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How To Remove Dog Hair From Car Upholstery

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Clean Dog Hair From A Car With Velcro Curlers

Remove Dog hair from car seats easy

For the quickest way to remove dog hair from harder surfaces, such as floor mats or carpeting, consider using Velcro curlers. You can also use them on upholstery, but check to ensure the Velcro will not pill or snag the fabric.

To use this method, roll the curler across the surface to pick up the hair. You can also bend or twist the curlers to fit into all the nooks. Clean excess hair from curlers and discard hair in the trash.

Vacuum Hair Piles Away

Last, you want to use a powerful vacuum to suck up the piles of hair youve collected from car seats and carpet with your pet hair removal products.

Any vacuum will do but professional detailers use powerful vacuums to make their job easier. A good detailing vacuum is a must for any serious detailer or professional.

The Metrovac Vac N Blo 4.0 Peak HP Detailing Vacuum is an absolute beast. 4 horsepower of suction will rip dirt and hair from a car or truck interior. It can also be reversed to act as a blower for drying your vehicle after washing.

Balloon Static Electricity Method

This is probably the most ridiculous idea Ive seen others describe. The concept is to rub the balloon on your upholstery or carpet to generate a static charge. Supposedly the static charge will pull the hairs off of the car seats or carpet. It might work slightly but static electricity isnt going to generate enough force to actually pull hair that is trapped in the nap of carpet out.

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Pet Hair Removal Tips And Techniques

Owning a car does not mean you need to get rid of your beloved pets whenever you go out for a ride. Pets are an intrinsic part of every pet lovers family and under no circumstances shall they be left at home simply because you do not want to spread pet hair in your car.

Cats and dogs love the company of their owners and most of these pets love to travel with their owners as well. Pet hair in cars is significant problem for every pet lover. However, this issue can be resolved by applying a number of solutions.

Undoubtedly, pet hair removal is a stressful and exhausting job. Thankfully, automotive cleaning experts, car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts have come up with some amazing solutions to rid of pet hair from the trunk, seats and carpet of the cars.

Keep in mind that pet hair spreading is not limited to the trunk, seats and carpets of the car. In fact, it can be found in hard to reach areas such as under the seats, on the door sides, dashboards etc.

On days when pet hair gets in the way of comfortable driving experience, you shall remember that pet hair removal is not impossible and you must keep a little bit of patience to go home, grab the necessary equipment and clean the car from pet hair.

Luckily, we have covered all the major aspects of pet hair removal, its causes and tips to help you make the most of your car driving experience. Lets dive in to learn more, shall we?

Why is it Hard to Remove Pet Hair from the Car Interior?

Tip : Grooming Your Dog

How to Remove Pet Hair from Car Seats

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To groom your dog before letting him or her step into your car, all you need is a pet brush. You dont have to go full blown by shaving your dogs hair every time you plan on giving him or her a ride. Remember, the key is to remove loose hair out of your dog. Thats why brushing your dogs hair will do the trick.

Grooming is not only an effective method of eliminating dog hair from your car, but it is also free. The only problem is that it isnt easy to use the method in the real world all the time. You may not have the time to groom a dog when youre running late.

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Use A Lint Roller On The Go To Roll Over The Car Upholstery

If you have a dog, a lint roller is an essential item that will not only be useful in the car but is extremely handy for use on your clothes too! Simply rub the lint roller over the seats, and as you do, the hairs will stick to it!

A lint roller works best for hair that isnt too embedded into the fibers, i.e. is fresh and hasnt been there too long. It will help you to get bulky and loose bits of hair off the surface.

Removing Pet Hair From Vehicle Upholstery

Trying to remove pet hair from your cars interior can be a real chore, the hairs work their way in to the fibres of the upholstery and can often seem impossible to remove.;Thankfully though there are a few techniques and items than can be used that will vastly decrease the time and effort it takes to remove them. The first step to successfully removing pet hair is to vacuum off any loose hair, you shouldnt worry about trying to remove ingrained hair at this stage but just ensure that any loose and easily removable hair is vacuumed up.

This simply helps to give you a head start on the next stage and will prevent an excess of hair from being moved around the interior and disturbed later on. There are a vast range of pet hair removal tools available today ranging from brushes to sticky implements but the kind that is most effective is a rubber type brush.

These tend to look like an average handheld brush but instead of normal bristles there are a number of rubber nodules that grip onto the hairs and effectively pull them out from the fibres of the upholstery. After vacuuming up any loose hair the designated tool should be used to remove the ingrained pet hair. Begin working from the top areas of the upholstery moving downwards.

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I 8 Ways To Remove Pet Hair

It goes without saying that you begin any hair removal process with a good round of vacuuming. Extracting the loose hair is the first step, and goes a long way to rid your car of the majority of the hair.

While this is an all-important step, it is the stubborn, embedded strands that are troublesome, so lets get down to it.

Tip: Invest in a hand-held vacuum that is easy and convenient to use. A user-friendly, handy appliance will be used more often, and your routine will have a better chance of success. We recommend the Lolldeal Car Vacuum .

S Of Removing Pet Hair That Never Fail

Best way to remove dog hair from your car interior

Industrial Vacuum:;First of all, before you break your back removing a patch of fur thats stuck to your back seat, try cleaning it using a heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum. If you use a strong enough onesuch as one at a DIY car washyou might be able to loosen most of it.

Rubber Kitchen Glove: If you dont have one of these in your kitchen already, theyre fairly cheap to obtain and can be used repeatedly. After putting on the glove, dampen your fingers and rub the problem area in a single direction until clumps of hair begin to form. Vacuum those hairballs up and repeat until satisfied.

Sponge or Washcloth: Once made slightly damp, either of these tools can be used following the same process as the rubber glove.

Velcro Curlers: Youve probably got a set of these lying around that are rarely used anymore. Just like your hair used to get stuck in these rolls, run the curlers across the upholstery to catch any stray hair nestled in the fabric. These are also useful for fitting into tight corners.

Static Electricity: This may sound a bit experimental, but bear with us. If youve ever inflated a balloon and ran it through someones hair, you know that theres a natural attraction between the two. Simply apply the same principle to cleaning your car and collect the loose hair on the electrified balloon. Getting the hair removed from the balloon can be difficult; either deflate and clean it out or pop and toss it altogether.

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Invest In A Decent Vacuum

The first, most obvious, but most inconvenient, way of getting rid of dog hair in your car is with a vacuum. You can use a smaller handheld like one of those Dirt Devils or the Shark Rocket Corded Vacuum, which we rated as the Best Handheld in our massive smackdown that pitted it against the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.

Any of these can help get dog hair out of the car, but the major downside, of course, is that you need a plug nearby to use it. A cordless dust buster such as The Black and Decker Slim Nozzle Hand Vac;will solve that problem; depending on how much hair we are talking about exactly. Probably not the best tool for an all-out assault on dog hair everywhere in the car, but something to consider for the smaller jobs, and hard to reach places in your car.

Dont forget that most car washes have industrial-strength vacuum cleaners available for you to pay to use, or that employees will use as part of a professional car wash service.

Use A Dog Crate For Car Travel

As a pet owner, you are likely to have a foldable dog crate or travel approved carrier for your dogs comfort, right? Use it during your car rides with your pet. If you are scared that your pup may get hurt during the ride because of the crates uncontrolled movement, you dont need to worry.

The crate comes with a safety belt and latch system, ensuring safety and security to your pet during the journey. In short, the dog crate not only prevents the damage but also ensures your doggys safety.

If you were wondering how to keep dog hair out of car seats while ensuring the safety of your fur friend, then a crash-tested dog crate is your solution.

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Preparing For Pet Hair Removal From Car

Pet hair removal is not a straightforward job. You may think that the task is pretty simple and stick to your opinions unless your plan starts crumbling down on you and the pet hair starts to spread even more instead of collecting in one place.

The extent of difficulty of pet hair removal depends upon many factors such as the type of pet hair, the length of hair and the fabric used in the carpet, seats and upholstery of the car. Keep in mind that you will face much more difficulty in removing dirt and pet hair from the cars trunk because the fabric used in the trunk magnetizes dirt and hair to its surface.

So, what can you do? How can you ease the curve of obstacles that stand in your way of removing pet hair from the car?

Use A Rubber Window Squeegee On The Seats To Collect Loose Dog Hair

How To Clean And Remove Dog Hair From Car Seats

Sounds extremely random, but the rubber surface of a window squeegee is actually really handy for collecting and removing loose dog hairs. Especially on flat surfaces like the trunk, the parcel shelf, and the car seats.

Use the squeegee as you would on a window, slightly damp, rub it over the car surfaces, and the rubber edge will collect loose dog hairs in bulk to then vacuum.

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Removing Cat Hairs With A Toothbrush

The toothbrush is just not for cleaning teeth anymore. This versatile little tool is handy for everything, from cleaning grout in the bathroom to removing pet hair from your sofa.

Toothbrush Cat Fur Removal

For small areas of cat hair on your sofa, use a clean and dry toothbrush to gently brush away the hair. For larger areas of loose pet fur, use a fur removal brush, which is larger in size and able to remove more hair than a toothbrush.

Using A Spray Water Can And A Squeegee

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Did you ever think that you could use your squeegee to remove dog hair from your vehicles upholstery? If yes, youre smarty pants, but if not, this multi-purpose tool is handier than you ever thought.

Step 1: Fill the spray can with water .

Step 2: Spray the seat or carpet but dont overdo it.

Step 3: Rub the squeegee against the carpet or seats to remove the fur.

Step 4: Brush the hair off the squeegee after every wipe or two to ensure youre not reattaching the follicles on the upholstery.

Pro Tip

  • The key to using a squeegee effectively in this task is to move it in a single direction against the vehicles upholstery and letting its rubber blade catch the hair follicles.

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Top Tips To Prevent Pet Hair From Sticking To Car Interior

Pet hair removal from car interior is a challenging job. How about adopting a few ways which can help you in preventing the pet hair from sticking to the cars interior? When you take your pet out in your car, truck or SUV, you will find hair strands at the end of every trip. However, you can significantly reduce the number of pet hair in your cars interior and save time and effort that goes into per hair removal by following these methods:

Use Dog Car Seat Covers

How To REMOVE Pet Hair From Car- Interior Car Detailing Tips

Another way to keep dog hair out of car carpet and seats is to use the best car seat covers for dogs. Products like dog hammock car seat coverand car seat protector for dogs help in spreading all across the car area, which your pet will be sitting and playing in.

These dog car seat covers are waterproof, scratch-proof, and they offer complete protection to the dogs on the backseat from dirt and other substances that could make your fur friend susceptible to allergies.

These dog proof car seat covers are meant for all kinds of sedans, including SUVs. They prevent the shedding of the hair across the car carpets and seats. After the ride, you can pull the seat covers and remove the hair shed in them. Isnt it a great idea?

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Brush Your Dog Before The Trip

The hair that ends up remaining in your car seats is usually loose. You can take care of it before you drive. Purchase the appropriate dog brush and work on your pets coat to remove the loose fur. Take your time to get most of the hair out, and you will not have a hard time cleaning your car seats.;

Lint Rollers Are Good For Clothes Only

Many car owners make the mistake of using lint rollers to remove pet hair from their car. However, this is not a wise idea as the lint rollers are not very effective in removing pet hair from the interior surfaces of the car. Keep your lint roller for removing pet hair from your clothes only and do not use them in your car as it will only be wastage of time and efforts, and lead to more complications.

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Brazilianmat Dog Cat Hair Remover Sheets

The best way to remove dog hair from car is the collection of these dog hair remover sheets that you buy. The sticky feature helps remove the hairs entirely from whichever area of the vehicle you use it in. BrazilianMat dog and cat hair remover sheets are not only reusable and time-efficient but also considered cost-effective as car owners having pets do not have to spend money on purchasing a remover frequently.

While finding an answer to how to get dog hair out of a car, the feature that would attract your attention is the freedom to use this product to remove your pet hair from the car even on the go.


  • Wipes away residual pet hair


  • Not meant to be used on vinyl, plastic, leather, metal, wood, or any hard surface.

Knowing about all the above-explained dog hair removal products will help you choose the best possible pet hair removal tool online to clean pet hair from car. If ever questions like how to remove dog hair from car seats bother you, refer to the listing above and get the most appropriate pet hair remover for yourself.

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Using Paper Towels Or Tissue

9 Ways to Use a Squeegee to Clean

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If youre one of those people that have dry paper towels in their vehicle but rarely uses them, thats about to change. This method is excellent for removing dog hair off plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces but not so effective on fabric seats and floor carpets.

All in all, this is a great cleaning method that can be used on the go. You can use it if youre stuck in traffic and youre running late to work after dropping your kids and dog to a friends birthday party.

Step 1: Gloss the paper towels across the desired cleaning surface. The hair will stick to the towels.

Step 2: Wrap the towel for disposal.

Pro Tips

  • Can be used to clean across an interior surface of the vehicle, whether its the interior door panels, seats, dashboard, floor carpet, and more.
  • Use dry paper towels especially on fabric surfaces to avoid leaving paper residue behind. You can wet the paper towels across hard surfaces such as the dashboard.

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