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How To Find My Old Car Without The Vin

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Trace The Person Who You Sold The Car To

What is my Vehicle’s VIN Number and Where Do I Find It?

One of the easiest ways to find an old vehicle is to contact the person who you sold it to in the first place. If you happen to have their old contact information your job will be that much easier. However, if that information is no longer available turn to other methods of contact such as social media or email.

Other Vehicle Registration Documents

You may have other documents that contain the vehicle title number. The title number is usually on the registration card, but it may also be on the registration renewal notice. Most title numbers are seven or eight digits, so look for a number like this even is it doesnt say vehicle title number.:

The title number is also on the certificate of title, often printed in a larger font. The location of the number on the certificate varies by state with some states choosing to place the number on the very top while others place it on the bottom of the page.

Find Your Car When You Found The Vin

Once youve tracked down the VIN, the best thing you can do to try and find your vehicle is to use a service like CARFAX. While CARFAX isnt free, its almost a surefire way to find your vehicle, as long as its still registered.

Full CARFAX reports will give you everything you need to know, the current and previous owners, mileage, maintenance records, an accident history, and so much more.

Once you have the current owners information, though, you can track them down and reach out to find your car!

If youre not willing to spend the money for a CARFAX report, you can try Googling the VIN or using some of the free VIN decoders to try and track it down.

If youre Googling the VIN, make sure to put parenthesis around it, and Google will search the Internet for exact matches. While this might not generate any results, if you keep trying periodically, you might get lucky.

If youre tired of waiting or cant find any results, CARFAX will always be an option waiting for you if youre willing to pay.

Keep in mind that while CARFAX is a great tool, CARFAX doesnt guarantee that you will be able to track down the new owner. That means you might end up spending a little money and never finding your old vehicle.

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Common Questions When A Car Is Stolen

In this section, weve listed the most common questions regarding a stolen car.

Does Insurance Cover Stolen Cars?

It depends on the type of insurance that you have and the contract. If you have comprehensive insurance for your car, you can get full coverage that provides financial compensation.

Usually, you need to buy both collision and comprehensive coverage to have your damages compensated in case your car is stolen, vandalized, damaged, scratched, etc.

How Long Does it take for the Insurance Company to Pay Out your Stolen Car?

If you have full coverage of your car including when it gets stolen, then you should file a claim right away. Usually, the insurance company takes a while to investigate the case before paying out the compensation.

The waiting period is typically 30-45 days before theyll payout for a stolen car. They wait to see if the car will be located and theyll perform an investigation.

If your car is recovered but is actually damaged, the insurance company will evaluate whether the car can be repaired or is a total loss. If it is determined to be a total loss , theyll pay out the cash value of your car.

Lets say you got the financial compensation for your stolen car, but a few weeks later the car is recovered. What happens now? Well, the insurance company has the ownership of the car, so you either can buy it back from them or just keep the compensation and start looking for a new car.

How Long does it take for the Police to Find a Stolen Car?

Search On Online Forums

How To Find My Old Car Without The VIN?

There are quite a few online forums that help owners reunite with their old cars. Some of these include

Keep in mind that the Department Of Motor Vehicles does not give out information regarding the owner of the vehicle. Hence, searching for your vehicle on the DMV will probably not be fruitful. However, if you can hire an agent or private investigator to find your old car, then they may have access to the purchase history of the car as well as ownership information that might prove helpful.

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Are You Trying To Find Your Old But Loved One Car But Not Vin

Fortunately, a little digging using some of the tools we talk about here can help you get back on track! Let us discover, how to find your old car without the VIN.

We all have special memories of our dream cars in the past. Whether traveling with friends, wandering around, running with strangers, or going on a long, soulful journey, our cars played a vital role in some of our best and most exciting moments in life.

If youve been in a car for a while and now youre hoping to recover, there are numerous ways you can do so.

Contact The Insurance Company Of Your Vehicle Without The Vehicle Identification Number

If you are wondering how you can find your old car without the VIN try contacting the insurance company of your car.

They assist you in getting your VIN for your car by asking you to confirm information about your car to be certain that you are the owner of the vehicle.

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Find The Car With The Vin

The best way to find a car you previously owned is to use the VIN. With the VIN, you can check the current owner of the car easily.

While you might get lucky and find your car without the VIN, having the VIN makes everything a million times easier. If youre trying to figure out how youre going to track down your VIN after all this time, keep reading, and well help you get the information you need.

Why Are Vins Important

How To Get a New VIN

You may be wondering what the uses of VINs are. In fact, VINs are quite important and provide valuable information about your vehicle that you may need to access from time to time. Here are a few examples of times when a VIN may come in handy:

  • Buying a used car: If you’re considering investing in a used car, it is important to do your homework to ascertain whether it would be a good investment or not. states that by doing a VIN lookup you can access valuable information about the second-hand car, including records of previous owners, accidents, and repairs. You can also find out whether the vehicle was ever recalled and what steps the manufacturer took to rectify the problem.
  • Auto shops: Vehicle repair shops often use VINs when servicing cars to gather information about, for instance, engine, brake, and transmission systems.
  • Law enforcement: Law enforcement agencies use VINs when identifying stolen vehicles, as number plates are often removed by perpetrators.

A VIN does not only serve as a unique identifier but also provides valuable information about your vehicle that can come in handy in many situations, for instance, when you’re purchasing a used vehicle, want to claim from insurance, or need to have parts replaced.

Information and research in this article verified by ASE-certified Master Technician Duane Sayaloune of For any feedback or correction requests please contact us at .


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Is There Any Way To Find Out My Vin Online

From us, it is easy to track the last five digits of VIN under our basic checks offered for just £1.99, unlike other services that need to pay at least £10. Still doubts? Check the sample of our reports before choosing your car.

We must follow the DVLA data disclosure laws, so we cannot show you all the identification numbers.

But are you looking for a free VIN number check in the UK?

Strictly No, as you can get the Car Analytics reports only through the registration number.

Bought A Vehicle Without A Title

If you receive incomplete or incorrect evidence of ownership or have lost the evidence of ownership and cannot contact the seller for the necessary documentation, you may have the option of using the bonded title procedure to transfer ownership. Here are the steps to do so.

In order to qualify, you must be:

  • A Texas resident, or
  • Military personnel stationed in Texas.

The vehicle must be in your possession and cannot be considered junked, nonrepairable, or otherwise ineligible for a title. Although not required to be operational, it must be a complete vehicle including a frame, body and motor or if a motorcycle, a frame and motor.

If you meet the above eligibility requirements you may take or mail the following documents and a $15.00 administrative fee to the nearest TxDMV Regional Service Center:


  • Any supporting evidence of ownership
  • Acceptable photo ID

Out of State Vehicles

If the applicant is a Texas resident, but the evidence indicates that the vehicle is an out of state vehicle, the vehicle identification number must be verified by a Texas certified Safety Inspection Station .

Upon Approval

If your documents are approved, you will be issued a Notice of Determination for a Bonded Title or Tax Assessor-Collector Hearing stating the amount of the bond you must purchase. The amount is equal to 1 ½ times the value of the vehicle. The department will determine the value of the vehicle using:

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Keep Copies Of Everything

Even after you have sold the vehicle and its long gone, make sure you keep copies of all paperwork associated with ownership. You cant be sure that the new owner will title the vehicle, and you dont want to be held liable for anything that might happen involving that vehicle in the future.

Also, if there are ownership questions later on , youll have your bases covered.

Use The License Plate Number

How to Find a Car You Previously Owned (With or Without the VIN)

If youre left asking but how do I find my old car without the VIN?, dont sweat. There are plenty of other methods you can use to track down your old car, and using the license plate number is one of them.

You can go to your states DMV , and theyll use your plate number to retrieve the vehicles VIN number from their database.

Alternatively, you can also use your drivers license number. The DMV has a record of every vehicle youve owned, even if youve moved to another state.

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What Should You Do If The Vin Number On The Car Is Different From The Log Book

If the number on the car doesnt match the one on the vehicle registration document, dont buy the car.

Something is not right.

Some unscrupulous types will take the VIN number from one car and transplant it onto another.

This is a highly illegal way to hide stolen cars.

This is known as VIN number cloning.

Criminals will transfer the identity of a legally registered car onto a stolen one.

They will even produce forged documents to hide the cars identity.

Dangerous Cut and shut cars may have a VIN number from two different cars, so if something doesnt seem right, either check carefully or walk away.

There should be no question marks or uncertainty whatsoever around a cars vehicle Identification Number the system is designed to be foolproof and clear.

How To Find Any Vin For Free

At present, most vehicle checks will only provide you with the last 5 digits of the VIN. Chances are youre going to need the whole VIN, and heres how to get it:

  • Check the V5C log book as this will list the VIN at the very top.
  • Use our free service to look up the VIN, using the number plate only, for example: AB51 ABC. Well tell you the VIN for free.
  • Manually check the vehicle itself, itll be listed on the windscreen or chassis, or often in the service booklet. Anyone can view the VIN of any vehicle if they know how.
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    How To Sell A Car Without A Title

    So you are trying to sell a car but dont have a title. Normally, this would be cause for alarm. But sometimes, theres a perfectly logical explanation: The car title is lost, stolen, or damaged the vehicle was abandoned on your property, or bills are owed on it a lender holds a lien on the vehicle you never titled the vehicle when you first purchased it.

    Or the car could be stolen, in which case you should report it to the police as soon as possible.

    Even though buying or selling a vehicle without proof of ownership is illegal in most jurisdictions, there are ways to sell a vehicle without a title. How you go about it depends on your particular set of circumstances, as well as the state in which youre doing business when selling a car without a title.

    Check out these tips to help you sell a vehicle without a title.

    How To Check Vin Number

    Get a FREE VIN CHECK Auto Report for ANY Car Better than Carfax

    There are several places where you can find the VIN number:

    • Vehicle registration document – VIN ‘s in the box marked with the letter E
    • plate that is permanently attached inside the body of the car chassis plate. Frequently present in places such as around the right front seat, left window, right, center or right front body pillar. VIN can also be found stamped on the engine compartment, on the right wheel well and on the right side of the support frame at the right front wheel. Car manufacturers are lining the chassis number in different places for different models, and often the number one car loaded a few times, so it’s always worth it to find out where should be the VIN number for your model

    The awareness of about how important VIN number of is lucky more and more, and many car dealers puts this number in the advertisement. Unfortunately, not all, so before you buy a car do not be afraid to ask about his application, because checked the VIN allow you to know it’s history.

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    Finding The Vin On Paperwork

  • 1Check the title. You can find the VIN on the title document.XResearch source It will appear in different places, depending on your state, but should be on the front of the title near the top.
  • 2Find your registration card. The VIN should also appear on the front of your registration card. Contact your Department of Motor Vehicles if you dont have a registration card for the car.
  • 3Read the owners manual. The VIN should also appear in the owners manual that came with the car.XResearch source If the car is new, you should have the manual. However, you might not have it if you bought a used car.
  • 4Check your insurance documents. You probably had to provide the VIN to your insurer, so check your insurance card or insurance policy. The VIN should be listed there.XResearch source
  • How To Get A Replacement Registration Or Title

    If you have tried all other methods to obtain the title number and have fallen short, you may be able to request a duplicate title. Each state establishes its own procedures regarding this process.

    Some states may allow you to request a new car title over the Internet, by fax, by phone call, or by mail. However, some jurisdictions may require you to come to the DMV in person in order to make this request. You will need to fill out paperwork to effectuate this request and will usually pay a fee of about $20. You may need to provide proof of your identity and car ownership, such as your drivers license, insurance, and vehicle information. You may need to know the purchase date.

    Some states may have stricter requirements. For example,

    Alternatively, you can ask for a duplicate registration form to show that your vehicle is registered if the registration card has the title number on it. For example, to obtain a duplicate certificate of title in Nebraska, you will need to complete the application form, have it notarized, and return it to the County Treasurers Office. You will need to provide thorough information, including the name of any applicable lienholder and the signature of each person named on the title unless the other person named is the title holders spouse.

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    Where To Check The Vin

    Before you buy a used car, you can check the VIN number in two ways:

    • using page, you can find free reports, from the Central Register of Vehicles. In addition to the VIN you have to know the car registration number and date of first registration. This data provides you with information, collected from the time of first registration in Poland, among other technical data of the vehicle, the date of last technical inspections and the date of valid insurance, the latest reading of the odometer as well as information about the previous owners and whether the vehicle has not been reported as stolen.
    • using autoDNA reports – here you can check almost all types of vehicles. You only have to enter the VIN number of the vehicle into search input then, you will receive history , you will check also what should be the equipment of the vehicle , check previous odometer readings, and even check archival photos, if they are available for your vehicle.

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