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How To Clean Mold In Car

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Disconnect The Power Seat Electrical Connectors

How to Remove Mold & Mildew from Car Seats Cars Simplified

Power seat may have several electrical connectors. Each must be disconnected before trying to remove the seat. Mark each connector or take digital images with your phone so you know where they go when reinstalling

Disconnect airbag connectors

Most airbag connectors are bright yellow or green. They have locking mechanisms that take some time and patience to figure out. Do NOT just break off the locks. They either depress or slide. They can appear confusing, but its not rocket science. Be patient and figure it out.

What Are The Signs Of Mold In Your Cars Air Conditioning

You will most likely smell mold in your vehicles AC before you see it. Mold has a very distinct, unpleasant smell that some people compare to a stuffy, dirty basement.

People who notice that the AC smells musty in their car may question, Is there mold in my cars AC unit? The answer to this is most likely, yes.

Mold that isnt controlled will continue to grow until it eventually reaches your cars air vents. It will typically be black, olive green, or brown with a somewhat patchy appearance. Seeing this on your vents is a sign that mold is growing throughout your cars AC system.

Q I Dont Have Time To Clean My Car How Much Will It Cost To Pay Someone To Do It For Me

A. Most full-service car washes offer interior cleaning or reconditioning services. Youll need to chat with the attendant to find out whats involved in the process, but most will charge different prices depending on the vehicle. Small cars can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, while larger vehicles like SUVs and wagons can start at $200 and go up from there. Even if you have time to clean the car yourself, its sometimes best to pay a pro to do it for you, because theyll have the right chemicals and machines to get the job done right.

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Dry The Car And Get The Remaining Odor Out

The individual product that was used after the steaming process will return your carâs old shine and make it as beautiful as new. Move car to direct sunlight, then turn the car on and dry it using heat from the air conditioning for 20 minutes and put an ozone machine inside the vehicle to get rid of any remaining odor and bacteria for another 15 minutes.

The Fortador steam cleaning machine will surely do the mold removal process without leaving any trace behind. But if you are worried about food stains or salt stains from your car interior, you can use the Fortador scrub brush and spray bottle with White distilled vinegar or Fortador OXI shampoo. This equipment will take care of all the stubborn stains, and at the same time, your interior fabric and clothes will also be alright.

How To Remove Mold And Mildew From Cars

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Mold and Mildew are the major culprits behind respiratory allergies, foul odors and general discomfort for the passengers and driver of any car alike. From humid climate to cars which are kept close for a long period of time, several factors contribute to mold growth in different nooks and crannies of your precious vehicle. Although most of the mold species are harmless to the human beings and pose no bigger challenges than foul smell or bad aesthetics, there some mold species, like black mold, which are lethal and shall be avoided at all costs. Since all types of mold tend to grow in similar areas, it is hard to identify each type and it is advised to follow the general rule that all kinds of mold are bad mold.

As a car owner or a passenger, your comfort, health and safety shall be among your top-most priorities. Your vehicles hygiene contributes to your wellbeing and driving convenience. A vehicle showing clusters of mold and mildew population is not only ghastly to look at but also leads to multiple hazards for all the occupants. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to take proper precautionary and preventive measures to remove mold and mildew from cars.

To make thing easier for you, we have compiled all the information and methods which you need to know to get rid of mold and mildew from your car. Lets learn more. Shall we?

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How Longdoes It Take Mold To Grow In A Car

Not longat all. In fact, mold has the opportunity to grow faster in a car than in abuilding. Why? Because cars are sealed up and lack ventilation. They might alsobe a lot warmer than your home or office. Stagnant air +heat + moisture makesit very easy for mold spores to flourish.;

Mold can grow in a car in about 12 hours given the right conditions. Often times you will get that mildew smell in 6-10 hours.

Killing Mold Using Oil Of Cloves

The third do-it-yourself method may be harder to come by for some car owners, but it may also be the most effective. This method requires the use of oil of cloves, a powerful antiseptic that kills mold and inhibits the growth of its spores. Youll only need a small amount of this stuff, so dilute it carefully. Using too much oil of cloves may irritate the skin of younger children and babies. To prepare your mold cleaning solution, youll need a quarter teaspoon of oil of cloves, one liter of tap water, a clean spray bottle and cloth, as well as an old toothbrush. Baking soda and white vinegar would be useful too if you have them.

You have a couple of options on how to use oil of cloves to remove mold from your car. The first requires you to make a paste out of some baking soda, white vinegar, and a few drops of oil of clove. Use an old toothbrush to apply the paste to every corner of your cars interior, leave it to dry for a couple of minutes, then wipe it off. This is perfect for removing mold from harder surfaces and as a preventive measure.

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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh And Refreshing

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Unless youre intentionally fostering a mobile ecosystem, theres almost nothing worse than finding mold in your car. It looks and feels disgusting, but theres also a great chance that it smells disgusting and could lead to health issues.;

Vehicles can mold inside for a variety of reasons, but the most common by far is a moisture leak. You dont, however, have to kill it with fire or spend thousands of dollars to have someone clean it for you. With a little bit of elbow grease and time, you can remove the mold, scrub the area, and have it smelling like new.;

The Drive doesnt expect you to be an expert on mold removal and air purification, so weve put together a guide to help you get started on your bio-friendly journey. Well cover the basics to help you remove the mold and freshen the air inside your car. Stick with us and well have you rolling clean in no time.

Mold on the outside isn’t all that great, either.

Get Rid Of The Culprit By Learning How To Clean Mold

How to remove MOLD from a car!!!! PART 1

But more than just applying cosmetic cures to the bad odors in your car, its a better idea to simply take out your carpets, shampoo them properly. Then vacuum them for good measure, and then apply a liberal coating of anti-stain to seal in that fresh look. If your car has a bad mold infestation, you should think about cleaning your car in clothes that you dont mind throwing away. Putting on latex gloves to keep your hands from getting in contact with mold particles is likewise advisable.

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Prevention Is The Best Solution

Instead of worrying about getting rid of mold in your car prevent it in the first place.


A good start is to invest in some rubber or plastic all-season floor mats, which are easy to remove and simple to clean. You can also make it a habit to not bring liquids into your car, or to at least properly clean up any spills.

You can also invest in a mold-prevention spray, which usually requires spraying the interior of your car once per month.

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How To Remove Carpet And Padding From Your Car

Most late model cars and trucks have electrical connections to the seats and those have to be disconnected. Heres what to look for:

Power down the airbag system, especially if you have seat airbags

Disconnect the negative battery terminal and leave the vehicle for at least 15 minutes to drain all the reserve power from the airbag system

If All Else Fails Call In Help

Treat and Prevent Mold and Mildew in Home and Cars ...

If the mold or mildew smell never quite goes away, it could be time for a thorough and professional interior detailing job. A good, experienced auto detailer has seen it all, and knows every method for making that mold or mildew smell go away for good. If youve tried all the steps above and you still have a mold or mildew problem, its time to bring in a pro.

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How To Remove Mold From Car Upholstery

A number of your cars odor problems may have been caused by the growing mold, particularly in your upholstery. Mold starts breeding there because perhaps you failed to properly clean up a spill or when you tried to detail your car, you were not able to permit your upholstery to dry up thoroughly.

Of course, you should not let the mold in your car upholstery left unattended. You should get rid of it for health reasons.

Also before beginning, consider doing a overall health of car using OBD scanner. As it can pickup important information about car engine that need to be addressed before things get worse.


Here are some useful suggestions on how you can remove that annoying mold from your car upholstery:

Find out where the mold is actually breeding. Begin searching on the visible areas. Check out the stained areas. Then, widen your scan.

Most often, you may see them thriving on the bottom of your cars seat. You may also have them just behind the cloth that conveniently covers our cars seat. You may also consider smelling your cars upholstery.

Once you sense a strong musty odor, you are most probably close to the area where mold grows.

Get moist out of your car. Moist serves as a feeding ground for mold. If your car is completely dry, you literally kill the mold.

To start cleaning your car, move it into a well-ventilated area. Leave the doors open. This allows your cars upholstery to dry and for the air to go in and out.

Getting Rid Of Mold With White Vinegar

If youre more of a DIY type of guy, then we have three easy yet effective solutions for you. The first is using white vinegar, an acid, which can kill mold and stop it from growing back by burning it. Dont worry about your car having a strong, vinegary smell after all this. Its nothing a little fresh air and baking soda cant handle. Whats also great is that this method works with all kinds of seats from leather, to vinyl, and even cloth-type seats.

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For this, youll need distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle or some clean cloth, and some tap water. Mix eight parts vinegar with two parts water. Afterwards, put it in the spray bottle or keep it in a clean container where you can soak the cloth scraps in. You can use non-distilled white vinegar, but you may have to add in more of it. You could even use undiluted vinegar if youre dealing with a more severe infestation.

If only a few spores were left after you vacuumed, you could make do with spot cleaning. Simply spray or dab the solution directly on the mold as well as on one or two feet of the surrounding area. For more extreme cases, spray the entire area from top to bottom. Once youve applied the vinegar solution, let it soak in for around 15 minutes. This would be enough time to kill all of those pesky spores.

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Removing Mold From The Interior Of A Classic Car

Restoring an old car that has not been properly maintained can be difficult and time-consuming. One of the problems that you may face is getting rid of mold in the interior of the car. When you are removing mold, you have to exercise extra care to make sure that you do not damage the interior fabrics or other surfaces. This means that you should not use bleach, ammonia, or other chemicals with abrasive properties. Below are instructions on how to remove mold from the interior of a classic car:

Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to vacuum the cars interior. This kind of vacuum cleaner can remove mold spores without causing damage to the interior.

Next, use a damp sponge and a mild detergent to wipe away any remaining mold. Just a small amount of soap will get the job done.

If there are still mold stains remaining, spray them with a solution of three parts warm water and one part white vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, and it can get rid of the musty odor from the mold.

Gently brush mold off fabrics with a scrub brush, and use a scrubbing sponge to remove mold from hard surfaces.

Read other articles in our blog to learn more classic car care tips.

Advantages Of Steam Cleaning

How to CLEAN a Moldy Car, the CHEAP, Fast Easy Way.
  • Steam cleaning is the most non-toxic way to get rid of mold and clean and sanitize the car surface. Apart from the effectiveness, it can kill almost all bacteria inside your car very quickly. Thus, steam cleaning is a safe, eco-friendly, healthy, and quick way to clean your car, top to bottom.
  • Steam cleaners use a minimal amount of water. That little water can clean the entire car, even without any scrubbing or rubbing
  • The steam produced by the machine does not require any chemicals in order to clean your car. So your sit fabric and leather, mats and carpets, windows, car paint, will be safe
  • You do not have to use multiple fancy or bulk-sized equipment or lots of efforts
  • Just like a regular car wash, the steam cleaning process can also be done in your yard, without extra hassles
  • Steam car wash is an effective way to clean your car, as well as it makes a complicated process like mold removal easier. Not only that, but the steam cleaning process can also be applied for both interior and exterior
  • Apart from using the dry steam of the steaming machine, one can use different nozzles to pick up dust and dirt particles from tough-to-reach places, like the footwell, between the dashboard button, etc.
  • Regular dusting and cleaning cannot give you relief from germs and bacteria, growing inside your car, but steam cleaning can kill mold and other bacterias

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Vacuum Your Cars Interior First

The first line of defense to have when removing mold from your car is vacuuming. This not only removes loose mold particles, but it also sucks up any dirt and grime from the surfaces in your vehicle.

More dirt means spreading that nasty water around, making it much more difficult for you to treat moldy areas.When vacuuming, get deep down into the crevices of each car seat and underneath them, as well.

You may also want to use a wet-dry vacuum machine, which works exceptionally well when you have damp areas or spills in the car, contributing to mold growth. This type of vacuum also comes in handy when you want to vacuum over spots of the vehicle which have been treated with a cleaning solution to prevent moisture from building within the cushions.

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