projects are completed to the highest standards at an affordable price. Adding a garage onto your home not only provides you with additional storage, but also adds value to your property.

After selecting the perfect garage style that fits your needs, were happy to provide you with some of our window options or let you select your own from Home Depot. We will install them for you. To view some of our previous projects or schedule a consultation, please call us at 583-8800.

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How Can I Cover My Car Windows For Privacy

Assume you are in your car, attempting to relax for a bit inside while parked. But passers-by are looking in through the windows and looking inside your auto. It is annoying you can avoid this by covering your car windows for added privacy.

But, confusing how to get started? So, here you know how to conceal your automobile windows for privacy. You will get protection from a peeping passer-by or the sun rays by utilizing it, and rest when you are on a long journey.


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  • Option #: Fabric Sunshades

    Hot sale 2Pcs Car Window Side Sun Shade Cover Block Screen car window ...

    For the folks looking for more budget-friendly options, there are a plethora of products that are fabric-based and can help to shield out the majority of the sunshine. While a small amount of light can still sneak through, these shades are twenty bucks or less for two window treatments.

    ShadeSox makes a Universal Car Side Window Shade that slides right over the rear side doors. This provides two layers of sun-shielding one on the interior and one on the exterior sides of each window. Best of all, the windows can still open and close. This allows for a breeze, without the worry of too much sunshine or bugs sneaking in!

    The only caveat is that this product is made with 40D Nylon which is an absorbent material. Thus, if rain is in the forecast, this solution may be a little less than ideal.

    Conversely, ZATOOTO offers magnetic front and rear side window shades! Installation takes seconds and everything remains inside the vehicle so you will be covered, rain or shine. These can also be easily removed and stored for later use. Again, as this is a fabric product, some light can still sneak through, especially since the edges of the fabric are not secured.

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    How To Cover Car Windows For Sleeping

    Every parent is familiar with the tedious struggle of getting their child to fall asleep. Keeping to a schedule and having a dark, calming environment for your baby to slumber are usually the best techniques for success. However, circumstances like travel can be a big hindrance to that ever so necessary routine, and unfortunately, there is no light switch to the sun.

    According to experts, Light is the most important external factor affecting readiness for sleep. For those who are looking to cover their car windows for sleeping purposes, here are the top hacks to help you achieve a dark environment.

    The best method of covering car windows for sleeping is to utilize a combination of ShadeSoxs Universal slip-on shades and a custom cutout of blackout window film. This allows users to achieve 100% blockage of the suns rays while simultaneously being able to crack open the windows unbeknownst to anyone else.

    Depending on the number of windows you hope to cover and your method of shielding the light, expect to spend at least $50 on this enterprise.

    You can also create your own cover for car windows for sleeping that is more budget-friendly.

    Whether it be a budget camping trip, a long-distance vacation or you just want an optimal sleeping space for when your baby dozes off while on the road, it is a simple process to make your own custom car privacy window covers!

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    Film Frost Or Special Glass

    There are a lot of ways to avoid someone peeking in your garage window. One affordable option is mirror window film. This can be found at most local stores, and it is normally used for RV windows. It is a dark grey in color and it is easy to see out but not in. You can only see in at night if a light is on. It is easy to apply, remove and reapply. You could also choose to frost the windows with a spray can or other types of good window privacy films. This will work just as well. You can buy an obscure glass to put on as well, but there is still an ability to see if there is a car parked inside. There is an opaque film you can get that allows you to view out without others being able to see in.

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    Cheapest Garage Door Window-Privacy Option?

    You could always place a wax paper on your window taping it into place. You can lift the paper to see out, and no one can see in. This would be the most affordable option for a quick fix. Wax paper is cheap to buy and the tape is even cheaper. The downfall to this is not being able to look out without removing the tape, but if you are in a bind it works well and lasts.

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    Best Window Film For Day And Night Privacy

    Today’s blog topic is on a REALLY popular topic of conversation both in and out of the window film world: figuring out the best window film for day and night privacy in either your home or office space. Having privacy in any aspect of your life is important first and foremost for feeling safe as well as feeling comfortable. Nobody wants people walking by to be able to see what they are doing and what they have in their home. That’s dangerous and not to mention creepy.

    With that being said, homeowners and business owners turn to the internet to try and find a way to increase privacy during both the day and the night. If you research this topic, you are bound to find the typical solutions, like blinds and shades. However, these typical solutions are becoming less and less popular, because they make a space dark and uninviting. Not to mention, you lose any ability to see out of the window if you go with these options.

    Window film is also going to show up if you research this topic. People read about reflective window film, decorative window film, and solar film, as potential solutions to this privacy issue. Since window film does come up if nighttime privacy is searched, Solar Art gets a lot of questions about window film that prevents people from seeing through from the outside/prevents people from looking inside. While reflective window film enhances home privacy during the day, its reflective features dont provide much privacy at night.

  • Other options to increase privacy
  • It May Increase Your Insurance Rates

    How to Make Window Covers for Stealth Car Camping

    There are a number of seemingly benign factors that can have an impact on your insurance rates. In fact, many insurers will even increase your rates based on the color of your car. Not surprisingly, window tint that is too dark can also increase your insurance rates since many providers see it as a hindrance to your driving ability. Thus, avoiding tint that is too dark can actually help you save money on your auto insurance.

    As you can see, while dark window tint may provide the aesthetic appeal you want, it can also hinder your ability to drive, draw more attention from law enforcement, increase your insurance rates, and even land you an expensive fine if youre in an area where dark tint is prohibited.

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    Enhance Your Privacy With Garage Window Covers

    Theres no doubt a garage gives your vehicle and personal belongings a higher sense of security from the elements and those passing by. With windows that peak into your garage, it doesnt hurt to level up the privacy of this storage space with some window coverings.

    Weve gathered a few tips below to help make your garage feel more secure:

    Even though window coverings can significantly help your garage get more privacy, we strongly recommend that you lock and secure all windows and doors to this space as well. Not only does this protect your belongings inside, but it can also further protect your home if you have an attached garage.

    Why Choose Contra Vision For Your Privacy Glass Film

    Contra Vision is an industry leader in one-way window films across the US, UK, Europe and Australia. As pioneers, we developed a range of one-way privacy window films which built on our unrivalled expertise in one-way vision and one-way window film technologies.

    Our One-way privacy window films ensure strong privacy from the outside whilst maintaining a clear view out from inside.

    Our products are supplied in roll format for our trade customers which include professional window film installers, building contractors and distributors. We also offer the products online to DIY customers, in ready to install sheet sizes for privacy in the home or in the workplace. Our products are easy to apply and offer excellent one-way or two-way privacy options.

    Have a question? Let our customer service team take care of you! You can contact us HERE.

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    It Can Impede Your Vision

    Although tinted windows can definitely protect your eyes from the sun, it can also impede your vision on very cloudy or rainy days, and seeing outside through heavily-tinted windows is very difficult. This means that you may miss an odd car without its headlights on, an animal running out into the road, or even a child or other pedestrian crossing to your left or right. For these reasons, be sure to consider the darkness of your tint and whether youll be able to see well during cloudy days and at night.

    How Is Privacy Glass Different

    2 Pcs/Set Car Window Cover Sun Shade Sided Auto Curtain Anti UV Drape ...

    Privacy glass is found on the rear or sides of a vehicle. Its made in a similar tempered process however, the auto glass is infused with a dye or pigment that simply darkens the window. It basically provides a tint that helps to block light and makes it more difficult for people to see into the vehicle. Hence the name privacy glass.

    The factory tint or tinted glass is physically no different than a standard tempered automotive glass. In fact, if you were to remove the darkened pigment from the manufacturing process, the two windows would provide the same attributes.

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