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How To Diagnose A Dead Car Battery

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Dead Battery? Voltage Spikes? How to Diagnose a Car / Truck Alternator

If your engine cranks or turns over when you turn the key, but it won’t start, I say the most likely culprit is your battery. It might be your starter, it might be something else, but 94% of the time, it’s really your battery, even if the car is cranking fairly vigorously. Even if an ammeter says the battery is good, it can still be a few volts shy of what your vehicle needs to run efficiently.

When you find yourself with a car that won’t crank hard enough to start, you’ll want to use jumper cables or a jump-starter box to get it running again.

Once your car is running again, disconnect the cable, then let your engine run for 30 minutes so that your alternator can charge up your battery again.

After that half-hour, when you are stopped at home or in a safe place, do a little test. After you turn the engine off, wait at least a minute, then start it again. Wait another minute and start it another time or two to make sure that you won’t be stranded at the gas station or wherever you go next.

Note: At this point, most batteries will have charged themselves up from the running of the alternator and be fine for a day or two. Do not take that time for granted. Use it to hunt down a new battery and replace the old one before you end up stuck in the middle of nowhere.

A Open Circuit Battery Voltage Test

This is a simple procedure to help you understand the state of charge of your car’s battery. However, this test doesn’t tell you whether your battery is in good shape internally, but it’s a good test to start your diagnostics.

You’ll need a digital multimeter for this test.

  • If you have just driven your vehicle or charged your battery, you need to remove the surface charge from the battery as described in step two otherwise, go to step 3. This surface charge quickly dissipates when you operate an electrical circuit. Eliminating the surface charge leaves you with the actual charge in your battery.
  • To remove the surface charge, just turn on the high beams for one minute. Turn off the headlights and wait for a couple of minutes before continuing with the next steps.
  • Make sure all electrical circuits or off shut the doors and loosen the under-hood light bulb, if necessary, to turn it off. The engine should be off as well.
  • Set your meter to DC Volts and select auto-range, if available, or select a low setting like 20 Volts in the DC volts scale.
  • Connect your DMM’s red lead to the positive post on your battery, and your DMM’s black lead to the negative post on your battery.
  • Compare your voltmeter’s reading with the following table. If necessary, slow charge your battery or have it checked at your local auto parts store.
  • Does The Starter Motor Sound Labored Or Slow

    If youve owned your car for any amount of time, youre probably pretty familiar with the sound it makes when you turn the key. Thats the sound of the starter motor engaging with the engine via a toothed flexplate or flywheel and physically rotating it. Any change in that sound indicates a problem, and the type of change can help point you toward a diagnosis.

    When the cranking sound your car makes seems labored or slow, that indicates either a problem with the battery or the starter. The most common cause is that the level of charge in the battery is insufficient to properly operate the starter. The starter motor may be able to turn the engine over, but not well enough for the engine to actually start up and run on its own.

    In some cases, its also possible for a starter motor to fail in a such a way that it still works, but it attempts to draw more amperage than the battery is capable of providing. This will also result in a situation where the starter motor sounds labored or slow and the engine fails to start.

    If the battery voltage is normal, the battery tests fine with a hydrometer or load tester, and all of the battery and starter connections are clean and tight, then you may suspect a bad starter. Prior to actually replacing the starter, your mechanic may use an ammeter to verify that the starter motor is drawing too much amperage.

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    How To Tell If Your Car Battery Is Dead

    But it didnt give any sign Yeah right.Weve all been there at least once, youve taken your position behind thewheel, ready to go, but the vehicle just wont start.

    While gasoline supplies the energy that powers your car, the battery provides the spark of life that get the engine rolling. Without that initial spark, your vehicle isnt going anywhere. If your vehicle wont start, the most likely cause is a dead battery.

    So how do you tell if your battery is dead? Are there any warning signs? How can you tell if the problem is from your alternator? Its tough to determine if youre dealing with a parasitic drain, a bad alternator, or battery problem. Heres how to fish out the culprit.

    If The Car Stops Running:

    Car Battery Keeps Dying But Tests Good / Ultimate Car Battery Guide How ...

    a) Your headlights are dimming after some time when the car is idling If you notice that your headlights just arent as bright as they used to be then you probably have a dying battery with a weak cell.

    b) You notice an unusual smell of burning coming from under the hood if you smell something out of the ordinary it might be one of your battery cells shorting out which will produce this smell of burning.

    c) Your vehicle wont start even though you have turned the key numerous times and the lights come on as usual this is often a sign that there is not enough electrical energy to crank your engine or power your starter motor.

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    Signs Your Battery Is About To Die

    Your car battery is responsible for powering your car’s computer, ignition system, lights, radio and more, so it’s important to monitor its condition to avoid getting caught out.A recent study showed that more than 1 in 10 car batteries need replacing.* Problems can happen almost without warning, however, there are a few key signs to look out for when checking if a car battery is dead.

    How Can I Start My Car With A Dead Battery

    Both automobiles ignitions should be turned off. Clamp one end of the positive cable to the positive clamp on the dead battery. Now have a helper attach the other end of that line to the positive clamp on the second battery. Next, connect the negative cable to the good batterys negative connector.

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    How Can A Car Battery Be Dead In The Morning And Fine Later

    The common scenario here is that your battery seems dead, but your car starts fine after jump starting or charging the battery. Your car may start fine all day, or even for several days, and then it suddenly fails to start again, usually after it has been parked overnight.

    This type of problem may indicate a bad battery, but the underlying problem probably has nothing to do with the battery. In most cases, youll find that your electrical system has a parasitic draw that slowly drains your battery down to nothing. If the draw is small enough, youll only notice the effect after the car has been parked for an extended period of time.

    Other issues, like corroded or loose battery terminals and cables, can also cause this type of problem. In any case, the fix is to get rid of the parasitic draw, clean and tighten the battery connections, and then fully charge the battery.

    Cold weather can also cause this type of problem because excessively low temperatures reduce the ability of a lead-acid battery to store and deliver power. If you run into a situation where your car needs a jump start after being parked outside overnight, but its fine after being left in a parking garage all day while you work, then this is probably what youre dealing with.

    What Is The Normal Charge For A Healthybattery

    Car Electrical Systems Explained – How To Diagnose A Failing Alternator vs. A Failing Battery

    Afully charged healthy battery should read 12.5V or higher. When the engine isrunning, however, you should get a reading between 13.6V to 14.8V. In theabsence of a multimeter, you can perform a simple test of your electricalsystem by starting the vehicle with the headlights on. Rev the engine andnotice if theres any significant difference in the brightness.

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    Clicking When You Turn The Key

    Ignition clicks are usually an indication of one of three things: a bad starter, a bad alternator or, more typically, a bad battery. Your battery creates a charge for the starter, which uses its energy to crank the engine. When not enough energy is available, there will either be a clicking sound when you turn the key, or the engine will be very slow to crank .

    What Causes A Dead Car Battery

    A dead car battery can come about because of a lot of different reasons, such as:

    • An electrical component stayed on when the engine was off
    • The car hasnt been used driven for a long time
    • The vehicles alternator isnt charging the battery
    • Corroded terminals reduce the charge the battery can receive
    • Low temperatures during cold weather might have frozen the battery
    • Very high temperatures in hot weathermight haveweakened the battery

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Dead Cell In Car Battery

    What Are The Symptoms Of Dead Cell In Car Battery

    If your car battery has dead cells, the car engine will crank slowly and you will notice the dashboard light going to dim.

    A 12-Volt car battery has six cells, and these cells produce voltage and amperage to start your car engine.

    If the car batterys cells are dead, your car battery will not provide sufficient amperage or voltage to your car. Car battery cell failure is the most common type of battery failure.

    Here are some symptoms of dead cells in car battery :

  • Car Engine Cranking Slowly
  • Measure The Battery Voltage

    Common Car Battery Issues That Cause Starting Problems

    The first thing to do is measure the voltage of the battery. It is important to note that the voltage of the battery cant tell us for sure if the battery is good or bad, but it can tell us if the battery is low on voltage or not. Ultimately we will need more information than just the battery voltage to tell us if the battery is bad. You will need to know the batterys ability to deliver amperage to the starter motor. That being said, voltage can be a good start for diagnosing!

    A fully charged car battery will have a voltage of 12.6 volts when the car is off. A completely dead battery will have a voltage of 12.0 volts or below. A car battery voltage should be between 13.7 and 14.7 volts when the car is running, indicating that alternator is charging the battery and it can sustain the voltage.

    The following table gives some approximate voltages associated with various charge levels.

    Charge Level
    0% < 12.0 volts

    Make sure the car is off, then go ahead and pop the hood. Take your voltmeter and put it on the DC voltage setting . Press the negative probe to the negative post of the battery and the positive probe to the positive battery post.

    In this case, the car wont start, and the battery is reading an slightly low voltage of 12.31 v, which corresponds to a battery at about 50% charge. It is possible that there is a problem with the battery connections.

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    Steps Of Charging A Car Battery

    If you find yourself suddenly stranded with a dead car battery, your best bet is to jump-start it using another car’s battery. Luckily, if you can locate some jumper cables and a willing Good Samaritan, charging a car battery is relatively simple. Here are some simple steps and tips for properly charging your vehicle’s battery.

    How To Fix A Dead Cell In A Car Battery

    How to Fix a Dead Cell in a Car Battery

    Epsom salt and distilled water are the necessary components to fix a dead cell in a car battery. And you also keep in mind that you are working around the battery, so you have to wear protective eye goggles.

    Issues with a car battery cell can happen for several reasons. You could even buy a dead cell battery if you arent aware of battery cells and battery quality. Before Buying any battery, you should get the proper knowledge of automobile batteries.

    Fortunately, car battery cells can be fixable or reconditioned. You can fix the dead car battery at home with some tools and some requirements. If you recondition your car battery or fix the dead cells in a car battery, it can add a few more years to the life timeline.

    Steps to take for reconditioning your car battery:

  • Mix Epsom Salt With Boiled Distilled Water
  • Clean The Car Battery
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    What To Do When Your Car Battery Is Dead

    Ellie Dyer-Brown,1 year ago

    5 min read

    If your car battery has died, then jump starting a battery is always the fastest option for getting your car running again. However, youll need another car and person to help as the job requires linking two cars with jump leads.

    If you have a friend or family member you can call to help, give that a try if you know what you are doing. If no one is available to help, you can use WhoCanFixMyCar to find quotes from mechanics in your area to fit a new battery for you.

    Guide Contents:

    Dead Car Battery Symptoms Causes And How To Jump Start

    How to Diagnose A Parasitic Draw With Simple Tests. (Car Battery Dies Overnight)

    Every car needs a healthy 12 volt battery for normal operation of the vehicle. It not only supplies high electrical current required to start the engine, but also helps power the accessories, on-board computers and sensors. So, what happens when this battery becomes too weak?

    The most common symptoms of dead car battery are slow engine crank, no start, dim lights, flickering dashboard lights and clicking noises when trying to start the engine. The most common causes of dead battery are internal degradation of the battery due to old age, and bad alternator but can also be caused by parasitic draw, and if the vehicle has been parked for a long time.

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    Dim Or Failed Headlights

    Headlights in cars also require power. Whenever a battery is low in power, it will not be enough to power the headlights hence you get dim or no light at all.

    A battery that cant power the headlights will also not be able to start the engine. If the engine cannot start, and you try turning on the headlights and notice this, then know your battery is dead.

    How To Fix A Dead Car Battery In 6 Steps

    Do you have a dying or dead car battery? Here is how to fix a dead car battery. Learn more on how to maintain your car battery for a longer lifespan.

    Do you have a dying or dead car battery? Here is how to fix a dead car battery. Learn more on how to maintain your car battery for a longer lifespan.

    Ever had a dead car battery issue? If you are a car owner, this is a problem you must have come across.

    Although cars are designed to constantly charge their batteries for continuous power, some instances can be different. Whenever you have a dead car battery, the situation can be disappointing since it can get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. In some cases, it can be completely dead, and in others, just weak.

    However, in both cases, unless you know how to make a fix, you will be stranded. Here are ways to fix a dead car battery.

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    Clicking Sound When You Turn The Key

    When you turn your key in the ignition, your car battery sends a current to an electrical component, called the starter solenoid, to get things going. A failing battery will have difficulty performing this function and the electrical current sent to the starter will be weaker. When the starter receives reduced or insufficient power from the battery, it often makes the clicking noise youre hearing.

    Pro-Tip: Remember, jumpstarting can bring a dead battery back to life temporarily, but it isnt a long-term fix. Make sure you understand how to jumpstart your vehicle if youre stuck somewhere with a dead battery, but dont plan on relying on this for long!

    Is Your Cars Battery Dead

    Dead Car Battery: Signs to Know Your Car Battery is Faulty

    Car batteries can die for many reasons. Often, its a matter of the battery being old. Most have a life of 2-5 years, for example. Lights being left on is another common cause. Overnight, a dome light can drain the battery and cause the car not to start. Finally, extreme weather can also be a cause, as excessive heat or cold can drain the battery.

    Think your battery might be dead or undercharged? These are a few of the most common dead battery symptoms:

    Can it still be a dead battery if the lights turn on? Even if your lights, radio or accessories turn on, your battery may still be dead or undercharged. These components require a lot less power than the starter. Therefore, your battery may have enough ability to turn the radio/lights on, but not enough to turn on the starter.

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