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How To Rent A Car In Italy

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When Driving In Italy There A Few Key Things To Remember:

HOW TO RENT A CAR IN ITALY! Positano Vlog {Renting a car in Italy & our first trip to Positano}
  • You cannot make a right turn on a red light, even if you have stopped and traffic is clear.
  • In certain cities, street names are engraved on the sides of buildings rather than on road signs.
  • When parking in a lot or on the street, most areas require you to pay for a ticket from a parking meter. Place it in a visible spot on your dashboard to avoid parking tickets.
  • Be sure to ask a branch employee what type of fuel your vehicle requires. Diesel fuel is more common in Italy than it is in the US.

What Not To Miss While Driving In Italy

Situated in southern Europe, at the heart of the Mediterranean basin, Italy is a country rich in culture, majestic landscapes and fresh produce. Marvel at the Renaissance architecture in Florence and Venice, and walk through Romes living museum of ancient ruins, frescoes and ecclesiastical wonders. Outside of the cities, you can get lost in the impressive beauty of the Alps, or soak up the romance of chic coastal towns like Manarola in Cinque Terra and Sorrento.

We are proud to be European leaders in car rental. To find out more about the Europcar car hire experience, be sure to visit our car rental page!

What Do You Need To Rent A Car In Italy

To rent a car in Italy you need a standard drivers license. If your license is not in English or Italian, have a translation just in case. You also should be prepared to hand over your passport. You are supposed to have an International Drivers Permit, which can be obtained in your home country. For Americans, this is very easy to get at AAA for $20.

We have never been asked to provide proof of our IDP from the rental car agency, but if you get pulled over they may ask you for it. If you dont have one and catch the Polizia on a bad day you could end up with a hefty fine. If you are pulled over you may be required to pay the fine on the spot, so its best to have cash in hand.

The driving age in Italy is 18, but many car rental companies will require you to be 21. If you are under 25 you may face additional charges. Its best to make sure to read all the fine print of your booking before you get to Italy.

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Insider Tips About Car Rental Insurance In Italy

Choosing the right car rental insurance in Italy is an important decision and for good reason. Who wants to get stuck footing an enormous repair bill or being held liable for damages to another vehicle? An unfortunate accident can certainly put a damper on any vacation, but travelers can empower and protect themselves with the knowledge they need to make a well-informed purchase. There are plenty of options out there that can help you or your clients drive abroad without worry and a bit of insider knowledge can help save some cash, as well as headaches, too.

Here are 3 insider tips about car rental insurance in Italy:

1. Mandatory insurances are usually cheaper when included in a pre-paid rate

Everyone knows that, unlike in many other European countries, basic CDW car rental insurance is mandatory in Italy. That is, you are legally required to have this coverage while driving a rental car in Italy, and the rental companies wont let their car off the lot until they are sure youre covered. The best way to cover all of your bases is to purchase the basic insurance coverage through the company you are renting from, but how can you be sure that youre getting a good deal?

2. Not everything is covered under CDW and theft insurance

3. Chances are, your credit card coverage does not include rentals in Italy

Popular Airport And Rail Stations To Pick

Car rental in Florence, Italy. Tips and tricks

Auto Europe offers the best rates on rental cars at every major transportation station and office location in Italy. Compare rates between different pick-up and drop-off locations to find the ideal itinerary for your trip. Here are our most popular pick-up and drop-off locations at Italy’s major airports and rail stations.

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Car Rental In Italy: Find Cheap Italy Car Rentals

Price is obviously a big factor when searching for a rental car in Italy. Despite what you may imagine, car rentals in Italy are not all that expensive.

This seems to be a common misconception that a lot of people have. In reality, you can definitely hire a car here for a lower or equivalent cost to most countries in Europe.

Consider Your Collection Point

One thing that can dramatically impact the amount that you pay for your Italian rental car is where you collect it from. If you arrange to collect your car in big cities such as Bologna, Milan, Florence, or Naples, it is substantially cheaper than collecting it in smaller towns and airports .

This is not a marginal price difference. We are talking $300 for 2 weeks versus $300 for 4 days. As such, you should be sure to take this into consideration.

Driving On The Autostrade Italian Highways

I think this is where visitors are most afraid of driving in Italy apart from driving in the central zones of the big cities.

The key to driving on the Autostrade is to stay calm and in your lane. Yes cars will be zipping past you at alarming speeds but there is no need to join in.

Just stay in your lane and move to the right well before your exit.

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Where To Pick Up Your Rental Car In Italy

If youre flying straight into Italy on a direct flight rather than crossing in from a neighboring country it may be easiest to grab your car at the airport.

Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa have good rental car facilities, with all the main companies represented. This is by far the best place to pick up your vehicle because it saves you the time and expense of having to get into the city center without your own transport . Even if there is an airport surcharge from the rental agency, it can still be worth it to rent from there.

That being said city center offices are also a good option if you want to explore Italy on a self-drive vacation.

Mistake #: Completely Writing Off Renting A Car In Italy

Renting a car in Italy! – Backpacking Europe 004

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning their trips is completely writing off renting a car in Italy. This is a HUGE MISTAKE when because renting a car in Italy will provide you with so much freedom and planning an Italy Road Tripis a wonderful way to see the country. If you are reading this and you are on the fence about an Italy car rental, we highly recommend reconsidering!

We personally love renting a car as often as possible! From Iceland and Peru to Alaska and Ireland, we have rented cars all around the world and love the freedom they provide. We have often used public transport in Italy and while it is great, you still must stick to a schedule and the busses and trains only take you so far. We are photographers and hikers and love getting deep into the landscape and renting a car in Italy allows us to do just that. There are so many things to do in Italythat are better with a car than the train!

For example, when we rented a car in Trentino in the Italian Alps/Dolomites, we spent 5-6 hours a day driving up to the tip-top of the mountains, seeing quaint villages, driving past cliff-side vineyards, finding random castle ruins and more. When we rented a car in Milan, we drove down the coast and spent days exploring small Italian seaside villages. Although there are indeed trains and buses that go to these places, a car provides us with way more freedom and it is a really fantastic way to see Italy if you are up for it.

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Sixt Services In Italy

With SIXT, booking a car rental in Italy is easier than ever before. There are numerous car rental categories for you to choose from, including compact cars, sedans, minivans, SUVs and luxury and exotic models. You can easily customize your reservation to fit your needs by selecting bookable add-ons, like GPS, an additional driver, or car seats for children. Different flexible rental periods are available depending on how long you need a vehicle, including for one day, weekly, and monthly.

Mistake #: Forgoing Insurance On Your Italy Car Rental

Okay, we will be the first to fess up that in the past we didnt normally get car insurance. This is a HUGE MISTAKE, especially when renting a car in Italy with narrow roads and crowded highways. The fact is that sometimes things happen OR sometimes car rental companies try and screw you over by pretending like you made a mark on the car when you really did not. Either way, protecting yourself when renting a car in Italy is essential.

There are two main ways to do this. First and our favorite way and the one we recommend is putting the car rental on a travel credit card with insurance. IMPORTANT!!!!!! Please keep in mind that MANY credit cards DO NOT COVER car insurance in Italy. These are the 5 Credit Cards We Travel Withbut we recommend the Chase Sapphire Reservewhen renting a car in Italy. As long as you put your Italy car rental on Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you will be covered for collision and theft when driving in Italy up to $75,000. This means if you crack your windshield or get in a fender bender you are covered. All you must do is put the car on your Chase Sapphire Reserve and decline car rental coverage offered through the agency.

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What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need

All of our Italian car rental rates include collision damage waiver , theft protection, fire insurance and third-party liability. Drivers may also want to consider purchasing personal accident insurance as well as personal effects insurance. You can find more information on our Italy car rental insurance page.

Driving To The Cinque Terre And Between The Villages

7 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Renting a Car in Italy

If you want to include the villages of the Cinque Terre in your Italian road trip be aware that there isnt a lot of parking. These are tiny villages and the roads are rough, narrow and designed for local traffic only. Expect to pay 25+ for parking.

The best way to see the villages is to park your car at one of the nearby towns such as La Spezia or Levanto and catch the local train or ferries to the Cinque Terre villages.

In La Spezia there is a secure car park under the station and another close to the harbour if you are taking the ferry. You will find a large parking area behind the train station at Levanto.

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Autostrade Or Highway Tolls

Expect to pay tolls when using the autostrade or highways. You can either pay by cash or credit card into a machine or at an attended booth. Telepasses are connected to Italian bank accounts so cannot be used by visitors.

Tip International debit cards are not accepted at some of the toll booths so make sure you have an alternative payment method.

Estimate your toll costs by putting your destination into this toll calculator. Where possible pay your tolls in cash to avoid additional card charges.

Tolls in the north of Italy are significantly more frequent and expensive than those in the south. We only encountered a few toll stations in Sicily and Calabria.

Make sure you get in lane early for the toll booth if you want to speak to a person, not a machine.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

An International Driving Permit is required for residents of the US, Canada, Australia and anyone from outside the EU and Schengen Zone. While it may not be required when renting the car, it would be needed in the case of an accident. By not having one, you can risk being hit by a huge fine.

You can obtain the permit from your local automobile association. A small fee will be payable. You must be aged at least 18 and have held your standard drivers licence for a year or more. In the US, for example, you can get your permit via the AAA website.

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Hire A Car Online In Italy

The times that we had to arrange everything on arrival at the airport are fortunately over. Today you can book your rental car in Italy with a few simple clicks. And of course its more economical for your wallet if you book in advance. I can really recommend RentCars if youre looking for the cheapest prices. The minimum age to rent a car in Italy is eighteen, but some companies only rent a car to drivers who are at least 21 years old. In addition, there is often an extra charge for drivers under 24 years of age. You dont need an international drivers license to rent a car in Italy.

Theres nothing easier than having your own car in Italy!

Mistake #: Assuming An Italy Car Rental Will Be Too Expensive

[Learn Italian For Free] – Car rental in Italy

If you are afraid that renting a car in Italy will be too expensive, you are not alone! We have rented cars all around the world and many times they are beyond expensive for just a basic car. From Alaska and Ireland to Oman and Iceland, we have spent upwards of thousands of dollars on car rentals. You can book an Italy car rental for the same exact price and time frame as the countries listed above for less than half the price.

We suggest checking out to find the best and most affordable rate when renting a car in Italy.This is what we personally use and it allows you to compare rates across a variety of popular car rental websites including Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise and more. This way, you can see a bunch of different prices without skipping around through a bunch of different websites.

Assuming that renting a car in Italy will be too expensive is a common mistake people make and a big reason why people avoid booking an Italy car rental. The prices of renting a car in Italy are just naturally lower than many other countries and chances are you can find a pretty good deal. Make sure to check out the larger cities such as Rome and Milan for the best deals on car rentals in Italy!

Mistake #3: Spending Too Much Money On A GPS

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Is It A Good Idea To Rent A Car In Italy

Renting a car anywhere in the world comes with a bit of risk, but so does getting on a train. You shouldnt be discouraged from renting a car just because its a foreign country.

If youre using trains your schedule is dictated to you and many times it causes stress. Plus, many Regionale type trains have no AC which during the summer is a nightmare.

While renting a car isnt necessary or even advice if youre only visiting major tourists city , if you want to see some off the path spots in the countryside its a must.

Some roads are surely more narrow than those in the US, so when you pass other drivers just be careful.

Be aware that theft from rental cars is a chronic problem in southern Italy, especially Sicily. Youre safer parking your car with an attendant than on the side of the street. Dont leave valuables inside.

What Kind Of Car Should I Rent In Southern Italy

The best vehicle for your trip will depend on how youll be spending your time in Southern Italy and how many people will be traveling with you. Couples planning an extended trip, small families with children or small groups of friends will definitely enjoy the comfort of a mid-size, full-size, or even luxury vehicle.

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Europcar Car Rental Specific Offers And Benefits In Italy

Customers can access the following advantages when choosing Europcar Italy.

Dont waste any time getting on the road. Use our free Online Check-In process to speed up the car rental pickup. Complete any documents and payment details beforehand, so when you arrive in Italy its just a signature or two and youre on your way.

Discover Europcars international loyalty scheme Privilege Program, with four tier levels: Privilege Club, Privilege Executive, Privilege Elite and Privilege Elite VIP. When you rent with us, the Privilege loyalty program gives you reward points. With Privilege you get a free weekends car hire, every time you move up a tier level.

What Is The Drinking And Driving Limit In Italy

Car rental in Italy in 2021: documents, price, roads

The legal blood alcohol content limit in Italy is 0.05%. However, its important to check regional or local city laws because sometimes this limit might be different. The BAC in Italy may also vary based on age, driving experience, and whether or not you are driving a commercial vehicle. Keep in mind that there are stricter penalties for those who drink and drive and are under the legal drinking age. In Italy, you must be at least 18 to drink.

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